Injury scare for Fabricio BUSTOS of Independiente


It was a worrying scene during the match between Independiente and Boca Juniors, as Fabricio BUSTOS was seen limping off during the game.  Rest assured it was nothing serious as tests revealed on Monday that he only suffered a sprained ankle. After being examined by the club’s doctor, BUSTOS looks fit enough to play in a Copa Libertadores match against Corinthians on Wednesday.

With the World Cup just two months way, BUSTOS is expected to play a key role for Jorge SAMPAOLI. His name is likely to be included in the preliminary list of 35 players which will be announced by SAMPAOLI on May 14.


  1. Argentina was already on the map before Maradona started..Mario Campez and others win it in 78
    Not taking away anything away from Maradona but he didn’t put us there
    Nothing but facts here

  2. what fun to watch Maradona dancing during training video… hilarious…
    Maradona – a man who put Argentina on the map and a man who made Argentina smile.
    Love this Champion to the core.

    • Maradona – a man who put Argentina on the map and a man who made Argentina smile. Lol That’s an uneducated statement.

      Argentina won the first WC without Maradona in 78. And many COPA America’s without Diego. Just correction.

      • he is hardcore maradona fans… i already said many times…. some argentina fans messi want to failure… if he won world cup.. many will forget maradona… so maradona fans hating messi like maradona… they never want messi and always come with negativity about this team…..

        • I’m not into Messi vs Maradona politics of this site. I just wanted to remind people here that Argentina did not become a football powerhouse because of one special player. Argentina NT has a deep rooted football history bigger than Messi or Maradona.

    • Argentina was one of the two finalists of the the first world cup. We have reached five times a wc final, two out of three with Maradona and we won the two out of five finals, one with Maradona. Argentina have won 14 copa america titles just one less than Uruguay and six more than the third Brazil. Di Stefano was the leading scorer for the late 40s copa america we won back then, scoring in every single game.

      And just for the record, Argentina was a scary team in 78, having world class players in almost every position, along with the Netherlands were the two best teams in the world back then. Kempes, Lugue, Villa, Ardiles, Bertoni, Houseman, Tarantelli, Passarella, Fillol just to name a few and we also had a great coach back then in the name of Mennoti and we were playing beautiful football.

      Maradona and Messi are the two greatest players ever, but Argentina was great before them and will be great after them.

  3. My 23 squad for WC 2018

    Romero (WC final exposure)

    Garay (it seems SAM dont trust due to his age) hence most probably Rojo might take this place

    Lo celso CDM
    Di maria
    A. Correa


    No mascherano biglia higuain icardi coz no pace and cant press 90min

    Higuain and Icardi only good inside box
    But I feel SAM will make Higuain on that list.

    I like Paredes, Pizaaro, Pablo, Augusto in CDM. And wish atleas 1 of them make it in WC.

    Enzo like Brazil’s Paulinho No pace but good inside box

    Mascherano can be trusted in CDM, his experience in defence and midfield is crucial but age is making it hard for him because same happens to INIESTA in this season. Dont have that pace and even loose possesion vs Roma with their High Press. Hence Mascherano will struggle against high pressing teams like Spain

    I hate Watching Higuain and Biglia.

    My squad dont have best CDM, but Locelso played vs Real madrid in that position, but played well imo.

    If Dimaria and Aguero injured then I wish Icardi to replace Aguero. Dimaria with any better options from 35 squad.

  4. @Kid, #BATISTUTA: “I’d always want Messi in my team, but depending on a player doesn’t seem fair to me with level of NTs we are going to face at WC. It’s dangerous”

    “The No.9 should be Higuain, & I think Sampaoli agrees. There’s a lot of pressure on him – every touch has to be a goal”

    Kid, Would you like to here the thoughts of Jorge Valdano and Pedro Pesculli on Higuain and Argentina’s young stars?

    Jorge Valdano – “HIGUAIN is haunted with Argentina. If MEZA’s level is that of today’s, then Argentina has a real footballer in him. I see him ready to make the jump to Europe”

    Jorge Valdano – “I would have put Lautaro MARTINEZ from minute 0 for him to go up against PIQUE and Sergio RAMOS, world class defenders. Enough. PEROTTI is very good.”

    Pedro Pasculli – ““When HIGUAIN puts on the blue and white, he doesn’t see the goal… I don’t know, there’s a lot of doubts. This isn’t only a friendly match, this is an international fixture. If you see that HIGUAIN isn’t giving you anything, you have to have the personality to take him out.”

    • Valdano vs Batistuta on Higuain..
      That’s why the 80s stars has won a world cup but the 90s couldn’t even come close to a world cup final. 🙂

  5. Great. Messi in starting XI against Celta. Valverde is not only a stupid coach, he is also dangerous to both Barca and Argentina, making Messi exhausted ahead of the most important events. I also begin to wonder if Leo is a non-smart guy as well. Either that or the accusations on Messi chosing team is plain speculation.

    • Are you worried about his injury? If he is cleared and fit to play; then
      Celta vigo is not an easy fixture for Barca and can’t afford to lose with out him. After all, they are already out of UCL. what else important fixtures do they have to preserve messi for, except the Sevilla CDR final match? After all, Barca have increased his salary to no.1 paid player so that they can make him play matches.

      • Not worried but concerned. If Ronaldo can rest against Malaga to preserve himself ahead of CL semis, why do Valverde/Messi not have smartness to rest 4 days ahead of a title final? Barca is ffs leading la liga by 11 points and they only need 7 more with plenty of games left, including clasico. No, this is mere Valverdes ego playing as he is striving for records and I see him as the biggest threat to Argentinas chances in WC18.

        • You askd y ronaldo was rested vs Malaga but hes even rested for many laliga games. Coz real madrid have a great team who can win even without Cr7 but Barca will be humiliated if Messi doesnt play. Sevilla game proved Barca plays zero without Leo. And when he played 2nd half, they started playing attacking football coz rivals tends to defend if Messi is on the field.

          So Celta game it wont be a surprise if Messi plays coz he dont hav more games left this season after being out from UCL.
          Also Messi need 2 more goals to beat Salah

          Not ego:
          Valverde is scared to bench Messi and also many other key players even with injured legs. He dont hav same bench strength as real madrid. He dint rotate Pk for 3months even after coming from friendlies. Injured leg of pk lost pace with lack of rest and that cause Barca defeat to Roma. Pk was not even rested against farmer teams. Injured Busquets was risked vs Roma. If we relate these things then Valverde hav small club mentality and plays strong lineup vs weak team.

    • True, there is no turnover in barca attack and it’s stupid to get ko in CL because of that. I am not that familiar with barca but seems Alcacer is the only backup

    • No no .no zabaleta.ansaldi should be called but he won’t.our starting rb would be marcado I’m quite sure about that with bustos replacement of Mercado in rb position or sampaoli may pick salvio also

      • salvio does not have high Defensive ability but zabaleta In Defense and Attack better than is salvio Because specialty post His only problem Old age
        I think zabaleta the best argentina rb
        also i think mercado not at all The player is not reliable
        but I’m sure mercado & bustos or salvio call up for world cup 2018

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