21st June, the Significant Date for Argentina


Seems like the 21st of June has a lot of significant moment in Argentina’s football.

In 1978, Argentina played Peru in Rosario and needed to win by four goals to reach the Final. Mario KEMPES turn up the heat by scoring two goals including a brace from Leopoldo LUQUE plus a goal each from Alberto TARANTINI and Rene HOUSEMAN. The rest you know they say is history.

In 1994, Argentina opened their World Cup campaign against Greece in Foxborough. The match will be remembered for Gabriel BATISTUTA scoring his first hat-trick at the World Cup. However the most memorable moment has to be Diego MARADONA scoring his last ever goal for Argentina which was followed by his crazy celebration.

Four years later in Paris, Batigol was on target again after completing his second successive hat-trick at the World Cup. This includes a penalty which was strike like a thunderbolt that it shooked the Jamaican goalie Warren BARRETT. The other two goals was scored by Ariel ORTEGA.

Fast forward in 2014, Argentina played Iran in Belo Horizonte. The match was expected to be a cakewalk but the Iran’s tactic stifle Argentina’s offense on that day. With a minute into injury time, Lionel MESSI strike from outside the box that erupted everyone in the stadium.

Two years later, it was MESSI’s day again when Argentina took on USA in the semi-final of the Copa America Centenario. He brilliantly strike a free kick to the right hand corner of the goal which eventully made him Argentina’s all time top scorer with 55 goals.

The record which was previously held by non other than Gabriel “Batigol” BATISTUTA.

So did I miss out any other significant moment on this day in Argentina’s football? Do share them in the comment box.


  1. Argentina can go in 2018 World Cup like that—-


    ——————–Messi —————

  2. The Confederation Cup thus far is as boring as the last European Championship. Even though I didn’t watch the Chile vs Germany game, the match highlight shows a very boring game. The World Cup in Russia will be a bunch of park the bus game similar to how the teams played against Argentina back in 2014 and similar to how all the games were played at the 2016 Euros with a few good games in between. Hopefully Johnathan Silva will get selected by Sampaoli, he is only 22 and one of the few Argentina youngsters who looks as if he will live up to his full potential. Tagliafico and Gomez are not national team material. The Olympics in 2016 and the game against Brazil are clear indication that Gomez is not ready for primetime.

    • Gomez was one of our 3 players on Olimpic Games that left positive impressions.

      Judge him after one debut game against Brazil is more than unfair. It’s also ill will. If it was first time when I saw him I would think the same but the boy has real talent and some day likely will prove that.

      As for LB. As I said few times Sampaoli should take into account Seabstian Dubarbier from Estudiantes. He is 31 years old but at the moment best in the league. Has the energy of Sorin.

  3. 😭 I will never, never get over the fact that that Argentina/Greece match was played right near me but … I was not yet a soccer fan, so I didn’t go! I could have seen cracks like Maradona, Caniggia, Batistuta, Redondo playing together, practically in my own back yard! Augh!!!

  4. So which country is in contention to play Argentina in the upcoming local friendly game?

    If the game is to happen, what team will be available? All the decent teams in CONCACAF will be playing in this summer Gold Cup tournament.

    I don’t want to see Argentina playing against the likes of Honduras, Panama, Guatemala etc. or any team from South America because these teams (even in a friendly affair) always play against Argentina as if the game is worth breaking somebody leg.

    Sampaoli should try and organize a game with a European light weight who is in need of match practice.

    Teams that come to mind;

    1. Hungary
    2. Norway
    3. Denmark
    4. Azerbaijan
    5. Albania
    6. Turkey
    7. Iceland
    8. Finland
    9. South Africa

    Albania already played in Argentina before. Sampaoli/AFA just need to convince their football federation on making the long trip. I rather see Argentina play against one of these teams instead of playing against a CONEMBOL or CONCACAF team. At least the home grown players will get the experience while playing against European style football.

  5. Lucas Martinez may be banned for a year after testing positive for a banned diuretic against emelec. Hopefully this sanction ( if given ) doesn’t destroy his seemingly bright career.

      • I wouldn’t mind if Sampaoli really called up Centurion. And Benedetto instead Higuain.

        Also looks like Jonathan Silva won rivalization on LB with Fabra.

    • Not only Martinez Quarta

      also Mayada, Driussi, Maidana, Ponzio, Fernández & Alario

      all failing drug tests

      • Yah benedetto should be the one to get the nod now instead of higuain.

        Quite impossible for all these players to get suspended simultaneously. River would never take such a risk. Hope this rumoured ban gets overruled with a stern warning.

  6. * Our jersey was at its best in the 98 world cup. Especially the away kit we wore against England in that epic match. The kit just invokes the past n makes happy n sad same time. Not sure why our kits are not attractive anymore. The last time I enjoyed our jersey to the most is against Brazil in qualifiers 2005 which we won 3 -1. At the present moment the away kits are somewhat nice compared to our traditional jersey.

    * Feel if I watch our present team after 20 years, I won’t be much nostalgic. Everything changed. Ortega is the culprit who turned my desire to our national team to an addiction. Till today one thing I am unable to comprehend is, everyone talks about his head butt but nobody is talking what happened earlier. What he did was wrong n deserved a red card but still believe it was a foul n penalty. There was contact and if the penalty had been given, he won’t be reacted in that way.

    * It is time to accept Bernard Silva works harder for his national team than Dybala for our team. Dybala is just a kid but must mature soon to realize he must not be distracted by all the attentions n expectations. He must be focusing more on his game n forget about all the comparisons.

  7. I remember that Maradona goal very clearly, so much so that my college professor called me while I was chilling on the couch watching the game, yes called me and that was before people started emailing one another to let me know that the date for the upcoming exam was moved up ONLY for me to go to that test completely unprepared because I HAVE FORGOTTEN. It was as if it happened just the other day, 1994 WOW.

    I honestly remember saying to myself, “he looks surprisingly thinner” hhmmmmmmmm

    • dfox1942: “ONLY for me to go to that test completely unprepared because I HAVE FORGOTTEN”
      well done and you made the correct decision as we know as football is far more important then any test or exam lol

      as for “as if it happened just the other day”…sigh..as i know that feeling ever so well as time vanishes far to fast.

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