Latest development on Sergio AGUERO’s injury


Sergio AGUERO has just had surgery on his knee and is set to miss the rest of the season for Manchester City.

AGUERO tweeted earlier on Tuesday that he’s recovering from arthroscopic surgery on his knee.

The question now remains on whether or not he’ll be fit to be called up by Jorge SAMPAOLI for the World Cup in Russia. According to Diario Ole reporter Hernan CLAUSE, AGUERO won’t be in action for at least 3-4 weeks which would allow him to recover just in time for the big tournament.

Watch out for this space at Mundo, as we will do our best monitor AGUERO’s progress and keep you up to date on this.


  1. Right now Augreo is best no 9 in world.He is not static and lethargic player any more.He has completely changed himself he is ahead of Luis Suarez,Harry Kane,Lewandoski,Higuain.He will be back in 4 weeks.He is hope after Messi for world cup.

    • Kun is great without any doubt. but he’s very very injury prone.he got opeeerated his knee recently, if he recovers well, there will be probability for him of getting injured just for being injury prone. In last world cup he couldn’t play to his true potential for injury, this time also picking him up may turn out to be a big gamble.

  2. Lucas pratto was great in qualifiers and has everything, height, off the ball movement, hardwork, finishing.
    But sampaoli continues to ignore him.

  3. Matias Vargas (Velez), which is IMO No.1 talent in Argentina league ATM on Fiorentina and Lazio Radar.

  4. Well the real problem is if we don’t call him up who is going to take all the selfies and instagram pictures. I mean that’s a lot more important than a football match.
    In all seriousness this guy hasn’t done shit for the national team for many years. The last game he played where he made a difference was over 4 years ago against Columbia for Sabella.
    Alario Lautaro and Icardi are all better than him at this point. He is not a creator, he is short, he is constantly distracted and unfocused and now he is injured again. Just wait until we here DiMaria’s injury next. Aguero was not a contributing factor to our last World Cup in any way so at least now we know ahead of time he won’t be a factor and can give someone else a chance who is fit and in form.

    • The headline made him as a NT hero that will be missed due to injury, not same Aguero we all know when playing for Argentina. Even if he recovers in time, he won’t be fit, usually footballers need 6 weeks after coming back to action to restore their fitness capacity. His name should be wiped out, not sure why he’s kept in the roster. Messi knows the answer.

  5. At last world cup aguero recovered from injury just before the world cup and his impact was zero at WC 2014 because he was not match fit.there has been no doubt that he is the best Sharp shooter in the world but without physical mental and match fitness every player was unable to deliver their best at the that point I want fit player who give his 100% effort.anybody should be selected who is in better condition during worldcup

  6. Why they are saying Augreo is waste.He is world class player even in his past he scored 30+ goal even after being injured for the most of season.May he recover fast.

    • The answer to your question is very simple: Because he will be injured again!

      Nobody questions his class but the guy has more injuries than goals!

      • He will not be injured because he will be fresh and properly rested he always gets injured because he gives all for his club and after the gruelling season he gets injured or extremely exhausted and his body can’t take the pressure and breaks down

  7. Excellent I hope not to be invited to the world cup because a player Useless in national team
    giovanni simeone-lucas alario-mauro icardi&lautaro martinez is better than kun

    • Hahaha he is the 2nd best player behind messi we have and among top 5 players of the world and among top 3 strikers of the world.and 1st time Argentina will get fully rested aguero .main concern regarding his match fitness only.

      • jajajajaja :)))))) aguero playing 2 world cup and 0 goals 0 assist
        lewandowski-harry kane-ronaldo top 3 strikeres now aguero is a player Useless in national team

        • he will score 4-5 goals this wc alone.destefano never played any wc but still regarded one of the best.his club performances is phenomenon and i dont take seriously his nt performances as he was 90% time injured im sure he will be fire come wc

          • @anuparno

            Do you think when you talk? How will he score 4-5 goals when he won’t even be playing thanks to injury. He has 1 goal in all of the tournaments combined he has played. But now out of nowhere he would score 4-5 goals?

    • Your bias is too strong. It’s Insanity to suggest Simeone and Alario are better. Martinez is great and I’m looking forward to see him grow but come on, he’s not better by any means. He might one day but not today. I do think Icardi is equal in some respects but they are different strikers

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