Sergio AGUERO: “I don’t think I’m starting”


Sergio AGUERO spoke about playing alongside Gonzalo HIGUAIN, Lionel MESSI, the team and more. Here’s what he had to say:

“When we played together in the ‘SABELLA era’, we enjoyed it a lot. Now, we have to respect this coach and give our best when called upon.”

On the match against Venezuela:
“I don’t think I’m starting but I don’t know what the line-up will be like. Since the start of the Copa I’ve been on the bench and I think it’ll continue that way. I’ll have to be ready when needed”.

“Leo can make the difference at any moment. On the pitch, Leo is free, he can move anywhere because for us it’s not good if he stays in one place.”


  1. It will be nice to play Messi Higuain and Aguero together but realistically it is not necessary. Banega Lamela and Mascherano are very very important. ..
    Biglia is back and he was great at last two big tournament.
    Lavezzi works high and luckily he had scored this time.
    Agusto is well and was rested bcoz of yellow card.
    Kranevitter looks wow.
    Gaitan playing in his own position is dangerous.
    So we have lots of option….
    Surely Aguero will subs Higuain. …
    I like cuesta too in defence. ….

    So vamos Argentinos
    Vamos messi

    • Thinking about Messi’s comments here and what John mentioned in the Argentina Looking The Part post, the bulk of the team has indeed been quite close together and must be quite comfortable and familiar with each other, save for the change in coach.

      Making the finals of two consecutive competitions does indeed show that they are doing something right. That said, the what-if and if-only feelings are always there. We all want this golden generation with Messi to win the World Cup amd the Copa. For themselves. For us.

      It has been a long wait and some of them may not even be at the next World Cup but hopefully, the form continues on long and this is the start of a run of successes.

      Vamos Argentina!!!!!!

  2. There is no easy game. It can turn out to be an easy game eventually but cannot taken that for granted. If Venezuela somehow scores first, its going to be a tough one.

    I will be there at the field tomorrow. Super excited. Taking my daughter, she wants to see Messi 🙂

  3. Well..don’t be surprised if USA reaches final…Host nation must be there atleast till Semis…god knows why? it has been the same almost in every big competition..

        • WE want to WIN and lIft that damn trophy and be called CHAMPIONS.

          I want to see tears of joy, mouthS wiiiiiiiide smiles, hugs, jumping up and down, screaming, Messi with a HUGE smile on his face, hugging the trophy and biting down on the medal, I wanna see confetti falling from the heavens……..

          I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE SOME jerkoff texting me or calling or emailing me, or making fun of me the next day at work……calling me a loser.

          I WANT TO BE A WINNER.

          • Yes. Just as what I posted above. I want us to be champions. Somehow goals are coming easier than previous competitions and I personallyget the feeling the squad’s more at confident and at ease though slight niggling unease at our strikers’ drought. Win this freaking Copa please and may this be the start of a run of successes!

  4. I think Perkerman lost vs Costa Rica on purpose with the thought that he rather face Argentina in the final than in a semi-final.

    BTW- It may seem like a fix..but you heard it here first..


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