Poll: Who should be Argentina’s starting goalkeeper for the World Cup?


There are a few options, some more popular than others but who would you put as Argentina’s starting goalkeeper for the World Cup?

If rumors are to be believed, Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has five goalkeeper names on his preliminary list of 35 players. Those names are Sergio ROMERO of Manchester United, uncapped Franco ARMANI of River Plate, recently capped Willy CABALLERO of Chelsea and Mexican based duo Nahuel GUZMAN (Tigres) and Agustin MARCHESIN (Club America). No place for youngster Geronimo RULLI who seems to be completely out of the picture.

Sergio ROMERO has been Argentina’s starting goalkeeper for the past five tournaments. Runners up in the 2014 FIFA World Cup as well as the 2015 and 2016 Copa’s America. He was also the first choice in South Africa in 2010 and the 2011 Copa America. While not a regular for his club, he has stepped it up and saved his country when they needed him the most in the past three tournaments.

For the longest time, there were rumors that Franco ARMANI would get capped for Colombia. Having spent seven years at Atletico Nacional, Los Cafeteros were reportedly interested for the longest time in getting him to play for them. His impressive performances have carried over to his now new club, River Plate. While never being selected for an Argentina squad, there are strong rumors that the the 31 year old goalkeeper could make the World Cup team.

Some might say four years too late but Willy CABALLERO finally received his first cap(s) for his country. Part of the 2001 U20 World Cup winning team, CABALLERO really made a name for himself at Malaga in the season leading up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. With Sergio ROMERO not a first choice starter for his club at the time (oddly enough, still not a first choice starter), many were asking for CABALLERO to be start in Brazil. It wasn’t to be and while he’s now second choice at Chelsea, he finally received his first two caps. The first in the 2-0 win against Italy and the second, one he would probably like to forget, the 6-0 loss to Spain.

A starter for his club Club America, Nahuel GUZMAN has six caps for his country. Four wins, two draws and a defeat, all of them in friendly matches. He’s let in a total of three goals (two versus Mexico and one in the 1-0 defeat to Portugal). He was part of Argentina’s runner-up teams in the 2015 and 2016 Copa’s America.

Another Mexican based shot stopper, Agustin MARCHESIN has represented his country two names, the latest being the 4-2 loss to Nigeria. MARCHESIN, who was not part of the recent squad, stated that the match versus Nigeria should not be used to keep him out of the team.

Those are the main candidates, vote in our poll below and let us know which three goalkeepers you would take for the World Cup!

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  1. Watched the game against Spain yesterday. Am not too much into tactical analysis, but during the first 45 min, I observed that for the first time team that was playing as a unit and was trying to outplay opponents. The strategy in the previous matches was to somehow route everything through Messi. But this was different. There was some level of understanding in the midfield. The chances created in the first half were decisive (conversion is still an issue..) and if Higuaín had been spot on, we would have seen more goals.

    There are defensive issues still. I am almost certain that we will find ourselves in a 2 vs 1 and 3 vs 2 situations, which was never the case in 2014. But then that has to be compensated with offense upfront. I feel we are making good progress, but then time is against the team. The prep before the WC will be key. With Messi/Di Maria/Aguero/Dybala (Hopefully) integrated ..this team can go a long way.

  2. Messi hatred here is unbelievable.unbelievable that messi is absolutely hated by Argentina fans.it’s messi who help them 4 finals.last time they won anything was in 1993.last time they reached a final was in 1990.when maradona dragged them to the finals.after Messi retires Argentina will struggle to reach quarters also.only in Argentina messi is so hated and it’s painful to see a Argentina football blog moderators supporting this messi slander by ignoring this users.constructive criticism is ok.i also sometimes criticize him but this is plain abusive comments plain slandering and wc squad even not announced officially.looks like they have an agenda .sampaoli is the first coach who gave young players chances.this so called intellectual pundits want sampaoli to drop all messi dimaria aguero Romero mascherano etc and want to field a u20 squad what a great idea.yes Argentina is not among favorites but only few critics giving little chance to Argentina that’s only because of messi and only Messi.we all saw how youngsters perform in olympics and this guys saying Messi retirement will be blessing in disguise.shameful comment.

    • I totally agree with u. Admin of this blog is promoting negative personality like Argentina2018. His all comments for past few days criticize only Messi. He cant be Argentina fan with too much Messi hatred. Its annoying seeing his repetitive slogans of ” MESSI AND FRIENDS” all his comment. He might be a kid imo because when I exposed him he hide like a coward for sometime and then returned with idiotic mindset of ” Im having multiple ID’s. Hes completely insane
      If admin don’t ban these type of negativity then I dont prefer to be part of this blog.
      Please ban @Argentina2018 . We need positive discussions here

      Hes loosing himself after Sampaoli rejected his fav players Icardi or blah blah.
      Hope admin is smart enough to remove such craps.

    • Agree with you bro …Admin should be active against those users who are not only Criticizing messi even making bad comments on him and the team ….. they are not Argentina Fans …they are provoking others to do same …
      @Argentina2018 should be banned

  3. i am just happy when this WC is finally over and all the Players have to retire from NT. Without Messi and the likes we can finally start new. and i think we can have a very good Team in 2022. this future team lines up very easily and smoothly.
    bustos foyth mammana tagliafico
    ascasibar paredes lo celso
    dybala icardi correa

    pavon, meza, kranevitter, and other exciting talents in the backhand….i think it is a Blessing that messi and this NT very soon are done and he will be forgotten as just another johan cruyff.

  4. Perotti is on the verge of full recovery. Celso has been bashed by some mubdo members as lacking the needed quality of surviving intense games like Vs Monaco and Lyon. Lemar and Motinho were there yesterday and you can take the 2 goals as ur sleeping pills if you still keep your daubts about his class.

    Celso,Di Maria, Messi, Pavon, Acuna,Salvio,Fazio,Otamendi, Perez,Banega, Mercado,Biglia, Meza,Perotti, J. Correa, Romero, Garay, Tagliafico,(redcarded wiz a flop of the match display yesterday against PSV. hope it is just an off day incident), Martinez, Dyabala and Parades if not either fully fit Lanzini or Aguero for the latter. Hope Sampa goes with this final list.

  5. Leo Messi and Kid are same person. He uses multiple ID’s to back up himself as usual. Kid is back for another war, game is on little brat.

  6. Kid: Just for the record, Kid was banned at some point from this site after trolling, insulting people then spamming the whole site for several hours. Roy decided to ban him from the site, then the former went asking for forgiveness and through the reconciliation of the good people back then, he was reinstated and given a last chance, some senior account holders here recall the incident. I remember some claimed that Kid was just a little girl, not a guy, some claimed he was Brazil supporter which makes sense as he wants Argentina to make the trip with all old players, no young generation which proves that he’s not a true supporter as he would like us to believe, but just a hater to the NT waiting for the failure of the NT by the hands of old fart players. Kid should be banned once again and for lifetime this time around. He promised to behave when he was blocked, but he’s not a man of his word. Even kids can be left unleashed, but the other type of creatures that can’t left unleashed, so that sums things up, apparently he’s not a kid, rather a … !!!

    • I thot of not to give any reply to you but I want to know something from you if you feel to help me!!!
      You comment “1MAN TEAM”
      Mate how does it became 1 man team?
      When other players plays bad and only Messi plays well in the game.
      Thatsy Sampaoli need all bunch of players to play better.
      It’s not 1 man team. Its just others play schit and Messi always performs better

      Even if Sampaoli not selected your favourite player Icardi or blah blah. Doesn’t mean you have to bark against “MESSI AND FRIENDS” slogan all the time in mundo. Messi is not a coach to select his team. Its SAM who will decide who to trust and who can shine along with Messi.

      You said Romero hav Messi Club membership card so hes default GK in WC. If your prefered GK, X OR Y(no experience in WC) plays bad you will criticize ONLY MESSI, like you said earlier about MESSI ruining Icardi chances. You will just add this’ Messi ruining ROMERO CAREER”

      I can understand your feeling not seeing your fav players in the squad it hurts. Sampaoli is our Coach not you. He knows whats best for the team. Hes a great coach , making every bit of players tested from 100 plus players in his short span of coaching career. If you are big expert why dint Argentina or any other NT comes to you for helping and coaching them. You are best in feeling bad for SAMPAOLI not Selecting your prefered players.

      Good to have you in this mundo. Its good to hear from a negative personality througout this WC compaign. Dont stop your blah blah until WC ends. We are having fun hearing same crap again and again from a filthy kid.

      • Sure he knows what’s best for the team: Nigeria and Spain thrash back to back. As for Spain thrashing result was considered the worst in history since 1950’s based on one review. Sure he knows what’s best for the team when he’s changing players and shuffling formations every single minute, then he goes: Oh, Brazil, Spain and France are all ahead of us because they had enough time to prepare. Well if his first list had 60 players, then down to 45, and still can’t make up his mind while teams like Egypt and Morocco already settled on their starters, still not good for the competition.

        Above all, my post wasn’t addressed to you Mr. Patriot, it was a clarification on Kid’s black history on this blog. He used hundreds of names just to enter the site after getting blocked, and Roy had to block them all, a time that was hard for us to come here or post until we got rid of him finally. Then coming back pretending to be apologetic that didn’t last long before creating a cult of losers like yourself fuckhead.

        • those idoiots dont understand why sampoalli selected icardi before… and dybala… if messi hates want his team means why sampaolli selected 50 above players in a one year…. everybody has opinion… sampoalli too…. and messi too….. if you have your opinion means… players have some opinion too… if you want your team,… go and try to be the coach of argentina….. here no one satisfied…. every list… they bring pastore lamela one time then they critisize same players… this is example but like many names… even good list comes… when team not performed… they bring another name…. here you wont decide the team… you have to support what ever list comes on.. if you dont like it or.. that team will fail… then go away from this site dont waste your time if you have sense… you can give opinion…. dont critsize anyone… if you support argentina only go and support other sports argentina playing…. dont waste time on football team…. sampoalli will select any team i will support..and i believe argentina will win a world cup… if icardi finish top scorer or lead his team into champions league place no one

        • I saw you reply to 1of my post. And also saw ypi commenting again to every1 “Messi and friends club card”. You better be Messi hater . I replied you here so you can see my reply at the top. Are you realy insane, what are you talking Ihav multiple account. Meanwhile who’s kid you refering to. I just saw all your comments against MESSI AND FRIENDS SLOGAN. And 1 of your comment you said Argentina is 1man team. I just want to know how you said that if Sampaoli ignored ypur prefered players. Messi performs so 1man team and your fav players dont perform so yOU can only SEE 1 MAN TEAM

          Above all. You idiotic fan, Sampaoli was testing young players against spain. Even until 60min young players played well against strong Spain team. He dont need to test Messi can fit in his system r not. Hes busy looking for good players now. Nd not your nonesense comments.

  7. I have been reading and commenting in Mundo post 2006 WC failure. Lately looking at the comments section, I have lost some repsect for few bloggers.
    All I hear is
    1) same rant of Messis friend
    2) Messi is root cause of all issue

    I have personally criticized our team before about Messi dependency and always stated Messi is icing on the cake and not the cake itself. We need a well oiled team to make best use of Messis capabilities.
    I personally think Higuain and Biglia shouldn’t make the cut but we have not tested anyone in their position and asking a new comer to immediately jel with the team is not appropriate either.
    Sampaoli gave Icardi and Dybala chance in important matches and as I said, it is too much to ask for them at such notice. I think our coach will focus on them post this world cup.

    About goalkeeping:
    Those who are saying Armani is better than Romero seriously need to give up whatever they are smoking. This guy has saved our ass several times and he has international exposure.World cup is not a place to test a new goalkeeper. Hopefully after this world cup, we focus on our fiture and next ask is to built a project for upcoming talents.
    Even Germany took a lot of years before they started winning something.

    About our World cup chance, I have supported Argentina before Messi. So with/without Messi, my heart says we will win but my brain says we need more time to jel as a team and hence getting into semis would be a great achievement.

  8. Romero is the goalie, you know what’s coming, 7-0 by the hands of Germany especially if Diva and Higuain playing.

    • Oh really? That was just few weeks/months ago you were claiming he is one of our countless youngsters that are nowhere near to your oldies.

        • I know, right? not just that, if you noticed whenever sampaoli includes a player in the roster (even if it was just a rumor), he backs up that player even if he/she already gave a negative opinion about him in the past. He likes to please his masters in real life, I bet !!!

  9. My pick would be Nahuel Guzman because he fits Sampaoli’s plans. We are playing with a high line and our Central Defenders are not fast enough. Put Fazio along with Manolas he would do great as the latter can compensate for the former’s lack of pace. But Fazio and Ottamenti are way too slow for a high line defense. So our ass will be thrashed if our goal keeper cannot come out of his position at crucial moments. Guzman is the best one in this respect. He is very aggressive. The most aggressive among them all. My other two would be Caballero (experience) and Armani (current form). But all these discussions seem meaningless if Romero is starting by default!

  10. Romero will be our starting goalkeeper but the idea that a lack of playing time is not an issue for any football player is blatantly absurd and naive. Think about it for a second, our main goalie has spent the majority of his career on the bench in most clubs he played for in Europe.

    This is Argentina National Team we are talking about, not Luxembourg or Panama.

    • Rulli? He is not even keeping goal for Real Sociedad nowadays. Rulli was relegated to the bench for Real Sociedad new goalkeeper and former Atletico Madrid 2nd string shot stopper Miguel Angel Moyà. Rulli is a B level goalkeeper who do not have the level to play on world football biggest stage. Rulli was just another Mundo hype shiny object. Same for Bataglia, Kranevitter and Paredes whom are all overrated, playing in B level leagues against B level teams.

      • Just a friendly reminder to those with selective amnesia, Rojo before the world cup was playing for Sporting Lisbon and prior to that for Spartak Moscow.

        Agree about Rulli though, his form has deteriorated significantly this year. Having said that, he did show considerable potential in the past and people just didn’t praise him for absolutely no reason. It was deserved.

        Kid, you used to bash players like Tagliafico, Lanzini, Bustos, Pavon, L. Martinez, Meza etc in the past, even though their names had been brought up time and time again on this blog. It appears that you changed your mind about some of them once they were given a chance to impress in NT colours. You can be wrong sometimes, you know.

      • Rulli is injured kid and he’s not average, not by a long shot. I do agree that he’s had a bad year but that’s because Sociedad’s defense and midfield were leakier than an old pirate ship.
        Caballero, Romero, Guzman and Armani are all good goalkeepers but barring injury Romero will start and Willy will back him up and the problem with both is that they’re both bench warmers, which luckily hasn’t affected Romero in the past but at some point his lack of playing time will catch up with him and i don’t want it to be at this world cup.

    • True Rulli is having a bad year and injured.He will not make the squad.Third goalkeeper hardly gets playing time for any team in any tournament.May be someone like Rulli or Werner who has a chance in coming tournaments post 2018 would get some exposure.

      As for Romero is considered he is decent goalkeeper and in last 5 years has played
      more International than club football. That says a lot and he had good performance since 2014 but you also have to take into account that with Messi in squad opposition teams tweaks there tactics by man marking Messi and go defensive. Having said that considering the circumstances Romero should be number 1. But I for one doesn’t understand Sampaoli obsession for 5 goalkeepers in 35 squad.

    • No, but people here are 1000% sure that Romero will be the goalkeeper by default, so they go with the obvious choice. Even if we have Ter Stegen in the team, Romero will be selected.
      I don’t buy politics like yeah we gave Caballero a chance in a friendly game, and we gave that player a chance in another friendly game, but so you don’t say they aren’t granted chances, but my mind has already set on a particular list beforehand. It’s called politics. None of the critics agree that Romero deserves to be a starter goalie other than on here because it’s more of a cult blog site to me.

      • 🤐😴💤 Dude you’re annoying man. Take a break from this ongoing ranting of yours. Please man, stop corrupting the site with your conspiracy gibberish.

        • KidultHood leave that idiotic fan @Argentina2018 . I see all his comments same craps and negatives about Messi and friends for past few days.

          Hes not even sure abt what hes saying. I think he might be Argentina’s best astrolger. Hes knowing evrything from super power.
          All his comments Messi and friends. MESSI SELECTING TEAM.

          If suppose Sampaoli put Romero in bench and start Willy or Guzman or Armani in WC , then he will bark again to criticize if GK failed to stop 3gols. Hence he will say MESSI and friends have issue with Romero

          Icardi’s issue was that. But none are having sense to findout this. If Messi and friends hav any grudge against Icardi. He would not hav played qualifiers for Argentina with Messi.

          Fool plastic fans here or I think hes best negative personality in this mundo. Hes top in feeling bad for Sampaoli not selecting his prefered lineup.
          Sampaoli trust Messi more than any1. He wants players who can combine well with Leo. Messi factor in his mind. So even if you bark abt Messi and friends selecting Teams. Dont worry. We are fed up seeing tht. Nd wont respond hereon

          Good luck mate. And get well soon

        • Why don’t you mind your fucking business bitch? Your team is average and Messi alone can’t save the team. One man team in the era of collective football. Horrendous, do you agree fucked up kid?

  11. Armani is my first choice for the friendlies now.Romero is also good but he has problems when the shots come from tight angle then he makes mistake.But Romero has done a quite a good work on penalty stopping or judging the penalty taker.

  12. Caballero should have been called in the pervious 2 world cup, not today though, but that is the issue with Argentina, They call players after they pass their prime and reach age of 35.
    We don’t call Icardi today, but we will give him a call when he’s 32 and have nothing to offer, but we will make him our main striker by then. Is including young players in the NT illegal in Argentina? Pathetic !!!

  13. Argentina 2018 🇦🇷🚾 #Messi, #Di Maria, #Mascherano, #Higuain, #Aguero, #Romero, # Banega, #Fazio, #Otamendi, #Lanzini, #Lo Celso, #Perotti, #Rojo, #Tagliafico, #Mecardo, #Caballero, #Biglia, #Acuna, #Salvio, #Pavon, #Martinez, #Lamela, #Guzman.💯😊🙏🏿

  14. How is Franco Armani guys?? Its a known fact that Romero and Caballero are not going to cut it.Caballero was good four years ago but not anymore and Romero has a habit of making at-least one crucial mistake every game..

    • he is theeee best goali argentina have right now.good in passing also and thats what romero’s biggest weakness he cant play from the back and pass it to defenders when opponents pressed high.

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