Boca Juniors held to 1-1 draw, Estudiantes earn big 3-0 win vs. Sarmiento


It was the return of the Argentine Primera Division on Friday with two games being held.

Union hosted Boca Juniors in the first match and it looked to be the visitors who would get the win but for a late draw. Boca Juniors took the early 1-0 lead through Agustin Obando. A left footed shot from the 21 year old Argentina from inside the penalty area took a touch off the defender and in to give Boca the lead.

Cordero nearly drew Union level after a good header from close range but an even better save by Garcia maintained the advantage. Union would come close a few times before finally scoring. A cross into the penalty area found an unmarked Marquez who headed the ball to draw Union level as both teams would share the points.

Estudiantes were away to Sarmiento and it was three goals in six minutes which made the difference. The first goal of the match came from a cross inside the penalty area that found Apaolaza as he would head the ball from very close range.

Two minutes after that it was a well worked goal and Manuel Castro was on the end of it as he struck the ball from inside the penalty area. Just four minutes after that, Apaolaza scored his second of the game. A pass from deep and a close range strike made it 3-0 for Estudiantes.


  1. LANUS STRIKER JOSE LOPEZ is very promising .Height 188 cm Fast and skilful. I think he togther with facundo colidio ,Gaich should be argentina future .

    JULIAN AUDE(LANUS) is promising too ,looks like Redondo type .Very young and skilful too.

    ALAN VELASCO (INDEPIENTE): AGUERO type but super fast and offensive .


    BENJAMIN GARRE(RACING) injuried but this guy is very skillful to be winger and AM . Just dont know why manchester city sold him .

    ZEBALLOS (BOCA): another skillful player the same to BENJAMIN GARRE


    DE LA VEGA (LANUS): winger ,he remind me of Killy Gonzalez

    MATIAS SOULE(JUVENTUS): looks like PIRLO but definitely need more time to prove.

    LUCAS ORELLANO(VELEZ): DE LA VEGA type but on the right size .

    MARTIN PAYERO(MIDDLESBURG): very strong and tall can be pacemaker or winger .I think he is all round .hopefully develop in to DE PAUL type .

    JOSE PARADELA (RIVER): this guy really looks like LUCHO GONZALEZ


    ERIC MEZA( COLON) :Right back but offensive and fast ,really impressive .

    MARCELO WEIGANDT (BOCA): RIGHT BACK ,gradually improving, he may be better than Montiel

    FRANCO VEZZONI (INTER MILAN): can develop in to LEFT BACK ,now is a winger

    CRISTIAN MEDINA(BOCA):box to box midfield he may be a defensive midfield later but obviously need more improvement.

    It seems argentina have a lot talent youngsters for next 10 years .since C ROMERO ,BALERDI ,N PEREZ ,FOYTH ,F MEDINA ,L MARTINEZ ,LO CELSO ,PALACIOS ,NICOLAS GONZALE ,E BUENDIA are all very young .

  2. I cant believe Argentine people actually argue who’s the best player ever lol… I mean when Maradona, Kempes , Pasarella won the WC, they won it for Argentina. When Batigol & Messi won Copa, its for Argentina aswell! What a useless arguement especially for Argentinean people😄

  3. Matias Soule(18) is surely getting his senior team debut with Juventus this season. No doubt about that. Allegri had decided to promote only three players for senior team training sessions and also for promoting them to the senior team. In the juvenile team, along with the other two players Soule is the star of that team. He is already being identified as the next heir to dybala.
    Well, I won’t dive much into it but it seems that at some point in this season he’s surely going to break into the senior team.

    On the other hand Ramos Mingo of Barcelona has already started his training and might have a chance to play the upcoming pre-season games.
    They say koeman is a stubborn coach and it would need an immense amount of talented exhibition from the youngsters to convince him.

    So this is the chance for Ramos Mingo, hope he takes it just like how emi did with arsenal two years ago.

    Apart from that, recent news outlets are reporting that Longoria is not settling down with the Almada dilema. He’s very much interested to bring him but says, that putting forward a proposal or negotiating any kind of deals with Argentine clubs are like playing with death. Almost all of the deals ends in failures.

    Over to the khalifa bought team City, sarmiento’s arrival is heavily expected by both the managerial staffs and aslo by the fans.

    So overally it’s good news for Argentina’s youngsters. They are getting the headlines they deserve and some of the deals are happening as we have expected.

    Joaquin correa to psg- done but on hold.
    Pepo de la Vega is rumoured to join river plate on lon from Genoa if the deal happens.

    • Though I would’ve lived Almada joining OM.
      Bad business by Velez holding out for his release clause. Velez players going out to Europe over the past 25 years have almost always fallen short. The likes of Camps, Moriggi, Trotta, Bassedas, Castroman, escudero, Ricky Alvarez to more recent Vargas, Caseres, Romero. Big reputation at home flopped big time. Zarate was decent and Dominguez at Bologna will do well, so Almada is a big question mark?

        • I don’t think Orellano is better than Almada personally. I could agree he is overrated in that he is one of the typical “next Messi” labels but he is very very talented. My biggest concerns are his physicality (to adapt to European leagues) and what his career options are (how he times his move and where). I am sure if he had developed from a young age in European facilities or was Brazilian he’d already be in a top European club (not a starter but definitely there)

  4. Surprise surprise, Cristian pavon to Marseille is done.

    Marseille has accepted 6m deal for him and he will be joining sampa very soon. Obviously the credits goes to old man sampa as the news reported that he wanted him and he knew him too well.

    At one end it’s a good thing but on the other end we missed out on the signing of Almada.

    Martin payero to Middlesbrough done.
    And now Valencia are preparing to bring copa America finalist Montiel to Spain.

    Let’s hope for the best.

  5. Lol……people are fighting over Maradona and Messi!!

    😂😂😂……guys, calm down. Both of them are Argentines. That’s the most important thing.

    No other country possess them except us. So…….cheers mate 😁😁🇦🇷🇦🇷

    Just forget all these comparisons. At the end of the day both bleed the blue sky and those beautiful white clouds.


  6. Pele better than Maradona? I don’t think so.
    Christina on the list of top 5 players ever, that’s a joke…….. I’m sorry what makes her majesty so special? Can’t dribble for shit, average passing and can’t create, in fact it’s the opposite where she needs service.
    Fast OK excellent header game OK, strong shot OK playing on the best clubs in the world and mediocre competition while on international duty…….some countries in Europe that I never heard of or even knew existed.
    Look up all this international goals and see who he scored them against.

    But then again what do I know, I dispise that mother and F***er and I’m his #1 hater

    • Fat Ronaldo on the other hand was spectacular, ridiculously fast, dribbles the crap out of defenders, had a rocket launcher for a leg, big and strong………..his runs toward the goal were menacing …….you gotta give respect where it’s due and he deserved every bit of it.
      HE was ugly as sin though not pretty like the other schmuck.

  7. Pele was a great player, no doubt about it. But you have to consider that He was the fifa’s poster boy. A lot of marketing behind him. Pele‘s good guy image (wasnt really a good guy) was tailor made for fifa‘s leaders (most of them have never played football) to make money.
    Just one example:
    – pele played 73 minutes in fifa‘s world cup 62. Garrincha (had a problematic life style) and others won that world cup. People think Pele was the best player in 62 because you were made to believe that.
    Maradona was no poster boy, actually an anti-hero. Fifa never liked him, couldnt make money of him because of his life style and problems.
    Maradona facing adversity played himself in the hearts of football lovers all around the world and so will always live on as most football fans best player of all time.

  8. Sorry but sayin Messi with 4 WC’s would be still a nobody compared to Maradona is equal with Maradona with his 4 hypothetical WC’s trophies instead of 1 would be a nobody compared to Messi just because i say that, toxic fanboyism. Laughable. Sorry but Maradona’s die is the best thing could happen with argentina NT team.

  9. Whatever the stats…for me best ever player debate is between, Messi vs Maradona.
    And we have 3 footballers they are sitting in Top5 footballers ever played football…
    3.Di Stefano
    Some may disagree…but most people will agree on this. For some Di Stefano is best of all. Many thinks Maradona is best of all. Messi is surely up there by many.

    • That’s crazy. I didn’t even realize Di Stefano was an Argentine 😳.

      I wonder how those guys would fare in today’s game!

      • Yes Di Stefano is Argentine. For me he is easily the most underrated of all greats. Most modern people include Pele, Messi, Maradona, Ronaldo, and Cruyff In their top five and Di Stefano tends to go entirely forgotten. That is because Di Stefano dates very far back. He is the reason real madrid is a big club. For me he is so good that he shuns out Cristiano from top five easily. But he is just forgotten. He also represented Colombia and Spain but I am assuming it was normal back then to play for the country that you are in for your club. He started his career for River Plate. It is a shame he played so many more games for Spain because many Spanish people claim him as theirs

        • No destefano is forgotten because he didn’t play a single game in wc which is considered the best tournament plus in his time Europe football quality is not the same which is right now so many people don’t consider him above Maradona pele messi etc

  10. Why u guys even fighting over pele vs Maradona here?? Pele was a fantastic goalscorer bt had the best team we have seen until now he didn’t have the wow factor. Maradona is Maradona. He had the wow factor. Football is not about only statistics. Pele never played in europe. I am not his fan because his style of football doesn’t attract me. Messi and Maradona are the actual artists. I prefer messi more doesn’t mean i don’t love Maradona im also a big fan of Maradona. I watched nearly all his historical match in replay mode actually i watched full match replay of maximum greats like pele, Maradona, cruyff, etc. So i have an idea what im talking about. Here if i say messi will best if he wins wc automatically thinks im just a messi fan and im abusing Maradona bt its completely wrong. You will see i never said any bad words Maradona

    • it was not you that you said Pele was better than Maradona first of all. So it is not about you.
      As about Messi and Maradona just because we love them both so much i believe it will be nice to stop this idiotic debate inside here.

    • Anuparno, regarding what you said last post I see your point about Maradona and Messi now and I respect it. But I do not agree that you believe Brazil had a 99% chance of winning. It was more 50/50. As a football fan you always have to believe that anything is possible and support your team no matter what others believe. I also don’t believe our midfield is average. Sure it can improve, same with out attack and defense, but I think it is better than you believe it to be

      • I was saying our midfield is mediocre because practically in no match we dominated the opponents like golden era Barcelona or spain used to do it. Even in 2nd half Brazil was attacking a lot but if our midfield was that good then would not even got the ball. Paraguay practically dominated in midfield even against Columbia we struggled against their speed and physicality just watch spain their young midfield practically dominated Italian midfield and if they have a decent goal scorer they would have smashed Italy. Yes we won Copa America bt we have to be self critical world Cup will not be that easy there will be teams like italy, spain, germany, france, England, Portugal even Netherlands can surprise. Do you really think locelso can last 75+ minutes atleast?? Paredes plays well in 1 game then plays lazily in 3-4 matches. I just want dominating performances from our midfield thats it.

  11. Brasil, decime que se siente
    Tener en casa a tu papá
    Te juro que aunque pasen los años
    Nunca nos vamos a olvidar
    Que el Diego te gambeteó
    Que Cani te vacunó
    Que estás llorando desde Italia hasta hoy
    A Messi lo vas a ver
    La copa nos va a traer

    • Now make a vote and Messi would win next to CR, in 2000 everyone remember Maradona but not Pele, these votes are never fair. In this vote 4. Roberto Baggio 5.Romario 7. Ronaldo Nazario 10. Rivaldo LOL

      • My small country Hungary with 34 players in the 900 list, the hungarian “golden team” maybe the best international team ever, btw the whole world were teached by hungarians from the Danubian school of football, before the 2nd world war in Seria A 14 out of 20 coaches were hungarians, in Argentina a lot of hungarian coaches too, legendary Georg Orth for example and a lot more, River coaches were hungarians too. Rinus Michels total football (and Barcelona style later) was infuented by hungarian danube school too.

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