The Bug is back as Argentinos Jr are promoted to Argentina Primera


Argentinos Junior, the club which launched the career of Diego MARADONA is back among the boys!

Three years after being relegated to the Primera B Nacional, Argentinos managed by Gabriel HEINZE defeated Gimnasia de Jujuy 1-0 thanks to a goal from Nicolas GONZALEZ; which kept them 13 points clear of nearest rival Chacarita Juniors with 3 games left to play.

Even MARADONA took the opportunity to congratulate them on his Facebook page.

Diego MARADONA on Argentinos Juniors being promoted:

“I want to congratulate the players of Argentinos Juniors, ‘Gringo’ HEINZE, his technical body and the managers for returning the ‘Bug’ to where it belongs, a big hug to all the fans!!!”


  1. Remeber him?German Pezzella? He was captain of 2011 u-20 wc team.The last u-20 which showed some resolve and lost to Portugal in penalty despite being ahead by 3-1 after taking 3 penalties.

    I remember we were talking about his leadership and partnership with Gonzalez Pires, how u-20 defense looked a lot better than the nt defense with Milito and Burdisso.Pezzella has slowly settled in La Liga. He is not yet the eye catching one, but really doing well, almost a classic Argentinian no 2.He is the first one to step up to stop the opponent attack and one of the players to initiate attacks from the backs.He is always in the right places , where the danger is and he can steal the ball without using tacklings. But he can tackle and they are reserved for last ditch moments.A strong defender.

    • That defence from U-20 World Cup was great. Remember fantastic goalkeeper Esteban Andrada from the team? After that tournament Barcelona wanted him. Then he had mediocree years in Primera and now finally reach his level of talent and called up by Sampaoli.

      Actually that defence was:


      Nervo…..Galeano..Gonzalez Pirez…Tagliafico

      because injury of Pezzella eliminated him in early stages of tournament if I remember correctly. Nervo is solid CB of Huracan now. Everyone of Galeano, GOnzalez Pirez and Tagliafico has european period behind. Now Galeano do well in COpa Libertadores with revelation Godoy Cruz. Gonzalez Pirez under Martino in Atlanta United (IMO he is more talented than Pezzella).

      But one of the reason that defence was so solid were DMs Rodrigo Battaglia and Matias Laba. I never understood why Argentinos Juniors product Matias Laba went to MLS. He was fantastic destructor.

      And Rodrigo Battaglia… who is still future of NT I hope and climb up in Europe.

    • I’ve been keeping a close eye on pezzella and while Betis is a struggling club, German is a talented CB who is good with the ball at his feet, good in the air, tough and mostly importantly reads the game well. Infact for me personally I’d put him ahead of Otamendi and Musacchio.

      The 2011 U20 was very solid with the likes of Andrada, Tagliafico, Battaglia, roberto pereyra, Coco, Iturbe and Chucky to name a few.
      Infact I see Andrada, Tagliafico, Coco, Pereyra and Battaglia all making it with the NT if they have a good season.

      • But I remember that our most impressive player of WC 2011 was Carlos Martin Luque. He was the youngest in our team. What a superfast and energetic winger. Last season he was loan from Internacional to Alcorcon of Spanish Segunda Division. Made very good season even if didn’t score and now back to brazilian Internacional.

  2. Another ‘classic’ and well-earned club with good academy that I want to see in Primera is Chacarita Juniors. They are so close. Chacarita youngsters are good part of quality current team.

  3. This is one of 10 biggest clubs in Argentina and one of the winners of Copa Libertadores. So glad to see them in Primera again. They always were among most distributing talents clubs in Argentina no matter what was the position of club itself. Currnetly they have also few interesting young players: Facundo Barboza, Nicolas Gonzalez, Alexis MacAllister, Leonel Mosevich. Especially playmaker Barboza looks promising.

    • Rather Colman is the playmaker of the team, and he’s very good, former Boca project. But where is Sebastian Riquelme? Argentinos loaned him to Danubio, but didn’t play a single minute so far.

      • Riquelme looked like crack but one thing is talent, even huge talent, another thing is mentall growing and confidence of coach. He has a lot of time still.

        Argentinos has more talents. Also in reserve team.

        • Esteban Rolon 96-DM, Barboza-96-ZM, Colman-95-AM seems a well-balanced midfield, and some more talented midfielders still there, Tevez ruined Ezquiel Ham’s career but he was good before that, Nicolas Gimenez 98, Macallister 98, Mendez 97 (he was there in the U20 WC squad), Riquelme and the winger Batallini

        • Some Colman highlights:
          Colman vs Independiente Rivadavia

          more Colman vs matches on this chanel

          Esteban Rolon vs Crucero

          • Still prefer Barboza over Colman but agree that whole midfield is worth to follow.

            RW Batallini and LB Piovi were best players of Argentinos in their previous Primera season.

            Check out also Chacarita Juniors youngsters. Hope they also will qualify to Primera.

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