Argentina rumored line-up, MESSI, HIGUAIN up front


The rumored line-up is out!

The rumored line-up for Argentina is out and it’s Lionel MESSI and Gonzalo HIGUAIN up front. Here’s the rumored line-up:


Three players miss out on the bench. BELLUSCHI, ACUÑA and DEMICHELIS are the players expected to miss out on the bench.


  1. My only Happiness is biglia and Mascarano pair in midfield…two slow king with fantastic ability only passing each other and Like to give the ball to opponents player… Stunning to watch..what a player they’re..but there’s majors problems is they are very solid defender…. very solid..

  2. Mascherano, Biglia and Enzo…they normally dont score. They will assist ? normally not.
    CBs very rarely score or SBs very rarely assists.
    So Messi,Higuain or Dimaria should score the goal and/or assist. Higuain rarely assist and chokes on bigger stage. Di maria, as we say here, is a lottery. Anything can happen. Messi the only hope.

    Anything can happen in football. Masch can score a stunner. Enzo can score a Messi kind of goal. Di maria can assist 3 or 4 goals in a single match. Higuain can score from a bicycle shot(Ibrahimovic’s kind). Ota and Mori can score from diving header…Anything..

    Hope tomorrow will be the best day for Argentine players.

  3. Right side looks strong enzo-Zaba-Ota. I think they will shut Neymar and Marcelo.
    But Leftside looks weaker Dima-Mas-Mori. I think Coutinho and Dani alves will be a threat there.

    • Bazua can try…..

      Jaba—–otamendi——-Mascarano —–Muri



  4. its clear to everyone they we are going for 1 point with this defensive set up,i am concerned about a few things. first,the ability of bauza putting out a compact team to get this result,because brazil have been playing solid going forward lately ,but i am wondering have are we going to attack whith this set up ?i am guessing counterattack.i hope we don’t have to chase the game because i don’t see hig getting anything done ,not a big game scorer but he is so bad playing off him ,i have more hopes in di maria to link whith messi than higuain,i would rather start pratto instead.a clean sheet is needed bad this time to keep the hopes alive,boy i have gotten desperate

      • Vertical passes are difficult when your opponent midfield is crowded.Quick one touch exchange is also difficult when there is little space to do that and you are being physically challenged,your run being tracked. Also Brazil put a lot of emphasis on flank attacks,so 4-4-2 is perfect system to block the flanks as well as the center(Masche+Biglia).

        Biglia can be immense in the right(defensive) system.This line up may not be promising attacking wise,but defensive wise looks good.

        • mafioso, for the things that you pointed out are true. But to implement those, our midfield needs to be compact. Basically we need a shape defensively which I have noot seen in the last few games.

          I am not entirely sure we will be able to maintain that kind of shape or not. I guess we will find out tomorrow.

  5. what is the point of demi if hes not even on the bench, this spot should be for a young player as its simply a wasted spot with demi in the wider squad.

    I feel this will be rojos best ever game for the n/t as hes not even in the squad let alone the starting 11.

    I’m not overly inspired by the team selection but with messi any thing is possible

    • its tragic we as the once mighty Argentina are going with the sole purpose of trying to get a point (1) and never have I seen this in the history’s of this game…shameful…

      this line up you do late in a game if needed but to start with a mindset of a draw does not impress me at all if this is bozos plan.

        • glued: so true

          I suppose if their is any glimmer of light at least this is not bozos attacking plan A….I hope…but then again it seems its all on messi once again and hope for the best from the best.

          was it not bozo who criticise tata for not giving messi any attacking support and guess what bozo.

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