Argentina drop more points in Peru with a 2-2 draw


It wasn’t a pretty game for Argentina and the scoreline was probably more than fair for BAUZA’s men.

The first half saw Ramiro FUNES MORI scoring his first goal of these Qualifiers for Argentina and honestly speaking, that was pretty much it for Argentina in the first 45 minutes. Sergio AGUERO had a free kick which was saved by the goalkeeper, other than that, no real chances for the Albiceleste. Lots of high balls and crosses to the forwards without any link-up player or passing. The midfield just didn’t exist.

The second half was more or less all Peru and their first goal was coming. Peru wasted a lot of chances in the second half to take the lead and looked likely to be the next to score but it didn’t want to go in for them (at least not yet). The introduction of Ever BANEGA saw Argentina regain possession of the ball and string a few passes together which ultimately lead to Pablo ZABALETA sending in a nice little pass to Gonzalo HIGUAIN who chipped the goalkeeper to give Argentina the lead. However, it didn’t last very long.

A terrible back pass by Javier MASCHERANO saw the ball land to a Peruvian player and Ramiro FUNES MORI (who, aside from this challenge was having an excellent match) take the player down as Peru were awarded a penalty which Sergio ROMERO guessed the right way but the ball was well placed and Peru had tied it.

Another lackluster performance from Argentina following their trip to Venezuela last month. Up next is Paraguay on Tuesday in Argentina with Nicolas OTAMENDI and Ramiro FUNES MORI both suspended having picked up yellow cards in this match.

Edgardo BAUZA has come out and stated he might call-up a replacement CB as both FUNES MORI and OTAMENDI are suspended.


  1. Bauza’s default formation is 4-2-3-1.Well this is really a good formation if coaches can make proper use of it.Plyaing with 6 defenders doesn’t make any sense to me!!
    One defensive midfielder is enough while another one should play as cm
    with 2 winger and a attacking midfield will make a partnarship with the centre midfield to provide balls towards wingers as well as towards striker.
    Pastore,lavezzi,marcado,gray should be called up.
    And aguero is nmbr 9 player he can be switched as supporting striker.
    totally disapointed by the tactics of bauza!

  2. Sick of this motherfucker Bauza. Such a worst performance. The most ugliest performance ever I have seen in last 18 years of La Albiceleste. Please AFA do something about coaching otherwise it will be very tough to participate in the Russia if we continue like this.

  3. 6 defenders and 4 attackers. No creative play.
    Changes I think we need.
    Agureo is a good player but only when he is playing
    as a lone striker. No way he should drop in midfield.
    Rojo is a No No. We need a proper LB. The real problem is
    The midfield and I don’t understand why our coaches
    don’t see this. If you are going to play with 2 defensive
    Midfielders one of them should be a box to box player
    The 3rd and most advanced Midfielder should be a
    Play maker or a good passer.
    I think with the players we have the 3 Midfielders should be
    Macherano Pizarro and Banega IMO.

  4. I literally found no differnce between argentine coaches and fans.
    U all asked to bring Dybala, what happens now?
    Some days ago u said we can play better without Messi, now u see better!
    U all asked to bring some overhiped local headless chickens from your league, young guns from more competitive leagues brings nothing what they should offer?
    Game against Uruguay, u all discovered a new mascerano who can play as playmaker, just after two games u all wish him to kick out.
    What the f**k?

  5. Wow….just wow! That was some of the worst displays I’ve had the displeasure of watching by the albicelestes! As bad as anything maradona, batista and tata threw at us and to be honest one person should be blamed and it’s Bauza!
    I honestly would like to blame the haphazard defending but then I remember that there was no midfield to protect the backline. I want to say that Kranevitter is still raw and needs more club time and that Masch is over the hill but I remember that they were left by themselves to fight off a swarm of peruvian players.

    IMO no player (not even the regular under performers like rojo) can be blamed entirely for this insipid display because it was Bauza who got his formation all wrong and his subs were iffy (banega was good but late while Correa offered nothing that dybala couldn’t) and it is very clear now that without lio there is no fantastic 4.

    This current squad, which houses a group of underachievers whose place in the NT is always guaranteed is not good enough to win the WC in Russia but it should be more than good enough to out play a team like peru! Bauza you’ve got some serious thinking to and DO IT FAST.

  6. please dont blame the strikers and Cbs .without defensive midfield’s protection ,it is very hard for CBs to defense cause there are 6-7 peru players participating in their attack. we only have 4 defensors and one Midfield just eye watching and one midfielder assist the golden score chance to peru striker.Look at peru’s last goal .who assist? Mascherano ,peru has 12 persons in last goal

  7. What happened yesterday was a disaster.
    We were outclassed by all means. And with honesty draw result was not deserved.
    Gentleman , if bauza did not change his tactics and line up , then I am afraid will not see the silver team in WC2018

  8. i hope i’m not the only one here who think that mascherano should not be included anymore in the team.
    his time is over and i don’t care if he is a warrior, a beast, or a demon from hell he should be drop once and for all, and so the same with zabaleta, rojo, romero, di maria, banega, higuain and aguero, not to forget, demigodchelis.

    all the so-called wc 2014 hero should be drop now. bauza must do this tomorrow or in the next 2-3 days. and then in the next few weeks, he should be kick out as well. i don’t understand why he’s been put incharge? just worst than sabella and even tata.

    are we now in the same level as peru, venezuela, equador? because this days, we just never beat them.
    if we can’t beat this 2nd rate piss poor south american team, then what about the current top 10 world ranking team right now?

    it’s ashamed sabella, and tata never did the right thing for argentina when they have the time for that. now, it’s seems too late for bauza. he just can’t put all the youngsters we’re crying for in less than 2 years now and make them ready for 2018. that’s not possible, at all. if he did, it’s a suicide.
    but if he has guts enough, all he can do is gamble with new of mix young and old players, and drop all the names from 2014 squad except for messi.
    he can fix the midfield again and he still have a little time for that. he should call some of the old players from european league. and mix them with some youngsters for example; parades and pereyra. although enzo perez is from the 2014 squad, he didn’t have many time to prove himself that year, so maybe he should be incharge this time, and maybe also claudio yacob, and salvio.
    di maria should be drop once and for all, he is just useless crappy shitty players the most we have this days, he doing absolutely nothing. bauza should call up perotti and lanzini. as for the defenders, bauza should call fazio in place of demichelis. garay should be back, and he should not forget about gino peruzzi, i want to see this motherfucker since 2014 forfucksake. and what about the tough as fuck tagliafico, call him!!
    the most cry here is the forward. it’s the most important because this is where argentina were getting most afraid of since dark ages.
    call icardi, vietto, and we already have dybala and correa in the team + messi. it’s fine to have more young strikers now ready for 2018 because aguero will get back his old friend name injury in the future, and higuain will be like 200pounds in 2018.
    romero the clown also must be replaced with rulli, and willy caballero is good enough now as a back-up goalie, and we don’t need 3 goalkeepers as we can put otamendi as the 3rd one anytime.
    that’s it and we good to go.

  9. i have a bad news for legendary defender Mr Funes mori fans …. he is just a below average defender.. a big hole in our defense…
    Rojo is not national team material… he is not even fit be on the bench… offers nothing defensively or offensively.. he had a good world cup and thats all he willoffer.. street defenders will be better than him
    Zabaleta is done.. he could be on the bench just to be used for final few mins
    Mercado.. offers nothing going forward.. nothing at all… good defensively though..
    Sergio supeman romero!! i have nothing left to say about this man..
    Banega??? he is our best creative midfileder .. that says it all.. he has done nothing so far and will do nothing in the future…
    Don Mascherano… he is the leader of the mafia running this team.. somebody nailed his best friend’s gf who couldn’t holdon to his wh**re gf now that somebody can’t be in the team even though his buddies have caused 3 consecutive losses in the finals
    Biglia–>great defensively when protecting the lead but offensively completely destroys the rhythm while attacking…
    Mr higuain and aguero— well big name hot rods.. board of directors of the mafia group run by masch…
    Leo messi->mr cry baby.. we missed him today big time!!
    Pratto?? not fit to tie Icardi’s shoe laces…

    if Argentina is to go forward this sydincate run by Don masch and co has to be broken or else we will again get knocked in the quaters by an european team ..

    the best thing happened to us after Messi is Sabella.. that guy brought back fear in the opposition .. which is all gone now.. anyone can beat us today..

  10. Fuck bazua,Fuck rojo,fuck 6 central defender in starting eleven systems….we need 10 central defender in starting eleven no need Messi only central fucking defender…this type of approach we will never win World Cup in 1000 years…Mascarano need go back his prime position…

  11. I had watched Italy – Spain yesterday. It was 1:1 but even if Spain is not the same team as few years ago just look how easy they creating good chances. There is a lot of ideas and flow, smooth playing, passing, understanding. And when I saw Argentina against afterward Peru I had impression as if it was team 2 classes inferior.

  12. It’s just weak team. Most of our players is to replace.

    – almost all the defence to drop. FUnes Mori, Zabaleta, Rojo are not enough good.

    – Kranevitter was so poor though he is much better than we saw, he needs time in his club first of all. But still I think we have better players on his position.

    – Dybala with quiet game but it was wrong to sub him so early

    – Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria – our fantastic 3. Higuain and Aguero – the two invisible mans, especially Higuain and no matter he scored. They are waste of place. Di Maria was better than the two but he is not intelligent player. Never was and never will be. His game is a lottery I must to say one more time. As someone said he don’t know how create situations for strikers. His driblings it’s lottery, his crosses it’s lottery. It were dreamed-of circumstances for Di Maria counter atacking style when Peru conceeded first goal and must to score – Di Maria had a lot of space for what he like most and still without effect.

    Higuain is so slow. Loot at 14 minutes. Dybala cross runs with the ball and Higuain isn’t even enough fast to clear space ahead of Dybala, fly off way of Dybala and not hindrance him.

    Aguero is so languid. Espacially without ball. Why he is so rare in possesion? Because of so lazy to run without the ball. Bauza really should follow Lucas Janson from TIgre. While he is simile to Aguero when catch the ball at the same time quicksilver, live wire without ball. So agile. I never saw LF so much commited to defence. Yes Bauza LUCAS JANSON

  13. I expected a draw and better news is our boys came out unscathed.
    I will watch the game tonight and give my versions of the events after.
    From what I read here is we didn’t control the game, didn’t make full use of the ball whilst in possession….
    What worries me is we seem to forget we’ve only lost 1 qualifier so far.
    I predicted draw and now the next prediction is a win against Paraguay with a marked difference

  14. Just imagine ,the last two matches bauza called up the same players because of no time to prepare, this time he called up the same player because he is monitoring closely others,next time bauza still choose the same players because we meet brazil and colombia .Bauza may think the old players know each others better than new players at the same time brazil and colombia are strong teams . AFTER WE play with brazil and colombia ,if the result is good or acceptable ,we have few months to prepare for next round matches .at that time bauza may think the last two matches ‘results are good so just need to call up a small number of new players in friendly . As a result next year we still see the same group of players . IF argentina lost to brazil and colombia ,then argentina may be kicked out of the tournament. Even if you call up a large number of new players after losting to brazil or colombia ,you cant make sure you choose the proper new players .

  15. Fact# 1 Banega needs to play! We had no ball handling in midfield without him.
    Fact#2 funes mori and Rojo are next to useless!
    Fact#3 two holding midfielders against shit teams is pointless! Kranevitter was useless!
    Fact#4 mascherano messed up that pass but is a Beast so relax!
    Fact#5 Aguero was running half speed it looked like!! Wtf
    Fact#6 dimaria needs Messi and Messi needs dimaria! There is a Mis-connect without one or the other !
    Fact#7 dybala has a great shot and we need to get him ball in scoring positions ! Possible two forward formation?
    Fact#8 higuain ran a lot and was our best player today
    Fact#9 rojo and kranevitter was a waste to have in the pitch! Not that there aren’t good players but the formation doesn’t fit them!
    Fact#10 against shyt teams we need more offensive minded players to break them down. 3-5-2 formation!
    Otamendi- garay- musacchio
    Gaitan. Mascherano -dimaria
    Messi. Banega
    Dybala. Higuain

  16. In last two matches ,i try to find excuse for bauza because he does not have time to prepare . But this time bauza still choose the same players .time is not an excuse at all . Unless bauza make a significant change in the near future ,i dont think this team have any future not to mention 2018 world cup

  17. If we ever needed a reality check. This was it.
    1) There was no team play or chemistry at all.
    2) The silver generation that got us to 3 finals is way past its prime.
    3) Messi missed 6 out 9 qualifiers. If this percentage continues we will miss WC 2018.
    4) With away games in Rio, Montevideo and Quito still to come, we might be in trouble already.
    5) The word that stuck to me after the Olympic football disaster was incompetence. I guess that label now fits the national team as well.

    Naturally I will keep supporting them, but I sure miss midfielders like Veron, Aimar, Redondo, Simeone and Riquelme. That type of players seems to have disappeared completely.

    • We dont lack talent at all .Look at roberto pereyra , lucas boye , Franco vasquez in their clubs . Compare with mascherano ,kranivitter ,rojo .you can see the difference

  18. Roberto pereyra a player watford coach Mazzarri rates him better than pogba you dont choose

    Lucas boye Torino Fc rates him as the future of the team you dont mention

    Vasqeuz A player seville must have, you only monitor closely

    Funes Mori’brother and Icardi score once and again you dont choose

    Leandro paredes , Giovani lo celso all being highly recommended ,you never give them a chance

    You just give Alario ,guido pizzaro a chance but just sitting . What is wrong?

    Rojo , zabaleta , funes mori ,kranevitter all subs in their clubs . Mascherano only a Cb In barca . Aguero is a striker but you want him to be number 10.

  19. 4231 is not a problem but you need to choose suitable player in suitable position.

    Mercado Otamendi Funes Mori Alexis Soto

    Roberto pereyra Guido pizzaro

    Messi Franco Vasquez Dybala


    The above is the most offensive from 4231 to 3313
    If you want to be more defensive you can

    Mercado Otamendi Garay Funes mori

    Guido pizzaro Mauricio Martinez

    Franco Vasquez

    Messi franco cervi


  20. The other problem is mascherano want to be the superman.he want to be the coach ,the playmaker the defensive midfield the CB .so he covers all those places at the same time he gives peru space to attack

    • Mascherano knows his team is not strong to win Peru and he wants to win the game. So he tried to be a Superman… Mascherano wouldn’t play like that in FC Barcelona.

  21. The problem is zabaleta too slow ,short and old ,Rojo too defensive , Mascherano not enough skillful ,Kranevitter eye watching defense, too slow and short . Di maria Dont know how to creat chance for striker . Dybala too young ,Aguero in wrong place . That means we only have higuain and two cbs at all . Orthers just chasing the ball

    • Have you got only Higuain and two cbs? It is sad because Higuain is not trustworthy at all.

      Check Higuain’s comment about himself and his mistake. Higuain will make mistakes endlessly because he doesn’t leaen anything from mistakes and he can’t bear a single constructive criticism. He doesn’t monitor his mistake and only listen to people who told him sweet words.

      Um…then only two cbs are left in Argentina NT.

      It is time to worry if Argentina can fulfill the WCQ to go to Russia.
      I am serious.

  22. When i was watching the game ,i strongly feel bauza heavily bet on peru . WE have no midfield even in second half we lead 1:0 .the pressure from peru becomes stronger before 1:1 . Why bauza dont do anything to control the midfield at that time

  23. this is for world cup final… if same coach remains with formation 4-2-3-1—- but this formation we cant control the game … but we can score any moment…
    marcado(peruzzi) mussachio(macherano) otamendi(garay) ansaldi(taglifico)–

    pizzaro(augusto) banega(krane or vazquez or ascacibar)

    messi(dimaria)—- auguro(dyabla)——correa(gaitan or pastore or lamela)


    anybody have better then this …. if coach chanege the formation 4-3-3 i have differnt team..

  24. WHERE IS KRANevitter ? As a denfensive midfield suppose you must cover the CBs . Where is kranivitter ? In atletico madrid and sevilla he is a sub . We have guido pizzaro ,Paredes ,what is wrong with bauza . It seems argentina lost ,bauza win the money

  25. Bauza if you have no guts to change please step down,don’t waste time . Once again bauza mention the list of 60 players but eventually call up mascherano ,rojo,zabaleta,kranivitter,bigilia . We need a skillfull midfield to control the match. Our strikers and central back defensors are world class .

    • “Argentina strikers and central back defensors are world class.” Do you think so? Argentina football players made me start thinking differently about world class football players. And I don’t believe the new players Mundo people praise and recommend.

      But I want to see Icardi and the player who once weared Italian uniform in a friendly match (I don’t remember his name) in November WCQ.

  26. why thet fail they dont playing proper team football… icardi comes he may won some air duels then higuain… many of them want perrara lanzini pizzaro…. some loves dimaria they hate messi… some of them fan of higuain they blame paratto… if we play with proper midfield we won any team with ease… we need better coach and proper line up and proper plan to get the ball to messi auguro higuain dybala dimaria…. we need icardi and some young talent please retire mache and romero … we need player plays in the first starting line up not romero rojo funes mori.. dimaria not best on the left side… if we want to wing aginst paraguay… this is the line up we need to go…
    marcado —-musssachio— macherano—- roncalia (he played last game against barca)he do better job then rojo
    ——-banega pizzaro—————–
    dyabla ——- auguro——- correa———————–
    … higuain….

    subs dybala(dimaria) Higuain(alario) correa(gaitan) banega (kranevittar) defend how they play…

  27. if we choose banega in place of mache or krane we would won easily … coach dont have the idea… with what we have the squad… now every body blaming dybala auguro higuain(he only fails in final bacause of he got fear) and dimaria.. in the match we had some counter attack but dimaria dont know when to pass the ball.. his decision making poor… he is only substite for me… if auguro is nota good then why man city paying that much of money he scores consistantly in premier league and higuain 90 million and dimaria 65 million and man of the match in champions league final… we all frustrated because… we dont have a proper coach … with this squad i would won world cup and copa ameriaca…

  28. I think the forwards and defence are good overall (Icardi and Perotti should be there but).it’s midfield that needs to be sorted. Hopefully Guido gets a chance next game.

  29. first there is no place in clup starting line up … romero funes mori rojo and kraneviter amd …..2. right back and left back important position… zaba good but his age… he is not to be a first choice… and rojo… aweful… even fans dont select their starting line up…. look higuain dimaria auguro dybala…. all this attack match real madrid and barca… why they failed agiainst peru… only reason they dont get a proper ball…. form midfield 3. argentina greatest weekness… if you choose auguro higuain dybala dimaria … must select forward passing midfielder… look mache he is terrific when 2014 final … his time over i think no forward pass back wards … and both center back pass to him only ..he never played midfield long time… if he plays we need dribler midfielder in middle of the park to just find auguro higuain dybala and dimaria… other then no tea cup for argentina..

  30. We argentina fans blaming higuain n Aguero for final defeat if Icardi played argentina also lost final then we are not talking about him now. The real reason is poor MF argentina can’t cross group stage without messi or argentina won’t quallify for russia without messi, One bad game of messi cost argentina A single player can’t do anything Messi need support from MF if messi had xavi or iniesta in NT then argentina already won WC

    • Messi played a role of Xavi and Iniesta in the Argentina NT. The difference is Argentina does not have a decisive goal scorer like Messi in FC Barcelona and Messi is always surrounded by three opponents unlike Iniesta and Xavi. If Argentian want Messi playing like a crack and goal getter in the NT, support Messi with someone like Iniesta. Messi can’t perform Messi and Iniesta at the same time even if he is the greatest player of all time. The opponent team is not afraid of Argentian players except for Messi and knows they can win a game easily if they block Messi. FC Barcelona is a big club having Naymar, Suarez, Iniesta and real world class player and they have a bad game if Messi is on the bench for injury treatment. Messi is something and I don’t blame Argentina NT if they rely on Messi because every manager and player including Pep Guardiola and FC Barcelona do the same if Messi is in their squad. BUT good coach and good players do their job with Messi.

      Argentina National football team coach and players only look at Messi and pray Messi will do EVERYTHING for the team. Messi to be a Midfielder on half line area,goal getter on penalty box area, playmaker with tactics. My friends say Argentina NT is a one man team.

      coach: Messi
      midfielder&playaker: Messi
      striker&goal getter: Messi
      escapegoat: Messi
      If opponent team block Messi, the game is a piece of cake.

      DO SOETHING. ARGENTINA IS NOT A STRONG TEAM AT ALL If Messi is not in the pitch. COME ON. IF ARGENTINA CAN’T win a Cup with Messi, the chance of winning a Cup will reduce after Messi is gone.

  31. As i said earlier Icardi isn’t argentina team sollution imagine messi contribution on the team #ARG midfeild totally sucks with this kind of MF i’m surprise argentina reach back 2 back Final, Romero must be benched Rulli Lanzini parera Lamela should be in starting xi, Argentina badly need to builed MF with this kinda MF even Pep can’t do anything

  32. hello true argentina football fans…. everybody has their own reason… people knows how messi saved argentina with these kind of line up… taken into three finals and no 1 rank… even coach dont know how to choose a line up based on the players… maradona and sebella tato now bauza… this the worst game argentina played… even lower team in the european league midfielders pass the ball to forward…

  33. today’s match was a proof that playing more defenders does not necessarily means a better defense. Individual errors could be pointed out for this defeat, but the system was the main reason IMO.

  34. yes ..Bauza is guilty for this defeat …but those stars..what they did for NT? nothing!!! can u give away 2 points u cock sucker tax fraud

    • Today a very bad game under mid field at all.what was of your plan mr must win game at home against paraguay.other wise we can not catch the brazil and uruguay bcoz the huge goal difference.messi is must for argentina if they want to qulify for russia.with out messi argentina is a zero team.

  35. No wonder why i voted for the Horrible in the pre match line up vote.

    No flancks,worst no midfield. The only silver line is we have a coach as brainless as Tata,as stubburn as Sabella and as rubish talker and zero mid fieldman just as Maradona. He inherits all of the worst qualities of his predecesors.

    And some of friends would complain more about Icardi’s selection where us the gap is beyond that,infact a gap would even ridicule more Icardi if he makes it to this midfield zero team.

  36. The match left me very disappointed since we had the lead twice. Sec goal was precious and to give it a way so cheaply like that is a disgrace. The coach job is to have clear strategies conveyed to his player, one of them is what to do if you are one up in a way game and only few min left ” slow and kill the game”. I feel like our coach is not up to the task.

  37. well we asked for changes before bauzas 1st match, people made excuses saying hes just in the job, not the time to make changes blah blah, we asked for changes for the 2nd set and the same excuses of give him more time blah blah, well this is game 3 and we are worse off then when we started, i could say a complete f…kn mess and im really pissed off.

    bauza you talk the talk but that’s where its ending and i dont want to hear another word from you about the 60 names just call some of them up!!!

    • when masch and his frens run the company this was bound to happen… funes mori!!! we can do better than that….
      musacchio is 10 times better than this clown.. i dont even want to start with b league defender rojo and pensioners like zaba and co…

  38. Well….. That was a stinker of a performance . Full credit to Peru, we were quite lucky to get away with a point there. Detailed thoughts later.

    Big humble request to the mods – if you have a match discussion thread open , please do moderate it. I get the frustrations and the need to express it (I do that often myself), but do we have to resort to such cheap levels of vulgarity? Many of the comments over there are completely out of line and just bringing the quality of discussions down.

  39. This is self sabotaging really. It is not like we lack talented midfielders or finishers We have all the talent in the world and they are not utilized because of stupid politics.

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