Two friendly matches for Argentina in May


The Argentina National Team will play two friendly matches in May.

With preparations for the World Cup up and running, LioneL MESSI and co will play two friendly matches prior to flying off to Israel in June. Per a tweet by Fernando CZYZ of TNT Sports, the Argentina National Team will play the first friendly match on May 24 with the opponent to be announced at a later date. However, at the moment, the opposition is rumored to be Bolivia.

A second match will take place on May 29 and while Nicaragua was confirmed as the opponent, there were some things which still need to be confirmed and Costa Rica have emerged as a possible opponent. One match will be played outside of Buenos Aires while the second will take place either at Boca’s stadium or at Velez’s stadium.

Jorge SAMPAOLI and his team will then travel to Barcelona on May 30 and while they will spend a few days in the Catalan city, they will not play any matches in the country. Their next (and final game prior to the 2018 FIFA World Cup) will come on June 6 in Tel Aviv against Israel. After that, the team will travel to Russia for the tounrnament.


  1. Another lesson you can learn from football in general about life is….In todays world ideals, being good human and values mean jackshit.
    Look at Pep Guardiola with his ideals. Getting trashed every other year.

    Look at Messi with his Family values, friendship, need for love and Loyalty. The main could have easily played for Spain even after playing for Argentina. The man could have easily left Barcelona atleast 4 years back when everything started to fall apart. But he chose to stay and his prime years 1 CL in 7 YEARS! Just sad and being good shy guy doesn;t help either.
    While Ronaldo is the kind of person who wouldn’t think twice about putting his own family under the bus if it comes in his way of glory and winning. He left Manchester just when he saw they are not going to win the CL.
    Not too forget about the tax cases, Where Messi was run in the damn ground and killed while Ronaldo having defrauded 4 times more money has barely any news coverage and is living his life fine.

    • Without Messi, Barca would hav conceded 6gols. Roma played attack with 3cb and pressed center where Barca strenght was midfield. Roma dint give space in center and played with dirty fouls. Meanwhile Barca played defence and they are very bad in that tactics. Even against laspalmas and sevilla Barca struggled playing defence.

      Valverde hav small club mentality. He dont rest key players vs farmer teams.
      Real and Liverpool are best teams coz they hav good bench strenght and also they played attacking footbal past 5 yrs.
      Klop made BVB strong nd when he left they became just weak team

      Barca under valverde played boring football throughout the season. Just Messi magic helped in league.
      Its not his fault. He dont hav that ability as a coach. Also he dint had neymar, xavi, alves, puyol and villa. Instead paulinho, dennis, vidal, paco and gomes

      I still believe Argentina will win WC UNDER SAMPAOLI

      ● SAMPAOLI tactics and style of play is great

      ●He hav best attack in Argentina wheras barca had suarez hu dint scored 2gols this season in UCL. AND past 2yrs suarez was like higuain.

      ●Now Messi is more determined after Real madrid wins hat trick UCL. MESSI will play smartly now with more hunger

      ●Man city and psg players are out of UCL and won league easily so will get enough rest

      ●BARCA VS ROMA GAME proved that playing attacking football can make best defence like Barca hu concede only 3gols this season UCL, can struggle.

      ●Barca under Valverde plays schit. Clueless coach ruined the game. He was luking for another MESSI magic against Roma. But $ampaoli will make all players play with no fear.

  2. Messi’s problem of not winning CL lately is that he puts friendships before selecting the best players around him. I’m not saying Suarez is a bad partner, but Messi knows that Suarez is being fatigued for couple months now, and in this match, you need a more physically fit player to tackle Roma’s players. Vidal or Alcacer would be better options than him because they both are fresh since they haven’t played much this season. Buying Dembele was the joke of the season and nightmare for Barca (BTW: he’s similar to Diva’s Sytle). Iniesta is another case too, the guy is finished and can’t be a starter in this important match, but Messi wants him. You see what I have been telling you?

    Now, Rested Messi or tired Messi, it won’t make a difference if he wants to take his injured buddies leaving out dangerous unpredictable strikers like Icardi and Dybala or leaving out some midfielder with physical capacity instead of the lame Di Maria.

    Today, we saw how knockout stages of this game become extremely physical. You need to take with you some tall, strong and fit players. If our roster is made up of Biglia, Aguero, Di Maria, Banega, Higuain and Mascherano…..well you know the consequences….exit from group stage.

    • Your hate toward Messi is harsh. Messi do not select players for barca neither for Argentina. Suarez was supposed to be rested by Valverde but he chickened out. Messi do not favor any one, if so then why does Valverde put Gomes in substitutions? You just love to hate Messi.

      • arg2018: Messi is rejecting the idea to let the club buy a top striker as he fears his buddy’s spot would be lost. Same for the NT, why do you think he doesn’t want to take Icardi or Dybala with him? Same thing, they would take his buddies’ spots that something he doesn’t accommodate. He wanted Umtiti to play before fighting with him during the interval, where I think Verma was a better option defensively against tall players, also I believe he’s a better defender overall than Umtiti, but obviously he’s not in Messi’s club. As for Gomez, if you noticed, he plays just the last few minutes in every game, though he’s a shitty player, so Messi at least got that right. In Argentina, it stings even more, but again the coach doesn’t agree on everything Messi would recommend, like Sabella when refused to include the drunk Banega last world cup. It’s like when you buy your spoiled kid everything he wants, but sometimes you say no when it’s over the top. Messi imposes his friends in the team leaving a room for the coach to include one or two of his favorites even if Messi has an issue with.

        Messi, Iniesta, Suarez. Sergi, and Pique are the gang in Barca.

        • Stop your non-sense; Messi has nothing to do with this loss; It’s all Valverde’s fault; He simply didn’t put up/planned the team for scoring the all important away goal; Even against Chelsea(away game) he put up a defensive formation; What baffles me is that when Roma scored the second goal he didn’t change anything until 80th min; Even during that time he introduced Gomes in place of Iniesta(a defensive change); Dembele or Alcacer should have brought in right after the 2nd goal and looked for an away goal; Valverde got it absolute wrong; His plan was to just expect from some Messi magic for the away goal and that never happened;

          Roma just bulldozed Barca players; They were physically strong and pressed very high on the pitch; Defense to Midfield everyone looked wayward and in shambles for Barca; They just had no answer; Valverde didn’t do anything even after looking that;

        • I think your suffering from some mental illness. How the hell did you come up with so much garbage?

          Umititi is one of messi’s best friends? wth hell are you going on about. It was Valverde the dumb kunt that made this happen.

          He run the players to the ground chasing a useless unbeaten record for no reason. Never got the new players integrated. Didn’t play Dembele in the first leg and nor started him in the second. Iniesta has been finished for over 4 years now except for some spark here and there. Roberto is no WC mid but he was tired like dead and you could see it on his face. Verma and Paulinho should have come in if he wanted to play defensive not bring in gomes who is a nobody.

    • I don’t think in Barca, messi chooses the team. It is barca who decides the team and they screwed up royally in last five years (Rosell & Bartomeu). They have kept both xavi and iniesta past their sell by date & missed a lot of talented midfielders as a result. Players like modric/kroos/kevin de bruyne/pjanic/isco/asensio/veratti went to other teams. They even comically lost thiago alcantara who have now became a elite midfielder. They bought players like gomes / roberto / rakitic etc.

      I don’t think they listen to messi while selecting players (no team/coaching staff will tolerate). Otherwise aguero/banega/di maria will be at barca

      However, one thing CR have over messi is ambition. He moved from Man U to real for winning more trophies. He is even willing to move out from real to other teams in search of more pay. Messi is always at his comfort zone i.e. Barca

      • If you want to look for an example of a team constantly rebuilding successfully, look no further than New England Patriots. They always sell their players at the right time (at the time it seems like madness) & incorporate fresh talent (and they always seem to make great trades). Teams in any sports would do well to imitate them. (Ofcourse, Brady’s unselfishness when it comes to wages helps – He is not even among top ten QB’s in terms of pay)

        In football, real madrid comes closest. It beggars belief that their 3 UCL winning squad in 4 years, with strongest bench ever, have a lesser wage bill than Barca. Right now, CR earns almost half of messi, & perez will not give him a raise because he reckons CR doesn’t have many years left

  3. I really don’t know how to feel about this, on the one hand one would think this is a good thing since messi may get more rest, on the other losing affects a habitual winner like lio in unpredictable ways, not to mention the fact that i hate to see my boy (or any of our Argentine boys) lose.
    I honestly don’t think that lio is going to get more rest because of this, especially now where he feels like he has something to prove and we all have to remember that messi is the one who doesn’t want to rest, regardless of whether the game is against a 2nd division team in the early stages of the copa del rey or a CL final, Lio wants to play, always!! So him coming exhausted to the WC 14 was largely his fault.
    The real question here is how this loss will affect him psychologically, will it dent his confidence or will it make him more determined? Knowing what we know about lio I think (and hope) it will be the latter.

    • While you are right. But in 2013-14 season Messi was suffering multiple injuries in his hamstring. To win the World Cup, Messi stopped playing for barca entirely. he stopped running or doing anything at all most of the games and was getting slandered by Coaches and pundits everywhere even sacchi commented on him that year. Simply put he had horrid season and was awful in 2013-14.
      That is not the case now. It was the coach who killed their season slowly and slowly. They should have never played that Leganes game and only fringe players should have played that game. This is what corruption and corrupt people do to you. Destroyed a club thanks to the corrupt board who have no Clue about football.
      Valvede who has no achievements in his fucking life, has no business in being a Barca manager in first place.

  4. Barca out of UCL not a good thing for Messi! It’s not he won everything with Barca and now he retired….he is still playing with Barca and last 4 seasons he couldn’t help Barca to final. Against Chelsea, he was ok nothing special..Both legs against Roma he didn’t score.For some reason, he wasn’t active after coming back from the Intnl. break. But it’s more Velvarde and his imbeciles teammates fault than his. Suarez playing shit for one year now, got no dribble skills at all, umitti, samedo, alba just average. Pique was the culprit for losing so many trophy for barca in the few years!! He made ronaldo hero in so many matches..he is slow and always try to hide behind others..this sucks! But somehow I get consolation from this game is that Messi can rest now. If he is injured then it’s a different thing. Anyway please god, any team but not that Madrid!!!! please please!!

  5. Yes! I am so glad that Barca are out of CL!

    As Barca, Man City and PSG are all leading the respective leagues with more than 10 points, players like Messi, Otamendi, Aguero, Di Maria and Lo Celso could join the NT as early as end of april.

    Hope that the CL final will be between Bayern and RM.

    • Barcelona has elclasico lined up in may but yes sampaoli will get all his players in mid may training camp from the start

    • Will it resolve the problems of Argentina team? In what way this will help in fixing our issues at the back?

      Barca’s exit clearly shows that we can’t depend solely on Messi for winning the World Cup;

      Messi at his best alone won’t be able to win the World Cup for ARG (Utmost he can drag upto QF’s); This is the truth and ARG NT coach need to get this to his mind and plan accordingly

  6. Romero

    Mercado otamendi garay tagli


    Messi dimaria/peroti


    Other players- fazio , bustos , salvio, mascerano, icardi , caballero , meza

    No usecof biglia and higuin please

  7. The sky has fallen again, people around here LOVE drama, MAIN AND ONLY PURPOSE OF BEING HERE IS TO CHEER AND SUPPORT ARGENTINA, fuck Bracelona already. He won everything for them. Its time he wins the damn world cup for us fans who have waited and waited what seems like eternity and they still talk Barcelona!! Wake the hell up already.

    • I agree. He already has won it all with Barcelona. He needs to start winning with his country. Hopefully this year and next year’s Copa America we start seeing the change in priorities.

  8. very depressing day specially for me who is a blind argentina and barca fan.i just hope real madrid dont win cl and we win thi world cup then all this bad things will be ignored.

  9. i believe messi needs good player around him barca will be better with coutinho griezman erikson etc coming next summer and i think suarez should be sold he is useless against strong defences.barca needs to sign thiago kimmich etc also they are poor and messi is no maradona that he can win them singlehandedly.he often goes missing in biggest of games in cl winning only 1 cl out of last 7 years is the proof and this is 3rd consecutive quarter defeat of barca.and that cl winning team in 2014-2015 had suarez neymar alves xavi iniesta busquets rakitic(in top form) besides messi.right now im very concerned about argentina wc hopes no players looking like who can win the wc though i know champions league and wc is completely different but otamendi playing shit.dybala goea missing against big teams.higuain choker.aguero injured.mercado also not that solid.our goalkeepers dont getting minutes and now only hope messi also uninfluential in another quarters just like previous season against juventus.

  10. Sevilla won’t stand a chance at the Alianz Arena tomorrow, Bayern is averaging at least three goals a game playing at home. But hopefully the game doesn’t affect Joaquin Correa chance of being called up for the world cup. I’ll call it now; Bayern 5 vs Sevilla 1 (hopefully I’m wrong).

  11. Pique is no leader. For years Masche has been the leader and the rock of this Barcelona defense post Carlos Puyol. Also, too many average players on this current Barcelona roster..Buying Coutinho in the January transfer market just for the sake of marketing and selling jersey all because he hails from Brazil. Barcelona already won the league so their was no need for Coutinho who was already cup tie for the UCL. Barcelona wasted 130 million dollar on Dembele who is still raw at this point. Iniesta should retire now, he is slow and ineffective at this level. Paulinho, Gomes, Vidal, Semedo, Digne and Alcacer are players all below the level of what a Barcelona team should look like. I should also add that Umtiti is overrated..

    Valverde deserve this he forced Argentina hands to rest Messi yet he went on to play an unfit Messi against Sevilla just to rescue a meaningless unbeaten streak. Now Messi gets to rest for the world cup.

    Fazio was rock solid, easily Argentina best defender right now. Fazio is calm, compose on the ball, pass well, knows when to use his speed, and always find himself in good defensive position when his team doesn’t have the ball.

    Suarez is basically useless on the pitch, does little to affect the game. Poor passing, bad control and cannot hold up play to save his life.

    Barcelona was poor over both legs, the same as they were poor over both legs against Chelsea with Messi being the difference.

    The only downside is that Barcelona in my opinion is the only team who can defeat Real Madrid in the UCL. Teams outside of Spain doesn’t know how to play against Real Madrid. Bayern Munich performance against Sevilla in Spain wasn’t that good, switch Sevilla with Real Madrid and the game would have been 5 goals for Real Madrid. Roma has no chance against Real Madrid. The only team who might win against Real Madrid at this point is Liverpool.

    • Spot on

      1more thing.
      Barca coach ddint rest pique atol.
      He played friendlies, then sevilla, roma 1st leg, leganes and today 2nd leg was too slow. Vermalean would hav made barca defence strobg

      Valverde was busy in creating unbeaten streak hence he dint rest busquets after injuries. Iniesta and busquets were slow against roma
      After dembele arrived Messi started getting ball and dembele made Messi free

      Argentina too shud hav a player like Dembele not old higuain, biglia, dimaria.they wont press or play fast 90min.

      Lanzini, Meza, Martinez and Locelso hav pace unlike Icardi, higuain, dybala

      Fazio was not good in defence. Valverde tactics played schit so fazio shined.he even fouled recklessly manyatyms. Which is not gud in world cup stages

    • Agreed.
      Pique has always been a trash. Back then they had strong players likePuyol, Marquez, Milito Abidal and even tho Alves was shit at Defending he made it up for his intelligent attacking skills and play. Pique was good in 2015 then started flopping again and he decent this season. The baffling thing is that Barcelona players don’t work on body strength, Pique is like a big girl, Even Robinho who is half his size physically overpowered Pique way back in 2012 or 2011. Absolute garbage defender. Ramos keeps saving his ass in Spain.

  12. Wooow
    Believe me or not i was dreaming about this and actually wishing for this since the begainning of the season. There is nothing nice than today CL results. I think only Fazio and Perotti is remain now. They will be out in next fixtures,hopefully!!! If you are Argentina fan than you will say cheers to today’s results. Sad if you only Barca fan.
    Vanos Argentina

    • this loss doesnt mean argentina will be champion rather its bad now messi will play each and every laliga game and mayb his morale will also be dampened

      • Yes it doesn’t mean. But it means Messi will have more rest. So far about La Liga? I think it has 6-7 more games to play and Barca already Champion. Even he plays every weekend game he will rest in weekday. Plus he will join with the Argentine squad earlier aswell. Think straight. Don’t get butt hurt for Barca lose and cry here

        • we are seeing season after season barca loosing in quarters mayb 3 in a row.and messi also failed to score in 8-9 seasons in a row in quarters.i hope he finally scores in a knockout match in wc.i have started to believe he cant perform under pressure against strong opponents

  13. I don’t care about Barca but am furious because of Messi’s status in the history. People are saying this is good for us because he will be rested, this can also be bad because he will lose confidence.It pains and burns me inside that Ronaldo will win this for the 3rd time in a row and that he has become more successful than Messi. Respect to Ronaldo though I respect his work ethic and desire to be the greatest, although less talented he worked and worked to achieve all this. I wanted Messi to win this Champions league and the World cup. He is ours, and I support him to win every trophy in his journey to be the greatest, sadly he seems to lack the fire that Ronaldo has. Ronaldo is his own biggest fan and he doesn’t let dead wood bring him down, while Messi seems to be more concerned on “coaching” and playing with his friends than winning. Hope he understands that his throne is crumbling and he must think about his legacy and wins the World cup or he will end up being second fiddle to Ronaldo. it would be sad!!!

      • he always wanted to win wc. a cl loss will not make him more hungrier.just watch u feel we cn win with otamendi as a cb?? he is awful right now and will cost us in big games he was poor in spain match also

        • That’s a utter lie. Don’t believe on this. If that was true than Aguero should have started every fucking single game for Argentina. Because Aguero is best friend of Messi

        • He is greatest of all time. Only person who will say he is not is who doesn’t understand football. Plus this loss will increase of chance Argentina playing better. If the chance is even 0.5% than i will take it. It is good result for Argentina. BDOR is a joke. What about Messi single Handley making Champion in la liga.

          • My friend in my eyes he is also the greatest but if he doesn’t win the world cup people are just waiting to discredit him, God forbid that to ever happen.

    • Messi is more of a team guy and he is also more generous on the pitch. Look at the pass he made to Suarez against Leganes, he could have easily score that goal for himself yet he choose to pass to Suarez who then miss. Ronaldo in that same position would never have pass to Benzema or any other Real Madrid player. Ronaldo is all about himself, he set his sight on winning more BDOR than Messi, and that is his motivation every time he set foot on the pitch especially in the UCL. Moreover, the Real Madrid team plays for Ronaldo while Messi is left to carry a not so strong Barcelona team game after game.

      The question is, what is Messi motivation at Barcelona? Does he really care enough to run himself into the ground just for a BDOR?

      • Kid
        I a brutally honest I don’t like you.
        I don’t even read you most of the time.
        But than again I understand that we are on the same team.
        I know what you are saying but and I admire Messi for that, but he needs to be more cerebral.
        I hope we win the World cup.
        That is what I want the most in football, It’s my dream.
        But anyway I am cautious and don’t believe until we win it, because I don’t want to be heartbroken like in 2006 when I let my guard down.
        The work that is being done doesn’t lead me into believing we are on the right path.
        Hopefully we find a way to win.

      • Completely Agree again. Brilliantly Said. One thing i don’t understand why is Messi being shifted around so that other players can come in and settle? That doesn’t happen in Madrid or any other team where their best playr have to compensate for the other new ones.
        When Messi was a striker Barca were frightning, Winning CL every alternate year. Now Messi is being pushed further and further back and even he doesn’t complain or ask for it. Weird.

  14. Wonderful news that Barcelona is out.
    Now they can stop riding their one mule Messi into the ground. It doesn’t mean Argentina will win but at least he will have a chance to be fresh for his country.

  15. I like Fazio today. He was good against Messi and Saurez.
    Spain scored 6, Liverpool 3, Man Untd 3, Liverpool 2..Otamendi….!!
    I believe Sampaoli will use 3-4-3 as his main formation.

    • no he will not use 3 man backline.otamendi again was bad tonight.time for sampa to think about playing garay-fazio cb pair and drop otamendi from starting spot

      • I hope Otamendi is just tired, he has almost play every match for man city and argentina.

        Luckily he can rest after clinching the primeier league in the next two matches.

  16. My team for World Cup……


    -Lo Celso-Peredes———-Mezza-Lanzini –


  17. It takes strongest desire to be born like superbly created soul Lionel Messi. It is a wonder of nature to create something that dazzles you every time you look at it.Nature is conspiring Messi to Win this World Cup.With over Billions of Humanity praying for him, surely their prayers will be heard. Pure Bliss is waiting for you this July. Salvation of Argentina Fans……

  18. am impressed with celso,Martinez, J. Corea and Meza.but not with the hype of Icardi, parades and Lamela from the youth. Bustos too is raw imo. If Banega and Perotti,the 2 underated players in mundo, used appropriately, they could bring a solution to the current mess.

    Otamendi is having a tough weeks but still a solid one. Fazio,Garay even Rojo are still prudent enough to protect the defense.

  19. We should go four man midfield because in three man midfield Messi has to drop deep just like Barcelona when Luis Enrique was in charge and it costed Barca both Champion league and LA Liga.Four man midfield of High pressing players like Lamela on left then Lanzini And one Destroyer and Meza.All are young and will provide pace in midfield.All three are kind of box to box players so will give balance to attack and defence.

    • playing with 4 men mid field is not as such easy. the strategy needs fast and attacking full backs like Alba,Marcelo,carvajal and Alves.

      If the need be then using Acuna as left back is optionless veracity so should Ansaldi for right full back. Then pocking the 4 men mid would be less of about wingers but inverted midfields. As such, Locelso,Meza/Lanzini, Dimaria/Perotti and Banega/ Pizarro woild be a good option. Leo can partner either wiz Pavo/Dybala upfront,tjough i prefer Martinez than all.

    • ●Do any1 think like this. Valverdes Barca play shcit without Messi and struggles in defence. Sampaoli is a brave coach and his tactics of attacking style was best against Italy and Spain. Only due to absence of Lanzini, Dimaria, Aguero, Messi, Dybala, Garay, Argentina lost 6-1 vs spain
      With Messi, Sampaoli’s team would hav scored max 3goals vs spain.

      ●augusto, pablo, battaglia, banega, Enzo, Paredes are better in bench not for 90min game.

      ●Dumb Huguain and Biglia no pace and cant press 90min

      ●Aguero , dimaria , lamela injury prone
      So expect better back up and test them for upcoming friendlies

      ●When Arg vs Spain until 60min. 2-1 also against strong side. I had a belief of Winning World Cup.
      It was only coz of Sampaoli as a coach.

      ●Messi will roam around and his presence makes others free and players like Dybala, Martinez, Lanzini, Lo celso, Perroti, A. Correa can kill the game with great finishes.

      ●I will repeat again. X factors^
      Lo celso

      ●Icardi and Banega no pace but can be good in sub. Both cant press 90min
      Icardi is too slow but is a killer inside box

      ●CDM- my pick Pizaaro and sub Mascherano
      Pizaaro can play like Rakitic

      Otamendi shud start CB
      Fazio/Rojo/Mori/Pezella shud be given chance in Friendlies


      Acuna LB
      Garay CB
      Otamendi CB
      Ansaldi/Mercado(gud in defence) RB

      LW confused
      Di Maria will play LW since he combines well with Messi but dimaria cant press 90min
      I will play Meza/Perroti LW
      Meza not good finisher, not strong shooter, hence Perroti will be my choice


      If aguero injured MARTINEZ OR DYBALA STARTS
      super sub will be Icardi

      ●Pavon, A. Correa, Paredes, Icardi, Banega can be in bench

      Hope Sampaoli dumb Higuain and biglia

      • The WC is approaching fast. It is not like sampa has another 2 years ahead,though he is the most open minded coach that gives a benefit of doubt and darely gave chance to every Argentian playing across the globe. Le Celso,Di Maria, Messi,Biglia,Otamendi,Acuna,Tagiafico,Fazio, Romero,Aguero,Banega,Mercado will defintely be zere. players like J.Corea, Pizarro,Meza, Garay, Dyabala,Ansaldi despite our wish ful thinking and their immense talent; all all have uncertain future. Even E.Perez and Kranevitter stands for more chance than the above.

        hope Maschie,Higuein,Caballero,Muri, are sacrified to open a room for the above mentioned talents.

        hitherto, Players like Rigonni,Papua Gomez,Acosta have been effectively ruled out.

        Finger crossed for Messi to keep producing the miracles provided that a flexible and oppenent base team is built for him.

    • I like Lamela, but he just came back from a chronic hip injury.. he may not be at his best in time to impress.

      Pastore has flopped most his chances at the NT, he has had many, and for a high tempo high pressure game Sampa aspires to, he is too lethargic. We are better off with true box to box players like Acuña, Lanzini, Locelso, etc

    • I am big fan of them but they don’t really deserve. Both of them are injured or on the bench for a long while with their club. Lamela is not Pochettino’s first choice who prefers Son. Besides in his position, you have already bunch of options. Meza, Pavon, Joaquin Correa, Di Maria, Angel Correa and Perotti all of them have great performance recently, same for all those not even picked up like Cervi and Papu.

      For Pastore, it is really a shame. His touch, vista and creativity is world-class but he destroyed his own career. In any case, with the current tactical system, he is not a good fit. He is an old-school number 10, who need at least 2 DM behind him in a 4231 or 3 midfielders behind him in a 4312 or 3412. In the 1st scenario, it means you need messi to play as right midfielder and besides, if we put 2 DM maschereno and biglia we will get smashed. In the 2nd scenario, you sacrifice all our wingers for him which is even less realistic.

      • They should be picked at least for the upcoming friendlies & see how they perform for NT (if they are injury free), since they have experience in big tournaments & no doubt they are very skilful.
        I am a big fan of both & hoping to see them perform wel for the NT.

  20. I too support 4-4-2, and higuain and biglia just waste you can findout easily. They cant press 90min and slow pace also

    Mascherano can be in bench coz he played psg comback in 3cb position. He hav experiencd to help in defence if played in CDM.

    Pizaaro is my pick as a starter. He is also good inside box

    Lanzini/pavon, Pizaaro, Locelso, Meza/perotti

    Dimaria also bad in pressing so bench him as super sub

    A. Correa and J. Correa can also combine well with Messi

    Meza, Martinez our X factor played well in last friendlies against spain and italy

    Dybala, Lanzini, Locelso our trump card after Leo Messi and Aguero

    If Aguero is injured again. I will start dybala /Martinez as both are good finishers with good pace. Also will press unlike ICARDI. So icardi shud be super sub, hes only a killer inside box

    4-4-2 my pick
    Mercado(gud in defence)/
    Ansaldi and tagliafico (gud in attack)

    Lanzini sub(Pavon)
    Locelso sub(banega)
    Pizaaro sub(mascherano)
    Meza sub(perroti/dimaria)

    Messi sub(Dybala)
    Aguero sub(Martinez)

    Squad for 4-4-2

    Benega (paredes)

    (Paredes/battaglia or any other better option) try in friendlies

    A. Correa and J. Correa can also be looked on their current form and play them in coming friendlies

    Mascherano if snubed try other opt

    Bustos/pezzella/rojo/fazio all are bad in defence
    Mori can be tested in coming friendlies

    3Gk Romero sure starter

    If mascherano is snubbed then locelso can be tried in CDM with Pizaaro. Psg vs real, locelso played CDM


  21. armani; bustos, otamendi, rojo, tagliafico; biglia, paredes; lanzini, messi, dimaria; aguero

    romero caballero
    salvio, fazio,garay, acuna
    Higuain, icardi, dybala

  22. There are no more time for experimental or trail and error phase anymore. Sampaoli already have in his hand the list of names to be in WC. We just keep our faith that the fit and proper players will be selected. I just see that the young bloods are hunger and highly potential to be in the team like Lanzini,Lo Celso, Meza,Pavon,Correa.

  23. Well, time is short and it is time to start the players that are guaranteed/almost guaranteed a spot on the final roster.

    Plugging in a player here or there and that should be it.

    I want to see Correa and Correa play for a change, especially the taller one :-0

  24. If Argentina wants to win World Cup, Hugain must be left in Argentina. I am pretty sure, against any opposition, Argentina wold create decent chance and if Hugain-the bottler is there, it is 200% guarantee he will miss that chance. Just imagine if there was Hugain in last Ecuador match instead of Messi, think he would have missed all three or at least two chances which could have cost us a world cup spot. Juventus will start winning when this bottler leave just like Real Madrid. If Sampoali play Hugain, it is confirmed we are screwed.

  25. ……… Kun ……….
    …. Locelso..Lanzini….
    …… Otamen..Garay……

    Who needs a #5? 😀

  26. • sampaoli must use all these matches,to play all those players who haven’t gut the chance to prove them self’s, such as the likes of meza,martinez,ascacibar and j.correa and pizarro,and all others who haven’t gut a fair chance.

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