Javier PINOLA called up for Argentina by BAUZA


Rosario Central left back Javier PINOLA is being called up by Edgardo BAUZA on an urgent basis for the match against Bolivia in La Paz.

With Emmanuel MAS not available and Marcos ROJO is expected to resume duty in left back, PINOLA could be among the players on the bench. PINOLA last played for Argentina was also against Bolivia, in their 2-0 win in Cordobra last year.


  1. Messi was acting like an asss…and now most probably he is going to be suspended!!! He didn’t need to be so angry at that point. That linesman actually dismisses 1 goal favor of us. He should be banned for that insult!! he didn’t even shake the hand! damn..not now!!

  2. AGAIN…. I say this over and over again!


    You make him fly 1000’s of miles from China to Argentina for what?

    To sit on the bench and drink mate’s all week with his friends?

    This is the time you need to bring in young talent to watch and learn and practice with Messi, Di Maria, Aguero and etc.

    Could you see had he bring in lets say, Centurion or Jonathan Calleri or even Luciano Vietto .. yeah they wont start but training and picking up on things goes a long way!

    Dont even get me started about Mauro Icardi, he should of been on this team 2 years ago and he should already been our established #9

    #ChauBauza wasting the great youth talent of Argentina just to make Messi and his friends happy!

  3. * Not sure Ronaldo is building a squad for next world cup but sure if he then the players are based on football n not on friendship n also sure he won’t intervene with the coach selections if a player got problems with his personal life.
    * Any update on Dybala ? Whether he will be having any minutes ?
    * The two most ridiculous football decisions I have seen is LVG playing Maria as a striker n Bauza playing Aguero as a mid-fielder.
    * Feel very very sorry for kranevitter. Just one or two match the coach concluded him as a failure but Marias..Agueros..Biglias.. they can play for eternity with all their bad n worse performances.
    * Yeah pain to say the last few years to be honest including the last world cup our football is boring. In 2006 against serbia n mon Riquelme plays a ball to Sorin who just backheels n put above the defender heads n give to crespo even though its not counted for offside. That match is all about Argentina. Even thought the opponent is not a world class, we played total team football. Losing hope that we can see like that again.
    * I thought simeone is not in the same pedestal as sampaoli. But the match between Barcelona n Atletico Madrid in that copa del ray second leg, which ended in a 1 -1 draw but Atletico played an ultimate team game in the first half. Almost incredible pressing n most perfect team game. They literally suffocated Barca for the entire first half. Each player knew his role well n played to utmost perfection. We need Simeone more than sampaoli coz he will try all the methods both good n bad till the end to get the results…

    • 2006 Argentine Team was – The Team.
      Unforgettable Team and still can’t get over it…(throw in Zanetti and Samuel instead of Scaloni and Cufre… there you are with the best ever)
      Riquelme loss for NT will be forever felt for the way we treated him… He really deserved more… He is beyond words for me… Pekerman too… it was magic flowing on all fronts
      Im really moved writing about that ‘romantic team of 2006’

  4. I want to see the squad like 4-1-2-3
    Sergio Romero

    Buffarini Musacchio FunesMori Rojo

    Guido Pizarro

    Ángel Di María Éver Banega

    Lionel Messi Agüero Ángel Correa

  5. I think Rojo is much more comfortable at CB. He and Otamendi actually seemed to work well together and wouldn’t mind this partnership being given time to grow. The truth is Rojo is a cb.

    We need a true left back that isn’t too old. Pinola would have been good at the last World Cup.

    I would call up Nicolas Pasquini of Lanus. I really like the way he plays more like a traditional wing back and his really comfortable on the ball.

  6. Amidst all the crisis that Argentina is going through…. Cristiano Ronaldo is slowly but steadily building up a Portugal squad for the World Cup 2018. Come what may he will face it for sure… he has set his aims on the big picture by lifting the World Cup in 2018 (aferall in football anything can happen like how Real Madrid won their CL last year and how Portugal won their Euro Cup)… and be branded by every human that he is indeed the best ever footballer. He is cunning and he knows how to fix things…
    Messi is laughing around with his so called friends now but later when Argentina is kicked out of the world cup he will be crying for sure.
    Anyways i will wait till Sampaoli or Berrizo take over Argentina for World Cup 2022. I can wait…. as i had already waited for 30 years… i can wait for few more… hope Dybala and his generation won’t cheat me like Messi and his very very boring generation did. (Of course Messi was the only interesting player in this generation for NT)

    • I burst out laughing at your nonsense comment that Cristiano Ronaldo is building up a Portugal squad for the WC 2018. If you see the thing that way, Manuel Neuer is building up a Germany squad for the WC 2018 now.

      Don’t say any nonsense here. If you are Argentine, you helped Argentina to be an object of ridicule by saying a stupid thing.

      Although nothing is free in life, Argentines dare to say that Argentina is great and Argentina deserves the WC.

      The fact is that many of international fans talk openly Lionel Messi was too politically naive to see that playing for the Argentina NT is nothing but self-destructive decision. And they talk what if Messi played for the Spain national team. I didn’t sympathize with their opinion because Messi chose Argentina over Spain when he had a choice and I saw how much he loves Argentina.

      However, it seems that Leo Messi playing with Argentina is to cast pearls before swine.

      One thing is for sure. Argentina will never win a trophy if Argentines act and think like you. Maybe it is the best for Argentines to live in the memories of 1980s because Argentina lags behind other nations and there is a huge gap.

      People in my country will send a football coach like Simeone or Sampaoli a letter asking to take over the NT for the 2018 WC if my country has a problem like Argentina. Does the Argentines have passion to do it? No. They just wish and no action. If Argentines want Messi to persuade Simeone or Sampaoli to take the job, those Argentines are shameless.

      • Mr/Ms.Eunuch, thats your take… well, i wrote my take… (don’t think you are a hero by the way you wrote…)
        @All – watch out for Portugal in 2018 World Cup… they are going to give their best shot… Cristiano thinks hes got a good shot now… naturally a confidence after doing the impossible during Euro.
        Messi needs young legs to run around for him and a good coach now… its now rather than later for 2018.
        Awake Messi Awake… if you stay silent now… then after the knock out from world cup… it will be a permanent silence in your world cup history.

  7. Javier Pinola just saw some video footage on youtube….he seems pretty solid and bold..not like Mascherano or Rojo back passer…. he can pass from the own territory and put pressure on the opposition… control the tempo..tall ..strong..brave!! Why the hell these guys are not called up earlier??

  8. Starting line up for Bolivia!
    4-4-1-1 formation with Romero; Roncaglia, Musacchio, Funes Mori, Rojo; Enzo Pérez, Pizarro, Banega, Di María; Messi y Pratto

    • This is the lineup I was expecting, hopefully Pizarro turnout to be our next Lucho Gonzalez, their playing style may differ a bit, but you get what I’m saying.

      I like this lineup, this starting XI will be able to hold onto the ball at height in La Paz. I don’t think Biglia should ever be pair with Mascherano again in midfield. Up to this day I still believe the Biglia-Masche lineup cost us the Copa America final in 2016, Argentina won every game and created plenty of chance in the tournament except for the final with Biglia and Mascherano in midfield for Argentina.

      • “I still believe the Biglia-Masche lineup cost us the Copa America final in 2016, Argentina won every game and created plenty of chance in the tournament except for the final with Biglia and Mascherano in midfield for Argentina”

        i totally agree and once again coaching screws over the n/t- tata you idiot.

        • Yup i absolutely agree with the opinion that the biglia-mascherano partnership screwed up the final. We sorely missed August Fernandez who was much more of a dynamic/athletic midfielder in the centre. Yes, one player made a lot of difference for us which is kinda rare in football.
          The one player who would make a huge difference in our lineup next would be dybala when he fits into the number 7 role as the second playmaker in our team. NO defence in the world would be able to contain a team with dybala-messi in attack ! Worse still with di Maria supporting and loitering around to take advantage of the busy markers.

  9. Pinola is not a left-back, he is yet another centre-back, who is by the way 34 years old. He is not a bad player per se but what’s with the obsession with over 30 year old players.

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