Alejandro Papu GOMEZ scores for Atalanta in Chievo draw


Alejandro Papu GOMEZ found the back of the net once more for Atalanta.

Yet another Serie A week and Papu GOMEZ finally gets his first of the Serie A season, in the team’s 1-1 draw against Chievo. The Argentinian international scored a penalty kick in the 85th minute to rescue a point for his team. GOMEZ, who was called-up to the Argentina national team on Friday, started the match on the bench.

Alejandro GOMEZ scored a total of 16 goals last season, all of them coming in Serie A. However, with Atalanta in the Europa League this season, he has already scored against English Premier League club Everton.


  1. Argentina players are not quick, when will you guys accept that fact? You can compare our players in terms of quickness among themselves, but as soon as the Argentina national team face athletic teams they will always suffer on the pitch. Argentina need black players, how can a BIG South American nation like Argentina doesn’t have black players? Germany, France, Holland, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil all have diverse teams. Blacks are more athletic than any other race hence the reason why the EPL is importing so many African/French players in their league. Argentina team need to be more diverse, it’s time they open up to reality about diversity. The days when skill alone win games are over. Paulinho is not even a quick guy, but compare him to Argentina players he looks like a 100m/200m pro athlete.

    The difference with Barcelona early on this season and last season is Semedo and Paulinho, two players with power and pace which put a whole different prospective on the Barcelona team going forward. While Busquet and Iniesta are ballerinas, Paulinho bring the street dance to Barcelona midfield, he is not elegant, but that’s what you get from a street dancer compare to a ballerina who performs on Broadway. Diversity is key in today sport world. Argentina need to embrace the African immigrant in their country (if any are there to begin with) and it will make their football better for the long run. Paulinho have been more effective for Barcelona in two games than what Dribbleymar did for Barcelona in the whole of last season.

    And yes, Banega is a great player no matter what these naysayer have to say here on Mundo. He is Banega not Usian Bolt or Michael Johnson.

    • are U mad????I think U need treatment.I am bored for your long long story.according to your philosophy then how italy won four wc???exolain it.italy is also slow

      • Italy haven’t made it out the group stage in 2010 and 2014, not a good example to use on here. Italian football have gone backwards with their poor stadiums and bankrupt club teams. Did you type this while you were sleeping?

        • nice explain mr.professor !!!what your thoughts about spain(08-10-12 having no black)????And why an african team didn’t win a single wc though they have enough men in black in their factory.

          • niklucky02: I never said lack of black players is the reason why Argentina lack trophies. All I said was that for a big football country like Argentina it’s weird they don’t have diverse players on their roster. As for black players, one or two would help the current Argentina team in their most vulnerable areas on the pitch, like LB/RB and box to box midfielder. I’ve always wonder why Argentina never give Fernando Tissone a call up from earlier on in his career given his grandfather is from Cape Verde. Fernando Tissone has the same look and built as Chile Jean Beausejour. I know this is a sensitive topic, but we can have these discussions without being disrespectful to each other.

    • LOL! Why doesn’t Argentina have black players? Because there aren’t black people in Argentina. Slavery wasn’t something that lasted in Argentina, it had a brief stint but the socio-economic moved away from it. Most slave nations within South America had gold and silver(Or Brazil had sugar) in Argentina, Argentina simply did not, even though the name ARGENTINA means the land of silver. And the population growth came via industry rather than labor, hence the massive exodus of Italians, Germans, Spanish and Eastern Europeans who came to Argentina for work.

      And the growth of Africans in Argentina will continue to remain low for a very simple reason. There aren’t many Spanish speaking African nations, while there is quite a bit of Portuguese and French. And it is not Argentina that is not accepting of Africans, it is Africans who uproot their from the countries and go to France, Belgium, Portugal. Argentina has a quite a lax immigration policy, more Bolivians, and Paraguayans come to Argentina for work. Ever notice the national team has gotten more tanned over the decades? The likes of Rojo, Aguero, Riquelme, Ortega and much more all came from Bolivian and Paraguayan ancestry.

      So, to break it down to you, KHood.

      Lack of slavery
      Industry growing differently in Argentina than in other parts of South America.
      Language barrier for Africans in the 20th and 21st century chose to move to Portugal, France and etc.

      So, you might need to open a book and understand why the lack of Africans being in Argentina is not something Argentines prevented, it is has a broader and more socio-economic issue.

      • Jack u are wrong I am black and i have supported Argentina since i was 8 I am now 38. For the past 15-20 years people have always asked me why do u support such a racist country. Apparently there is a documentary on tv that shows when blacks were brought to south america, Argentina was the main destination but they pushed them out to Brazil and other south american countries. The very few blacks left live in the poorest neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

        • “even though the name ARGENTINA means the land of silver”
          shite that explains is the reason we have lost more finals then we have won..

          we have done a lot of interesting things in Argentina like the arg government use to pay the locals to kill Indians and one was paid by the amount of ears they brought back. they offered the job to chilians but decided its best to keep the land on argentine hands and got the local’s to do it.

          any way as for the genetic make up and “lack of black players” lol

          “The ancestry information markers we carry in our blood show that
          genetically Argentinians are about 70% European, 20% indigenous and 5%
          as Jack said their are just close to zero black people in Argentina and that I imagine that makes it not easy to pick a “black” player for most teams yet alone the n/t.

      • Jack, many people thought and still think that there are no blacks in Argentina, but that is not right. There were many blacks in Argentina but the rulers of the country extremely marginalized them and so many of them were forced to take part in wars between Argentina and some of its neighbouring countries resulting the death of many of them and the decrease of their presence in Argentina. When all those things happened many of the Afro-Argentines fled to Brazil and Uruguay where they thought would be a better place for their safety and lives.
        Guys, there is a question I used to ask myself many times. Does Seb. Veron have African ancestory?

    • Please answer me here, I mean I want you to give me analytical answers here not philosophical statements but What does Banega offer more than Lanzini, Nacho, Paredes and Battaglia?
      Just show me one highlight worth support for Banega. Maybe you don’t analyze his limited attributes.

      Secondly how is it that Germany won the world cup without black players? I’m Black too, to start with, but I can’t buy your story that Argentina is failing due lack of black athletic players for selection. Every WC, I see our African teams failing miserably due to lack of basics and team spirit. Ghana could have had a themselves leading Germany by 3-1 at the last WC, had Jordan Ayew not been selfish to pass the ball to his open teammate. so if your theory waa true African teams would the fear of all contenders.

      • This is good question. Many times people were defending status quo by pointing out potential risk that may brings usinng new players in qualifiers in place Banega the like. But then we may ask what is Banega doing as “creative” player recently to balance his snail pace and losts of balls. So I don’t think to use for example Lanzini in place of Banega is any risk when Lanzini is very very carefull with the ball. His passing is not that good as Banega but he will not lose possesion and may give more physical moments, movement, fastness. Let alone Nacho, which is IMO even better.

        Argentina don’t need black players by force. It’s not about black or white. We need just more, few more athletic, tall, strong players. And on this point I agree with KidultHood. Argentina lost too many crucial games in past just because they were inferior on this factor. They lost sometimes by inches but that was the reason finally. We need such player especially in midfield.

        So please to give more attention for players like Rodrigo Battaglia and Gaston Gimenez from Godoy Cruz (’91). The second is former No.10, not long ago attacking midfielder, who is currently playing DM still with No.10 on his back. Rare case. His long passing is comparable to Veron. Also perfect dribble. Strong, tall, good on tackling.

        • I would choose Gaston Gimenez not only over Gago or Pablo Perez but also over Nacho Fernandez (because he is lank), Lanzini, Paredes, Pizarro or maybe even Battaglia. Though Gimenez – Battaglia would be great pair of tall, athletic central midfielders that would compete any other physicall midfield of the world.

        • “His long passing is comparable to Veron. Also perfect dribble. Strong, tall, good on tackling.” Please, than Real will buy him or Barcelona over 50 millions euro? Battaglia-Gimenez of course, world-beater pair

          • Have you seen him in a single full match? You have never seen him. We know, no doubt. So no need to take the floor.

            Besides, if you think big money and big clubs are the only class indicator that means you are 15 years old ordinary fan of few top european clubs.

            After people like you to play with Banega, Biglia, Di Maria is final destination. Keep it up.

          • Every scout saw him around the world plenty of times. Thats enough for me. 26 years old and still in Godoy Cruz that says all, in a mediocre team of a mediocre league.

          • Most ignorant statement I ever saw.

            1. You are not scout

            2. Scouts are looking for young players usually and they may have overlooked him. Our NT needs the best not the young only

            3. It doesen’t matter none European club as far didn’t contracted him if only he might bring to our NT any improvement

            4. Pizarro is even older and he only starts in Europe

            5. Godoy Cruz did well in current edition of Copa Libertadores majorly thanks to Gimenez

            6. Maybe for you clubs like Godoy Cruz are not worth any attention but somehow Sampaoli had on his list for cancelled Bolivia friendly one player of Godoy Cruz that you had never heard of as well (Garro).

            So you should be more cautious. Perhaps you will hear about Gimenez soon. Circa 80% unfamiliar players that I was talking about here as the first long before any other member of Mundo were then among the called up or at least very close. By your ignorance you are even underrating players like Alejandro Gomez just because he is medicree Atalanta player. Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance.

      • @Sabellista: Jerome Boateng is a black player. ‘’ Please answer me here, I mean I want you to give me analytical answers here not philosophical statements but What does Banega offer more than Lanzini, Nacho, Paredes and Battaglia?’’ You see, I’m not a keyboard coach so it’s beyond me to give a full analytical answer to your question, but what I do know is this; Banega won back to back Europa League, he was MOTM against Liverpool during the final. Banega won the U20 and the Olympics with Argentina. Banega was arguably Argentina best player after Messi during the 2016 Copa final until he picked up an injured against the USMNT. He also scored against Chile and assist Di Maria during the opening game of the 2016 Copa America. Against Colombia away during the WCQ, Banega played a through pass to Lavezzi inside the Colombia 18-yard box who then pass the ball across the Colombia six-yard box for Biglia to score an easy tapin. As for the guys you mention they’re barely tested on the national stage or club level to even begin a discussion. I mean, how can you leave for Roma to Zenit? Paredes is alright, nothing special. Even Kranevitter who have had a horrid time in Spain is looking like a genius in Russia. Lanzini as I said earlier wasn’t even that great against Singapore. Nacho and Battaglia? Only on Mundo you read how these guys are so great. Again, I’m no coach so I can’t give you any analyst on this subject, what I do know for sure is that Banega is head and shoulders above all the players you mention. As for African teams, diversity is a problem for them too. Some of the players who won the world cup for France back in 1998 either came directly from Africa/Caribbean or have African/Caribbean ancestry. The current French national team is basically 80% players of African descent. I understand Banega is not your cup of tea but you don’t need to make up story about him just to make a point.

  2. Problem with Banega is he has neither speed nor energy, i think many years of drinking has made him unfit. Definitely overrated and should not be played

  3. I only have one problem with our midfield. Banega is over rated both in Argentina and Mundo. I watched him in UCL versus Liverpool and few times. He is called up off his reputation rather than current form he was the slowest Sevilla player on the pitch. Apparently he makes Messi better. Bullshit theory. I once challenged someone to highlight a Banega assist to Messi in the NT, no one could come up with anything to show. I know Sampaoli likes good passers but Banega is even slower than Riquelme. He can hardly sprint. I’m not a Riquelme fan at all (sorry to Riquelme fans, but I was more entertained by Aimar than Roman), but I can recall at least few Riquelme assists to Messi goals. Banega I don’t even remember one. How is he supposed to contribute against physical and mobile midfielders of Germany, Spain, France and Brazil? So I don’t understand why is this guy praised for nothing, instead of being seen us our weakest link?

    Guys be honest, at the moment is Banega really giving us more in his role for the NT than what Lanzini, (and yes he plays for little West Ham as Payet did), Rodrigo Battaglia or Nacho Fernandez would offer, seriously? I’m keen to know who has less assists, goal build up involvement and work rate than Banega among these 3 players? It’s Banega and Biglia and Mascherano, to some extend, the players responsible for ruining our attackers’ game because they can surely all pass but cannot contribute anything to expansive as supporting options in attack because they are too static. We’ll thank Tata martino for that being so clever with his ‘style’ for that?

    Go and analyze that Singapore game again Paredes was doing what we expect Banega to do for our attackers. Anyone who analyzes that can come back and correct me if I’m wrong about what I’m saying but all I’m saying is that Sampaoli either failed to see it or he’s just ignoring it in order to pleas Leo with the presence of his friends in the camp, or he failed to see that Banega should be one of those players trying hard to be even considered.

    • I totally agree. Banega on a good day is great, but in 99℅ of them he is slow, gasses out after 45min and he is glutunus in pocession in critical areas leading to deadly counters when he gets dispocessed. He is a good sub, better option than Pastore.

      Biglia works twice as hard, keeps it simple and actually has had more good offensive passes in the NT.. as a Defensive mid, not CM. For a creative CM I agree Paredes looks a lot more promising.. heck so does Gago.

      • Stuttgart were defeated 2-0, but Ascacibar was the best performer for his team today. If he keeps playing like this till the end of the season I am more than sure he will be Bundesliga Player of the Year.

        • It’s funny how good he is doing among the players taller by a head. Big potentiall. Very capable. Sice his senior football debut in February 2016 I lost only 2 his games and I must to say he is still improving and growing and has a lot of reserve to develope. His passing is better and better. If only coach will encourage him to attempt more of his offensive runs as here on video at 5:05:

      • It’s funny how good he is doing among the players taller by a head. Big potentiall. Very capable. Sice his senior football debut in February 2016 I lost only 2 his games and I must to say he is still improving and growing and has a lot of reserve to develope. His passing is better and better. If only coach will encourage him to attempt more of his offensive runs as here on video at 5:05:

  4. I think Papu is a great fit for the team.


    …….. Icardi ………

    Although personally, I would drop Dybala, put Messi as false 9 and use another winger.. gulp DiMaria, etc.

  5. Pablo Perez was superstar of Boca yesterday game against Godoy Cruz. He scored 2 and had assist. Pavon and Benedetto also outstanding. Gago rather not.

    Perez still might be called up.

  6. Week in and week out this guy is either assisting or scoring a goal. He is very hard working player. I hope he will contribute much to the national team.

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