Argentina line-up


The line-up for Argentina has been announced. Lionel MESSI starts alongside Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Nicolas GAITAN.



  1. I’m proud of our boys, Venezuela was tough, tenacious team that was riding on confidence and I honestly thought the game would go down to the wire but once again I was (happily) proven wrong.

    Romero was a beast and he continues to justify my faith (and more importantly tata’s) in him. He literally saved the team from 3 sure goals and the way he stopped that penalty was masterful.

    The defense was the weakest link today with bad positioning and misplaced passes, one of which led to venezuela’s goal.

    The midfield did very well and fought for every ball but I have single out mascherano for his uncharacteristic error that could’ve led to a goal had it not been for romero

    The attack shone brighter than the sun with all the forwards at the their predatory best.

    Regarding Gaitan’s injury, well I could care less because to be honest he’s just not good enough to start IMO, sure he works hard and has some good runs but I think Lavezzi is more than capable for doing that job.

    As for Lamela, well there is alot to like about coco, he’s skillful and intelligent on the ball not to mention being a good finisher, but his strongest asset is his defensive work, which far exceeds any of Argentina’s fowards.
    Lamela has played as a RF (roma), a RAM (Tottenham) and as a 10 (River) and the latter is where he really shines IMO. If he is to start against the USA I hope he’ll play in the hole behind the 2 forwards as so:



  2. So We have game like against Paraguay last COpa behind. Now level step up.
    Higuain on the path of redemption – that’s true.
    Defence must improve.

    Luckily we habve a lot of LF.
    However I do not share fascination to Lamela.
    My hierarchy is: Lavezzi, Gaitan, DI Maria, Lamela.

  3. if we r crusing vs usa, we must rest yellow card players ep masherano
    hope di maria returns

    I felt we lost control in midfield

    I don’t care how many records messi breaks, or how many goals we score. I just want argentina to win copa. we should have won 2004 and 2015, and even wc 2014

    eve this copa isn’t the “real” copa imo, as no confederations cup

    • why is this copa not real? Stop making shit up. Fifa recognizes it as the real deal. End of the story regardless of confederations. If you don’t learn to value your achievement then no one will. Fans like you that give a base a bad name.

      • if u were ever on the xtratime forum, I have been posting since 2004 copa on Argentina’s page. you don’t know how much I support the albicelestes but when u lose 5 finals in 11 years despite daily posts on a forum it becomes very tough

        I was messing, it is the real copa America (just a shame no confederations cup)

        im always pessimistic now as Argentina have a mental failure in finals. especially to score goals

        in 2004/07/15 we were CLEAR favourites and choked

        I want Argentina to win, its not negativity, but can you understand why i think this way now. its through regularly losing finals

    • U come here too to troll. I knew ya from some where when u label zis site as telemundo.fool. W’d u kindly leave this site with all ur non sense. Oh.. btw we know ya when u keep defending cry baby everywhere.

      You are not even one of some real mundo funs with all their negativity still want Argie’s glorry at any cost despite their frustrations and negativity.

  4. We do have Lavezi and Lamela and hopefully Maria too for USA clash. The defense need to stay stable and calm otherwise we are fine. Tata managed to surprise us tbh. We have been in trouble whenever we miss players like Maria and Messi but not any more. Most important of all the mid trio of this tournament have increased the stablity and creativity of the team. Tata will defnitely take the credit for the introduction of Banega Agusto in to the mid trio.

    I will only cross my finger for luck not to turn its back against us,otherwise very positive more than ever.

  5. How about this formation :
    Defense :Mori, mascherano, otamendi
    Mid field :gaitan, banega, biglia, di Maria, Rojo
    Frwd :Messi,higuain




  6. would you start di maria….no as he is now best as sub. the facts are since he has gone off we have won 5-0, 3-0 and 4-1.
    we are scoring goals fro all angles and long may it continue.

    • as for kun he is really looking bad, dribbles into every one, cant releases the ball, bad returning passes and is simply not worth of even coming off the bench.

      • We are lucky that Hig ve started to score.Am sure Aguero will have his time too. Let’s not give up easily on any of them, even Lavezi is unbelivably doing well. Rojo,Lavezi and Romero are destined to be our national team players irreapective if how and where they play for their club career. I.e why am not worried about absence of Maria and Gaitan. If the coach maintains his nice work with out being sabella @ the 2014 wc in substituing players i believe this team can achieve more. Their confiedience is way too high this time.

  7. We were bit lucky in the last 15 mins of first half..full credit to Venezuela..

    But what went wrong? Was it defense lapse or we started slowing as a team..

  8. CONCACAF teams are not on the same level as the South American teams. USA should take note from the Chile vs Mexico game.

  9. The the Mexican fans can now leave the comment sections on the football apps in one peace. 🙂

        • It doesn’t matter who ARGENTINA meets, Chile is not as good as they seem, Mexico just self-destructed from the word go.
          The Mexicans always viewed themselves as good as their South American neighbors……what they say now?

          ARG, unlike last year’s COPA and the WC, got an easy draw for a change, lets hope it benefits them like it did the damn Krauts and Chile.

    • Mexico was never that strong, people were hyping up Mexico because they sold out stadiums and their fans roar the loudest. Crowds does not win games, players do. Mexico is and always will be an average team.

  10. Great game, El Pipita FINALLY scoring, Messi, scoring, passing and doing what he does best, ROMERO, great saves.

    Just AVOID the sloppy play PLEASE and all will be Well.

  11. Good game for Martino too. Need to praise that guy. I kike what he did with Messi in second half. He put him more central to force those Venezuela to get extra alert and worry. Liked his subs too. Liking he making Fernandez to run in the box. Team playing much better and nice football. Hopefully it will get more better.
    I know alot you will come up with the argument that if Venezuela converted those chances than i can say if we finished those against Germany or it’s no point.
    Vamos Argentina

  12. Everyone on the team can score, first time in a long while I’ve seen Argentina with this mindset. We have always been overly dependent on our strikers.Now the whole tournament is seeing that every single one of our players are dangerous, it’s not just about Messi, Higuain, Di Maria and Aguero.

  13. Gaitain role is very important atleast for this COPA…he should start until Di Maria is back..I don’t minf Aguero not starting, but Gaitan has to start..if only we had Dybala or a fit Pastore..

      • Sure Jason..but considering yellow cards for Augusto,Banega,.i felt lamela need to be a midfielder..but you are correct..still do not understand why Pastore was brought into the squad when not fit..

        • Banega and Agusto are okay. They will olay VS USA. Only Gaitan won’t able to play. Agree about Pastore matter with you but Martino knows his plan. I just wish he stay with those Di-Maria,Lamela,Gaitan for that left side. Pastore is too soft and won’t able to track back. But if he is fit than can come handy for last few minutes I guess

      • Lamela was more composed than Gaitan regardless of the goal he scored.
        Gaitan has the tenacity and the determination. But yet again no decisive pass or where any of those passes accurate.
        Gaitan’s double yellow is not a good thing because we need subs but I would like to see Lamela start. He is just as tenacious and can be explosive given that this is copa america and not the premier league, these opposition are best suited for his pace.
        Overall very happy and satisfied.
        Just a thought on our defensive lapses. It’s normal for top quality defenders to drop intensity and concentration because of opposition. You just can’t help it. But now the back four will be on song against USA and whoever we get in the final.
        We are the greatest supporters in the greatest shirt and team

  14. Gaitan isn’t as talented as di maria but i liked how he returned the pass to messi which resulted in goal, simple things like that make difference. Lamela is also good and does the same,i would take those two players ahead of donkey di maria any day.

  15. Gaitan is much much much better in the left wing. (his natural position). Unfortunately he’ll be suspended vs USA. We’ll destroy them too.

    • It happens. Don’t worry. That makes us stronger. I saw German defence other day had same problem.
      Bytheway i am watching American channel to see their view and they saying Venezuela made alot chance and so USA got opportunity!!!

      • That’s like saying Poland had a lot of chances to score against Germany so Northern Ireland will get the same opportunity in the next Euro game. Football does not work like that. Mexico and Uruguay failed to score on Venezuela while Argentina blew them away.

    • Argentina has nothing to worry about when it comes to USA, they scraped past both Paraguay and Ecuador. USA like Venezuela will get the USA need to worry about their defense.If this was the NBA then USA all the way. 🙂

  16. Argentina will continue to outscore every team at the Copa. Before the game, everyone was saying how Venezuela had good defense, well, Argentina is not Mexico, Uruguay or Jamaica.

  17. We had a good game. Our GK and Deffenc were tested. I saw alot running and nice passing from midfield. But our players needs to know when to calm and press.
    However thanks to boys to give use nice game.
    Semifinal in last 3 major tournament so far :))

        • We had four players on yellow going into the game, Gaitan was the only player of the four who won’t affect the team in the next round. I was never banned,I always had access to Mundo. You guys play way too much FIFA on PlayStation.

          • Now what did i say that makes you think you so super intelligent! This exact same view i did that it won’t affect us. I was waiting for your apology to call me an troll. But like i said you have too much arrogance and think everyone is dumb and you are too smart. You behaviour goes well with your name KID!

  18. So far Romero is the reason, we are still leading. Our defence looks shaky today & left wing totally silent. Exclude that assist, Messi is also not in his regular form. But who cares till we win. 😉

    Banega & Higuain both are on mood.

  19. If we win this game it will be very very vital for players. This is tje hardest game for us because as i said before Venezuela look very inspired and coming hard. Great test for our back line

  20. The pitch is horrible. None of these Copa pitch are at world class level. Nice stadiums but terrible playing surface.

  21. Awful defending….. Rojo is all over place….

    Dangerous play by Masche…. should have been a goal….

    No control in midfield….

    Two chances well taken by Higuain…..

  22. team understandably switches down a gear after the two goals but as the events thereafter serve to show (venuzeula drawing reflex save, hitting post, penalty miss), do not count venuzuela out. it’s never over till the final whistle blows.

  23. 1st goal is the very difficult one. Higuain time his volley and it is a perfection! Augesto, this guy really everywhere. I never thought he can follow attack and still defend. Gaitan also prove himself that he worth his place in starting eleven. He just need to improve understanding with the team. And Benega, this guy is slow but running past every player with his pace. This is awesome. To sum up, they play like a team now. clap!!

    • u serious, they are awful
      we had 1 chance and 1 gift
      venezuela, hit post, missed penalty and 2 romero saves or we be 4-2 down
      our midfield has no control (since riquelme )

      u can c we miss pastore and di maria here.
      better teams will crush us

      try and be objective guys

      id bring on lavezzi for gaitan

      • asif, you can’t expect Argentina to outplayed every team. Yes, I agree that vene got some control late in the first half but 2-0 is something acceptable. and we got some chance other than 2 goals so you can really say we are playing awful. Venezuela use every energy to get back into game but i somewhat expect burnout in 2nd half. Let’s wait and see 2nd half dude. Peace!

  24. Let’s gooooo!!! Tata keeps changing the starters to work his tactics. At least he’s understanding a little bit more of his role.. it looks like he’s going to want to have gaitan play down the line and cross in. I feel like gaitan will have an assist today for the first goal!

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