Edgardo BAUZA on why he won’t call-up Mauro ICARDI, more


Edgardo BAUZA commented about Mauro ICARDI, Paulo DYBALA, the World Cup Qualifiers and more.

Speaking on Argentine television, Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA has stated the reason why he doesn’t want to call-up Mauro ICARDI. Here’s what he had to say:


“I don’t want to bring in ICARDI to have him sit on the bench. My center forwards are HIGUAIN and PRATTO. DYBALA in the final 30 meters of the pitch is very unbalancing. Today, we don’t know how much he can grow. HIGUAIN and DYBALA understand each other very well at Juventus”

Lucas Pratto Argentina
Lucas Pratto and Gonzalo Higuain are Edgardo Bauza’s center forwards

“I want the league to start for us to look at players. After that, what happens in the AFA has nothing to do with us. For CARUZZO (defender Matias CARUZZO of San Lorenzo), I know him, I don’t have to watch him. I asked the directors to play at the Bombonera but they told me it would be better to play at the Monumental.”

“The match against Chile is vital. I’m thinking about the two different matches against Chile and Bolivia. I know about the altitude and what it can cause. Five or six midfielders. We have to have the ball. The amount of matches OTAMENDI has played is very important, just as much as the one’s ROMERO has played. MOURINHO is very comfortable with ROJO as a center back”

At this point, it is becoming increasingly clear that Edgardo BAUZA simply does not want Mauro ICARDI on the team, not even on the bench. Regarding Matias CARUZZO of San Lorenzo, BAUZA’s comments can be seen as a positive or simply another BAUZA comment in which he doesn’t follow through and call-up the player.


  1. Aguero and Maria are working their ass hard after their respective coaches turned against them. This is the fruit of competetion.even Higuein’s efficiency in Juve lately is due to the threat that Manzguich poses.

    Will they do same in NT??? I seriously daubt it since they ve already had their sleeping matress as far the NT is concerned.

    • Mario Mandžukić a threat to Higuain? You do realize Higuain cost Juventus 90 million dollars? You don’t buy a player for this amount of money for him to be sitting on any bench. Mario Mandžukić is not prolific enough to even challenge Higuaín.

      In terms of Aguero, it’s not that he doesn’t work hard, Aguero problem was always is injuries, the harder he plays the more likely he injury himself. I wouldn’t be surprise if Aguero pull up in the next game or two given the way he was playing against Monaco.

  2. One thing I don’t like about Argentinean defenders is that they tend to go for the ball on the ground high up the pitch; if you win the ball fine, but if you miss tackle while lying on the floor that’s a clear run on goal for the opposing player with the ball. Musacchio did this against Paraguay and cost us a goal, he slides tackle at the halfway mark then misses the ball completely, giving the Paraguayan player acres of yard by himself to run at Romero goal. We have seen this with Otamendi time and time again, he’s always trying to overdo his pressing at times when all he needs to do is stand his ground and make sure he gives his defenders and mids enough time to cover the other side of the defense rather than going down or flying into a tackle and getting slice apart on the turn. And to be honest, Fernandinho wasn’t helping Otamendi much playing at LB. Cabellero was great, he was just doing what the coach ask him to do, on another day, with another coach, Cabellero would never had made that pass which led to one of Monaco goal. Pep needs to stop confusing his players, just keep it simple, Manchester City will have ample time during the next preseason to work on Pep tactics in full, as of now, Pep need to stick to the basic, no need putting all that pressure on your goalkeeper and defenders with this fixation on playing out from the back. I never get the hype with ball playing goalkeeper, this is one of the most overrated tactics in football, it just makes the goalkeepers and defenders look bad.

    • I think Garay is more reserved and cool when defending, just sticks to the basics, solid and reliable. Or at least he used to be. Not sure how he is doing in Valencia considering that team is a shadow of its former self right now. Haven’t seen a full Valencia game in a while.

      • I think Valencia play Real Madrid at home on Wednesday so let’s see how he does against their attack. Garay was pretty solid against Athletic Bilbao this past weekend.

          • Enzo Perez look good throughout the game. The coach sub him around the 70th minute though, maybe to give him a little bit of rest before the game against Real Madrid on Wednesday. It will be interesting to watch Enzo Perez against Real Madrid mids.

  3. Question: Has Willy Caballero ever been in the national team? Suggestion: should he be considered? I mean come on, he is an argie goalkeeper who plays in the biggest stage and with the biggest pressure and does so as an opener in Man City. So one would think that those games would be the best preparation for the world cup and the qualification rounds..

    • Answer: Martino called him twice for friendlies, I think he never played in official games. As for whether or not he should be considered it depends on how much playing time he gets. So far not that much. If he manages to replace Bravo and plays well on a regular basis then by all means he should be part of the NT.

    • By the way, the first Monaco goal is probably due to Cabellero’s misjudged long pass. Guardiola requires his goalkeepers to play a certain way and Caballero’s lack of minutes or simply inadequate passing skills played a role here. Rulli is probably our best passer.

    • Wily was on different level in 2014 and should have been our starting goalie in the world Cup but he wasn’t even called.
      Now he is no longer the same but still should be among the 3 keepers.

  4. Hope this clown doesn’t play Dybala as a defender or decides to keep him on bench to play the ‘messi-enemies’ (higuain, di maria, aguero)
    In truth Bauza doesn’t know where to play dybala.

  5. Just bcoz Argentina won their previous WC qualifying match… this bauza is speaking all rubbish as if he is a great coach… he seems to have forgotten that his teams play rubbish in all matches until messi scored some goals and saved his job…
    otherwise this big-mouth would have been gone by now…
    Messi saved this mans job but sadly did messi realize that he is not going to win any world cup as such with this stupid coach.

  6. Caruzzo, at the ripe age of 32, who is a decent defender, I’ll give him that but surely we have better options: Musacchio, Garay, Fazio, Pezzella, heck even Rojo as a centre-back. So Caruzzo might be called up but Tagliafico, Gomez and Peruzzi no? Genius Bauza. You can’t just call the players you know from San Lorenzo, yes familiarity helps but you have to look at the merit too. By the same token why the heck he didn’t call up Buffarini then?

    • I’m sure if Bielsa were a coach Tagliafico, Gomez and Peruzzi would be our fullbacks. And maybe someone quite new, but young.

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