Edgardo BAUZA on Argentina’s World Cup Qualifying matches, MESSI, more


Argentina National Team coach Edgardo BAUZA spoke about Argentina’s upcoming World Cup Qualifiers.

Edgardo BAUZA took to the media to discuss Argentina’s upcoming matches as well as a number of other things. Lionel MESSI, Paulo DYBALA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN were among some of the things he spoke about. As we already reported, the starting line-up has been announced with Sergio AGUERO getting the start. Here’s what he had to say:

On the match:

“We’re going to play against a direct rival (in the World Cup Qualifying standings), we know the problems that we can have. We have to find the right balance and if we do that, we’ll be able to move forward.”

The team:

“I see the team well. They’re very motivated and they know what this match is about. I’m optimistic, I have a lot of faith. We’ll qualify. We have great players that are capable of causing Chile a headache.”

Lionel MESSI:

“He can change positions, he has total liberty.”

Lionel Messi Argentina practice
Lionel Messi during Argentina’s practice on Tuesday.

Gonzalo HIGUAIN:

“HIGUAIN knows that for me, he’s the starting number 9. I have a lot of faith in him.”


“He won’t even be on the bench. We’ll see if he can get there on Tuesday (against Bolivia).”

Sergio AGUERO:

“I picked him because for me, he’s the best if DYBALA isn’t there. I see him well. Together with MESSI, DI MARIA and HIGUAIN, he can unbalance an opponent.”

Chile’s coach, PIZZI:

“We’re friends and I know what he can do for Chile but we’ll be rivals for those 90 minutes.”

This round of Qualifiers:

“This World Cup Qualifying round is important for everyone. I’m giving importance to both matches.”

Conditions of the pitch:

“I spoke to those who take care of the pitch. It won’t be a 10 out of 10 but a 7 or an 8.”


  1. Some random thoughts…

    There is a cartel in the team of senior members. Messi, Mascherano, Pipita, Kun, Pocho, Dimaria etc. They are holding the power of the dressing room. Happens at big clubs too. Like Casillas and company at Real till Mou came around and destroyed him. You know what happened since then. Real won 2 CLs. Earlier they were sure to get knocked out in round of 16.

    These guys are calling the shots of who gets selected and who not. Power is dangerous. Apart from choosing the team, I doubt how much they plan and practice before games. When you have too much power you do not prepare. They may see this as a semi vacation and fool around and then play. Since they are talented and have been playing together for long they will win some, but the method is dangerous.

    Hope I am wrong. The real problem is people of Argentina and the media. They can put people on the spot and ask really hard questions – to AFA, to the manager, to the players.

    • I am also thinking in a similar line. I don’t know whether Messi is trying to be a Godfather to all these players. Power corrupts, extreme power extremely!

      To my knowledge, these players still continue boycotting the media in the name of that Lavezzi incident. Now they have escaped from the “hard questions” of the media, even if they want to ask such questions!

      When Bauza took charge, he didnt try to build a new team and then invite Messi to it, instead he went after Messi and Mascherano! Now he has come back with the “fantastic four” again!

      And Mascherano was saying something like: No player and no manager is above the club except Leonel Messi!

      What does that mean?

      • I am a huge Messi fan. I think he is best player in the world ever. The guy looks quiet but he is passive aggressive, I think. Look at Barca, he got Ibra out. He stops playing and walks around when he is not happy. PSG game was like, OK you want to pay Neymar most, let him win matches.

        He can tell Bauza that I will come out and help you qualify, but I play with my friends. He is so immensely talented and his friends are good too, that they will win matches. But to win a tournament you need more than that.

        Since the bench and young players are so pathetic, you have no option either. May be these group of players are saying we will take another crack at the trophy and then you can do what you want.

        We need a proper manager. Someone mentally and tactically strong. I suspect they do not practice or prepare for games. They just fool around for sometime and then go and play the game.

        Anyhow, they will play poorly I am sure. I hope we get some good 15-30 mins good play, score a couple of goals (I think we will get 2-3 chances) and then defend doggedly, get some help from the referee and win the game and pocket 3 points.

  2. Marcelo Tinelli taking over few positions in AFA is a good sign… i trust him…
    Glad that he called up Tocalli to join the AFA youth set up.
    Tinelli needs to boot out Armando Perez, Carlos Bilardo, Edgardo Perez and other Grondona era Crocz and bring in Javier Zanetti, Roberto Ayala, Juan Sorin etc into AFA set up and start build from scratch.
    Tinelli can speak to Sampaoli or Bielsa or Pekerman or Berrizo for the Senior NT coach role… im sure anyone will agree if he calls up.

  3. Both Higuain and Aguero are in the starting eleven. Will they play for ninety minutes? Most likely no. Pratto and Dybala are injured! Does this mean that Lavezzi will get some playing time naturally?

  4. Argentina will drub Chile but whats the use… World Cup at stake with this win.
    Argentina will beat Bolivia but will we cross over to the knockout stages of the world cup?

      • Even for Chile game the team will struggle like against Paraguay. Even Messi’s intervention depends on the existense of Banega as #10 or/and Gago like in Biglia’s stead.

        The NT is really unlucky when it comes to coache’s decissions.

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