Javier PASTORE: “We depend a lot on MESSI”


Javier PASTORE has come out and talked about the Argentina National Team and Lionel MESSI.

Despite not being selected for the National Team, PASTORE has come out and stated that there’s no group of friends and that the team must help Lionel MESSI. Here’s what he had to say:

Javier PASTORE on the Argentina National Team:

“Those who go (to the Argentina National Team) are the best, there’s no group of friends in the National Team. That’s a big lie, it’s something they have created and we hope it will end quickly because what it does is just anger the players. The one’s who are always there are there because they are at the best teams in the world, not because they are friends with another player.”

Javier PASTORE on Lionel MESSI:

“He’s the best in the World. You have to build a team that plays football and one that facilitates his job, you can’t hope he does everything because him against 11 players, he won’t win.”

“We depend a lot on MESSI and we want him to solve everything which is wrong. Everyone has to try and help him out. Playing with him is the most beautiful thing because you give him a pass that is more or less good, just a normal pass, and you value it because it ends as a goal.”


  1. Pastore at the age of 27 need to be himself, he is supposed to be at his peak this days. I think moving from PSG to other club will be good and best for him to explore his potential.

  2. i think Pablo Piatti should be given a chance. Seems a very good team player & will give us strength on both wings as Piatti can be left & Di Maria right. My team will be
    Mercado – Otamendi – Rojo
    Di maria – Biglia – Parades – Piatti
    Messi – Icardi – Papu Gomez
    Subs – Dybala , Higuaín , Banega , Iganacio Fernandez , Mammana , Fazio

  3. Pastore is technically skilled and creative. He will however not be an addition to the squad, because he is lazy. Sampaoli’s teams attack and defend with 10 players. Pastore does not defend well and certainly not for 90 minutes. He lets his opponent run and does not track back, leaving it to others to defend. That attitude makes him unfit for selection.

    • @Richard,

      I may not agree with your remarks about Lazy etc..i think pastore is matured enough to understand the expectations of the coach..He is still in demand from different clubs…that includes Chelsea..Hope he stays in PSG or move to Milan..

    • I remember Maxi Lopez once said if football ruins Pastore he will stop watching football 😛 That was after 2010 WC. He was such a huge talent, but inconsistent and always in some identity crisis. Is he a pure 10 or teraquista or second striker or a CAM?He also played in central midfield of 3 for full season in PSG.

      He is incredibly gifted and intelligent with the ball, probably more than anyone who is currently playing.Only flaw I see in his game is his one touch play and off ball movement. He takes too many touch before releasing the ball. I remember first Copa final against Chile…Masche, Biglia, Pastore, Di Maria all of them together made the midfield look so disjoint against a pressing Chile side.

      He is 27.There is still time for him.There are a lot of players who come to fulfill their promise late at their career.I hope he is one of them.

      • At the time when he left Palermo, he needed a mentor to shape his identity. At palermo he was a raw talent, but when he went to PSG that raw talent was not allowed to be polished.

        I still think if he moves to a club which has a manager who trust him, he will come good. I mean he is so so talented that its just a waste that he is not utilizing it.

    • Geesh lol the guy is only 27. He still has time ahead of him. Some midfielders mature as they get older and I think he falls in that category. I definitely see some Riquelme in his game, although not as cerebral as the former, but def an intelligent player.

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