Paulo DYBALA likely to start for Argentina


Reports in the media have Paulo DYBALA starting up front for Argentina.

It’s been rumored to be between Ever BANEGA and Paulo DYBALA but all signs point to the Juventus hitman to start alongside Lionel MESSI, Angel DI MARIA and Lucas PRATTO. While this isn’t confirmed, it seems very likely to be the case. Here’s the rumored line-up:

Argentina Uruguay Lineup



  1. Romero ( It should be Rulli )

    Otamendi — Mascherano — Musachio — Mori

    Fernandez — Lamela

    Dybala ————- Messi ———– Maria


    * Musachio is much defense minded n also never goes to ground often

    * Otamendi even though good but often goes down n leaves open space towards goal

    * Otamendi got the stamina to go up n down n can help in attack as he is also a good header n if Maria crosses are meaningful that can bring positive results

    * Fernandez can cover the Otamendi space when he is in attack

    * Mascherano if he plays with the mentality of a Barcelona player remain fixed in defense along with Musachio n our core defense will get some stability

    * Mori must remain defense minded but can help to get the ball to Lamela who is the crucial player here as he got the stamina to cover the midfield in both defense n offense n link up the attackers or Mori can release to Maria who in spite of his meaningless runs or vulnerability to injuries, got the stamina to get back as it will release much burden from Messi

    * If Maria, Messi n Dybala play parallel, opponents can’t zonal mark all the three n esp Dybala will distract a lot of markings targeted towards Messi

    * The lone striker is again a very crucial one. Aguero failed coz he never distracted with his run. The lone striker must be pulling the markers from Messi ( or Dybala ) towards him n must be confusing the defenders with his endless movements. Conversion is next but movement of the lone striker is very important as we know Higuain gave something for us than Aguero coz he moved here n there.

    At last again a sleepless night.

    The day if we win the ultimate n we go to sleep.. The most relaxed night in our lives.. But will it come..?

    • Only will happen if Maradona is coach again!! Lol
      Lamela is never going to be a holding mid, defensive tackling is below have
      We saw what happens when otamendi is on the wing(2010 V’s Germany!! Cost up the game!
      Funes mori has enough trouble inside for him to move out is crazy.
      Fernandez is anti-offensive football and that only some what working when he is playing next to a ball distributing genius aka Mascherano ..
      I like Musachio as a CD and love the front 4 though!

  2. Messi will basically drop down deep to play as a #10 or even like Xavi.

    Biglia will not be able to play the role of #8 and provide balls to Messi. So Messi will drop deeper and deeper to get the ball. Dybala has to stay close to Messi to play one-two or take a pass. In all this I see Dimaria a waste. Messi will play the long ball to the left which Dimaria will get, but then what? It would be better to have Dybala to the left and drop Dimaria for Banega. Drop Biglia from Augusto or Lamela.

    • Excellent comment. It looks like Messi will play like how he is did for Barca against Sevilla, Betis etc.. and he will send many of those diagonal balls and what next. We know what DeMaria does most of the time. He will make the worst decisions on all of them.
      I just hope Bauza have spoken to him..

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