Tata MARTINO: “Lionel MESSI will start”


Tata MARTINO has confirmed that Lionel MESSI will start for Argentina on Saturday. Here are parts from his press conference:

“This group of players are used to decisive matches. The 7 at the World Cup and the 6 of the Copa America.”

“Lionel MESSI will start. I can’t say if AGUERO’s right about him starting on the bench. Both he and Gonzalo are incredible forwards.”

“We’re happy with BIGLIA’s recovery just like LAVEZZI and Angel (DI MARIA). I don’t know if he’ll start or not.”


  1. With Messi on field playing from start of the game let opponent coach to park the bus forcefully by Messi ‘ s great presence.

    If messi not 100 %fit enough

    Make him play in second half. ….

    Start with Lamela Aguero Lavezzi upfront…..

    Don’t misunderstand me as I don’t want messi miss the full semi and final match

    We already lost Di maria
    Lamela must start

  2. Yup we should give credit where it’s due..one glaring attribute of the team that he has majorly ameliorated is the players’ fitness which im pretty impressed with throughout the group stages…Martino has done well in the group stages imo…he’s learning from his past mistakes…now to go all the way and win the cup which will one shot prove all his doubters wrong..

  3. Martino is very smart in the copa so far.
    He does not want to let the opponents know what his starting lineup will be until the last minute.

    He has really impressed me. He has rested players acordingly and won all the matches.

    I think and I hope, we will win the title this time.

    • And what if Di Maria will recover when he will catch another injury in crucial games when must to play for 100%. His muscles cracking under the strain of the challange.

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