Lionel MESSI double, Nicolas PAREJA goal in the Champions League


Lionel MESSI and Nicolas PAREJA were the two Argentine goalscorers this week in the Champions League.

Lionel MESSI scored twice for Barcelona in their 2-0 win against Celtic. The first was a great touch from close range and the second from the penalty spot.

Nicolas PAREJA scored for Sevilla in their 2-1 loss to Juventus. PAREJA’s goal was a voley from the edge of the area.

Lionel MESSI’s goals:

Nicolas PAREJA’s goal:


  1. Goalkeepers:

    Gerónimo Rulli (24):

    Agustín Marchesín (28):

    Marcelo Barovero (32):


    Ezequiel Garay (30):

    Federico Fazio (29):

    Alejandro Donatti (29):

    Víctor Cuesta (27):

    Germán Pezzella (25):

    Matías Caruzzo (32):

    Federico Fernández (27):

    Santiago García (28):

    Julio Buffarini (28):

    Alexis Soto (22):

    José Luis Gómez (23):

    Nicolás Tagliafico (24):

    Cristian Ansaldi (30):


    Roberto Pereyra (25):

    Fernando Gago (30):

    Ignacio Piatti (31):

    Franco Cervi (22):

    Franco Vázquez (27):

    Lucas Ocampos (22):

    Iván Marcone (28):

    Santiago Ascacibar (19):

    Sebastián Blanco (28):

    Walter Montoya (23):

    Giovani Lo Celso (20):

    Leandro Paredes (22):

    Fernando Belluschi (33):

    Marcos Acuña (24):


    Mauro Icardi (23):

    Ezequiel Lavezzi (31):

    Lautaro Acosta (28):

    Cristian Pavón (20):

    Carlos Tevez (32):

    Jonathan Calleri (23):

    Marco Ruben (29):

    Hernán Barcos (32):

    Ezequiel Cerutti (24):

    Ramón Ábila (26):

    Ganzalo put video about nacho bentanto but… They are not even in the list…. He called from thi list

    • Benedetto some of them mentioned many name…. He called from this list… See buffarani belluchi acuna…. So good news is ansaldi gomaz talifico garey paredas ascacibar lo celso icardi Vazquez

    • Where is PABLO PIYATTI and and D parotti..
      Can anyone match ANGEL MARIA left side place… he must be pablo piyatti….he can easily fulfill Maria’s placed quite dramatically..

  2. Bauza: We don’t have better player then dimaria

    Yes agree with you sir… When messi play in the lw is difficult… But dimaria… He always looking for something so he run with ball own on left side… No one near him …and always loose the ball…. Many times I said… Better coach all know ..he is wasting that position… We can use him better back up for messi… Lw we need right foot players… I don’t know about Argentina league but…. Perroti is my no one choice…he have great pace and dribbling and most importantly he can cut inside and pass to others…2) lanzini… He can do better there he can defend as well.. When we defend he can support as well… Dybala cant do better in lw that’s sure… May of them wanted messi dybala icardi… Only one formation to use all of them 4-2-3-1… If we select lanzini on the left we can use messi on right side icardi on top …behind dybala… He can play no 10.he did with Palermo he had more assists then auguro higuain…because he links up with the midfield very well…. 3) pastore is also good option…but he is slow but he offers more creativity

  3. Bauza…. You are okd I know if your eye is capable of watching…. See inter vs fiorentina we got the player we desperately needed the position is left back…. He dribbled past four players and won the free kick…he is better than dimaria on the left side… Most importantly he is left back…ANSALDI we need this kind of left back… He always looking for forward pass… He is totally different from all our defensive players…. We know you never select young players… He is old… And best attacking left back by far

    • Goal only…. Banega is architect fir first two goal… But third one.. I saw some physical strength and arial ability from icardi vs juve and now close control and dribbling in the box great finish…. I already said I don’t blame auguro because he is beast in the box… But icardi gives more option good coach knows that….

      • He won the red card also… Who else fellow argentine Gonzalo Rodriguez Captain of fio…. Other then fio look like they playing well from the come back… Poor from some inter players…now 3-2…

  4. Perotti goal and 2 assists, Correa assist, Gio Simeone 2 goals, Alejandro Gomez 2 assists, Cervi and Salvio with assists

    • i really cant fathom why perotti is not in our STARTING LINEUP yet in lieu of the headless yet to understand what’s going on in the sophisticated brain of bauza

          • Csabalala, if that was true what you have said I would be stark pessimist.

            I really think we have 10 better players. What actually Di Maria has that some other our players have not?

            First of all and crucial thing: he is not enough intelligent.

      • perotti looks like the obvious choice to play in the left side of the attack, he is a complete player , he can play as right forward and behind the striker,last season he was used even as a false 9 whith Roma,he has improved a lot,Lanzini should be contending for the spot as well,we have under performing players that have cemented their spots,this is happening only with Argentina,what a shame

          • Joaquin Correa? Imo he are one of the typical overrated wingers type. Tall, physically and technically good, and thats all like Ocampos or Depay…not really quick, not explosive, havent good vision or decent passing, don’t score a lot of goals, and defend like shit…Sampaoli’s last man in the rotation so far, i see why…

          • That’s your opinion. But don’t forget he is just 22. Ocampos too. Depay too. Cervi too. All they have a lot of time to grow.

            Perotti is late growing one and now we see his potential when he is 28… He was not known before. Facundo Ferreyra finally showing what he can. But after few poor years in Europe.

          • Cervi quicker, explosiver, better passer, and more intelligent for me. Imo Perotti above all our young wingers atm, complete player. Perotti was never poor in Sevilla, just his continuous injuries…he’s explosive, quick, great close controll, tactically good with some good crosses and passing.

          • Still Angel Correa has the biggest potential in Di Maria’s place, he’s a decent goalscorer too, but still so fckin raw and selfish, but when he try to pass always give great through balls, like yesterday. Maybe one day Barco will be the answer. A right footed Dybala would be our dream, Dybala-Icardi-Messi upfront, but Paulo cannot play at the left just like Messi.

          • Barco rather in center as AM.
            For me most talented Argentina player in Europe is Leo Suarez from Villarreal B.
            He has debuted in A team in qualifiers of Champions League but then catch injury and was few months out. He just back last week.
            This kid is more versatile than any other. Great playmaker, winger, dribbler and aggresive in defence. Very simile to Barco and not less talented.

          • Don’t know, but Suarez 3 years older than Barco, and if you are so good in 17, you will be twice as good at 20.(if the development will not break. Age is the most important factor here. The problem even with Barco is the lightweight. Suarez 167cm and 57!!! kb, Cristian Barrios 158!!! cm. Tell me one player in the modern gladiator football, who was world class star player below 168cm, i dont know one.

          • I know very well about phisical factor. Yes, it’s problem for both of them.
            But somehow Suarez is for me more interesting than any other. Intelligence is the crucial attraction here. If not the injury he could be on atleast the bench A team now.

    • Dimaria needs to take a break from the NT for a while, he’s become too complacent because no matter what he does his starting place is guaranteed, but as we’ve seen before Dimaria thrives in situations where his starting place is in jeopardy like it was in real.
      As for replacements well I can think of almost half a dozen: Perotti, Piatti, Acuna, Cervi and Correa are all possible replacements. Perotti and Piatti in particular need to be called up now because they’re both at their peak in terms of age, skill and experience.

  5. Csabalala,

    Rivas of Rosario Central is the youngest now. Born in the same year as Barco but till 4 december still 16.

  6. Pablo Piatti has 7 assists (10 matches) for Espanyol in La Liga 16/17. No other player has more in top 5 leagues

    Dear myopic Bauza, please wear your glasses and take note of this..maybe then you’ll rephrase your di maria claim

        • I seen Facundo Ferreyra as NT centre forward when he was great at Velez Sarsfield, but injuries ruined his career in Europe.
          Carrillo was even maybe the best CF in his last Estudiantes season, now starts to revive.

      • Piatti is a true talent, I’ve been following him closely since he moved to valencia 2 seasons ago and he was fantastic. Last season unfortunately he had an injury ridden season and coupled with Valencia’s massive troubles it was needless to say a season to forget but Piatti continues to grow as a player.
        His passing, his defensive aptitude and his versatility (he’s a winger by trade but he’s playing left midfield this season) makes him a must for the national team.

        Right now, Piatti, Perotti, Lanzini, Vasquez and Paredes are all a must for the NT, while Pereyra and Cervi also deserve to be followed and this is just from europe.
        From the primera Gino peruzzi and nicolas tagliafico must be called up now with the former acting as a back up for mercado while the latter must be given a chance to start as a LB because frankly no one else deserves to start in his place. Another player from the primera that I’d like to see is Nacho Fernandez who is the type of DM that Argentina sorely lacks.
        Lastly while I’m glad that M.Acuna has been called up (and given some minutes) I’d like to see him given more playing time.

        • Mamoun: recently I am getting a little worried about how paredes is playing or how he has been instructed to play. He has been deployed as an auxiliary defensive midfielder like Biglia. We don’t want another of that kind.

  7. An humble plea here to all brothers here – kindly do not ask / request / wish / plead in blog or even your dreams for any such and such Argentine player to be included in the NT… because after 1 or 2 years or even less; the same you or me is begging for the same player to be dropped or discarded or bannished from the team. BUT THEY NEVER WANT TO GO.
    Higuain is prime example – threads after threads where running here to debut him before France does. Now he is a tree gum… doesn’t want to leave the team for its betterment.
    Di maria is another… ‘play him lest we strike’… ‘now, throw him lest dash dash dash’…
    Aguero… never mind. At the end what a waste of talent for his country.
    Etc. Etc.
    Even if they want to leave… Messi feels lonely without them.
    And finally such a horrible coach to top it all…
    (is there a reason to love to Argentina anymore?… hmm… lots – Maradona, Riquelme, Batistuta, Aimar, Zanetti… & the flamboyant football. The White & Blue.

  8. Saving every body’s a**. I thought it was only Argie that is too reliant up on Leo. Yet with the immense talent of him it is easy to save Barca, merely cus he has players who can step up when he is around and more challenges would be mounted ahead of him with his nation thanks to the coaches,AFA,local media,above all the players waiting standstill to ruin the play,at best runing for nothing like the head less chicken.

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