Claudio TAPIA: “Argentina’s leaving as world champions”


AFA president Claudio  TAPIA was on Susana Gimenez’s television program on TyC Sports on Sunday where he talked about the Argentina National Team.

TAPIA was seen backstage hugging Lionel MESSI following Argentina’s 3-1 victory against Ecuador. The president was full of praise for his country’s captain. Speaking about the World Cup, MESSI and Argentina, here’s what he had to say:

Claudio TAPIA on MESSI and the World Cup:

“Buy all the tickets because Argentina’s leaving as world champions. MESSI shows to be one thing but he’s totally different. He’s very supportive, he greeted everyone. He’s a great person.”

Claudio TAPIA on Argentina:

“I heard a lot of people saying that it was necessary for us to miss the World Cup to hit rock bottom. But that’s wrong, you can’t think like that. Not going to a World Cup is not hitting rock bottom, it’s punishment. Today, we’re all dreaming of Russia.

“We have to back the coaching staff and support the players. We’re calm for having qualified for the World Cup and bringing in more money to the AFA.”


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