Argentina team lands in Melbourne


The Argentina National Team has landed in Melbourne, Australia!

With all the news regarding Jorge SAMPAOLI becoming the new coach and with Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Paulo DYBALA taking part in the UEFA Champions League final, the National Team still has two matches this month! New coach Jorge SAMPAOLI took an early flight to Melbourne along with Nicolas OTAMENDI, Leandro PARESES, Gabriel MERCADO, Emmanuel MAMMANA, Lucas BIGLIA and Guido RODRIGUEZ.

Most of the players are already in Melbourne in training. Everyone except for Paulo DYBALA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN who took part in the Champions League final are already in Australia and took part in a practice session ahead of the team’s match against Brazil.

There is no news on which players would start for SAMPAOLI but it’a very likely that we see two different sets of players for the two matches against Brazil and Singapore.


  1. By the way all the buddies in these blog… i was quite regular in this blog but never post any comments… i am supporting argentina since 1990…this time i am very happy to see something positive happening in our loveable team….and i am from Bangladesh …😊😊😊😊

  2. Jorge Sampaoli let the idea that he has for the Argentine Team and in Tuesday’s practice in Melbourne, during the Argentine dawn, aligned in a tactical exercise to the eleven who could start on Friday in the friendly against Brazil.

    With his favorite scheme, 3-4-2-1, the brand new DT of the Albiceleste chose Sergio Romero; Gabriel Mercado, Emanuel Mammana, Nicolás Otamendi; Eduardo Salvio, Lucas Biglia, Éver Banega, Ángel Di María; Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala; And Gonzalo Higuain.

    On the other hand, Nicolás Tagliafico made his first training with the Selection while Jonathan Maidana, Ignacio Fernandez, Lucas Alario, José Luis Gómez and Marcos Acuña will be added starting from the next practice. In addition, Mauro Icardi, who recovers from a distension, worked again with the kinesiologist.

    Argentina will play on Friday from 7 in the morning against Brazil while on Tuesday 13 will play against Singapore from 9, both with a TyC Sports broadcast.

    Translated by google

    • Thanks for the translation.
      I saw this line up and was a little frustrated to see di Maria in the starting line up. Also Banega and Biglia in the midfield makes our midfield too slow. Romero and Higuain are two other players that I wanted to see replaced. Is Icardi playing at least as a substitute? Is he training?

      • Don knw brother.. cause i just got this lineup…i think sampa don want drastical changes now…but one thing for sure if he can sub 1 or 2 formation will be change… so i m bit optimistic…lets hope for the best..

        • True,
          At least Gomez instead of Maria, Icardi instead of Higuain or Dybala and Paredes/ Nacho/ Lanzini instead of Biglia/ Banega. These changes may happen.

      • @sandy icardi is not going to play against brasil due to injury. Dimaria is playing midfield/left back which is a great idea and something Mourinho used him in a similar position at Real Madrid. Dimaria will be making runs forward down the wing and tracking all the way back on defense. Salvio will be doing the same on the right wing. Dybala and Messi are two players playing behind the #9 high player that are free to roam as they please and switch at anytime.

  3. all’s well that end’s well.meradona won 86 but failed in 90’s.zidan won 98 but not able to 06.both are won wc but their finish is not high.if messi wins wc later his carrier(may be 2018) he will remain on the apex of success.if portugal won uero then why not argentina 2018!!!!messi is the only player who deserves the wc most.messi failed 2014,15 and 16.he failed to win his early carrier but now the time.I think (may be) how much pain he received better pleaser he may receive.

  4. I am very much excited for the new look argentina…. Specially the new players in defense and midfield… One thing we have to understand is that we have to kick Higuain out from the squad…He can’t offer anything new…

    • Let the Sampaoli be the judge of that. What if he sees something in Higuain that you don’t. This coach has the ability to bring the best out of players and make them play to their strengths. Using different systems requires different players as Sampaoli has indicated this to be the case. And to be honest do you think Pratto can play for Juve? Or what if let’s just say the starter Icardi is injured/suspended? Higuain misses are in the past. They will never reversed. It’s not like every game Higuain has flopped for Argentina. Higuain scored what would have been enough to be winner til Mascherano gifted the opponents an equalizer.
      Martin Palermo once missed 3 penalties in one game in a COPA match and became the subject of ridicule. Then one day in an all-important must win game against Peru, Palermo rescued the NT’s qualification to the 2010 WC.

      • Ya i understand he might see something…but mark my word he is just finished…he used to be one if my fav No-9 after Batigol…but sorry he has some mental problem….

  5. So I guess Sampaoli said these things in his presser –

    * Team will play wide in attack and narrow in defense.
    * while defending, the players will form two groups. Some will be marking while the others will be pressing
    * While pressing to recover the ball, the team will be divided into a 6 v 4. The 4 guys will actively press while the other 6 will be ready to receive the loose ball to start the attack
    * After recovering possession, the team will attack with 10 men in varying attacking systems to create numeric advantage and will try to create scoring opportunities.

    Here is a video I found in ole

    • Read those in ole. Those 4 points they only assuming. Ole doesn’t know what Sampa been cooking. But whatever it is, i bet it will taste good bcoz it’s smells nice that’s what Ole trying to say 😉

      • Shoot…they were not assumption. Apparently Sampa hire someone to post every day training report on AFA WEBSITE for press . Isn’t it too much exposure going on? Maybe it is Australian weather mate! Kinda hot to handle for cover up! But it’s winter over there!!!

        • I do not think he described his tactics like these pointers. And for what is worth, these details are available in youtube if anybody’s looking. Just a simple search of Sampaoli tactics will bring the results which describes these points.

          I think the afa media guy summarized his presser and wrote this in points. I’m just excited because our team will have these tactics. If these are properly implemented, we will look like a club team, which is just awesome!

    • Not Di-maria haters but i saw Correa in Sevilla and his decision making is way better than Angel. I hope he doesn’t change and bring same mentality in NT as he had Sevilla. He good on tracking back too for helping defence

  6. Uruguay – Venezuela

    Italy – Engliand

    semifinals of U-20 World Cup.

    And we were dominating this England team almost all the match. We won against Venezuela on Sudamericano. Lost (but the goals after red card) and draw (we were dominating that match) to Uruguay on Sudamericano and beat the team 2 times just before World Cup. Argentina was a team for final. But not with this ‘luck’.

  7. looking at the training picture… icardi not played last two seria matches… and training seperately…. banega– biglia– messi– dimaria– lanzini… i think they will play against brazil… my guess from training pictures… no gomez is sad thing…

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