Olympic team trains for first time


Julio OLARTICOECHEA held his first training session for the Olympics.

OLARTICOECHEA held his first training session for the Olympics, with 11 of the 18 players taking part in it. The following players were present:

The goalkeepers Geronimo RULLI and Axel WERNER, the defenders Jose LUIS GOMEZ, Lisandro MAGALLAN, Lautaro GIANETTI and Alexis SOTO, the midfielders Lucas ROMERO, Giovani LO CELSO and Santiago ASCACIBAR and the forwards Angel CORREA and Cristian ESPINOZA.


  1. Something is wrong with Olarticoechea selection. He has abundance 4 pure DM (Ascacibar, Martinez, Romero and Arzura) + two players that can play this role when emergency (Vega, Lanzini).

    He has 2 backup for Correa on RF (Espinoza, Pavon) while he has no backup on LF.
    That’s why I still asking about Lucas Janson. Why Janson? He was best young player of last season (behind Ascacibar and Gomez). Impressive as LF and CF. Aguero type of player. I don’t think Tigre could have any problem to allow him…

    • I have the same feeling about this coach. I think it will be another circus like we had with Diego and Humbert Grondano. Early signs and his player selection indicate his lack of common sense but let’s wait and see.

  2. Superliga approved.

    As per the first understandings, there will be central contracts governing all clubs. River and Boca will be in the 1st category – they will get $ 9 M per month increase from $ 6.6 M earlier. Indipendiente , San Lorenzo, Velez & Racing are in 2nd category and will get $ 6 M per month increase from $ 5 M earlier. All other 24 clubs are in 3rd and last category, these clubs will earn $ 4.5 M increase from $ 3.7 M earlier. So, these are the numbers.

    The important things which could be understood as the first impressions are :

    1. The Premira Division will continue to have 30 teams.

    2. With differential payments to the clubs , the bigger clubs will be happier with more money into their pockets. Earlier it was normally divided which led to their discontentment.

    3. AFA’s governing council is made up of clubs’ presidents. The council will be now more robust and settled. This means the clubs now can reform this council and liaise with the normalisation committee of FIFA and chalk out the plan for FA elections. Possibly, one of the clubs presidents could be the next AFA president.

    4. With Superliga in place, we can hopefully expect the announcement of DT in next 2 -3 days.

    Hopefully, we will finally see things getting better soon. Superliga approval surely is good step.

    • This is really good news.
      But How strong your source is because as per as i concern it was supposed finalised at Wednesday over a meeting again. But if that is true as you said than we will overcome from the mess pretty soon i think.

  3. With 2 goalkeepers there were not even enough players to field a team.
    This is so sad.

    There should be an independent audit of the AFA to see where the money went.
    I think we can guess in who’s pockets it ended up…

    • You must not to take 3 goalkeeper for Olimpics. 2 is demanded, the third may be on 4 players reserve list. The third is Unsain.

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