Friendly matches for Olympic team


The Argentina Olympic team will play two friendly matches before the start of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Argentina will play both Colombia and Haiti at the FAU stadium. The first match comes against Colombia on July 21 at the FAU stadium (in Boca Raton, Florida) with the second against Haiti on July 24 also at the same stadium.

These two matches will serve as the only two matches prior to the start of the Olympics.


  1. We will be extremely fortunate if AFA manage to persuade this master tactician to coach the national team..
    we lost 3finals not because we were outplayed but because we decided to go ultra defensive and not playing by our strenghts.. in the last final tata decided to go sooo defensive that there was 100 miles gap between messi and higuain and another 100 miles gap between messi and rest of the team and still chile were hitting us with some dangerous counters but due to our defense they couldn’t score.. out strength is attack and if we dont attack we dont win..
    i think the situation we are in demands for bielsa… hopefully he will be signed and he will persuade messi and masch to come back and say farewell to some of our veterans!

  2. I don’t get the Bielsa hate to be honest. Lot of big poster here CALLING HIM not winner,crazy (no doubt he is),not great tactician. Speccially that remark “The 2002 catastrophe was ALL ON HIM! And anyone who thinks otherwise is simply blind and frankly delusional!” It is just sad and completely bias and only hate. Sabella is top tactician and winner no arguments. Agreed 100%!!! I don’t blame him for final it was players messed up. But 2002wc was unlucky and if you look Veron performance vs ENG/SWE than you would think he must be took huge amount of bribery or something. He was pathetic and the amount of mispass he made us awful and unimaginable from player like Veron. His set pieces is always spot on but this two games he was disaster and that penalty was a cheat ( Owen confessed it recently). Yes Bielsa fault was there too on some occasions but i will deny complete blame on him for that. And 2004Copa was best copa america i have witnessed from Argentina team untill the final where we should have won by huge margin but ended with sad typical tiebreaker. I would love to continue with Sabella till this copa or 2018wc but it won’t be possible.
    It is harsh seeing all those hates on Bielsa the man who plays real Argentine football . The man conquer the world and impressed whole world with Chile. Whole Europe admire him and many coaches consider him best tactician and seeking his advice but our fan doesn’t even recognised him. HOLD ON!!!! The story looks familiar! OHH YEAH…we did same with Messi! He didn’t win anything yet with NT,he is not winner i guess he is like Bielsa. Messi’s Youth WC,Olympic,Club achievements doesn’t count as Bielsa’s tropy with Argentine league,Olympic doesn’t count!!! I don’t know why those hate but those people who saying this i consider them well knowledgeable with football brain in this forum atleast. Seeing them writing all these i guess i am wrong. But i believe those two persons combined(Messi & Bielsa) could do wonder. I am mean Bielsa had a number 10 in 2002 Ortega and 2004 D’Alessandro with all due respect on both them i consider Messi 200 times better than both combined. Plus the talent we have right now except midfield it’s slightly better than what Bielsa manged previous i think.

    PS: Sorry for long post. No personal attack. I just like debate and don’t find any good reason for hate on Locco. It’s not enough he did not win anything. So did not Messi so what does that makes him?

  3. Here is analysis of most possible line up. But is really Espinoza so important? I would take Pavon over him.
    Maybe someone translate:

    El esquema será 4-2-3-1. En defensa, 4-4-1-1.

    El arquero no tiene ningún tipo de discusión: Gerónimo Rulli, uno de los mayores, será el titular. Axel Werner será el suplente.

    La línea de defensores advierte lo mismo que planteaba Gerardo Martino: los centrales de esta generación no son de un gran nivel. Por eso, Víctor Cuesta es indispensable. Los otros serán: José Luis Gómez, Lautaro Gianetti, Cuesta y Alexis Soto (una variante es Leandro Vega).

    Los dos volantes centrales serán: Mauricio Martínez y Santiago Ascacibar. El suplente será Lucas Romero. El refuerzo de Rosario Central será el encargado de generar juego y el de Estudiantes el clave en la posición de tapón.

    De los tres mediapuntas, dos son indispensables: Cristian Espinoza y Ángel Correa. El de Huracán irá por derecha y el del Atlético Madrid por adentro, casi como un segunda punta. Por izquierda, hay dos variantes: Manuel Lanzini es el primero en la lista, aunque depende de cómo se adapte a la franja izquierda y a tener que hacer la banda, aunque en River, con Ramón Díaz, eso le tocó. La otra opción es Giovanni Lo Celso. Cristian Pavón sería suplente.

  4. Sabella is in my opinion the best Argentine coach since Bilardo! The man took over the team when it was in absolute disarray, but within a short time turned the team into a well oiled machine and brought out the best in Messi, all the while taking the team to it’s first final since 1990 despite a string of injuries and opposing teams barking everything but the kitchen sink infront of the goal.
    Yes Sabella did get it wrong by taking out Lavezzi but that’s not what lost the team the game, rather it was messi, higuain and palacio chocking on chances that they usually put away 11 out of 10 times for their clubs.
    At the end of the day maradona and batista turned Argentina into a joke and Sabella did a 180 and turned them into world beaters and I would consider giving my left arm if it means having Sablla back but alas with all the news reports about his health problems I don’t see that happening.

    Now with regards to Bielsa, I concede that the man has left quite a mark on the game but he (IMO) is not a great coach and he is not a winner.
    The 2002 catastrophe was ALL ON HIM! And anyone who thinks otherwise is simply blind and frankly delusional!
    Many would say that he’s a better coach now because he’s learned from those mistakes but the big problem is that he DOES NOT LEARN FROM HIS MISTAKES, Bielsa is as rigid as a bamboo stick and it is because of his lack of flexibility that he hasn’t won anything note worthy.
    Sadly though with the mess that is the AFA we are merely beggars and not choosers and if Bielsa is willing to accept the job and deal with all the political mess that’s going around while at the same time steering the ship and ensuring that argentina gets through the WCQ then I for one say ‘welcome and good luck’.

  5. Calleri scored last night in semi of Copa LIbertadores and that’s actually guarantee he will be best goalscorer this edition with 9 goals.

  6. Sabella over Bielsa all day everyday.
    But if Bielsa it is, just hope he’s not the same old fool of last time. Crespo for Batistuta but not both was one of the biggest coaching blunders in history of the WC.

        • Here is what Jose Mourinho (whom I don’t personally like but who still is a world class manager) has to say about this :

          ” I would like to know why Lavezzi stayed in the dressing room at half-time…Argentina had been playing with two lines of four, with Enzo Perez closing Phillipp Lahm and Lavezzi doing the same on the other side. Because they were so compact Messi could walk while defending and then when he got the ball he had the energy to make the difference.”

          ‘When Sabella brought Aguero on for Lavezzi, Argentina changed from a 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3 and they lost a lot of balance. Messi had to run much more after Lavezzi went off”.

          “The team lost balance and especially energy – energy that they needed in extra-time.”

          Sabella deserves a lot of credit for getting us to the final but frankly all this Bielsa hate is slightly over the top 🙂

          • Yup till today im still dumbfounded by that move which i swear made us play like we were literally one man down…cant believe he removed the player who tormented the german defence…sabella ws no perfect either bt if i were to choose between both, i would go for bielsa with no qualms….my favourite manager of all time…his philosophy in football is almost incomparable..he has the astuteness to create BALANCE in any team he walks into and manages

    • Sabella is reliable, good tactician but he’s too defensive, sometimes boring. At worldcup, all teams parked bus, he was really struggled. Playing against teams like Germany was in fact his strength, but for some inexplainable reason he subbed Levazzi for unfit Aguero. He was also unlucky with injuries of key players: Di Maria, Aguero; not at top form, Messi, Gago; missing sitters from Higuain, Messi and Placio

    • I think he learned alot. Even if you see his Bilbao and Chile day he was playing some players out of position. But he learned his lesson and corrected it in OM. I hope he does redemption of Bati and Crespo mistake. The way he played Chile with a average team i bet he can fly with the talent we have. I still think we have better team than 2002/2004 year. I was supporting Sabella since day one but i miss what Bielsa style. Since Bielsa days our players never played nice one two play or real Argentine football. When did you see a nice possession play or midfield run or a nice pass. Our play is sucks since 2006

  7. A lot of posters seem to have gone quiet. Managing the comments is a bit easier these days but that could also be because it is summer.

    Historically speaking, July tends to be very quiet on Mundo with it picking up in August.

    I’d love to see everyone back and the discussions going. With the Olympics coming up and after that World Cup Qualifiers, there’s going to be a lot to discuss!

    Thank you to everyone for sticking around! Without you guys, Mundo is nothing!

    • Really anxious about what is going on with the coaching position. With the AFA……anxious to get to the qualifiers but worried how it can go all wrong if it were now.
      First time I feel us fan’s are left in the dark as to whats going on.
      Probably made far more difficult because 1. We dont live in argentina to keep up to date with news and 2. I don’t speak Spanish to watch the news!
      But this is in no way giving a bad reflection on your good work in this site. No doubt as soon as you know Roy you’ve let us know…..thank you so much and extremely grateful for the work you’ve done on this site we call home.

    • Yup.
      Looks like it will be done deal. I had feeling it something got to do with NT when Bielsa resign. Do you think Messi asked get Bielsa or i won’t play lol

  8. The final list has to be delivered tomorrow. I wonder who Vasco will add with all those players who are not allowed to go.

    Gonzalo, you’re right. The current “team” is unbalanced.

  9. I have the impression a lot of posters have gone quiet or quit. For example I haven’t seen anything from Kidulthood in weeks.
    Was the Copa defeat the final drop in the bucket for many posters?

    • It is understandable that many felt disappointed after years of losing but we can’t lose hope there is always next time.

    • Seriously I think that KidultHood is/was rather a fan only some generation of Argentina footballers. It is generation that begins with MAscherano and ends on Rojo – generation 84-90. Especially 87/88. He was a fan Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero, Banega, Mascherano, Rojo… No problem with this. This is not a critic. Absolutely not. But I always got the impression that he just want in NT mentioned player no matter what they do. The generation seems to be over and I think for him it’s done.

    • I said Goodbye too from football even didn’t watch Euro for 2 days after our final but it’s not best time to leave the team. I voted for Bielsa what i thought my contribution for team in someway. You guys is doing aswell i believe one or another way. Keep the support and it looks like everything falling under right place. Super league conflict is finish. Everyone is happy almos. Now it’s for the coach and next election

  10. Something is wrong with Olarticoechea selection. He has abundance 4 pure DM (Ascacibar, Martinez, Romero and Arzura) + two players that can play this role when emergency (Vega, Lanzini).

    He has 2 backup for Correa on RF (Espinoza, Pavon) while he has no backup on LF.
    That’s why I still asking about Lucas Janson. Why Janson? He was best young player of last season (behind Ascacibar and Gomez). Impressive as LF and CF. Aguero type of player. I don’t think Tigre could have any problem to allow him…

    • “Something is wrong with Olarticoechea selection. He has abundance 4 pure DM (Ascacibar, Martinez, Romero and Arzura) + two players that can play this role when emergency (Vega, Lanzini)”.

      well this is anomaly of argentina manager bro…we are always asking why why why…he is not alone with that

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