Jorge SAMPAOLI: “This is a dream I’ve had for a long time”


Jorge SAMPAOLI has officially been presented as the new coach of the Argentina National Team.

SAMPAOLI was presented along with his coaching staff at a press conference. AFA president TAPIA was also present when announcing SAMPAOLI as the new coach of Argentina. At the press conference, here’a what SAMPAOLI had to say:

“This is a dream I’ve had for a long time. We have to build a team that respects the history of Argentinian football. There are more than 100 players being watched.”

“There were situations where we had to wait. I thank the president (TAPIA) for his patience. The difficulties of the World Cup Qualifiers is real. Argentina has the resources to qualify. This National Team is not one of only football players but of 40 million Argentinians.”

“The contract is until 2022. Hopefully we can build something important for Argentinian football.”

“The important thing is that MESSI is surrounded by compatible players. I spoke to him yesterday and he’s very excited. Mauro ICARDI’s inclusion is due to his form with his club. Football is felt and lived. It’s not studied.”

“I dream of being at the World Cup and putting together a team to go as far as possible. I’ve always had an Argentina shirt at home. For me, it’s vital.”

“For MASCHERANO, we called him up with the intention to play him as a central defender like at Barcelona. When we will be with the players, we will evaluate to see who is best fit to play against Brazil. We have to think about three or four systems but the important thing is how it functions against a team like Brazil.”

“A proper analysis of the youth system has to be done.”

There was also a mention by SAMPAOLI that there would be a local based team put together and they would try to organize a match in July.


  1. I personally I’m excited by the Sampaoli appointment however I agree with those are objective on this forum. Sampaoli does not guarantee a WC win however but it guarantees, the team will play competitive football for sure. The reason being that he is a shrewd master tactician better than Bielsa and I’d love to believe he’ll achieve better than Sabella. Sabella was the last coach we had who could make average players to perform at high level. Just like Simeone with Atletico Madrid.
    I find it hard to imagine a coach who has turned an average side with limited resources like Chile into champions and Sevilla into a La Liga force, struggling with better playes. Especially with the options he has with Albiceleste.
    This why, I’m highly optimistic about upcoming qualifiers. I didn’t watch the game versus Brazil out of serious pessimism. And I spared myself a lot of emotional stress.
    However, I know having Messi on his team is great thing, but to make a team play in a way that Messi produces his Barcelona best is not easy, unless one is a shrewd tactician. Sampaoli qualifies in that category but it’s not easy to rebuild in the middle of WC qualifiers.
    Bauza has won major trophies with limited players but struggled poorly with world class talents. Therefore I’m looking forward to the friendlies. Although the Singapore match will be nothing more than a shootout practice. Could have been more meaningful if the organizers would have arrange it against Japan or Korea.

    One thing I know for sure is that the appointment of Sampaoli(if he lives up to his reputation) coupled with the Real Madrid UCL victory can be beneficial to Argentina, going into a WC season. I think Messi will be now more determined and focused on the WC. He knows with the WC will make him the GOAT once and forever. Watch this space

  2. I have to admit that i was fooled by Bauza, i thought that he was a good choice when he took over but obviously i was completely wrong. But now, i have a good feeling about Sampaoli, not only because i think that he suits our style of playing but also because he is intelligent, he is trying different approaches being flexible, something which is difficult for the opponents to cope with and also because he is a passionate and a strong character, who will make his own decisions indepedently, choosing the players he thinks they should be called based on footballing criteria and not being biased towards anyone. Moreover, i also think that with his strong and passionate character he may will bring back the grit to our team, somethink that Argentina used to be very well known about. As most propably the “old school albiceleste fans” in here like Pablo, Dfox and many others would agree with me that Argentina is the team that combines the talent of Brazil and the Grit of Uruguay. The talent is there and i think it is plenty, but the grit was gone for quite a long time and it must be back.

    • I agree with Brazil is coming along once Dunga was gone as coach..but Uruguay’s grit…hmm??? They play physical and dangerous football..they like to bite..

  3. San Lorenzo beat River. One of the reason I like the league. There’s every season 10 clubs that may fight on par.

  4. Happy to see here that most of the Mundo members have the same concern I had yesterday. Dybala’s poor performance is not only due to a poor Juventus midfield, I think he is best as a striker or second striker with a proper midfield behind. He cannot play as an attacking midfielder who has the sole responsibility to create for the team. He should be allowed to roam freely around the opponents penalty box. Yesterday all the Real Madrid players including Benzema were creating for Ronaldo. Except the finishing touch, Ronaldo doesnt do much on the Real side. But that is also very important. Dybala is best when he is around the opponents penalty box. Otherwise, I feel, it will be a similar folly like the fab 4 sort.

  5. Not everyone was fooled by Bauza, it was plain to see that he was not the answer to our needs.
    People wanted to convince themselves but the truth was he wasn’t a fit for us.
    As far a Sampaoli goes, I have got a different opinion. Is he perfect NO! But he fits our personal and is a match for us.
    Will he make mistakes? of course!
    Will he bring us the world cup? Nobody can guarantee that, absolutely nobody!
    But what I am sure and believe in him is that he will do his best and it will not lack on effort, desire and he will not let any stones unturned to find solutions.
    He also doesn’t have any club connections in Argentina, hasn’t coached there, and is free to choose. It’s like the closest thing to a foreign coach.

    • @ghostdeini,

      Everyone accepted Bauza as there was no one to take the job…

      Agree with you on Sampaoli.

      Well, the question in everyone’ mind is..What does it take to built a winning team? Can Sampaoli do it?

      People are happy with Sampaoli as we feel he is way better than is always relative..

      Sampaoli do not have many games to prove like Bauza..Sampaoli need to win them all or he has to leave..thats the pressure on Sampaoli with less games to prove.

      • Not everyone. I didn’t.
        Time will tell. anyway best of luck. Me personally even if we put the best coach and the best players of the world in our team, still think we would find a way to lose. I don’t believe that we will win the world cup ever at least not in my lifetime.
        but so hope never dies.
        I got way better feeling with Sampaoli than Bauza. with Bauza I knew 0% was our chance, with Sampaoli 30% or a little more.

        • I can understand the frustration..we have been to many finals and failed..we seem to miss the final touch..Please continue to have the trust on Argentina as always..Thats what i am trying to say..we need to be clinical and for that team selection is very important..and also some luck..

        • To be honest i hear you. I do think aswell no guarantee that we will win world cup with any coach but with Sampa at least we will have a good team who will try to play beautiful football. With this AFA and Sampa we actually have a project till 2022. We will have a consistency till 2022 i guess. But now next important 4 games we will need luck and support with a proper plan and 100% afford from players and coaching stuff. I am much happy and relax with this federation and Coaching stuff. We need support,next 4 games people should support our team more than ever

    • @Mafioso,

      For your suggested formation, you need the below..

      1. We need a good tactical coach..i hope we got one finally..
      2. Dogged defense..
      3. Gritty Midfield..they leave nothing away and there is a flow and not just rotating among themselves..
      4. Clinical finish..
      5. Everyone should know their role and understand tactics..basically no headless chicken run..

      I hope we have a team for it..else we are going to lose like Juventus..Juventus did not have the midfield line like Real Madrid’s…

      • Well put. I think we have all this quality. He worked wonder with Chile less than what we have compare to vargas,Alexis,Diaz,Jara

  6. Everyone has his reasons to like Sampaoli and to have big hope. Me too. I like him for so many reasons (he is also rockman LOL). One of the most important I suppose he should be guarantee of good, fair all over the world broad perspective selection based on current form and need for right player not just going to crowd the team with stars. And there’s many other reasons that I have new hope in Argentina NT. Of cours he has also better orientation (than Bauza) on what happens in local league or Mexico… Sampaoli was my favourite along Bielsa and over SImeone.

    But still I think we need more lessons of humility because I see here again big amount of autosugestion that he must be the man and he is cure for all our failings himself. It’s not so simple. Success needs many factors also huge amount of luck in tournaments.

    I remember reaction after Bauza was named our coach. A lot of people here then went through from vague knowledge of who is he at all (and a bit of dissapointment neither Simeone nor Sampaoli was the appointed) to strong conviction that he is the man, the right man with his CV and will give us all the elements we lack. I saw a lot of autosugestion. Now I see the same. Of course for all us Sampaoli looks to be best coach we may have but we should stay calm and I urge not to simplify this complicated matter.

  7. TITE:”Neymar and Coutinho complement each others. Neymar on the left and Coutinho fluctuating in the middle..then Marcelo surprises you”

    If you are aware of this 3 players, Brazil is no surprise to you.

  8. Sampaoli’s teams scored 2 goals per match and conceded 1 goal per match on average.IN 214 games, his teams scored 434 and conceded 236.

  9. Brazil’s style of play is simple.They keep a high defensive line, when defending they go 4-4-2, forming a double wall.They steal ball from opponent using physical play.

    When they have the ball close to central line, they slowly pass the ball around, between defenders and midfielder.The defenders and midfielders do not move much.While they spend some time doing it, Neymar, Coutinho or any of wingbacks floats around and make them free to receive a vertical pass.Then he runs forwards with speed, atleast 2 other supporting players begin to run.The opponent defenders loose track of any of them,a good pass and it is goal.

    To stop them you have to make sure that there is not much space for running in your 30 yards area and down the wing.Man marking is important.Pressing their midfielders and defenders is vital, it is their weakest point, because at the end of the day Paulinho and Renato Augusto are average to above average midfielders, Miranda is a shaky defender.

    I think Sampaoli is the perfect man to stop this Brazil side.

    • I’m not sure midfielder (Paulinho) who can score a hat trick in NT may be just average. Perhaps he looks average as Chinese league player and average at all but in this Brazil team configuration he is far more than average. Renato Augusto as well. THis is what I’m talking still in other words: good team is perfect connection of elements that makes the elements better than they are each apart. This is synergy principle. And that’s why you don’t need just best players on paper but right players. Like puzzle.

  10. I have to agree with NoHateOnlyLove. Dybala’s baptism on the big stage was a big letdown. He was playing well until his yellow card. After that his passing became inaccurate, his dribbles ended in loss of possession. That incident effected him badly. Juventus as a whole was good in the first half, but collapsed completely in the second half. There was no single shot on target. Higuain lost another final but is not to blame. He did not get any proper passes or crosses. Hopefully Dybala learned from this experience and the national team will benefit.

    We all know Messi is the more complete and better footballer but Ronaldo’s attitude and discipline earns him trophy after trophy. He is now CL top scorer for the 6th time. The CL is getting boring with Spanish teams winning over and over again. Messi will have to win the WC to end this era as the best player. Good for us is that Messi knows this and now has the coach to realise that ambition.

  11. A few interesting matches in Primera this week.

    Lanus beat Estudiantes 1:0 with goal Matias Sanchez not long ago Argentina U-15, U-17, U-20 category player who was then leader of CM in that teams. Now RF. Despite Estudiantes has shown poor level Juan Foyth was absolutely outstanding. Expectate to see thy boy soon in Europe with this play. Also LB Dubarbier keeps his NT (IMO) level. Ascacibar with red card.

    Upcoming 2 hits: San Lorenzo – River Plate and most interesting for me Boca Juniors – Independeinte.

    Independiente coach Holan made new record of the club – 14 consecutive matches without lost. Taking into account 7 titles of Copa Libertadores in past of this club it’s worth attention acheivement. With bunch of young players (Bustos, Tagliafico, Franco, Barco, Rigoni, Benitez…) he made really strong team. Tagliafico is for him new Ayala no doubt.

  12. Sampaoli system need 5 or 6 midfielder, biglia is good defensively lanzini paredes j.correra, Dimaria, benega in attacking mf,if they capitalize sampaoli system Argentina mf will be strong, messi aguero/hig gomez/dybala upfront will be lethal note no international team is is as good as real, germany has mf but no proper no 9 France has no defense, therefore Argentina win world cup if sampaolo can make a good mf like Chile having xavi n innesta or modric or kross in mf is dream for any team

  13. Aguero easily call up next worldcup qualifier if icardi failed to perform in friendlies and all hype will be finished like dybala in ucl final, Argentina only need quality midfielder if 50% of kross modric in NT with messi Argentina will win world cup, sampaoli system need midfielder with the exclusion of mache in mf and lanzini,paredes i expect sampapli can solve this issu

  14. cristiano struggled whole season starts fading but modric & kroos save real season and won major title. Argentina lost last 3finals still not playing shit like juve in final,both teams have no midfield only messi made difference who carried barca season single Handley deserve to win ballon d or aheax of ronaldo. only higuain played good in final who contributed equalizing goal.Its impossible to compete against a team who have stronger midfield Germany, Spain,Chile are the examples. Real wont beat juve without modric and kross, Germany won wc due to kross,basti Chile won due to medel, vidal if Argentina drop aguero, dimaria,higuain for dybala, icardi,gomez result will be same, dybala icardi hype will be finished with one defeat, Argentina only need changes in midfield must find modric or kross changing forward line wont make difference

    • Well said!! Sampaoli has to work on the midfield else Argentina will look like Juventus. If Argentina can move and play as fluid as Sevilla then there will be hope.

      Khedira = Biglia = Perades

      Panjic = Banega = Lanzini

      • its not easy to for Argentina to get a strong midfield like kross & modric but selvilla atleast fight against real, allegre is good tactician but Real Madrid squad is to big to beat unless messi is there, Argentina have to find quality mf for ball supplying if modric n kross or xavi n inesta are in Argentina team then messi already won world cup and finally icardi,dybala wont make difference they will be similaror even worser than kun/higuain, only change in midfield can make Argentina world champion

  15. Dybala got overwhelm on the biggest stage, his constant poor passes, over dribbling and losing possession were too obvious on the day. Hopefully he recovers and move forward.

    For all who are on here talking about with Dybala and Icardi in the starting XI will surely guarantee Argentina a world cup championship need to get back to reality. Dybala was the flop of the game after Guadardo. Dybala won’t be a starter in Sampaoli system, he will basically be a second striker or a Messi sub (if Messi needs rest).

    Dani Alves and Sandro were the only ones trying to create for both Higuain and Manzukic, the Juventus midfield was nonexistent. Pjanic is not that great of a midfielder. Khedira doesn’t have a creative bone in his feet, what a lackluster performance.

    Give credit where credit is due; Real Madrid outplayed Juventus for the entirety of the second period. Modric, Kroos, Casemiro and Isco were all over the pitch, all four guys were excellent.

    When its all said and done, this Juventus team is an aging team, and it was obvious on the pitch, Real won all the loose ball and was quicker moving the ball forward. By the time Higuain or Manzukic get the ball there were plenty of Real Madrid players back. Both Pjanic and Khedira lack pace when going forward and tracking back. Pjanic saw the opening between Chellieni and Bonucci on Modric pass, but instead of tracking back with Ronaldo he was standing their watching. Real Madrid was the better team; they deserve to win the game.

    Sampaoli need to work on the team fitness, if there is one thing I’ve always notice with the Brazilian national team when playing against them, they always look fitter and quicker on the pitch than Argentina, three to four passes and they’re around/inside Argentina penalty area.

    • Brazilinas are normally more phisical. Taller, stronger, hence usually faster. That’s why I would like to see also players like Rodrigo Battaglia (Sporting Braga) in our midfield.

      • Brazil first goal against Argentina in the world cup qualifiers was a prime example of this. I believe the ball came from midfield to Marcelo, then he (Marcelo) pass to Coutinho who shoots and score.

        Sampaoli need to find a way how to neutralize Brazil attacks on the wings. Brazil midfield is full of Gilberto Silva style players (nothing special), it’s their wing backs that create for the team going forward.

    • Agreed Real Madrid were better team..can’t blame Dybala for losing the game..It is Juventus midfield to be blamed..this has been the case for Argentina as well for a long time..

      • petro:I wasn’t blaming Dybala for Juventus losing the game, I just simple stated he was the flop of the game after Guadrado. Dybala only showed up in patches this season, apart from the Barcelona game in Turin, he wasn’t all that impressive throughout the UCL and he wasn’t that brilliant individually this season. Alejandro Gómez should play ahead of Dybala under Sampaoli.

    • Unselfishness can only get you assists and man of the match and loss after loss.. but selfishness can get you cups awards and new records!!

      • If Barcelona doesn’t bolster their squad for next season, I don’t see Messi winning the UCL anytime soon. Far too many times you have Messi playing for Suarez and Neymar, football is a professional sport not a buddy club, leave that on the training ground. Barcelona still believe it’s 2011 with the likes of Busquet and Iniesta in midfield, both of whom already pass their prime. Messi had one of his best season yet had no help from the coach and his team mates in crucial moments. He single handily drag Barcelona back in the La Liga title race with a man of the match performance against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. Real Madrid built a billion-dollar squad around Ronaldo, of course he will get the help to always challenge for the BDOR.

  16. Time to sit back and watch Higuain miss a sitter….and I guess sadly Dybala picking up an injury that will destroy both this game and fridays game vs Brazil.

  17. I’m a big fan of Sampaoli and I consider him 2nd best coach during world cup 2014 after Sabella. Chile deserved to be in the semi final instead of brazil. His team was on fire although he didn’t have same talents Argentina has. Sampaoli will do wonders with the amount of talents we have. Too bad he came in a time we are in a bad bad position…..He should’ve been hired after Tata, but it is what it is…..I will support Sampaoli till the end.

  18. Hi Mundo members, I am flying to Melbourne to see the match and am very excited as this will be the first football match I will be seeing it live. Having said that I will be glad to meet any one from Mundo family in the stadium. Please reply if anybody is interested my name is Suresh Rao and my number is +61-416781534.

  19. Gabriel Mercado, Leandro Paredes, Nicolás Otamendi, Emanuel Mammana, Lucas Biglia and Guido Rodríguez, who are already on board to Australia with Coaching stuff. It’s began boys 🙂

  20. Sampa’s answer to Bilardo critics was awesome. Plus people would say he haven’t done anything yet but for me he has done half the job already. He has proper project based on our strength. He is already planning for 3-4 systems. More specially he put new energy and enthusiasm among the fan and players already. His answer to Icardi selection was spot on,that proved he ain’t any pet or clown and he is the boss in dressing room. Team over Personal shit. Selecting a lot local players gives all the new kid inspiration they need and i hope Tag & Gomez get chance and show their potential. He took the job when we are already in deep shit but still i believe we will be in Russia. To Bilardo and People who doesn’t believe in him or ridiculously criticise him

    • @MMH

      I will not criticize Bilardo..he did win a world cup and took argentina to finals in the subsequent worldcup. His tactics did work and he has a more decent resume..

      Only time can answer on Sampaoli performance and coaching..Just like you..i want Sampaoli and Argentina to win in style..

      • Don’t misunderstand me I do respect him too for that but don’t like their greedy and nonsense attitude over AFA position and politics. Bilardo & Don drawn Argentine football for decades and it’s finished only after sudden death of Don. Yes he gave us one World Cup and i am greatful for it but he should know his position now and be more supportive or be just quite. I am still waiting on his moving to Uruguay though hahaha. If i am not mistaken than, i think he told he will move to Uruguay if Sampa is Coach of NT. Correct me anyone if i am wrong!

  21. Praise the Lord. Really happy for Argentina.
    Glad that Sampaoli made a mention about Bielsa and Pekerman…
    Earnestly praying that we are indeed The World Champions 2018 and in the years to follow…
    btw, is Bilardo’s boat or catamaran ready to sail to Uruguay? … what if the contrary winds push him to Antarctica 🙂

  22. Finally we have a proper coach. I hope that a new era for our beloved team starts from now on and finally this fucking draught will end. We have a proper coach right now who is also a passionate fan and we have to stick with him for a long time.

    Finally, some words that i wanted to say about Maradona lately. Maradona was and still is my favourite player, not only because of his footballing genius but also because of his rebel attitude towards fifa throughout the years. I don’t know if some of you are very young but i personally was one of the million of young boys back then who belonged to a whole generation who were thrilled and moved by Maradona at his prime. But now, i feel very sorry to say that i am totally dissapointed by him, the untouchable hero who was against everyone and fifa, suddenly he became a part of them and also spreading bullshits about Messis’s ban that drives me crazy! Messis’s ban was a scandal, even a single game ban was a scandal, especially the way they decided to do it, the same day we were playing Bolivia, but still Maradona was saying that Messi had special treatment, forgetting at the same time to mention something about Chile’s special treatment, the famous “on paper win” that fifa awarded to them in expense of Bolivia and our team. I was so ungry about that but noone is above Argentina and now i hope Sampa, Messi (who is equal to Maradona in my book) and the rest of our boys to bring the glory back to our beloved team and make all the rest eat their words!


    • waveride: great to hear from you amigo and I’m the same as you, d/m is and will always be one of my footballing hero’s but off the field hes now a complete wan**r and every thing he does is just for him and him only-I believe the rebel we once knew has sold out to that cooperate machine called fifa.

  23. Now team will be…………….




  24. Unlike some of you guys, I am not as familiar with Jorge Sampaoli’s style of pay or tactics but from what I have read so far, he prefers to deploy 3313 formation. If so, who do you think best, out of the selected players, best fit his style of play?

    Personally, this is the lineup I am hoping for, based on what I’ve heard/read/seen from these players.

    Mecardo ..Otamendi…Mammana (not too familiar with him) Is he any good?

    Paredes (RM) …Banega or Nacho (CM) …Lanzini (LM)

    Dybala …….Messi…….Joaquin (due to familiarity)


    Do you guys think this is a doable lineup based on what you’ve seen from these players? Also, as much as I don’t like DiMaria, I feel like he may start but where is the question?

    Or does he Dybala in the hole and move Messi to the right?

    Is this lineup comparable to his setup in Seveila? I am really interested in your input

    • I think such a midfield combination would thrive in possession but how would they fare defensively?

      Who is more suitable to play CM, Banega or Nacho? I have never seen Nacho play honestly so I am just going strictly by what i have seen in highlights.

      Also, enough with the Biglia experiment. Seeing him and Masch leading our midfield for the last 4 years has been unbearable.

      I know A. Gomez has had a great season but is he really that much better than Joaquin? Anyhow, I hope these two can offer more than what DiMaria has offered us in the past. I understand that DiMaria is a great talent but his decision making when it comes to playing for the NT has been atrocious honestly. I always felt like he was never a good fit with this Argentina team who are not known for their aerial attack. A player like him is tailor-made for Real Madrid and their style of play.

      As for Higuain, I am not sure how to feel about him. This is a guy who always shows up for his club team but yet falls flat when it comes to Argentina. Perhaps, having him and Dybala pair up may change his luck? Who knows. Although I think Higuain is better at build up play than Icardi, the latter is for sure a better finisher, which Argentina desperately needs at the moment. So hopefully, Jorge is ballsy enough to bench him for Icardi.

      Also, a guy like Perotti would have been a good choice/section as a LW. He’s a little older but he plays smart which cannot be said about DiMaria.

      Ok enough ranting for today but would greatly appreciate your input on the midfield. I am very excited about the new faces but unfortunately, I am not as familiar with the guys from the local league.

      Is that Nacho really that good? Can you compare him/his play with anyone playing in Europe? SO i can get a better sense.

      Also, is starting Banega and Paredes redundant?

  25. Note : higuain and dybala are scheduled to fly to Australia after the champions league final… everyone is excited and ready… goal 1: qualify for wc2018… goal2 : qualify for knockout round of wc2018 goal3: get to the Final wc2018.. goal4: get that third star!

  26. This is amazing. Finally, we have a real coach. There is an attempt to do things right. There is a thought process. We need to nurture this. We were in a dark hole with individual talents of players keeping us afloat.

  27. I have not written to Mundo web side for long time and that is because of brooking heart of last Cupa America in the State as I was there for every game and to the final when we lsat to child. Finally we have couch that I believe that he will change the system of the Argentina football. I am so happy and can’t wait to see what sampaoli will make of this great Argentina players wound the world. VAMOS Argentina to new beginning with great coach.

    • I have not written to Mundo web side for long time and that is because of brooking heart of last Cupa America in the State as I was there for every game and to the final when we lsat to child. Finally we have couch that I believe that he will change the system of the Argentina football. I am so happy and can’t wait to see what sampaoli will make of this great Argentina players round the world. VAMOS Argentina to new beginning with great coach.

  28. I feel like my work is done here.
    Rarely do I trust someone, but I have decided to trust and support Sampaoli.

    Looking forward to watch La Máquina become reality.
    playing and winning like that would be the greatest achievement of them all.

  29. General feeling is that Sampaoli is a huge improvement over Bauza, Martino, Batista and Maradona. In terms of entertainment, he will be an improvement over Sabella as well. Messi will be delighted by the new playing style. Sampaoli is smart, he will go for tactical option B because option A is too obvious as the opponent prepared for that. If things do not work out on the pitch, he will revert to option A.

  30. i am pumped right now! fantastic news! but lets stay calm and humble! qualify for the WC…prepare well for the next qualification matches and then build a Team that can make it ahppen and bring the golden Cup home to the Rio de la plata! cant wait to see what tactics and style he will use…get the best out of messi, dybala and icardi and i think we can destroy any Opponent!

  31. This feels great. I had totally lost my confidence in the team and was prepared for another disastrous campaign in Russia. Last 2 coaches were clueless clowns who were out of date with todays tactics and sinking the ship faster than the Titanic. But now with Sampa, I have full confidence that 2018 team will be stronger than 2014 version. Finally we can look forward to seeing fluid and effective football. But more importantly, I believe that Sampa will bring the best out of each player’s potential. Looking forward to a new team with new ideas.

  32. . Football is felt and lived. It’s not studied.”

    Can’t help but not think Samps is coming across as a fan rather than a coach here!
    He’s virtually wearing it on the sleeve, heart, mind and spirit. I hope that doesn’t cloud his judgement.

    I am excited about this appointment but I am still apprehensive.
    It’s the game in Montevideo that will give us a clue.

  33. I am soooo excited and pumped up right now! Finally a fantastic manager, who is known for playing great football aswell. Great squad. Love to see Icardi, Paredes, Lanzini, Papu Gomez, Correa, Mammana, Tafliafico and Jose Gomez. I am not a big fan of Pinola and Salvio, and the thought of Fazio in a highline defence is pretty daft, but I will not complain too much about this. Now let us qualify for the world cup, and then we can start to dream again. Vamos Argentina!!

  34. I saw this online and thought it was funny but also true lol

    “The fact Maradona does not like this appointment makes me like it even more. Finally Argentina got it right”

  35. Jorge Sampaoli “The national team is not just about a group of footballers but it’s about 40 million Argentinean”. that passion needed from the coach…. and from footballers too…. then we will be a champion in 2018

  36. Vamos Argentina . Like everyone says finally some sanity and hope. Am definitely excited. If we don’t win with this team and Sampaoli we will not win in a long time. God bless Argentina

  37. “Para los jugadores del fútbol argentino me apoyé mucho en Sebastián (Beccacece)”

    “Vamos a intentar que el rival se adapte a nosotros más que nosotros al rival. Agradezco las palabras de Bielsa”

    “Nos juntaremos para ver lo de los juveniles y retomar el camino de Pekerman. Confío en que va a cambiar en el corto plazo”

    “La idea es que nuestro cuerpo técnico se haga cargo de la #SelecciónArgentina Sub 20. Lo más probable es que el DT sea Nicolás Diez”

    “Bilardo me dio la alegría de ver a Argentina campeón. Ojalá que sus críticas se conviertan en halagos”

    “Llegar a la final del mundo como Sabella es de un mérito increíble y además perdió injustamente. Yo lo valoré en el tiempo”

    “Lo de Verón deberá resolverlo Tapia. A mí me llena de orgullo que esta gente (Burruchaga) esté cerca mío”.

    “Messi necesita grandes jugadores cerca y Dybala es uno de ellos. Sería muy bueno que fueran complementarios”

    “Ojalá que tengamos la posibilidad de parecernos a La Máquina de River. Para mirar adelante, hay que ver hacia atrás. Valorar el juego”.

    “La idea inicial es ver a la mayor cantidad de jugadores posible contra Brasil y Singapur. El 1º será extremadamente exigente”

    Some of the missing quotes from today’s conference.

    • in English as best.
      “For the players of the Argentine soccer I supported a lot in Sebastián (Beccacece)”
      “We are going to try that the rival suits us more than we to the rival. I am grateful for the words of Bielsa ”
      “We’ll get together to see the juveniles and take Pekerman’s road again. I am confident that it will change in the short term ”
      “The idea is that our coaching staff take over the # Argentina Sub-20 team. The most likely is that the DT is Nicolás Diez”
      “Bilardo gave me the joy of seeing Argentina champion. Hopefully your criticisms will turn into compliments ”
      “To reach the world final as Sabella is of incredible merit and also lost unfairly. I valued it in time ”
      “Veron’s will have to be solved by Tapia. It fills me with pride that these people (Burruchaga) are close to me. ”
      “Messi needs great players close by and Dybala is one of them. It would be great if they were complementary ”
      “I wish we had the chance to look like The River Machine. To look forward, you have to look back. Rate the Game “.
      “The initial idea is to see as many players as possible against Brazil and Singapore. The 1st will be extremely demanding “

      • Wow, so finally someone with common sense realized there is an urgent need for the U20s development to go back to the Pekerman blueprint.

        Who scrapped one of best and very successful program in the first place? Even the Germans copied it and now they’re reaping the rewards in abundance. Did Blatter’s consiglieri Don Grondona RIP in the FIFA mafia perhaps had a hand in it?

  38. I had a long day at work today but boy oooh boy! I smiled with joy when i got in Mundoalbiceleste. Congrats to everyone (except Diego & Bozo lol). Lets pray our dark days are past now:)

  39. “I already see myself a world cup winning coach”


    “This is a dream I’ve had for a long time. We have to build a team that respects the history of Argentinian football.”


    See the difference!!

    • @Julker9

      Every Coach has a different way of putting things to calm down the situations..and is very subjective to different views..

      Sampaoli says it differently and so is Valverde and so did Bauza..If i were you..i am not buying into these words…The only person i blindly respect is Bielsa..

      • Not to be rude but it seems even Bielsa respect Sampa 🙂
        We have a proper coach after long time who can give us what Argentine football is.

      • Good for you, if you have blind respect for Bielsa. Because i don’t have that. Bielsa is a master or we can say a philosopher of football. In that sense i have great respect for him. But as a former coach of Argentina, well……….

  40. Remember of my name : Dr Nixon Belizaire from Haiti in the carribean ,i prophetize the final world cup 2018 will be argentina vs allemagne : with sampaoli argentina will win two final world cup.this prophetize is already written on cosmos wall.
    June 1st,2017.
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  41. Sampaoli is the most high-profile manager in international level.His tenure at Sevila only proved that Chile was not some coincidence.I still remember how he dominated possession while limiting our chance for counter attacks.

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