Pep GUARDIOLA casts doubt on Sergio AGUERO’s World Cup fitness


Manchester City boss Pep GUARDIOLA has casted a doubt over Sergio AGUERO’s fitness for the World Cup.

The former Independiente man’s fitness has been an issue more often than not for his country in recent years. And now, with what is likely the last World Cup of Sergio AGUERO’s career, he might not be fully fit. AGUERO returned after being out for more than a month when he came on as a substitute in the Manchester derby and while he did also play a few days later in the Champions League, it might be a while until we see Kun back in action this season.

It appears as though Ashley YOUNG’s challenge on Sergio has hindered his recovery. Here’s what GUARDIOLA had to say:

“He’s not ready. I don’t know [how long he will be out]. We cannot forget he was one month injured, he made a huge effort because after the action from Ashley YOUNG against United. With the problem with the knee he could not train, he played the last 20 minutes [against Liverpool] and after the game he said, ‘I cannot run, I have a lot of pain, I cannot run’. I don’t know about Swansea [on Sunday week] if he’ll be ready but hopefully for the last games if we need him and especially for the World Cup.”

As we reported on Friday, Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI is banking on Manchester City’s all time top scorer with him to Russia. But with a not fully fit AGUERO and a Gonzalo HIGUAIN who has not had the best of matches lately for his country, will SAMPAOLI change his mind on his starting striker?


  1. This is a public blog and everyone who registered for the site is entitled to voice their opinions about everything related to NT. If I say Messi is in a bad form lately, this is not a crime, also what people and fans around the world are saying stuff like:
    *This is messi team, messi reliance has no end
    *Coaches leave out capable and fit players and stick with dinosaurs
    *Di Maria is a headless chicken and Aguero is injured 10 months per year
    *Higuaín can score hat tricks in an unimportant game, but misses sitters in a decisive game
    *Messi selects the players for the NT
    *Argentina defence and goalkeeping is below average and the team is not ready for the WC after changing 3 coaches during its campaign
    *Argentina showcase against Nigeria and Spain showed the NT as “friends met together and played for the first time”. a major journalist and football expert mentioned that.

    All that stuff has been mentioned in blogs, televised discussions, and reviews. So please don’t accuse me of being a hater or whatever you imagine. I come here and post my observation on all cylinders, not for blind, delusionist fans, but to other people who visit the site and read public reactions to the current shitty NT performance, and that could be the coaching staff themselves.

    • I am new. But I have been a regular reader of Munro albiceleste.many people are saying that icardi should not be selected because he has no pace, no link up playing ability, but what I think if higuain deserves this shirt, then icardi should be an automatic starter.

    • Hi I am new, I have been reading this site for a long time. Many people have many opinions. What I think if higuain deserves a spot in Argentina team, then icardi should be the main strikers of our beloved team

  2. All of us are aware of the fact without Messi we are nothing!! No Argentina fan can hate Messi!!We are only against the syndicate that He and his close friends are running. All of us want best for the team. Remember how Biglia was vocal when Higuain was dropped.. Biglia himself shouldn’t be in the team anymore.. Apparently many here are unaware of the scandalous affair Icardi had with Maxi Lopez’s wife . That is the prime reason for him being out of the team.

    Icardi should have been picked in the last last world cup but he wasn’t because Mascherano blocked him out of the team. All of us remember the horrible misses of Higuain but nobody is talking about the 2 horrible misses of Mr Palacio.. Do you remember Kun putting both hands on his head when he witness the misses!!! Icardi was already the leading striker in Inter in 2014 ahead of Palacio but Palacio was picked because of the scandal. There is no point punishing someone that happened outside of the field & dressing room and Maxi Lopez would have never been selected any way!!

    I was really hopeful when Sampaoli picked Icardi but he couldn’t perform as expected because our midfield sucks!! The guy has been scoring goals after goals and he is in red hot form. Most importantly he is Mentally stronger than Higuain and fitter than Aguero.. One of the prime reason we haven’t won any world cup because of our coaches controversial decisions so lets all hope that Sampaoli is different and he has given us hope by selecting multiple youngsters in short span of time .

    • You talking abt Messi and friends ruining Icardi’s chances.
      Icardi woudnt hav played with Messi in earlier qualifier if your thinking was right.
      Sulav try to understand real story behind and dont be senseless guy in the mundo forum.

      Icardi is slow and cant press 90min. But is killer inside box. Against Vanezuela he played schit. He dint played best for Inter in big games and all players hav to feed him, great finisher. But i too prefer him in bench as super sub. He will be much better upgrade to Higuain but not Aguero. If Aguero is injured then I prefer MARTINEZ to start in World cup or we cud try Dybala in friendlies to test him.

      Not disrespecting you but this is just my opinion. Take it or erase it

      • @Leo Messi,

        “Icardi is slow and cant press 90min”

        Does this mean Higuain flies like Leroy Sane and he presses crazily like Arturo Vidal?

        Dude, let’s be realistic, Argentina doesn’t have a better striker than Icardi right now. I like Aguero and he is great but he has fitness problems.

        It’s true Icardi doesn’t press well but he is excellent at the main task of a striker which is scoring goals.

        I am really surprised about these people who say Icardi had enough time with the NT and failed to show his qualities.

        If three bad games can decide a player’s future with the NT, then what do you think about Higuain? He, Higuain, had loads of very bad games with Argentina and flops every time he puts on the NT jersey.

        If Higuain goes to Russia and Icardi is ignored by Sampa then this will go down in football history books as the worst injustice a football player has ever experienced.

        • I never said i want Higuain. And I also mentioned I want Icardi in bench as super sub hes great finisher. But if Aguero is injured Martinez or Dybala my pick to start the game

          I too dont belive in higuain, Aguero, dimaria, biglia.

          @Argentina 2018 hav your opinion. Iam never against it. But never say if you are not fully sure abt tean selection. MESSI AND FRIENDS. how are you this sure about Messi selectng team.
          Sampaoli is selecting team who can combine well with Messi. SAMPAOLI is controlling the game. AND DO YOU THINK Sampaoli put Messi in bench nd select your opinion and play your bunch of players. He trust Messi more than any1. Sampaoli looking for players who can combine well with Messi. Thats important for him. Because hes Great coach by utilising Messi factor.
          Even i hope sampaoli drop Huguain , Biglia for Russia

          • I think sampaoli will finally take 4 forward s & not 5 to give midfield more options ( counting pavon in midfield as a winger)
            So the four will be
            Messi, aguero & 2 more. Icardi, Martinez, higuain ,dybala have a fight in hand. If logic prevails it will be icardi & Martinez joining final 23. I am confident aguero will be fit by June. He will be rested by pep till then.

          • @amit, Aguero won’t be match fit if he misses rest of the season; he should have atleast couple of competitive matches under his belt; else it’s better to drop him from the squad; Another player who is fit & in form can get the chance;
            For WC and CA, Aguero travelled just recovering from the injury & being not match fit; You know what happened; It’s foolish to commit the same mistake again and again

            The same should be the case for any player except Messi;

  3. This site keeps getting weirder and weirder by the day!

    So Kun can’t go then Sam has to pick a replacement, if not Dybala or Icardi then who?

    Whats the deal with all of the Messi hate around here all of a sudden? its either we kiss his ass or crap all over him around here. I find it tiring and disheartening to come here and see either all the negativity or the unnecessary praise of this player or that. Nothing said, discussed, praised, ………etc around here will result in either Sam changing his selection or for players to perform better…….think about that and maybe we wont be at one another throat fighting and calling each other names.
    Look, whatever will happen will happen, we can only hope for the Best and Correa is playing Great and just scored. I know he needs to be on the team and lets hope he’s selected.

  4. As someone said Sampaoli has obsession with wingers. Has plentifull but he do no know who will play. He has also obsession with passers type central midfielders but he has not Mascherano successor. Do we really need Masche successor? Many may tell teams like Spain are doing great without classic destroyer. That’s true. But Argentina can’t do without such player. After Simeone and Mascherano we have this role in our DNA. Only Mascherano was our DM 15 years! You must realize that. There’s a big gap now there in central midfield and we will lost many goals (like against Nigeria, Spain) for the reason because we cant switch and transform just within few weeks to football without that role basing on possesion and defensive chemistry between our mild passers.

    There’s no Battaglia on the long list. No Ascacibar. Loser like Banega will be somwhere there in CM.

    • You are absolutely right Gonzalo, the DM # 5 has become of the most iconic, quintessentially Argentine positions. Yet Mascherano and Biglia are past their prime and we have a big gap to fill. Maybe Ascacibar could have succeeded in that role. Yes he’s young and still too raw but can he really do worse than Biglia. He has adapted quite nicely to German football.

      • That is the question. I am fan of Ascacibar since his first game (literally) in Estudiantes. He is our future. ATM I would take Battaglia over him. But not the Battaglia from last matches against Atletico (he was mediocree and looked tired) but that Battaglia of CHampions League matches against top European Teams. He was great then defensively.

        Just as you, EnganChe, I thought about Ascacibar and his inexperice and my question is the same: “can he really do worse than Biglia?”
        I think at least defensively he would be better than Biglia or Masche.

        • Ascacibar is a really RIGHT NOW!!! He plays in a middle of the table type of team in one of europe’s best leagues and he performs every week. Not only that but he’s actually a fine passer as well, hence why he plays as a CM in a 4-4-2. Any player who establishes himself in a strong league from day one at only the age of 20 is a player that has the mentality to make an impact at the WC, but alas Biglia and Masch are first on the call sheet while Battaglia and Ascaciber aren’t even considered.

      • None of them (Battaglia, Ascacibar and Marcone) are in Sampa’s radar;
        Sampa is looking for options on the wide players; I didn’t get that

        • i don’t get what sampaoli’s thinking ,he is giving chance to rigoni but reluctant to give chance to battaglia ,marcone etc.
          This sampaoli’s there to ruin messi’s dream had we chose pekerman instead of him things would be much better.
          He is in this job for 8/9 months now still unable pick local talents like centurion,marcone,pity martinez,barboza,pusseto etc .

  5. @Moderators, kindly ban all the JustMessiFans from here… or probably a warning to them that is is an Argentina Football blog and not a Messi Football blog. lol
    Messi is the world’s best player no doubt and probably one of world’s greatest ever but for Argentina we need ‘a team and a coach’ and not ‘friends and a puppet’
    Argentina2018, Gonzalo, Sulav, San Isdro, Alfio, Rune, Dadir are telling the truth and many messi fans are hurt by it…
    But as fans of Argentina lets all pray that miracles happen in Russia and Argentina wins the world cup.

    • Congratulating 2 fool Argentina fans. Chalz and Argentina2018.
      You can do only this in your life. Thts criticize everytime.

      How can some1 like you sooo stupid.
      Idiotic kid like you can’t take the selection from Sampaoli and hence criticize Leo Messi

      Majority of games Messi played in qualifiers we won. And lost when he has not played.

      Last 25 international games. With Messi, we only failed 3 game. Brazil game and
      2games we failed in penalty. 17won 5draws and still you bark as a plastic fan of Argentina.

      We hav to be together even if Arg fails in WC coz Messi put us there from humiliation. We may not be having these discussions of squad selections and blame Messi for this squad selection.

      We wud not hav dreamt abt WC if Messi dint Comeback from RETIREMENT.

      (Argentina 2018) whoever you are, kid ya adult . I see a disgusting guy in this mundo. Dumbest fan I ever came across
      Hope you never change and continue to spread your craps

      (Chalz) another crap. Pls bark nonsense again if Sampaoli select team who can combine well with Messi. If you hav balls talk to Sampaoli face to face and force him to change since you act like better coach than Sampaoli

      Its easy to criticize Messi . But coach is responsible for how to play in WC.
      Even i too dont wish Biglia and Higuain. They are too slow and cant press 90min.

    • block messi fans…. **** yourself you and argentina 2018 hiding… after equador match… dont watch football untill messi is there… come after he retired…. you dont know nothing about football…. both of you want to critisize.. nothing else. dont come here… this block was true fans and supporters…. you both of them are haters… if argentina wins then i will dare some of them here… you both on the list first….

    • You can ban and block Messi fans from this site and welcome all Messi haters here. But you should agree one thing that all your Messi or Messi fans criticism is based on your ASSUMPTION THAT MESSI IS BEHIND ARGENTINA TEAM SELECTION which is a clear humiliation to Messi and Messi fans. It is upto Sampa to select his team. Sampa may have a different opinion on a player as all of you have different opinions regarding this player or that player. There is no logic in accepting Messi fans haters opinions only and reject Messi fans opinions.

      • those idoiots dont understand why sampoalli selected icardi before… and dybala… if messi hates want his team means why sampaolli selected 50 above players in a one year…. everybody has opinion… sampoalli too…. and messi too….. if you have your opinion means… players have some opinion too… if you want your team,… go and try to be the coach of argentina….. here no one satisfied…. every list… they bring pastore lamela one time then they critisize same players… this is example but like many names… even good list comes… when team not performed… they bring another name…. here you wont decide the team… you have to support what ever list comes on.. if you dont like it or.. that team will fail… then go away from this site dont waste your time if you have sense… you can give opinion…. dont critsize anyone… if you support argentina only go and support other sports argentina playing…. dont waste time on football team…. sampoalli will select any team i will support..and i believe argentina will win a world cup…

    • now your false accusation are truly mirror imaging your personality! your polarized view is now fortressing its own camp and advocating for bloggers ban. No wonder why you are making baseless accussation against Messi. Had you been on Messi’s place( w/ c you will never be even in your daily rotine life) you would have chosen peoles with alike mind of yours than basing on meritocracy. I can see where all the dirty accusations are coming from.

      Assumptions are exceptionally admissable evidences considered as releavant when ever the law proves them to be factually mostly the case. In any other senarios evididence is what counts to judge peoples. In what Universe would a person be considered as a blind Messi fan while defending the Truth? I bet you will never produce any evidence showcasing even Messi’s influnce in players selection forget having a final say?

  6. Icardi is not a must when I think L.Martinez is there. But when I think Higuain and Aguero are there – then Icardi is must. Higuain is mere crap while Aguero is waste of place – he will be injured as well as Di Maria. That’s for sure. Wait and see. Argentina does not deserve for any title becasue they are doing the same blunders year after year. 1/4, quarterfinal at best – no chance for semis for us.

  7. I saw some comments about leadership. To be honest, I am not sure if that really still applies to modern football. Fighting spirit everyone has it on the pitch for professional football. When you saw barca and spain dominated the football from 2008-2012, did you see that on their face? No because there is no need to show, everyone is professional. To me, tactics more important. If you are dominated tactically, no matter how hard you try, you will always fail and you will easily get tired which cause you weaker mentally.

  8. If aguero is not fit until may 26 then sampaoli should drop him from 23 man squad.even if he gets fit before 16th June he will be not match dybala in place of aguero and he can perform.higuain is a bum he will not score any goals against top team so no point starting him.not sure about Martinez never seen him play.




    Write in Spanish if you can or use GOOGLE TRANSLATE.


    • You are wasting your time, the list passes through Messi before being published. Also both Messi and Sampaoli read and heard enough from journalists and critics around the globe on how they are not including these players, but they gave deaf ears to the experts of the industry, so now you want few tweets from fans change their minds? Have you heard of Messi-Mascherano mafia?

      • Dude your hate for Messi is unreal and i know you are depressed right and just blabbing weird stuff. If messi was in charge then players like Higuain would never leave the team or players like rojo either.

        I just hope sampaoli makes the right moves. Gaeray, Ansaldi & battaglia are must.

      • Stop your gibberish and give it a rest please. If this was Messi’s team, as you claim, HIGUAIN would have been featured long ago. Garay would have been selected. Also, Dybala is only Messi’s sub, so why would he care whether he’s selected or not ? Y’all seem to forget how Bad Argentina looked without Messi during qualifiers. Some of you constantly bash the only hope Argentina has smh… Flaky fans

      • Argentina2018, You are criticizing current Argentina squad. I would love to hear which squad and formation you prefer.
        Stop the gibberish and talk football.

    • Icardi is not a must, Inter fights for the CL-spots, and Icardi failed third times in a row, vs Milan with 2 horrible misses, vs Torino and vs Atalanta in ghost mode, he’s not the striker we need, only a great poacher, dont press, dont move, lazy like hell and very limited overall, Lautaro Martinez over him as a sub who is a complete striker passing, dribbling, clinical finish, fighting.

      • Ok, But i still liked what i saw from him in Qualifiers. We do need a poacher who can finish chances as Messi doens’t play close to goal.

        But just as fans we can give this a try. you never know our prayers and perserverance will work.

        • When messi played as false 9 for barca earlier in the season he was onfire. I think it worth trying to play him there and put two energetic runners on eitherside of him who can also finish well when they get the chance, example j correa & angel correa or lautaro martinez. We will have decent midfield who can supply if the right combinations are used.

          • We have no one to create… We don’t have a no 10… Dimaria gets 1 out of 10 crosses right.. If he is fit to play that is which i highly doubt…
            Therefore Messi has to play on midfield

          • I agree with guled. He should play in this position, oscillating between forward and playmaker position, surrounded by 2 wingers. 1 more focus on the creation, AM-winger and the other one in a more advanced position, kind of forward-winger, like Claudio Lopez in the old days. For the 1st profile, in the supposed list of 34, I can see Di Maria, Lanzini or Meza. For the 2nd one, Pavon. The playmaker task could be shared between Messi, the AM-Winger and Lo Celso. For the finishing, if Messi plays in a deeper position, then Pavon cut in, midfielders like Acuna and Enzo can also give some support. I don’t see any issue if Messi takes this role. As such, if I were Samp, I would have included Joaquin Correa who is similar to Pavon.

          • Dimaria(Pavon) – Messi – Lanzini/Pavon
            Lo Celso Meza/Lanzini
            Tagliafico Fazio(Garay/Mori) Otamendi Bustos

            If Aguero is not fit & if sampaoli doesn’t have full confidence in Martinez to start, it’s better to put Messi as false 9 with above formation; Messi surrounded by players with good at passing & linkup, full of energy and who can track back/recover the ball well;

        • guled: do you ever get it? Messi and Mascherano don’t want Icardi near the team at any cost. Icardi can win the CL this season and still won’t get a call for NT duty. Messi and his buddies don’t want him just because Maxi’s wife was depressed in her marriage and found a better partner in Icardi, if not Icardi, she would still find another man and takes her kids with her. That is the mentality of Argentinian culture, they can’t separate personal life from personal achievement.

          It’s not about hate to Messi, He’s the first or second best player today, but he never won anything at the national level because he wants to play with his friends, besides he comes to the WC in a bad form. Even Ronaldo won something for his nation.

  10. If Aguero is not available then straight replace with Mauro ICARDI … Though We need both but if and only if

    BUT IMO Mauro ICARDI should be in WC …. HIGUAIN MY BE NOT …as per current FORM not for Player capability !!!!

    • Because he’s in the wrong filed, his career would be brighter if he pursued social media marketing career.

  11. Great otamendi has just been dropped to the bench. Argentinian players really need to perform especially at this crucial time before wc.

  12. Shoot, I just realized Rojo is also going to Russia. Does Sampaoli has a brain? Rojo? Did somebody pay Sampaoli money to work against the team strength to bring dead fish in every position? Rojo? The guy’s belly and attitude says it all about his fitness level.

  13. Wow what a sluggish performance by Messi against Valencia. He’s losing form by the end of the season. His shots were not on target and his run and sprint were both useless. As for Dembele, a price of $120 mil, that was a theft. This guy can’t be a sub for Qatar National Team, not to mention playing for Barcelona. If Valencia’s attackers were more clinical, this match would end in Valencia’s favour. Barcelona’s main problem, they don’t have a good captain with leadership skills and passion like other teams. They really need to find him or they can’t succeed in CL competition. Iniesta and Messi both have zero leadership mastery.

    • Messi is injured and he is preserving himself for the world cup but velverde seems like adamant to play him even with injury.

  14. This is probably from some Ronaldo’ blind and tendentious fan but this is also one of the many reasons why Ronaldo won with Portugal Euro and Messi didn’t won Copa America with Argentina despite the fact that it was 100x time more likely to see Argentina as continental Champion than Portugal. Messi and Ronaldo reactions for conceeded goals in last CL games:

    • Mentality of winner is crucial. Now you can’t just take all this players with losers mentality like Di Maria, Higuain, Aguero, Banega, Biglia, Mascherano, Rojo and think about WC title. Take Messi and kick out the rest.

    • Gonzalo, that’s exactly what all critics think. Messi is no leader comparing to Ronaldo. I believe Pique can be a better motivator in Barca than the introvert Messi. That was why no one believes he can win a world cup add to that a shitty squad around him. It’s very obvious from this clip that Messi can’t be a motivator. What a humiliating loss against Roma after 4-1 win? He needs months to recover from that loss. If Ronaldo wins the CL, he will be crowned best player next year and seals best player status.

  15. A lot of BS talk about players roster and selection. Rumours would get cascaded easily in the era of social networks like in mundo and could kill humble human being’s moral like Leo’s when the team loses,to say the least.

    Sampoli’s open mindness is unmatched so far. Icardi and Dyabala got a regular starting role in the WCQ matches. We have seen how we were almost eliminated in their presence. When they get relegated Bendetoo prove his worth by assisting messi in the final third especially via his off ball movenents. unless the false propagation again lies to our face the two strikers were ousted by Bendetto not Mundo labelled Messi’s friends. How is Garay absence now explained by another mubdo BS. The latest claim was he refused to take part when needed spearheading family issues. If any he won olympics and youth WC with Leo to the extent I know.

    J. Corea and other youngsters w’d be the notable absences if not selected but won’t give me any reason to came up with unsubstantiated claims against Messi. It is good to learn how to accept defeat w/c is natural in foot ball than crying for non sense.

    Any coach shall come with a right strategy and tactics of implementation. I agree with claudio that club performance has little to do with replicating it in Natinal team. Fernadinho above Casemiro sayas it all. Paulinho is a crucial player next to Neymar at least in the qualification matches. But he is not better than any of the rest of the Brazilians.

    Acuna and Salvio perfectly feet for wing backs so was E. Perez which is Sampa’s idea from the outset. He should capitlize on the formation.

    Good to discuss players selection visa vis the formation/strategy than dwelling on the false propagations also demeaning our important player. The ream lacks creativity and stable defense currently. I am sure Sampa will solve this soon.

    Celso, Meza and Tagliafico are good players. But the coach should figure it out how they can be used. France has the best youth w/c is not a guarentee for building a wining team even in the tournament they hosted. Take it easy and focus on the solution.

  16. This is probably from some Ronaldo’ blind and tendentious fan but this is also one of the many reasons why Ronaldo won with Portugal Euro and Messi didn’t won Copa America with Argentina despite the fact that it was 100x time more likely to see Argentina as continental Champion than Portugal. Messi and Ronaldo reactions for conceeded goals in last CL games:

  17. Messi and Masch. Mafia will have a final showdown and a final humiliation.
    There is no any team would leave out Icardi, Dybala, J.Correa, Garay, Ansaldi, and some other decent defenders who are fit and take some rotten dead fish to the wc instead.

    Messi should be quiet after his humiliation in the CL against Roma (a team that is weak in it’s local league and lost tons of games against relegated teams in Serie A), that how impotent Messi can be in decisive games with zero leadership style. He hasn’t learned anything from De Rossi or Cristiano Ronaldo’s leadership and fighting spirit in big games. Now he wants the team to be called Messi’s team, rather Friends’ club.

    Even if Aguero still on wheelchair, he will be taken to world cup, Messi asks, Messi gets. It’s simple as that. Higuaín and Diva as well will be starters along with Biglia and the grandfather Mascherano.

    I doubt we can defeat Nigeria or Croatia, so don’t be shocked if we are out of the tournament from the group stage. Unless Messi retires, we will never win a world cup.

    Critics keep calling that our back line sucks, and our goalkeeper is the weakest among giant teams. With no reliable defenders, and club bench warmer goalkeeper, add to that lame Messi’s friends, the outcome is very obvious today.

    • “Unless Messi retires, we will never win a world cup.”
      We won’t even be at world cup if it wasn’t for him. He single handedly took us to the world cup. Yet we speak like that.
      Messi deserve more respect.

      • They didn’t face Brazil or Uruguay in the last qualifying match. Ecuador was already eliminated, some of their key players were missing. Also winning that game set the threshold to deserve be part of the WC, no credit would be given to any player or Messi would win the Ballon d’or this year. It was a good performance, but can’t be counted as a deed, it’s not like he’s winning copa or wc against a tough rival. Messi and co will never top tough rivals in big real competitions (not qualifiers). If Argentina plays Germany today in a real competition, they would lose in the same fashion we’ve seen in recent years. The team plays rubbish and mainly because Messi wants to play with his buddies.

      • Agree bro … this guys are anti Argentine … always criticizing the great !!
        I am getting feed up to seeing same in this forum ..I have doubt that they are really like Argentine football …I never heard any Portugal fan criticized Ronaldo like this ..

        Even All the great footballers or legends said about Messi …already a legend … this people trying to prove them wrong as well .

      • This dude Argentina2018 might be the biggest idiot on this forum. According to him, Ronaldo’s mental fortitude is greater than Messi’s. Just a reminder; Ronaldo just started playing well over the last 2 months, prior to that, he was a shell of himself. More absurdly, people are crediting Ronaldo for Portugal winning the Euros.. 🤣🤣 .. Ronaldo was not only mediocre throughout that whole tournament, he also got injured early in the final.. meaning he had zero impacts on the outcome of the game. The difference is, Ronaldo’s teammates unlike Messi’s, prevailed and won the final. I rarely comment but please, stop the nonsense. Not saying Messi is above criticism but be objective smh

    • ohh really !!!
      Are you a fan of Argentina ?
      if yes you should be think before talking rubbish …Messi is the player who bring us great football and we are lucky that he is an Argentine… can you tell me any other player for last 10 year having this much capabilities except Ronaldo !!!

    • Congratulatiin you fool Argentina fan.
      You can do only this in your life. Thts criticize everytime.

      How can some1 like you sooo stupid.
      Idiotic kid like you can’t take the selection from Sampaoli and hence criticize Leo Messi

      Majority of games Messi played in qualifiers we won. And lost when he has not played.

      Last 25 international games. With Messi, we only failed 3 game. Brazil game and
      2games we failed in penalty. 17won 5draws and still you bark as a plastic fan of Argentina.

      We hav to be together even if Arg fails in WC coz Messi put us there from humiliation. We may not be having these discussions of squad selections and blame Messi for this squad selection.

      We wud not hav dreamt abt WC if Messi dint Comeback from RETIREMENT.

      Argentina 2018 whoever you are, kid ya adult . I see a disgusting guy in this mundo. Dumbest fan I ever came across
      Hope you never change and continue to spread your craps

    • FUCK OFF!!!

      You dumb shit. you keep slandering Messi every comment you make MOFO. Ronaldo my ass fucking bitch. He performed in 2 games out of 7in euro. They won the Euro without him u effin dimwit tard face.

      I agree Messi lacks leadership, Agree he needs to speak up when it is required. But man you are a piece of shit. The fucking Ronaldo has 3 goals in 3 world cups and has 1 gifted by the goalie he paid in the world cup.
      In Euro Pepe and Nani were the best players along with Quaresma. HE was not even in top 10 rankings of the best players in EUROS.

    • Yo time out everyone! Look if you guys don’t like some one else’s comment simply don’t read them or don’t respond to them or if you have to respond to them then please do it in a respectful manner, no need to use insults and profanity.
      Regarding the ‘Messi and friends club’ talk, well I think Arg2018 is going alittle overboard but there is some truth to it. Higuain, Banega, Masch, Rojo and to a lesser extent Biglia have been horrible for a very long time and I think the reason why they’re still untouchable is because Sampa sees in practice how comfortable messi is when they’re around. Ofcourse that’s the incorrect way to go about assembling a team but that’s how Sampa is approaching the team that he himself has labelled as ‘messi’s team’, but I truly don’t believe that Lio goes up to him and tells him who he wants on the team simply because messi’s never exhibited that type of personality, but if it turns out that it is true and that the team’s selection is predicated on Messi then let him and the rest of his over the hill friends go down in flames.

  18. As Sulav said Garay stayed away from team because of Mascherano and Messi.
    Messi needs a Sabella like school master to teach him a lesson. He will never learn. Im glad he will retire soon.
    I care about Argentina thats all, not Messi even though i love Messi as a player but he simply destroyed himself.

      • accept the fact mate. By the way, are you an fan of Argentina or a fan of Messi?
        If you are a fan of Messi… this blog is not the place.
        Its loud and clear… this is Messi’s team. If coaches dont select his buddies… they face a tough time with him so most of them just give in to save their life.
        Argentina needs lots of powerful prayers if it is to win this world cup.

  19. We need energetic skill full and injury less player who play total 7 matches with out any injury.It is better to select maximum young players who are hungry for glory and for the country.If sampa didn’t pic icardi and dybala then it could be disaster for Argentina..Messi cannot provide gigantic performance for Argentina throughout the 7e matches.and we need young player who give exceptional fight any kind of heavy weight country..and Gary ansaldi must be chosen for Argentina bacause at the moment ansaldi is the best right back among argentine players who plays globally..and at last we need fully fit(MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY) and regular starter player then no other country will beat us at any level..

  20. Pep also said recently that if Kun is fit then Argentina has a chance at winning the world cup. Which probably means he doesn’t rate HIguain that high.

  21. What Pep Guardiola thinks means nothing to Argentina national team. It doesn’t matter how unfit Aguero.. Dimaria are they will get to watch the world cup from the dugout/bench.

    Queen messi might have threatened to retire if they select Icardi who banged the whore wife of Mascherano’s best pal. So Aguero is a must . Since Messi knows everything about football he wants Rojo and Funes mori the two best centre backs of EPL in the team. I think Garay had enough of this men-love betweem messi and his friends and decided to quit. I. Doubt he will be back.

    I am trying to mentally prepare myself for early exit. Argentina is not going to win anything until this guy Messi is around. No matter how old and unfit his friends are Queen would always force the coach to select his bffs!!

  22. Even Pep must be surprised that Aquero get the call from Sampaoli. No doubt Kun is our best No.9 when he is fit but as usual and always he will get injured and cant play 7 games in row. Higuain as a sub cannot deliver the goal. Martinez is still green. We need Correa or Icardi for back up Kun. Please write off Higuain.

  23. Aguero and DiMaria will ot be able to play 7 games in a month. In we make it to the quater, semifinals or even the final we will have to field people who are on the bench. That is why people like Icardi and Dybala should be there. They are not the first choice of many posters here, but be realistic. Your preferred starters won’t last the whole tournament.
    The selection of Funes Mori and Rojo proves Sampa does not care for fitness level…

    • Chill its not official.I am quite sure funes Mori will not be selected for the world cup.I hope garay gets selected but ansaldi most probably will not be selected if aguero out then surely icardi will get the chance.I hope aguero will be fit come he has 1.5 months to 2 months to be fit for the wc.and if not sampaoli can call for his replacement 24 hrs before the first match even outside from the 35 man initial squad.that’s the rule of FIFA

      • If Aguero is out Messi-Masch mafia will make sure they will pick some b-grade striker but Icardi will not be picked… Masch should hang his boots but no he will make sure we will be knocked out in the group stages… I ll be surprised if mentally weak messi will bail us out this time… His confidence won’t be the same after that humiliating defeat against Roma…

  24. So Aguero is injured, surprise surprise!!
    I wish kun a (not so) speedy recovery at least not in time to make the WC because he cannot be relied on to stay fit. I could say the same about Lanzini and Maria but Argentina doesn’t have many players who are as versatile and skillful as Manu playing right now and Maria would be a great supersub so I’d risk taking them both but I’d still start Meza and Pavon ahead of them.

    • I’d rather hope Aguero gets full fitness for knock out stages at least. He is not the same player he was 10 months ago. I doubt if we will be able to sufficiently replace him. None of our strikers is similar to him except Lautaro Mertinez.

      • What happened at Copa America Centenario? The same would be the case; He will be rusty and will be a big-headache at that crucial juncture;
        It’s better to start with Martinez in the friendlies; As per the news, Higuain will be in the final squad but atleast hope he isn’t the first choice or starter

        • I am all in for Martinez starting in the friendlies.
          If Higuain is there, there won’t be any Icardi. Dybala, if selected, looks unlikely to start with Messi at this point. If there’s no Icardi or, Aguero, Higuain will start. Martinez has played just 20mins so far. I am not sure he is in Sampa’s plan as a starter.
          So the only player that will most definitely bench Higuain is Aguero. Besides, Aguero has been on a different level this season. Man City failed to replace him against Liverpool and paid the price.
          I know how injury prone Aguero is. All I am saying is if Aguero misses the WC due to injury or, any reason, we will struggle to replace him.

          • It’s not Aguero’s absence that caused city’s loss to Liverpool; The horrible defensive mistakes, Pep’s wrong setup in the first leg, no leadership & unsurety.
            After the 1st leg it is always going too much for City against this Liverpool side; Aguero could not have done much;
            Sterling was awful in the second leg just like our Higuain; missed too many chances;

            In last 7 to 8 years; Aguero was never fit for the whole tournament while playing for ARG; How can one expect him being available and expect winning something for ARG; without atleast a good backup?

    • 100% agree, Aguero is a great club player. Position-wise, Aguero is becoming too similar to Messi, kind of forward-playmaker. And his playing style has always been: walk, wait for the ball, combine or dribble. It’s exactly the same thing with Messi. We need diversification and now it’s the best timing with his injuries. Messi need his partners to run for covering him, to be agile in tight space and fast. Pavon is the man.

      For Sampaoli, Meza should be just behind Lanzini and in front of Perotti in his hierarchy. So should be ok. He will probably take 3 wingers-attacking midfielders with him(Di Maria, Lanzini and Meza).

  25. Higuain was poor vs Juventus. He missed the only chance he got failing to lift the ball over the goalkeeper. His linkup play was good in the past. From what I saw against Juventus and NT friendlies recently, even his passing looks bad now. He is underhitting them. We all know he is a choker in big games. If he can’t help with his linkup play, what the hell will he do in Russia?

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