Edgardo BAUZA to call up ICARDI for Argentina?


The Argentine media is reporting that BAUZA is considering calling up Mauro ICARDI for the next World Cup Qualifiers against Perú (October 6) and  Paraguay (October 11).  He actually already made his Albiceleste debut vs Uruguay during the WC14 qualifiers when Alejandro SABELLA was in charge of the team.

ICARDI didn’t get a chance under ex coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino.  It looks like BAUZA now sees that this may be a good opportunity to get ICARDI on the team.  It’s being reported that BAUZA plans on discussing this with the team captain’s: Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO to see what their opinions are on the matter.

Since ICARDI has arrived at Inter Milan back in 2013 he has scored 55 goals in 108 games.  He has already scored in all of Inter Milan’s 3 matches thus far this season.  What do you guys think? Does he deserve a chance? We all know all about the off-field scandal with Maxi LOPEZ.  Should this be a factor at all?





  1. Icardi talks on some topics including his Argentina exclusion.

    “Overlooked by Argentina? The national team is spoken about too much.

    “The Coach decides, and he chose Pratto, who I know well and has always done well wherever he’s played. If the decision is made to pick me, I’ll be ready.”

    On Higuain’s record transfer fee.

    “Higuain’s clause? He is worth €90m after 36 goals in Serie A”

    Comparison with Ronaldo

    “Ronaldo [the former Inter man]? There’s no comparison, he’s the best striker that there ever was in football.”

    You see, this guy is humble too. But still there are people always against Icardi for no reason! I hope, Icardi will reply his all blind critics by extraordinary performance with Argentina. But all depends on Bauza.

  2. Think about why when it’s about Icardi, all of a sudden Bauza needs to talk to Messi and Mascherano? How come when Dybala, Pratto and Alario were considered Messi and Mache’s name were not even mentioned. It’s obvious that there is another element to Icard’s story and we all now what it is.

    Personally, I think Icardi should have been called up long time ago but coaches are evidently afraid of what it might do to the dressing room, hence the “consultations” with Messi and Masche.

    • Pretty glaring point there my friend…i just hate icardi for doing such a blunder…i mean couldnt he find another hotter italian chic in milan somewhere? lol

      • Totally. Icardi is a fool. First of all, she’s not even that hot and he is a good looking guy himself, plus a millionaire not to mention the ethical side of his moves towards her. He could have gotten so many other girls, what a waste!

  3. I don’t know if Bauza will ask Messi and Mascherano for permission but I know that this team has been taken hostage by individuals for years and those individuals made the decisions who gets selected or not. Many great players were excluded because of this.
    we missed Diaz in 90 when we were left without a single striker. We missed Redondo 98, we missed many players in 2002, we missed Zanetti in 2006 where every game a different player played.
    I stop here just look at Zanetti one of the most respected players of all time and we treated him like shit twice!
    he never complained!
    someone who does such a thing deserves misery and misery we got.

  4. I don’t see it as Bauza getting “approval” from Messi and Mascherano. Bauza knows there’s a reason Icardi has only been called-up once for Argentina and he wants to address the elephant in the room. Talk to the two leaders of the team to make sure there aren’t any problems about it because (from the outside looking in) there is.

    Bauza is still in early days. The team has fantastic group harmony since the Sabella days and Bauza wants to keep it that way (I would imagine). And like I said, he probably feels like there is a problem with Icardi in the team and he might want to find out why (obviously we know why but in terms of which players would be unhappy about it).

    OR maybe he just wants to find out if they think Icardi can adapt to the team. Or if they think Icardi should start over Higuain. Or he might ask them what Icardi likes on his hamburger. None of us really know what the discussion could potentially be about. We can all speculate and say how Messi wants to keep his friends and all that but truth of the matter is (and I hate saying it because it shouldn’t be this way), Tata never had the balls to drop Higuain and honestly speaking (and this is coming from the biggest Higuain hater out there), he had no reason to. 36 goals scored in Serie A will get you into ANY team. Di Maria was not dropped (and this was bad) because 1) Tata never had the balls to do it and 2) Because Di Maria has been there long enough and Tata was too afraid to drop him for a tournament.

    I really don’t see it as Messi picking his friends, I really, really don’t. I can understand why some people might view it that way but I don’t. So this whole “seeking permission from Messi and Mascherano for Icardi” could be all false. No one knows what he might mention to them.

    • Roy,

      maybe you are right. Maybe it’s true that Messi don’t wants to keep his friends. I could never to say something is/will be “for sure”. It’s not my style of thinking. But even if this is true what you said I still can’t understand why Bauza must to discussing any call up with Messi and Masche. For me coach should have his plan and relize, introduce this without such consultation. And if he want to talk with his players about introducing new one he should to talk with all team or (as in Icardi case) if this is introduce of new forward he should to talk with the rest of forwards and not only Messi.

      It’s still something wrong with this for me. I still think first of all Bauza should avoid such hierarchization. There’s Messi (or Messi and Masche) and the rest of players. Messi has something to say in the question and the rest should silence. Bauza should avoid this old aberration. He should not again start all from Messi. Such situations just keeping Messi with the old attitude when he is convinced he must do all this on the pitch alone. We need to dispose the burdens of resposibility evenly on every player. Bauza should not to do things that accentuate to Messi how he is important.

      Besides I really think Messi don’t know what is best for himself. If it was his decision he would take Aguero as partner in attack while we all know the duo was flop.

    • Yes, Martino had no reason to drop Higuain after his 36 goals. It was argument compelling. I see the cases Higuain and Di Maria in the same way as you. Di Maria should be drop.

  5. I think he will call Icardi but he should do that without any Messi and Mascherano advice. It’s unacceptable. Is that FC Barcelona rules in Argentina NT?

  6. This is a promising sign since bauza has realized one of our key drawbacks within two games. Tata didnt understand it even after two years!

    Even without icardi, the list of forwards seems to be better than that of tatas or sabellas. With icardi, it will be the best.

    The ugly side of it is that bauza is asking messis and maschranos opinions. If they disagree, what would bauza do? Will he not give a call up to icardi? Then it is not professionalism. Bauza has already respected them by paying a visit to them. No need to respect their opinion in this way. Icardi has proven that he deserves a call up. This should be enough to call him. If he plays bad, bauza can leave him. Thats all.

    Now what would bauza do if messi says no and masche says yes?

  7. Mundo has become a place of personal frustrations. The post says Bauza ‘reportedly’ is going to talk to Messi and Mascherano about the Icardi call up but no confirmation. Now reading some posts here it is as if he said he is going to seek permission from his captains. Who said anything about permission or even the talk if the talks are confirmed? If true, at least this a good start for those of us who want to see Icardi. And it shows that Bauza is showing intentions of reconstructing the team to his own liking.
    No one on Mundo can confirm if is true yet it’s all media speculation until confirmed officially but negative personal opinions are already being posted here. Even if your favorite players are selected for every position, it is not going to guarantee a WC victory.

    What if Bauza is going to tell his captains to swallow their pride and make peace with his selection of Icardi? Or convince them with football talk that the team needs Icardi more than their egos? Let’s watch this space without being too opinionated. It’s only speculation til confirmed.

    • why don’t we bet???
      i bet bauza will never call icardi at all because he and the same previous coach including your favorite sabella are all just impotent and a dork for the afa.
      why sabella never brought him to brazil at all when higuain, kun and palacio were clearly not fit at that time???
      this is the same drama being repeat. bauza is no exception because i bet he will be worst. he even dare to mentioned tevez again, even brought back demi when he is clearly have garay or some other youngsters ready to get call up.
      don’t you see all this???
      if he want icardi, he will do it the first day he got the job.
      his first mistake is so clear, he brought pratto and alario who both never prove anything in the international scene whereas we all know too well what icardi are capable of at 23.
      suggestion, you should change your nickname to bauzalista, it’s better for you now after all.
      sabella is history flush in argentina football toilet already.

      • Bet what? Maybe you can already tell me the line up and how the next match against peru will play out? Since you’re such a clairvoyant. Now you talking about the past? Or what has Sabella got to do with Bauza calling up Icardi? Now I must be called Bauzalista because Travis thinks he’s a football expert here. Get over your frustrations man and start talking football matters going forward instead of attacking others.

  8. Next to Dybala no other player deserves to be called up more than Icardi.
    As for getting messi and Masche’s permission well no one really said that!! All the article said was that Bauze is reported to be planning on discussing the matter with the team’s 2 captains and I personally see nothing wrong with that. Harmony in the dressing room is one of the most important things for any team to function and regardless of whether Icardi was in the wrong or not (nobody really knows the whole story) he is a player that courts controversy and as such his inclusion should be discussed.
    But at the end of the day I really hope that Icardi is given a chance because I see him, dybala and messi forming a deadly trio up front.
    I also hope that other players like rulli, ansaldi, tagliafico, piatti, perotti, pereyra, pizzaro and lanzini are all given a chance. Also for the love of god BRING GARAY BACK!!!!!! His exclusion is about as criminal as zanetti’s exclusion in 2006 and 2010!!

    • That is very true. People with a polrized view of their own interprete facts to support their theory even if the facts/informations at hand are clear enough to convey the information. Can’t we see the difference b/n statements containing allegation like’reportedly’ and statements saying Bauza is going to consult. Besides,even if it says he will; what makes us to think that he is looking for the captains endorsement? Do we really know what the subject of discussion will be? Being pessimist doesn’t necesarily make you a biased judge of a matter. Even speculations blaming Sorin for exclusion of Veron to make Requelme happy were less riduclous than Messi Icardi feudo. I mean does any one heard of Messi judging Icardi based on how he slept with his current mate? I bet,No.

      One thing that am certain about is Icardi earned his selection, but am not certain whether there is an objective procedure of calling a player or consulting your players is not part of the process,at all.

  9. This is what will happen in WC 2018:
    Mascherano is red carded and can’t play a decisive game.
    Aguero is out for the rest of the tournament with left knee chronic injury after playing 30 min in the previous game. Surprise !!
    Di Maria after being on field for 5 min and by just shooting the ball, got injured and is out for the rest of the tournament. Surprise !!
    Pastore is owned by the opponent and banned from touching the ball…..WC is for tough strong players not Ballerina players.
    Lamela has no clue what to do on field and is played in wrong position.
    Biglia static in one spot and can’t pass the ball to the attack line. His shoes come with glue designed specifically for grass.
    Higuaín one on one with the goalie and can’t score for the third time…..covers his face with his hands shamefully.
    Rojo wastes remaining time arguing with players instead of focusing on the game.
    Banega thinks he’s Riquelme and wastes chances by shooting pathetically from distance instead of passing the ball.
    Messi drops deep to get the ball and by the time he reaches the final third defenders block his tired legs.
    Dybala can’t do anything because no one supplies him with the ball and he comes in the last 10 min of the game when there is no time to rescue the team.

    Icardi watching the game from home with a slight hope that he will join the NT next world cup when he’s over 30 and passing his prime time.

    Same old same old.

  10. Like most of the guys mentioned here…..this is pathetic and a new joke from our coach…..permission from Messi and Mascherano……!!!!
    This proves why Argentina hasn’t gotten a trophy since 1993….coaches are impotent to have balls and make a business decision when it comes to player selection.
    Icardi won’t join the team because Messi will never give him a spot on the expense of one of his buddies: Di maria, Aguero, Higuaín, glass man “Pastore”, or the one poney trick “Lamela”. etc….Messi will stick with his buddies until he wastes his last chance to win a world cup. Even Mascherano is getting old and needs to go, he’s been benched in Barca CL game against Celtic simply because he can’t defend without making error inside the box, the guy is getting old.

  11. Icardi absolutely deserved the call from BauzA,- the permission from Messi and Masch is due to respect to the captain and maintain the harmony of the team. trust that the off pitch scandal with Maxi’s girl should be buried as the N/T really need a warrior no.9 striker and create a competitive atmosphere up in front. Icardi is worth trying and Bauza try to satisfy the hunger of the fans by giving him a chance. We just can’t rely to Higuian and Kun anymore

  12. if both icardi and maxi lopez has problems between them, then why the hell messi and mascherano should’ve come in between???
    why would bauza need permission and opinion from both messi and mascherano??? who the hell is messi and mascherano to make decision regarding icardi???
    and furthermore, who the hell is MAXI LOPEZ??? from what i see, he is just a crappy football player.
    bauza, if he wants to show that he is the boss of his squad, then if he thinks he want icardi in the team, then he don’t have to ask messi, mascherano or even the argentinian president.
    i mean, who the hell is MAXI LOPEZ???????? is maxi lopez so big in argentina, that no one can touch him, and anybody who does, will be forbid to wear the albiceleste shirt forever??? but now it seems that maxi lopez has assistant as well; messi and mascherano.
    it’s so laughable regarding reasons icardi doesn’t get call up until now.
    that’s why this pretty sums up argentina football in the past few years.

  13. If you have seen Cavani play today – You might feel Higuian is way better than many in the rest of world..Cavani missed so many chances..so many opportunities created…

    If this was an Argentine player..he would have been crucified by the media..

      • agreed! Not only yesterday, he always sucks. he is pathetic compared to Higuain. I really don’t understand whats the hoopla about him. PSG will get knocked out in 2nd round this time. I cannot see who they can sign in January who will score goals.

  14. yes we must be professionals if we want to win, leave personal feelings aside.
    beside integrating fresh blood, 2 way players and lungs to the team we must sit down and think about every player’s position.
    For example the Olympic coach with a difficult name used Lanzini as a winger in the friendlies, many use him as playmaker but I think his real position is left midfield where he is not the top dog and can work from the shadow.
    the same thing could be said about Lavezzi who for us has proven to play best as right or left midfielder and less so as striker or winger.
    I want Lanzini, Perreyra and such players who fit the profile to be in the team because they are role players like Augusto, Perez, Lavezzi, etc but younger thinking ahead 2 years.
    we seem to not know which player best position is, and we field always an unbalanced team because we have players that unbalance it.
    Most of our strikers or forward never track back so we put defensive minded players on the pitch and so we lose balance and shape.
    Di maria, Aguero,Biglia and some others are great players but maybe it is difficult to maintain balance with Messi and Mascherano on the pitch. the one attacks while the other defends, putting 1 way players like them unbalances the team and destroys the shape.
    Maybe although great players they are not meant to play together, coupled with injuries it makes it difficult.
    One other thing I hate is discipline!
    watching a player like Di maria for his clubs he is much more disciplined but when he plays for us he does some unnecessary things which he wouldn’t do for his club.

  15. “It’s being reported that BAUZA plans on discussing this with the team captain’s: Lionel MESSI and Javier MASCHERANO to see what their opinions are on the matter.”

    This is KEY, it could be stumbling block for Icardi, depending what verdict Messi and Masche give him. I could be wrong of course…

    • Exactly Enganche. For me it’s a joke. It should never happen. None of them isn’t our tactic to know what’s best.

  16. He deserves a call up, there’s no question here. My only problem with this is the poor track record of Inter Milan strikers in the nt – Cruz, Milito, Palacio etc. Hope he does better.

  17. please don’t tease us and until he is actually called up I wont celebrate to soon.
    in few words yes he does deserve a chance and when the great and humble zanetti says great things about icardi and call up’s its time for the past to be just that and way past time he is in the squad.

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