Report: SAMPAOLI to take Argentina job


According to Juan Pablo VARSKY, there’s a high chance that Jorge SAMPAOLI will coach the Argentina National Team.

There’s a 95% chance that SAMPAOLI will coach Argentina on a part time basis, according to VARSKY. At first, it would be part time and once the AFA is able to pay out his entire clause, he would fully take over.


  1. I’ve got to say, the standard of reporting on this case, by supposedly reliable Argentine journalists, has been awful.

    From it being said that Bielsa was desperate to take the job, to it being 95% certain that Sampaoli would be the new coach, I’m finding it hard to believe a word they say now.

  2. These posts are becoming more and more trash…Lets report news when its news….and no, this isn’t happening as Sevilla said no f’ing way.

    • Pavon Has Been Confirmed For Rio.
      Vietto has signed one year loan deal with Sevilla. After all the drama. Barca apparently are keen to add Gameiro, though Atletico are keen on him too. Simeone pushed through Vietto ‘ s move to Sevilla so he can get Gameiro.
      For Calleri, this Olympics is a huge tournament. Remember, now he is without a club. A good tournament means a move to a decent team in Europe.

  3. Impossible job. How can he focus on improving his Sevilla players and at the same time scan possible players for the NT in Argentina and Europe?

      • Some good, some bad.
        Bringing in someone like Basanta is a good example. How do you pick a player in Mexico when hard at work in Sevilla?
        Augusto Fernandez another example.

  4. Sampaoli would be a great choice…if we had him full-time. Besides, Sevilla, a club playing in the Champions League are really going to allow this? That would be very odd indeed.

  5. This good news, if true. Sampaoli my preferred choice if he’s available. Bielsa second. But too many names being thrown around at the moment. Sampaoli, Gallardo, Berrizo or Bielsa can adapt to modern tactics like did Sabella.

    • Preparation already for next year’s U 20 WC n the qualifiers later this year. I believe it is made up of entirely juveniles or reserve team players. I am sure there are more experienced players at this level (1997 n later born), but the clubs wouldn’t allow them. For instance Ascacibar would be part of the U 20 set after his Olympics commitment.

  6. Conflicting reports… Sevilla communicated they have yet to hear from AFA. I have the impression Varsky’s source was a little… too fast.

  7. Sampaoli(correct spelling because I always wrote Sampioli :P) is a question mark for me! I am reserved on his persona. I don’t know what to think of him, neither for or against him, but considering the possible candidates –> BRING HIM ON!
    Still think Bielsa will be the coach!

    • At this moment I really don’t know whats happening.

      “At first, it would be part time and once the AFA is able to pay out his entire clause, he would fully take over”. – Why would Sevilla agree to that? It means their manager could leave anytime, which is totally unhealthy for a club! Also Sevilla’s sporting director is Monchi, who is one of the most intelligent sporting directors around. I don’t know man…this particular rumor seems totally BS to me.

  8. It is best Sampaoli sticks to Sevilla or AFA..either one…Else he has to manage two headaches..

    Whats the news on Bielsa..looks like messi prefers Bielsa..

  9. Best news of the day. I always knew sampaoli wanted to coach argentina more then others but this is still unlikely because seville will likely refuse him to do both jobs.let us see if he can force their hands.

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