TEAM NEWS: Belluschi, Pizarro, and more!


Hello everyone,

Coach Edgardo BAUZA has said with confidence today that he will call up midfielder from San Lorenzo Fernando BELLUSCHI if Paulo DYBALA is not available for the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers. Here’s a quote from today:

“We’ll wait for Dybala but in case he can’t make it, I’ll surely call up Belluschi.” said BAUZA at an interview with Radio Guemes, AM 1050.

In the same interview, he also referred to the team that will play against Brazil and said that if Lucas BIGLIA doesn’t make it, Guido PIZARRO will accompany Javier MASCHERANO. He also said that he couldn’t guarantee that Julio BUFFARINI will start against Brazil.



  1. Give Bauzza this lineup for me please @Mundo Albiceleste


    Mercado Funes Utamandi roncaglia

    Macherano E.Perez

    Corera Messi Gaitan


  2. Biglia and Mascherano will again marshal the field !!! What is the point of calling Perez and Pizarro then? Incredously Mr. Talk has tried to mock Tata for separating Leo alone in the final third and ironically all he can do is worst;except his BS talk.

    Guys Tata is badly missed overhere!!

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