DI MARIA feels pain after training


The will he play, won’t he play regarding Angel DI MARIA has taken a turn.

After scoring 3 goals in training on Wednesday, DI MARIA was back training on Thursday. DI MARIA trained normally for 30 minutes but felt some pain at the end of it.

It remains to be seen if he will start the Copa America final on Sunday.


  1. Im very happy by this final because we are a good “team” and we are the best team in this tournoment and this is really clear.

  2. I agree with most of the supporters here. There are butterflies in my stomach too but I will always stand by my team no matter the heartbreak they give me. Soy Argentino and we don’t need to prove anything to anybody. 2 world cups,14 Copas, 6 U 20’s, 2 Olympic golds. We are the best. we have produced the finest players ever. If chile wins then they win they will never ever be Argentina and no one will ever consider them on Argentinas level, Now let’s go and take this copa because we are the best in the world and we are not giving this copa up again. Support your team, Cry when they lose and Cry when they win! FYI lifetime Argentina supporter

  3. Third time is a charm guys, cheer up! I see Argentina very motivated to finally win something, Biglia and Lamela are very good players, we will win this time!

  4. I don’t get it. We started the tournament with Gaitan in place of Messi. After that Di Maria got injured and we played Lamela. Once Messi came back we played Gaitan in place of Di Maria. Gaitan got injured, we put in Lavezzi. Lavezzi is injured and we’ll put in Lamela. The players coming in have been adapting to the team and playing very well. Suddenly because Di Maria might not start the final we’re going to lose? Excuse my language but fuck that mentality.

    Yes, we’ve made 2 finals and lost them. But we lost due to our recklessness in front of goal. Not because we can’t defend. The team shut Germany out for close to 120 minutes after going to penalty kicks against the Netherlands a few days before while Germany had an extra day’s rest and played only 30 minutes against Brazil.

    The team went into Chile and lost not because we weren’t good enough. But because the officials were hell bent on giving that trophy to Chile. Go back and watch some of the calls which were not given during that match. Chile were lucky to have 11 players on the pitch.

    In this Copa, we’re steamrolling every team. People say “It’s not the same Chile as the first round”. Yeah and it’s not the same Argentina either. We have Messi who’s playing as good as he has ever played. People bitching and complaining because Lamela might start. We’re talking about someone who had a great individual season at Tottenham, tracking back, defending and playing in a “physical” league. Suddenly Lamela can’t cut it against Chile? Bullshit.

    Chile beat Colombia because Colombia couldn’t defend to save their lives. After the 2 goals, Colombia kept pressuring and that 2 and a half hour half-time is what killed any momentum they may have had going their way.

    I see no reason why we should be worried as much as some people are. I’m not saying we will steamroll and destroy Chile. Is it possible we lose? Yes, it is a final. But is it possible we win? Yes. But judging by some of the comments by some people here, we’ve already lost.

    • Roy Exactly, remember Gary Medel stumping Messi in his stomach with his foot? That should have been a straight red card..You couldn’t have said it any better except for the curse word. 🙂

    • There are always some seasonal supporters comes here & run their dirty mouth without knowing anything. Probably they think, Mundo is a place like Goal.com or something for trolls like them! Haha…..

    • Absolutely Roy and I fully agree with Kidult we haven’t scrapped our way to finals. If someone needs to fear then it is Chile as they would know we have a team who won comfortably without Messi. I think we are stronger than the first match we played.
      My concern was with Augusto but the team overall are in a form.

    • Thanks Roy!!! Those comments are the reason I’ve been reluctant to comment for years now. It’s like this fansite is mostly populated by a bunch of whiny, badly raised, unsupervised pre-teens who have never been competitive at anything all their lives. We’d have 1000 thousands going for us and these types will pick on one minor thing off centre to focus on and panic over it… Sheeesh.

  5. Where is all this negativity coming from? We have Messi, Mache, Banega, Higuain, Otamendi and Romero all on fire right now. Sure we lost some players to injury and some of our players are doing well, not perfect, but this team is hungry and ready to destroy Chile. We are going to win. Plain and simple. No way Messi lets himself down again. He will score and we will celebrate!

  6. Mundo can be so depressing, now Argentina should be scared out of their pants on the prospect of facing Chile? This was the same depressing comments I read leading up to both games against Venezuela and the USMNT. This place doesn’t give you any confidence or hope of supporting the team. If any other country was doing what Argentina has been doing in this year Copa America, I can assure you that everyone would be saying our team should be aspiring to play like Argentina NT.

    First it was Venezuela, all the talk here was how Venezuela haven’t lost a game in the group stage and they will present a big challenge for Argentina defense. Venezuela was not a challenge for Argentina, and they never were going to win.

    Everyone here told me how the USMNT would pose a great danger for Argentina, no it wasn’t going to happen, I have been watching the USMNT for years now and I just didn’t see them beating Argentina or even coming close to winning the game. I’m glad Argentina took their foot off the gas pedal because if the score line was bigger; this would have send USMNT football project in the wrong direction. Argentina have not try to embarrass any team at the Copa, when Argentina are up by two or three goals, they usually take their foot off the gas pedal. This tells you that Argentina had little effort winning their games unlike Chile who has been using a ton of energy in all the games they’ve played thus far.

    Now we should be scared of Chile because they defeated Colombia? Costa Rica defeated Colombia in a more impressive game than what Chile did on Wednesday.

    Chile is tiring and slowing down and if you guys down see this after watching the game against Colombia then take off your blinders and start supporting your team instead of posting all these fear mongering comments. Chile put everything into the game against Mexico, everything, they didn’t even try to slow down after the game was way out of reach for the Mexican team. Colombia was down to ten men and yet Zapata made a dash from his defense all the way into the Chilean goal area and none of the Chilean players could get to him before he snaps on his shot at Bravo goal. Chile won’t be able to press Argentina from start to finish like what they have been doing earlier on in the tournament, just not going to happen, they will not have the energy to pull that off on Sunday, they can do it in phases but not for the entire game given the amount of running they’ve already put in this tournament.

    Chile better games were against none South America teams, they handily defeat both Mexico and Panama (CONCACAF) but lost to Argentina, had a controversial win against Bolivia (of all teams) and got by Colombia because of two defensive errors, all these teams are from CONMEBOL. Argentina haven’t lost to Chile in normal time in the last five meetings, and also, Chile haven’t score more than one goal against Argentina in those last five meetings.

    Argentina is on a nine game winning streak which include 8 competitive wins and one friendly win. Anything can happen in football because nothing is written in stone, but I don’t see Argentina losing their winning streak on Sunday. Sorry to all the naysaysers and doom and gloom supporters here, you can take that with you to the bank. Messi haven’t lost a game in the States since his hat trick against Brazil and it won’t be changing Sunday.

    We don’t need Dybala to win this cup, PERIOD. This is Argentina, we finally have a team, we finally have a bunch of guys who are playing with a purpose and not just showing up because they’re entitle to, we have a team now, and everyone seems to cover each other backs on the team. I have been sour on Biglia for a while now, but I know given the chance on Sunday, he won’t let Argentina down, he will have this same purpose like all the other 22 players on the team. Biglia won’t disappoint us, there is just something different about this Argentina team that I haven’t seen for years. When I look in the guy’s eyes, you just don’t see fear, against the USMNT I remember Banega dribble in the corner and the ball went out for a throw, he looked at Rojo, pointed to his ears with a big smile, saying he couldn’t hear him because of the noise in the stadium. The team is so calm and confident, the game against the USMNT was like Germany vs Brazil at the 2014 world cup, like Brazil, the USMNT was never in the game, it was just dominant football from start to finish and that was not even our best game, our best game is set for Sunday. I’m not going to get into who should start on Sunday, I’ll leave that to Mr. Tata, he has made the right calls thus far. As for Di Maria, Biglia and, Lamela, they could walk into any national team first XI at the moment, so any of them starting does not weaken Argentina. Argentina have shown they’re the best team at the Copa America, Sunday won’t be any different. Playing at MetLife stadium will be like home field advantage for Argentina.Just chill out guys, no need for this panic and madness I’m reading on Mundo. 🙂

    • Well said bro. Mundo has now become a place to wet the pants and vent your fears. If this Argentina cannot instil the faith in our players I don’t when will the Argentina fans feel confident of winning.

      You deserve a hug from me bro… 🙂 My prediction 3-0 to Argentina!

  7. this team still have messi higuain banega and mascherano…more than anough for good team…not far with messi suarez xavi and mascherano

    • we had them last year too
      chile have too much energy for us now

      im placing a $300 bet on chile so if we lose, there will be some silver lining
      if we win, i’ll be happier

      • If you don’t have faith on Argentina, why bothering to show your ridiculous opinions here? Argentina don’t need plastic supporters like you.

        We are Argentina! We can beat any team in the world.

  8. Chile is on fire, and it’s not the same we defeated in the group stage….the team found its rhythm….Vidal will come back to add strength to the roster. I don’t see Di Maria is a good choice to start up even if he’s healthy. Chile demand players with physical strength and stamina. Enzo Perez should have been taken to US with the team….this is the time when we need a player like him to save the day for us. Lavezzi who is spectacular to deal with teams like Chile is out as well.
    Lamela is weak and I’m not sure he will cause any danger for Chilean defenders. We are back to the same initial argument about Tata’s roster…..you can’t take with you injured players (Pastore) or players who are prone to injuries (Di Maria) or in bad form like Aguero. Chile will press really hard especially at the beginning of the game as usual and I’m not sure our tempo will match theirs. All their key players are healthy and super dangerous.

  9. All the situation with Pastore is idiotic. Player who all the tournament was injured without a minute on the pitch and wasting a place.

    I’m not convinced to Lamela and I’m not convinced is Biglia best choice as partner for Masche. Perhaps Kranevitter would be better… Atleast making our defense more solid. I don’t know.

  10. gaitan is confirmed out
    lavezzi is obv out and realistically so is di maria
    augusto is out
    pastore we know is out

    lamela will start but that is weak imo, not fast like the rest and not as creative and not giving the defence headaches

    as mentioned martina biggest mistake was taking an injured pastore who was a waste of a space

    the position could easily have gone to a enzo perez which as mentioned would be perfect for us

    hopefully rojo is fit

    but my worry is we have fuck all on the bench as all injured

    aguero, kranevitter and thats it, all other outfield players injured, so we must win and win in 90mins

    however, i see us getting raped 2-0, only cos out attack has weakened alot and so has our control of midfield

  11. With compare to Lavezzi, Di Maria and Gaitan Lamela is static player. Very shaky in this tournament. I don’t see him never ever on the left wing when he is extremely left footed player.

  12. It is what I was talking about. Even if he will start his muscles are too weak to bear that pressure. He must play for 101%

    We have a problem because Lamela is far behind Lavezzi, Di Maria and Gaitan IMO.

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