Carlos TEVEZ back for Argentina?


Just when you thought the twists and turns with Argentina were over, Carlos TEVEZ is now rumored to being back in the running with the Argentina National Team.

Fox Sports Argentina has just tweeted that Jorge SAMPAOLI is considering giving Carlos TEVEZ a recall for Argentina. While he was not on the rumored list of 35 players, he could be named in the preliminary list come May.

Carlos TEVEZ was part of Argentina’s 2015 Copa America team in Chile and also took part in a few 2018 World Cup Qualifying matches afterwards. It still remains to be seen if there is any truth to this news.


  1. At least better than higuain… But is he still fully fit… Can still handle hard games and pressue? Dribbling scoring? … Why not icardi? Samp shouldnt mix between personal things and the man on field … great scorer in serie a … Samp is lost that should be somebody putting pressure on him taking such decisons? Wats wrong? We are 1 month far from mondial. And he is still not sure who to call? We neeed fast players not turtles. Get rid of higuain at least.

  2. Benedetto is about to return to the Boca line-up.
    Maybe Sampa is hoping Claudio Caniggia will make a return too.

    • i would take him on the spot. and i am hoping for Jorge Luis brown, passarella, kempes and leopoldo luque too. those where the days and those where our players. not that poster boy squad we are sending to the wolrdcup this time. just to be let down again….

  3. That means now we can expect the man himself to be back. The man yes the man Deigo Maradona.
    when any tom, tim and dim make the team… why not Maradona?

  4. clearly yes! if he is fit i would pick him! he, next to otamendi, is the only Player in this Team with the will to win. the rest of our Players are followers. we have no leader. thats why we are such a shit side. pick him. he can add a Little class and will to win to this dead piece of meat!

  5. This must be journalist sensational report. Carlitos must be shocked and wondering by himself if he is being called. Sampa are neglecting Ocampos, Correa and Papo Gomez and now considering Tevez?. Better fired the coach and give it back to Sabella. It is surely will be a better option.

  6. I hope for the best in World Cup in Russia but Now don’t know how Sampaoli decides the selection of players. I wish he will choose the right one for World Cup in Russia 2018.

  7. • for me, tevez is the type of player with a strong mentality, shows no respect to the opposition and he is a clear danger man. So if he can still produce that I will choose him all day everyday over higuan. This man is the definition of the term ” power house”.

  8. This is clearly FAKE NEWS. It just some nonsense some journalist came up with and there you go, you have a bunch of people believing it. It is is clearly clickbait and honestly, SHOULD NOT be reported because he throws people into a panic.

    Let me make it clear, even as a Boca supporter, I will tell you this is FAKE NEWS, Tevez will NOT be included in the 35. Just a couple days the superseded list of 34 of 35 came out and the last name on the list is Tevez? Okay GUY, nobody believes this and again SHOULD NOT have been reported.

    • Not far ago Sampaoli said he will evaluate Gago’s situation untill the last minute and will see if he can go to Russia.

      Bearing in mind that Sampa considered Gago to be part of the squad going to Russia, can’t you expect from him to give Tevez a call-up?

      Our beloved team’s situation is getting worse and worse day-by-day.

  9. This is the worst news I have ever read in Mundo (no offense to Mundo)! The second worst was when Bielsa said no to NT. (Earlier that was the worst for me.)
    But sorry this is not true.
    Something is wrong!
    I don’t believe it!
    I can’t believe this!

  10. If this is true, then even Icardi was that good as Batistuta he would have still been ommited. This is called “politics” and we are the ones reducing our own chances sadly!

  11. Tevez?! 😱😱😱 Well, Argentina also needs Jose Antonio Chamot coz Argentina’s defense is very weak.

    What the hell is this! Well done Mr. Sampaoli by igroning young talented players like Icardi and calling up someone whose legs are telling him to retire like Tevez.

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