Julio OLARTICOECHEA, Giovanni SIMEONE on Argentina win


Julio OLARTICOECHEA and Giovanni SIMEONE both commented on Argentina’s 3-1 win.

OLARTICOECHEA commented on the win and Manuel LANZINI’s injury. Goalscorer Giovanni SIMEONE spoke about the match, the Olympics and his father. Here’s what they had to say:

“We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy match, because all the countries have grown on a physical level just as much as on the tactical level. At times, I liked what I saw, we always try to go out there and play and create chances.”

“The medical staff are evaluating him. We’re waiting to see the time length of it but they’ll have the last word about it.”

Giovanni SIMEONE:
“I’m happy for the team and for the goal. I think we had a good game, we were looking for open spaces they’d leave us.”

“I’m excited about the Olympics because it’s the sky blue and white, also, it’s an important tournament for any athlete. My father scored a goal at the Olympics. Let’s see if I can do the same.”


  1. Yes the coaches, the fans, and the media get euphoric and pessimistic too fast, there is no continuity.
    One goal and a player becomes our savior, one bad game and he becomes useless.
    I have pointed to Jesus Datolo when had a good performance in a friendly as a sub, out of the blue he was our savior.
    The truth is he was just an average player who was fast, that’s all he was, not NT material, it took time to realize it.
    Last year people wanted Correa, Vietto, Calleri,etc…and I warned that people would turn on them as soon as they don’t perform as they thought they would.
    they are youngsters and youngsters are not consistent, up and down, some dont step up when they are down others do until they have become stars. The will to succeed is not in everyone so some talented players fall behind, only the strong survive.
    saying that I rate Calleri at Luciano Figueroa level.

    • Calleri is better than Figueroa. He is talented but not as much as some people were thinking. They saw his rabona goal and lob goal and are convinced that hi will be a superstar. One more time: please don’t judge any player by highlights.

    • It’s still a time when we may find guilty coach (olarticoechea) are just to regard that it’s are first games the players in NT. Most of people is so much angry for Higuain, Di Maria and others that no matter how long we will wait the upcoming generation will grow. We just want them. A lot. Calleri, Correa or Espinoza are disappointing as far but so much positives. Gomez, Martinez, Ascacibar, Rulli, Arzura.

      Besides the only real disappointing is Calleri. I don’t know what’s with him. COrrea is another problem. He play like Correa. Lovely but not as teammate. Espinoza IMO never was as good as a lot here thinking.

      • Gonzalo
        I haven’t watched the highlights or the games.
        I have stated my opinion of Calleri some months ago from watching every game at Boca(who I am a fan of).
        I actually said we should be patient with the youngsters and not give up on them too easily.
        Correa will not fade, he just has to learn to be a team player.
        I believe that we have to integrate the youngsters and not to avoid them, but they should not be asked to lead the team.

        • Ghost,

          I never thought you are astimating players by highlights. But a lot of people here doing that.

          • I know, just wanted to clarify. Yes, we have many talented players coming up but the problem is they don’t know how to play together or there isn’t a person who makes them play better together, this is with all of our teams. Argentina is stacked in every position but the problem is we don’t know how to use them and fit them together.

  2. Pochettino: “I think the speculation is normal because I am an Argentinian coach at a top club in England,there are a lot of rumours that appear in the media but I am happy at Tottenham and for that reason this is not the right moment.”

    Well Simeone’s last year refused last year but he was very respectful in explaining why he does not want it.Pochettino thinks he is a manager of a top team?tbh honest in his managerial career he won zero tropy and last season he blew up in important moments and finished below Arsenal by loosing 5-1 against Newcastle.And plz look at Spurs Europa record too,it’s very poor.

    The only true top quality and proven world class manager Argentina have is Simeone.No one comes close!

  3. Don’t forget today 23:15 Eureopean time Argentina U-20 plays first game in COTIF tournament. Against Marocco. We have Vadala (Juventus), Conechny (San Lorenzo) and Aguero brother, Del Castillo (Independiente) among others.

  4. Defence is ok (with Gianetti instead Magallan). I don’t think Cuesta give 100% in situation when Haiti scored. He knew it’s just Haiti.

    Midfield is ok. Lo Celso is different type player than Correa, Espinoza or Pavon. He isn’t dribbler, he isn’t fast but he play more intelligent, precise, accurate football. Lanzini is more rigorous as well. We don’t need Espinoza, Correa and Pavon together.

    The problem are forwards.

  5. Before Mexico and especially me must reinforce defensive strengths. I think Arzura is best choice to midfield. I know him as very intelligent experienced and mature player with very good vision (just like he was 30 years old and not 23). I was surprised his attacking contribution against Haiti.

    We need more players with cold head and cold blood. Correa is extremaly talented but as far has no collective mind. Espinoza isn’t my favourite. Calleri is better player than Simeone and better than last two games but something is really wrong with him. I don’t know why he is so static. Remember him in Boca as winger running a lot. That’s why Simeone should replace him for the last friendly.

    Ascacibar, the youngest, is must. So I don’t know why Olarticoechea didn’t give him full game as far to find chemistry with rest players.

    ………………Lo Cleso

  6. But we need necasarilly someone other forward if Lanzini will be out. I would take Martin Benitez as typical left wing player.

    • I like Benitez,he has no fear in his playing style,can really score goal from different angle and position.If Calleri does bad,the two wingers must come forward to score the goals.

      • Yes. I want Pavon but over Espinoza. If we have Espinoza already we should take natural LF, LM. It’s Martin Benitez. When he was in form even 12 mln offer Real Madrid was not enough for Independiente. I saw him in last friendlies (Independiente is my fav club), he looks like optimal form now.

  7. it seems pocc is out of the running (I know it was not going to happen any way)

    “Mauricio Pochettino has ruled out taking over the vacant Argentina coach position.
    The Tottenham manager had been linked with the role and sources in the South American country had claimed National football association chief Armando Perez was to speak to the 44-year-old.
    However, Pochettino, in Melbourne for Spurs pre-season tour, says he is not interested”

  8. Did not see the match but result is encouraging.
    Gio’s ambition is wrong. His dad won a gold medal. He should strive for that, not just to score a goal.
    His dad will tell him that on the phone!

  9. Why must posters overreact over players and the team after 2 buildup games? Its funny, the names of Calleri, Correa, Simeone and the rest of the players who will be at the Olympics are never or were never brought up (here on Mundo) when they played at home. But people are quick to judge them after 2 friendlies. If you want to judge players, watch them for an entire season for their clubs rather than a couple of friendlies for Argentina. But most so-called Argentina fans here only care for the national team and don’t give a shit about what is going on in the league in Argentina. Do this, instead of watching Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, and the rest of the European teams, watch the Argentine league, you’ll discover a lot of talented players that tend to get overlooked.

  10. Saant, to be honest, I wouldn’t have high expectations of this tournament if I were you, not only because of misfiring Calleri and overrated Correa but mainly because the coach had so little time to work with the team. For me personally, it just an opportunity to see our youngsters in action and hopefully for at least some of them, mature into world class stars in the near future.

  11. I really hope the Olympics won’t be another tournament where we are gonna suffer because of our forwards.
    I gave the benefit of doubt to Calleri after first match, but now I am really worried.
    Correa is overrated. He did this same look at your feet chicken runs in U 20 WC n he hasn’t learned a bit even after 18 months under Simeone. Reminds me of Saviola. I think the coach should notice these kind of things and rough him up.
    Lot of positives though, if our forwards find form then we have a great chance of a podium finish.

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