AFA doctor on Sergio AGÜERO’s surgery: “It’s worrying”


Alarm bells are ringing for the Argentina National Team as Sergio AGÜERO has underwent surgery.

As we reported earlier, Sergio AGÜERO had surgery on his knee and according to an AFA doctor, the recovery for it doesn’t take less than five weeks. Speaking to Radio 10, Homero D’AGOSTINO had this to say:

“That a player gets arthroscopic surgery 60 days before the World Cup is worrying. The recovery demands no less than five weeks.”

However, Sergio AGÜERO’s father was speaking with Radio La Red and stated the following:

“I spoke to him and he’s doing well. It was an emergency surgery. He’ll be out for a month. He got operated on to get to the World Cup without problems. He told me that in 20 days he’d be back in training. I don’t know if he’ll play a match with City.”


  1. Aguero’s main force is his ability to keep the ball and combine with others in small space. Although he is not very fast player but in the box he is agile and react fast in short distance. During this season, he plays more like a 9 half, oscillating between playmaker and striker. When he plays deeper, he let his wingers cut in and delivers a lot of assists.

    But that playing style/position is very similar to that of Messi. I really don’t remember any match when both played on the pitch and performed well together. Do we really need both of them in the same time? It’s actually the same issue with Dybala. I feel kind of overlap between Messi and them. I don’t have doubt that they can coexist but it won’t be that efficient. They all like to keep the ball, so who will break the lines?

    That’s why I think Messi should play as false 9, along with 2 wingers, so 1 more focused on the creation and the other can act like striker when he cuts in. Both of them need to run and cover. Meza or Di Maria for the 1st role and Pavon or J.Correa for the second one are my 1st choice. Another option is to play Lautaro and Messi as forwards, Lanzini or Meza as provider. Dybala as super sub. In any case, we should always play with 3 midfielders as we don’t have any DM at top form.

    • Aguero is the most suitable striker for Sampaoli’s team. His playing style is exactly what is needed by Sampaoli and Messi. The only footballing reason used to drop Icardi is Icardi’s inability to do what Aguero/Martinez/Suarez does. Though integrating Icardi into the team should be Sampaoli’s responsibility.
      The only reason we are worried about our striker position is Aguero’s poor injury record. Otherwise, he would be one of the first names on the team sheet.

  2. I think Argentina has a chance if we have Messi. Just look at this barca team, their star players are all under performing with like of Luis suarez, iniesta, busquets, jordi alba and other. Still they are about to be champion of spain and i believe they will beat RM in camp now in next classico. So my point is if there is Messi, argentina always have chance, we just need little help from other team mates.

    • Argentina don’t have problem in any other position than in defense if our defense is sorted we will win the world cup other wise we out from quarters

  3. Heard that Inter played with 4-2-3-1 formation last night & Icardi scored a goal;
    Icardi’s performance was good & was contributing in the buildup play as well;

    I know that Sampoali won’t call him since Icardi was excluded due to off-field issues;

    For November friendlies in Russia, Sampaoli called up Icardi; Icardi didn’t travel due to injury;
    That means upto that time Icardi was in Sampaoli’s plans; Suddenly for march friendlies Sampaoli didn’t call up Icardi and claimed Icardi doesn’t fit into his scheme of things; How he could say that as Icardi didn’t even play in Nov friendlies against Russia & Nigeria; He can cite that reason for Dybala as he failed against Nigeria/might have not impressed in trainings; But Icardi??

    It is clearly evident that Icardi was excluded due to off-field issues rather than his performances on the field;
    So whether Aguero is fit or not, Icardi won’t be called up

    • Sampaoli doesn’t have complete control over team selection and that is why Icardi won’t go to Russia. If you look back at Sampaoli’s statements when he took over the NT and his latest statements you can understand that this guy is put under pressure by OTHER people.

      “It is clearly evident that Icardi was excluded due to off-field issues rather than his performances on the field;
      So whether Aguero is fit or not, Icardi won’t be called up”

      You said the naked truth!

      Icardi can’t press, Icardi doesn’t fit in our system, Icardi doesn’t dribble well, Icardi’s link up play isn’t good, Icardi failed to score in the qualifiers…..All these are cheap excuses from people who don’t have the courage to say the truth.

      If the coach doesn’t need Icardi at all then why is he so afraid of saying him…Look, Icardi I don’t want you in my Argentina team regardless of your performance at Inter, so good luck with your Inter and bye bye.

      • Not calling Icardi is not the pressing concern of the team. The gap is beyond strikers. Even Higuien open miss at the 14 WC was assissted by Toni Kroos not by us. The focus should be on flanks and midfields otherwise wasting your time on who shall wear no ‘9 wouldn’t yield any thing to the appaling limitation of the team.

        Even if Icardi’s selection is an issue Dadir have already mentioned why he shouldn’t be called up. If he can’t dribble, can’t press and lacks build up play; what else reasons do you need for him to get excluded. Unless your guts tells you that icardi doesn’t lack the above open secret atrributes of the man in contention. His silver line was his instinict for goals as a poacher yet he failed miserably in his trial WCQ matches; rather he along Dyabala have put the team almost in the verge of elimination. While there is a concrete reasons why are you guys assuming and dwell your remrks on conspiracies.Plain and Simple he doesn’t fit Sampa system because he lacks countless qualities.

        Aguero possess every quality mentioned above but he is not dependeble owing to his injury. I personally din’t see relying on any Argentian striker while Messi can be used as false ‘9. A striker like Bendetto, Pratto who lifts some burdens up front should be used. Icardi won’t solve current mess. Let the team have runing and energitic athlets like younger version of Lavezzi both in midfield and wing so that Messi’s instinct for goals can be effectively maximized.

        • @Perotti, As you said, not calling up Icardi is not a big concern of the team right now; The main problem is on the flanks and midfield;

          If the main problem is on the flanks and midfield how can one conclude that Icardi, Dybala failed miserably & also state that Dybala, Icardi put the team on the verge of elimination?? Icardi hardly played 180 mins for ARG & under Sampaoli; some people like you are already tagging him as a big failure for ARG & making him, Dybala as the Scapegoats for the poor run of ARG in the qualifiers;

          Icardi played for full 90 mins vs Uruguay (1st official match of Sampaoli) where the entire team failed (even Messi); Every one getting used to the new formation of 3-4-3; ARG looked like playing for a draw rather than a win; Definitely not a bad game for Icardi;

          Next he played for 75 mins against Venezuela; In this match too, entire team looked very ordinary; Acuna had a good game and created the chance which resulted in Own goal; and final 15 mins against Ecuador as sub; he almost scored, brilliant save made by GK rather than a missed chance by Icardi;

          By the way I am not a fan of Icardi or Dybala; One can say that Dybala doesn’t fit well into the team as Messi occupies the same space but stating that Icardi doesn’t fit/failed will not make any sense;

          • @Kitty. The failurity of the two was remedied by inclusion of Bendeto against equader ‘n Peru(the team played great in that much imo) and Prato against Colombia, tho implemrnted by Bouza. My point is use messi very close the final third and the reap will be collected.Icardi, Aguero, Higuein will limit this. utilizing either of the two from the ff; from Pavon, Perotti, Dimaria, Dyabala/J. Correa in the final third will alleviate the problem.

    • You are mixing two very different issues. Hate and reality are different. I like Aguero and he is an amazing striker when he is fully fit, but he has fitness problems that always cost Argentina a lot. Do you ignore that reality? Whenever a tournment comes around his fitness problems pop up.

      Di Maria and Lanzini are also injury prone and I hope both will be fit throughout the whole tournment.

  4. It’s a blessing if his recovery takes a little longer and he misses the WC. Anyone who replaces him cannot do any worse than him. That’s a guaranteed nullifying factor. It’s wishful thinking on my part, but a squad without Aguero, Higuain, Mascherano, in itself reduces a lot of handicap.

    Btw, Messi’ fitness is a real worry. He is playing through pain (I wonder why at all, instead of resting, now that the CL is gone and La liga guaranteed) and playing awful.

    Just curious, would Barco have been considered had he still been at Independiente, considering he was their best player, now that Meza and Bustos are considered.

    • “would Barco have been considered had he still been at Independiente, considering he was their best player, now that Meza and Bustos are considered”

      Barco took a very bad decision by going to the MLS. I think if he stayed at Independiente he would have been considered for a called-up- at least for friendlies.

      Anybody followed him since he moved to the mls?

      • I think the same. Independiente players are near NT in last years: Mancuello, Cuesta, Tagliafico, Bustos, Meza, Alan Franco, Sanchez Mino. Barco could be there also if not the wrong move.

    • Messi is resting. This barca team is in same level as argentina team. They do not have quality in midfield. Their midfield is compose of paulinho, gomes, denis suarez., injured busquets, 100 yrs old iniesta and barca’s biglia-rakitic. Hence if he do not call Messi, Barca coach is in trouble. He is horrible coach and i see him getting sack in middle of next season if he do not improve. I think Messi will be fit enough for world cup as their will be no CL and la liga is done after two wins and copa is next saturday.

  5. Suddenly road to WC squad for both Icardi or Dybala is opened now ….
    Lautaro also may have a chance to start in playing xi

    After surgery i am Not sure Aguero will be fit
    And inclusion of tevez news is not true may be..though I like tevez very much..his will power is great….but he is aged now..

    Wish all players stays fit …
    Specially Hope messi stays Fit ..

  6. Aguero you have already ruined the 2014 WC final by subing Lavezzi, a player who was troubling Germany more than any other Argentian on the pitch. Aguero was not unfit to play more so to the formation used aganst Germany. Even Mourinho demanded an explanation why Lavezzi was subbed?

    Sampa should skip unfit players like Kun,Lanzini,Mori,Rojo and many more others who have passed thier prime like Caballero and Mascherano.

  7. As usual, Aguero makes himself unavailable for the NT again. If he is selected in the final 23, we will see an unfit Aguero again just like the last world cup.

    Even he is 100% he has never shown up in the important matches for Argentina.

    So i am indeed happy that he is injured, i hope that Icardi or L.Martinez is given a chance instead.

  8. Some peeps here are asking for Pratto.. He is good but he is not going to draw as many defenders as Icardi or Dybala…Messi needs someone to free up some space for him to make something happen… My front 4…

  9. Some stupid folks on here (aka: Leo Messi “Kid”) think their selfie guy will be fit for the world cup, even Man City is selling him this summer, and most likely he will go to a small club in The Premier League.

  10. hahaha, fantastic news, what a day !!!
    Now that bitch Leo Messi “Kid” on here can lick Aguero’s bandage while both watching the WC from home.

  11. I would pick 100% fit aguero over any other striker in the world anyday… But he got injured just before the world cup.
    He might be fit but chances of him being match fit are slim… Its about time Sampaoli pick the public enemy number 1 in Mundo.. ICARDI!!! as our main no9 for WC2018!!

  12. Sampaoli have to be firm and clear with his selections. No injured, unfit and un-form player will be selected. Even Barca now is resting Messi as he really looks tired and exhausted. Sampaoli have so many options others than Higuain,Kun,Masche,Rojo,Biglia or Bustos. With the fresh and fit Messi, Di Maria, A.Correa, Lanzini, Dybala, Lamela, Pavon, Meza, Otamendi, Garay, Fazio, Lo Celso,Taglifiaco with Banega and Romero we can have a great chance to win WC.

  13. Fitness is very important issue for our team. Lanzini,Maria,Messi,Banega,along with our forwards They will decide our fate in this world cup.Hope all of them are fit enough to implement the coach Tactics in world cup

  14. Aguero is world class and his my second favourite player behind Messi. But I don’t think he should go his already injury prone even before this injury. We can’t afford to take him we need a fully fit striker who is more robust.

    I still remember the World Cup final when Aguero could barely move. A fully fit striker of lower ability would have been more helpful.

    I always thought we could only take one of Aguero and Di Maria since they are both so injury prone. It looks like Aguero should sit this one out.

  15. I think Sampaoli should analyze the physical fitness of the players as such the likes of Funes Mori, Rojo, Aguero etc. Do they gonna be fully fit before World Cup or not, the question comes there?? As Samapoli still has other options who are fully fit, should look for other options otherwise It will be costly in the World Cup 2018. It remains to be seen whether Aguero will be fit or not but is seriously alarming???

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