Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI tells Mauro ICARDI no to World Cup


There are reports that Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has told Mauro ICARDI that he will not be going to the World Cup.

After meeting with Juventus duo Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Paulo DYBALA, Jorge SAMPAOLI sat down with Lucas BIGLIA of AC Milan as well as Mauro ICARDI of Inter. The big (although maybe not nevessarily shocking) news is that SAMPAOLI apparently told the Inter captain that he will not be going to the World Cup with Argentina.

According to La Nacion, the reason why ICARDI will not be called-up for the World Cup is due to his inability to gel properly with the rest of the team on the pitch. The coach will reportedly opt for Sergio AGUERO and Gonzalo HIGUAIN as the European based strikers.


  1. Sampaoli is a boss…. he feels what is good and what is bad……. being a argie fan i feel he selects wisely….. despite bad relation with teammate somewhere i feel icardi deserves to go

  2. Higuain and dybala are so poor. Sad to say but I find both Willian and Douglas costa are much more impact player than my argentines. If Messi can do a Diego then only Argentina can win otherwise I don’t see a chance. My wait goes long and long

  3. What is sampaoli talking about? Tactics what? We conceded so many goals against Nigeria, after scoring two early goals. Then we got humiliated against Spain. Does conceding 6 goals in a game make any sense. Do you think those who have conceded 6 goals in that game are capable of implementing sampaoli’s tactics.

    • Watch is in the context of the game. That scoreline was flattering for Spain. If Huigain hadn’t choked in that easy goal and other clear chance, we would be 2-0 up and totally change the outcome of the results. I really hope Sampoali do not play Huigain at all. Probably to waste time if we are winning by substituting him in.

  4. European golden boot contender has been ignored poorly..sampaoli said that icardi is not gel with his tactical formation..well it means sampaoli has no other plan or he has no ability to gel icardi on his tactical formation..I think sampaoli’s work is mediocre…Europe’s top clubs wanted icardi Chelsea to man u,even Madrid also..this mean that mourinho Conte zidane are poor coach and only sampaoli is the best… I don’t know how tapia told like this that we need experience player?and why sampaoli depend on higuain and injured aguero?there is no doubt that aguero is the best striker in the world but right now he is injured and at world cup he is not on top because of his fitness and without match fitness… Only icardi from Europe sole contender of centre forward..

    • Hahahaha..
      If Real Madrid want icardi why he don’t sing for Real Madrid..Chelsea and mnu are not bigger then juventus..
      please avoid fake news ..icardi is good stiker but not World top 7..
      He don’t holding the ball well..

      I think icardi is same choker like Heguin..

    • @Avi so you want all attacking players with no tactics. It is calling for disaster. I would rather have the player that fits our style than playing all attacking players.

      • @arg2018 I never say that but I said that in no 9 position icardi is better than higuain when aguero till injured and he is not match fit on that WC time..sampaoli said that icardi is not fit in his style of play..but I was saying that sampaoli has another idea to gel icardi on that format or idea..

  5. Dimaria-messi-dybala
    LOCELSO Paredes Biglia Lanzini
    Acuna Otamendi Fazio Bustos

    Sub – perotti Mercado correa pavon lautaro Acuna Meza

  6. A golden generation of forwards followed by great budding youngsters, his short spells with NT, and the games were do-or-die WQs. It’s unfortunate, but those are the reason Icardi is snubbed. It’s really hard for Sampaoli, and tough for Icardi. Remember Sampaoli was the first one who called Icardi (apart from one game under Sabella). Sampaoli is open-minded, he called almost everyone with great potential but time is too limit-ted for him to integrate Icardi in.

    Let’s wait util the final 35 coming out then. Rumours are rumours!

  7. Let’s forget Icardi for a minute.
    It’s not about Icardi!
    It’s about right and wrong!
    Imagine yourself being held up or mobbed by your colleagues, by your classmates, by society. I am a teacher in real life. I don’t care what my students say about their classmates. For example I have some practices when the students have to work in a group or pairs. Some students don’t want to do the practices with certain students because they are outsiders/outcasts and think of themselves they are cool. I don’t care what they think. They have to do with whomever I say they should because I am the teacher and my duty is to integrate this guys and no student of mine should ever give me direction how I deal about this.
    In my Job I don’t like many of my colleagues. But I have to find a way to work with them and be professional and what i do in my private life is my thing.
    The school belongs to all of us, I have minorities as my students and a minority kid is the best student, I would never discriminate. Discrimination is for suckers.
    It is my duty to find a way to work with the principal, colleagues, students, and parents, etc…
    The school belongs to all of us.
    Argentina belongs to all of the players. not only to certain players. NOBODY has the right to prevent someone deserving to live his dream and contribute for his country.
    Like no student has the right to influence me on how I grade my students, no player has the right to grade any player.
    Players must play football, just because you are a great player it doesn’t translate on being a great coach as an example we have Maradona.
    The players don’t have to be friends.
    I think players are like soldiers they come together from different parts and all they know is that they are going to die for their country to defend its honor. they can’t choose who they fight with so the superiors decide and mold them and prepare them well for the battlefield.
    For your country you can’t choose who you play with all you can do is give your best to defend its honor and make your people proud.

    For the people who say that it is not a big deal because it happened in the past.
    Did it work out well when we left those players at home?
    Surely it didn’t.
    Why make the same mistake again?
    It’s not smart!

    I will always support this team even if we lose 6-1 all the time, but will never support injustice. never have, never will.

    • That is exactly what i was trying to say as well. It is about wright and wrong and somehow i feel that something is going really wrong about Icardi’s omition. Remember, we are not talking about final 23 here but the list of 35 players! And as you also said, scandalous omitions in the past didn’t lead us anywhere, i don’t remember us winning anything since 93!

      The funny thing is that this poor guy (Icardi) was being chased by Italy and even Spain but his dream was to play for Argentina. I feel sorry for him.

    • “I will always support this team even if we lose 6-1 all the time, but will never support injustice. never have, never will”

      @Ghostdeini, thank you so much. I have to admit that you are a real Argentina fan who deserves to witness Argentina winning a WC. I am so sad about this injustice happened to the likes of Icardi, but I am sure those who are the masterminds of this ugly injustice will regret one day.

      @Waveride, I like your posts and I read whenever I see your posts because of your experience and passion for Argentina football. I thank you, too!

  8. (its bad not to see icardi over higuain) but guys Why no one talks about defenders?? I dont think we have a good defender other than otamendi… This is scary fact .. lol 😀

  9. From all the posts i have read in this thread, i feel the need to first of all point out this: i constantly see comments such as “your favourite players” and especially the expression “fanboy” which in my point of you reflects the definition of stupidity!
    Well i have news for you: It is not about Messi winning, Icardi playing or whoever, it is about the best for Argentina! This means that we simply have to use our best weapons possible instead of being ourselves who jeopardise our chances.

    However, whoever will make the cut to the final 23, i will 100% support him, every single player and Sampaoli as well, for whom i will be routing to be our manager for wc 2022 too. But, this doesn’t mean that i won’t express my opinion on Icardi’s omition which i feel that is scandalous and the reason that he doesn’t gel which i think that is utter rubbish! So i guess that Higuain gels well with rest of the team right? Ok i will take it but i would also like someone to point me out when was the last time Higuain played well for us and i am not talking about working all around and helping others but simply do his job which is scoring goals! And something else, how many wc goals has Aguero scored for Argentina?

    Some people are spreading bullshit about a player (Icardi), who has scored 27 goals in 31 games, much more than Higuain, and are among the players who are just behind Messi and Salah for the golden boot, and the funny thing is that we are not talking about the final 23 but about the fact that he didn’t even make the 35 players list! Are you kidding me? This is outrageous to say the least! As far as i know, we don’t have Batistuta, Caniggia and Crespo as our strikers currently but we have Aguero and Higuain so give me a break!

    As i said, lets support the team, every single player and Sampaoli, but it is not bad talking about the obvious sometimes!

    And for some people own information: I don’t know if you are young but Maradona didn’t win the 86 wc on his own. Yes he was the main impcact not only of this wc but in the history of wcs, but still Argentina had a very good, well oiled and balanced team as Gonzalo said, with very good and gritty teammates and some of them were among the best in the world in their position such as Pumpido, Ruggeri, Buruchaga, Valdano, just to name a few.

  10. When I read comments here on Mundo, I swear some people are more Messi fans than Argentina. I bet majority aren’t even Argentine. Take your love for Messi and shove it. How the quality of posters from MA has dropped from the days of Seba in 2006.

    You support the shirt not the names on it. Remember that.

    • What does it matter if you are Messi fan or Argentina fan there aim is same.I am Messi fan because Messi is best in the world but Argentina is not best in the world.Argentina owes Messi.

      • I don’t think Argentina owe Messi anything. For all I know, Messi is Argentine. If Messi feels otherwise he would have opted for Spain or never come back post retirement.

        Also to answer your query it does matter if you are a Messi fan. It only means you are a fanboy and would not support Argentina if Messi is injured.
        Although I’m non-argentine but I only follow Messi because he is Argentine and not otherwise. Hope it answers your query.

  11. Guys it’s not official and it’s a rumour which could turn out to be true when squads announced.

    Sampaoli under the circumstances he joined is trying to do the correct thing by picking players who have more understanding. Tapia also said it experienced players will be picked.

    Now how many strikers can we take including Messi? At max 4. Messi and his backup Dybala. Aguero and his backup Higuain. If Aguero remains injured and picked up for the squad and doesn’t play single minute like Pastore in 2016 blame lies firmly on Sampaoli for taking a injured player. Higuain Dybala playing in same club team has added edge towards both inclusion.

    For all blaming Messi , just go back to Oct before playing Ecuador how the mood was. If it wasn’t for Messi , along with Italy, Holland and Chile Argentina would’ve watched world cup on TV. Going back one month after how Spain matched turned out without Messi. Messi is the only reason everyone is saying we are just about 5TH favourites behind the obvious settled teams Germany,Brazil,Spain and France.

    Most people show frustrations on Messi when a player is picked or dropped. I understand the frustrations comes from not winning the world cup since 86 and previous managers squad selections and substitutions at crucial moments.
    One curious thing with Argentina is player in his prime doesn’t get selected but included in time past his best. Happened many times but we can’t do anything about it.

    Lastly let’s get behind the team and support it. There is no guarantee that next generation players will quality for World cup. I’m optimistic about our chances with little bit of luck. If things worked out as prediction Argentina would play from quarters Spain , Germany and Brazil Or France. Let’s hope players are in peak form especially Messi, not fatigued playing 120 minutes every knock out , players remaining fit and Sampaoli not doing any brain fart.

  12. Before WC’10 , maradona had an starting 11. Messi + Higuian upfront, Di Maria+ Masche + Veron + Gutierrez midfield, Demicheclis+ Samuel+ Burdisso+ Otamendi + Heinze + Clemente Rodriguez defence. It was a disastrous campaign.

    Now we face another world cup. We don’t have a starting eleven, we don’t have a formation and you people are going crazy about Icardi…..Cursing Messi, Mascherano and what not! You all need a touch of reality, we are not in a position to complain about exclusion of a certain player.

    At this point, team chemistry is important. If we have a bad campaign, I can assure you that it won’t be due to exclusion of Icardi. Those who are fearing Higuain in big moment scenario, I suggest all of you to get off your high horse…. it will need a miraculous effort from everyone to face those big moment , big match scenario.

    Let’s hope our midfield can shield our shaky defence. Let’s hope our midfield can supply forward balls constantly. Let’s hope our winger can stretch opponent defense and support our wingbacks and vise versa…..I can write more,but you should get my point.

    We have a lot of works to do. Icardi did not have enough time to gel with the team, he was called in friendlies but unfortunately injured. Let’s focus on rest of those issues.

    • Mafioso, mostly I agree but

      “Icardi did not have enough time to gel with the team, he was called in friendlies but unfortunately injured”

      I can’t understand how is Higuain instead Icardi gel with the team. He looked like completely casual forward in last friendlies. Actually it’s hard to see any gel in our team while moving back to Higuain instead go ahead and invest in new strikers shows lack of idea of our coach and it’s pure anxiety behaviour from Sampaoli. As tournament upcoming he is back to old names like Martino that he thinks are guarantee at least another final while it’s tend to catastrophe.

  13. i am so happy when this world cup is over and argetnina can start fresh with a new team! this world cup will be the mother of all humiliations. i am sorry for messi! if he chose spain over his home he would have won it all by now. thats his personal tragedy. but the future looks bright!

    bustos – foyth – mammana – taglia
    ascicibar – lo celso – paredes
    dybala – icardi – correa
    that team might be a contender in 2022! 2018 will be a disaster!

  14. hard to believe that exclusion of Icardi has sparkled this much frustration but not the weakest link of the team – midfield and flanks.

    I for once have prefered to beg to differ with Gonzalo on many of his remarks. he has been rooting against messi since he believes the team loses its balance as every player would look for messi than playing his own role. I never ve considered this argument seriously but I respect his reason as long as it is purely on the basis of foot ball analysis than conspiracies. Hiwever to wish Messi’s retirement on the basis of conspiracy is hard to concieve for any objective person. people get frustrated and came up with a funny friendship conspiracy theory to make Messi responsible though his only fault is to carry the team to 3 consequative finals.

    Icardi, Higuein Dybala and Aguero for me should not be in the starting 11 and their inclusion or omission could never bother me either.

    Bendetto, Pratto and Suarez are the players that ve never managed to partner Messi without affecting his goal instinct and efficiency. Even Neymar was dragging dawn messi’s efficiency forget our useless strikers.Does this mean Neymar is lower than Bendetto or Suarez? There are more pressing issues than Icardi’s.

    The same person who ve been mocking Lavezzi even equating him with J. Cruz senaryo of 2006 Wc came up with this conspiracy theory in this site and is easily consumed with out raising any eye braw by so many bloggers. Get your facts right and please stop calling Messi by your very own names and attitudes.

    • I do not think its the exclusion of Icardi that has sparked the debate. Its the philosophy or the conceived method of selection. In any profession, the reward should be based on merit. There is a sense that it is based on who you gel with better and not purely on merit.

      Also, the other debate is, if the coach is making the selection or a certain group of players? If it is the second then that cannot be appreciated or defended. No matter who it is. It is true, if we have any chance it is because of Messi. If we are a world power and reached 3 finals, its because of Messi. He is the man.

      Strictly, in a game, on the pitch, I never blame Messi. Its the other players. It seems they do own up and the coach’s policy is to pass to Messi and he will do something. Sampaoli is better than Bauza. It is evident. Hope he creates a team that maximizes Messi’s potential and not depend on him totally.


    Argentina Coach Jorge Sampaoli met Mauro Icardi today and it’s reported he told him he’ll only be at the World Cup if Sergio Aguero is injured.

    Sampaoli is currently touring European countries to visit several players in his potential squad for the tournament this summer.

    He held a meeting with Inter striker Icardi this afternoon and, according to Sky Sport Italia, Maurito will be part of the initial 35-man long-list, but is very unlikely to feature in the final squad of 23 going to Russia.

    The only hope Icardi has is for Manchester City forward Aguero to be ruled out by an on-going knee problem.

    It’s reported that Sampaoli also showed Icardi some videos of tactical movements to explain why he didn’t fit into his idea of the Argentina side.

    Still only 25, Icardi has scored 27 Serie A goals in 31 games this season, his most prolific ever tournament.

    Despite scoring 108 Serie A goals in 187 matches, he only has four senior caps for his country.

    See the latest Serie A predictions and betting tips with

    • Makes sense and aligns with what I mentioned below. Purely on form, he deserves a place but there is none. Unless one is injured. Higuain is beating him on experience and friendship or gelling better, whatever we want to call it.

  16. Man, I swear, we as Argentinian fans are the most fickle fans in the world. Quick Reminder: Argentina HAS NOT WON the World Cup since 86. I REPEAT 86 but I see a lot of posters being disgruntled over player selection. NEWSFLASH: there is always politics involved when it comes to Argentina. That is nothing new (Redondo, Zanetti..Caniggia) and so forth. Lets address this “Messi and Friends” issue. From what I understand, Aguero is the closest to Messi on the squad but yet, he has not NEVER been considered first choice for the national team until recently. “Messi and Friends” hate Icardi but yet, Icardi has started more games for Argentina under Sampaoli. What we do know is, Maradona, who has a lot of pull in Argentina, hon multiple occasions, has publicly voiced his disdain for Icardi and wants him nowhere near the team. Is it possible that may be playing a role behind the scene? I am no Higuain supporter by any stretch of the imagination. Personally, I would select Pratto before both Higuain and Icardi. If I had to guess, I would say Higuain’s selection has more to do with his WC experience and his overall game-play contribution. Moreover, Higuain and Icardi are not even guaranteed starters therefore, their impact at WC would be minimal at best. A poster (below) just mentioned how his respect for Ronaldo has grown, which is fine, since he does not play favorites in Real and Portugal? Newsflash, Ronaldo plays favorites more than any player I know. There is a reason why Benzema kept starting every game for Real a few years back despite clearly being out of form for the majority of the season. Also, how would you know he does not play favorites for Portugal? Are you an avid follower of Portugal? Are you frequenting their forums? My best guess, most likely NOT therefore, it’s best not to speculate. It is no secret that Messi is my favorite player but I am objective enough to understand he has his flaws. Everyone does. Noone is perfect. All I Know is, when Messi is in the lineup, Higuain or not, Argentina rarely loses (check the stats). It is unfortunate that Argentina was not triumphant last WC given how hard they played but the reality is, luck was not on their side. Please remember, none of us are coaches. None of us are present when the team gets together so it is hard to speculate on who is gelling & who is not. Lets not act like Icardi, will be the only unfair omissions. There are a few players who I thought played well, in limited actions, under Sampaoli who will also not make the WC (Ex: A. Gomez, Perotti).. You guys can’t keep blaming “Messi and Friends” for every decision Sampaoli makes… Rojo might be selected – Blame Messi
    Battaglia might not selected – Blame Messi
    Gago might be selected – blame Messi
    Garay (who is actually really close to Messi) not selected – Blame Messi

    • Totally agree. Messi is the whipping boy for the team. Everything is his fault. If someone gets upset about a choice let’s blame Messi. We lost because Messi didn’t play well etc etc. I’m grumpy because Argentina didn’t win 10-0 blame Messi.

      Agree Higuain will not be starter. It’s going to be Ageruo.

    • You speak my mind. Any team in the world would love to have their own Messi but Argentina. They will blame Messi too when it stop raining.

  17. Anyone who comments with ‘Messi’s friends’ is completely insufferable. Ridiculous.

    Secondly. Icardi left behind for three main reasons: we already have a lot of players in his position in the centre, he doesn’t play at a world class top tier club (not in champions league). Three, as a result he hasn’t been exposed to as many big games as Higuain and Aguero, maybe Icardi chokes in big games too, we don’t know.

    Pavon gets selected not because he’s better than Icardi but because he offers something the team is lacking on the left.

    All other comments are insanity. I can understand Icardi fans like myself upset but fielding 23 central strikers won’t win us the tournament, the line has to be somewhere. Sad but true. However is Aguero or Higuain get injured he’s in for sure

    • pavon better than icardi????This is a joke pavon Is a winger and second striker but icardi fw
      aguero It’s been injured for 4 months now but He is a friend of Lionel Messi also maxi lopez said Lionel Messi wants to not be invited to ICARDI Did not three tournaments be enough?for aguero and higuain???What is the logical reason for not calling Icardi?Lopez is Messi’s closest friend, and is an ICARDI enemy

      • I never said Pavon was better than Icardi. I said he offers something we don’t have a lot of, he operates on the left. Not the centre like Higuain/Aguero/Icardi

        Maxi Lopez is not Messi’s best friend. What an insane comment. How would you even know that?! You saw one picture of them together? He has pictures with Icardi too.

  18. This is my first comment but I have been following this site for 6 years. I know all of you have better football knowledge than me. As a fan we might have different opinion but I don’t know how we always blame Lionel messi ??as a fan, we need support the players and manager. Yes,some of your favourite players might not be selected for
    World cup but you can’t blame messi for this.we need to learn how they( other fans like Brazil,spain ,Germany ) support or defend their star player?? I have complete faith on players who will be selected and I think one or two our favorite omitting players can’t change this team.if higuin is omitted for icardi ,some of us will bark for higuin and others for, at first we have to think Argentina is bigger than any other any other players.
    Some of us want messi to retire but we see what actually Argentina is without messi??as a captain he might show his opinion but the manager decides everything and he also analyse the cohesiveness within the team.
    Now, some of us can blame manager for omitting our players but we have to add respect to him what he has done to this,how many young talented and our favourite players did get chance during sampaolis era.
    only 23 talented players will be selected and So, as a Bangladeshi and Argentine fan we support every players, our captain and manager.

    • I 100% agree with you. Here people love to blame Messi. I swear even if Messi score hattrick in world cup final, they would point out how Messi was suppossed to pass instead of scoring the goal. These are the most entitled fans. They never hesitate to criticize anything. During qualification, these people were criticising Messi for not scoring goal and selecting team mates. However, Sampoali did not play neither Huigain or Augero during crucial qualifying matches; it did not stop them criticizing Messi. Now we qualified for World cup due to Messi, they are back at it again, now blaming Messi for not selecting Icardi which is complete false. If it was due to Messi, why are players like Lanzini are selected. He is not friend of Messi. No, lets ignore the fact but chose to select memories and once again criticise Messi. Remember what Diego Costa said after Spain friendly. Once Messi leave, i do not see this team get past group stages for very long time in major tournament. I dont know who they will blame then?

      • Not only lanzini but also lo celso,pavon are going to be selected for the final squad.Are they messi’s friend ?? The answer is No but they proved their worth with national team performance not club performance. So,I have complete faith on sampaolis selection.

      • arg2018 .. Your comment made too much sense lol… Lets try something a little more cynical… If you get selected by Argentina, you must be a friend of Messi somehow. If you do not get selected, then Messi for sure hates your ass. Clearly Messi is best friends with Lanzini, Gomez, Pavon, Dybala, Perotti, Meza, Paredes and everyone who’s ever gotten selected. Oh lets not forget Tevez, who apparently didn’t get along with Messi but continued to get selected by other coaches. So which is it, is Messi selecting his friends or is he not? I hear he’s great friends with Maxi Lopez, perhaps he should take Maxi to the WC with him..Just a thought ..

  19. @arg2018
    I think we all love the team as you do. But should we follow blindly? I think the problem most people have here is we are not fielding our best players. We have no say in players being chosen but if you are being honest with yourself is Higuain the best choice based on what your eyes tell you?
    This shit has all of Messi’s fingerprints and Mascherano’s fingerprints all over it. And I’m sorry but if you can’t display the professionalism for 7 games to get along with others than you are selfish. We all have to work with people in our lives that we don’t like, but we do it anyway. It’s called team first, country first, being an adult, and professionalism.
    I for one have lost respect for these grandstanders who have nothing to show for their “great talent”. The greatest generation in their own minds.

    • So Icardi gonna deliver world cup for us? Until Messi retires, this is Messi’s team and if he is not comfortable playing with Icardi, so be it. Remember Icardi has not done shite for this team no matter how much we cry. Take out Messi and put your favorite players like Icardi and other garbage Argentina league players, you will see the result just like one vs Spain in friendlies. So, let the coaches decides since he knows much more than us.

      • @arg2018 I have not seen anyone say that take Messi out and put Icardi in. Not sure where you got that from.

        I am with @san isidro here. We choose the best possible team, with players in form. I can see the issue Sampaoli has. There is no place. I would like to have Higuain in there too for his experience.

        In principle I cannot agree that you promote people based on your personal relationship. It has to be professional.

    • yes I agree it has to be professional-the yellow team of 2002 is a good example (sorry as I puke saying that) where bebeto and romaro who hated each other to the extent they would not at all talk off the field but on it they did exactly what any professional should and did every thing for the team to win it.

  20. “Nobody will cry for you Argentina this time… nobody… what crazy coaches and ‘big brothers’ we have in team to destroy” – to be honest, I will not cry this time for Argentina. You may make 1-2 mistakes but if someone is multiplicating the same blunders again and again he ask for catastrophe. This federation just needs catastrophe. Between two possible ways to better times – evolution or revolution – they choose the second. Revolution will come on ruins.

    • haha. You are one who loves to criticize Messi like there is no tomorrow. I actually think you would cry if Arg. wins the WC since it would stop you from criticizing argentina and current players.

      • First of all: where is in my post Messi mentioned? If I am critic of current players then you must be blind critic of me if you see in my comments words that is not there.

        2. If you ask me: Argentina will not win WC with Messi anyway, (because when he is there we can’t build real, balanced team of he 11 mans on par) so you should get real as soon as possible.

        • Rebuild haha. How many times we need to rebuild? Last time argentina won WC in 1986, it was one man team as this one.

          • Everytime when I hear team of ’86 was one man team I’m sure the people never watched full single Argentina match of that WC. That was real team with perfect one-touch combinations, chemistry, by heart understanding. Go and watch that matches.

            Now… well …what team we are actually talking about. Sampaoli himself doesn’t know his players. People who say another final is possible because Messi is there are rather non compos mentis. Messi is not going to win alone any single game in final stages. Football is still more and more team game.

        • Without Messi this Argentina maximum a 8/16 contender in any WC, like we was between 1994-2006, 2010 was an absurd WC with an imbecile “coach”, and it was a very dark age in Copa Americas too. These were “balanced” team in neirly every position 1 or 2 world class players, mainly better than current ones, and still cannot show anything. With Messi final is possible, without him zero chance in a WC, so choose what’s the better scenario? Another 1994-2006 period with worse players? Good luck

  21. Here is the situation, in my opinion. Usually the team of 23 is made up of 3 GK, 15 def and mids (7+8 or 8+7) and 5 forwards. Doesn’t have to be, but typically. Now to choose these 5

    1. Messi – Right side and central
    2. Higuain – Central
    3. Aguero – Central
    4. Dybala – Right and central
    5. Open

    If 5th place is taken by Icardi then it is central again and there is a deficit on the left, I think. There is Dimaria, but no back up. So, some forward who can operate from the left is required. Someone like Perotti. Hence the doubt of Dybala was there too. I think, due to the absence of Messi in 2 last friendly games, Sampaoli has decided to go with Dybala as Messi back up.

    Unfortunately, I think Icardi is the only one in the team who has certain attributes, that one else in the forward line has. These are:

    1. Attitude. Bad ass attitude. Its required sometimes.
    2. Simply climb above a forest of players in the box and head home. Set piece, corner kicks, 93rd min mayhem etc.
    3. Excellent as a single forward. Others play better off another. Defend a lead.
    4. Inside penalty box and one shot goals.

    One possibility is to take 6 forwards. But that is a huge risk for other areas. Higuain is just trumping Icardi due to experience and friendship.

  22. – Argentina was never cursed but always choose to lose for the benefit of some individuals.
    Don’t blame anybody luck, referees, FIFA, etc…
    We need to blame ourselves because we chose to lose.

    – Do you remember when Riquelme quit?
    He cited the ethic code.
    Basile was the first victim of this generation of brats.
    Through Basile they wanted to oust Riquelme (2nd victim) because according to the brats if Riquelme were to be ousted we would hand Messi the reign and we would play faster.
    The result we didn’t have a midfield at the World cup 2010 and the brats got spanked and humiliated by Germany (They make sure to spank the brats all the time).
    They plotted with Maradona to oust Basile knowing that it would make Riquelme quit.
    The team was theirs now,but Maradona is unpredictable and forced Tevez (next victim) on the team and even prefered him over Messi which made the little brat and his friends mad.
    It continued throughout the years victims left and right and hopefully after the World cup the brats retire, no matter what happens win or lose.
    The brat stated clearly that this World cup is all about his generation (his fellow brats).
    Only people who are deaf and blind don’t know the truth.

    – I don’t have an ounce of respect for Sampaoli and my respect for Lionel “The Brat” Messi is not 0 it is minus to infinity.
    I feel ashamed for hating a man who wanted to be the greatest and even played for the club team I support Manchester United. I feel ashamed when “The Brat” scored in the final of the Champions League against the team I support I jumped high of the joy I felt because I wanted “The Brat” to become the best player of all-time.
    It has always been everything about Argentina for me and everything else was second.
    I don’t care who plays and who the coach is, but will support the team even more and hope finally we win the World cup. No matter what! But have no respect for them.
    Like Riquelme I cite The Ethic Code and my attitude and morals to not respect them.
    I want Argentina to win the World cup so bad and there are players I truly respect and hope they bring us the World cup, there are also the fans who stick through thick and thin and they deserve it.
    “Brats” are not gonna make me not like the team. players come and go but the team always be there.

    – What worries me the most is the midfield and injuries.
    Mascherano will be sort of a cheerleader or assistant.

    • Amen @ghostdeini!
      Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. I am in the same boat as you, carrying similar sentiments. Watched us win it in 86 and have been waiting since then. My loyalty changes from club to club depending on Argentine players in the team. From a Real supporter I changed to become a Blaugrana.

      Over last 2 years, much to my surprise, I have started respecting Ronaldo. The guy is bull headed and just wants to win. He does not have favorites in club or country to the extent like Messi. His objective is to win and be the best. Not Messi, he prefers to be with people he likes and win comes secondary. He does not have that drive or his motivation is different. He wants to enjoy the game and wins with friends. Sometimes I feel, it would have been good if he left Barcelona. It kind of shows the same behavior. Stay in comfort zone and try to manipulate the team and signings. Hence he is not winning.

      • You are totally wrong about Barcelona though. Barca do not have quality but Real have. Ronaldo didnt do shit in CL for 4 years while Barca were dominating. Without Ronald, Real would still win CL but without Messi,Barca are nothing. Remember Ronaldo was horrible against Bayern Munich in both leges, they still qualify. Neymar left for money and dembele, paulinho, gomes, digne etc are not Messi’s signing. I dont think even if Ronaldo wins WC(not gonna happen), people will rate above him since they play in same generation and we have freaking eyes to see who is better.

        • @arg2018 – ur spot on that point. Remove Ronaldo & real Madrid still will win CL. Barca like Argentina is built on Messi after xavi, iniesta primetime. It just shows Messi’s loyalty & I respect that. He could have picked a super fat cheque & joined man city & ask for the top midfielders & defenders to win every possible trophy. With an average team , he still won the last liga, Copa del Rey & in Pole position for golden boot. His trackrecord for Argentina in last few years is just amazing. Simply carried the team singlehandedly.

          • I think people are getting carried away by the chance that Ronaldo might have more ballon dor tham Messi. However i dont think ballon dor is messi’s objective. Whereas for Ronaldo, he play for himself. Hence it is easy for him to get the headline where as for Messi,teams comes before him. Heck, he even has not criticized gomes where as Ronaldo publicly criticize his team mates like vasquez, asensio eventhough they help him win his Ballon dor. Messi is like good cop, who have more responsibilities where as Ronaldo is a theif who is extreme opportunistic.

  23. Too many internet warriors in this site. Shut the hell up and support the team. Remember if it was not for Messi, we would not be playing in World Cup. Icardi did not do a shit. If making Messi happy by not selecting Icardi, so be it; we have the freaking chance at World cup due to Messi, not due to Icardi. Just watch Spain vs Argentina Friendly. I hope all these so called supporters who never kicked the ball support the team and enjoy the world cup.

  24. I think it is good decision. Remember Maradona field all Messi, Augero, Hiugain, Tevez , Rodriguez and Di maria in 2010 against Germany, that resulted in disaster. I believe Augero will be the first choice striker and if needed, then only Huigain will be played. Sampoali also knows Hiugain reputation, so he will be idiot to start him. He will start more wingers, and midfielders to help Messi than Hiugain unless last minute header is needed. I believe in more in Sampoali than not believe in Huigain. I am glad to see dybala though. Hopefully Augero recover soon and ready to go.

  25. How rubbish someone think about Messi.. this is not fair..our some supporters are bigger coach than Pep Guardiola,Simon ,klop..Ancheloti e.t.c

    Those think they are 100 percent better think tank than Sampoli..Remember Sampoli is our coach not you..He choose his 23 that’s all..all we need to support that 23 ..

    Icardi is not World Best forwards or top five..
    He does not holding the ball well and did not play in midfield …
    What inter gain with icardi..nothing except 27 goal..right now seria a inter fifth position at point table..

    • “Icardi is not World Best forwards or top five..”
      even if he is not among the five best strikers in the world right now , he is still better than that chocker.

      “What inter gain with icardi..nothing except 27 goal..right now seria a inter fifth position at point table..”
      what argentina has gained from Higuain and aguero ? what juventus has gained from Higuain ?
      and by the way , if not because those 27 goals that you did not like , Inter will most likey end the season near the tail of the table.

  26. Nobody will cry for you Argentina this time… nobody… what crazy coaches and ‘big brothers’ we have in team to destroy.
    Messi and Mascherano – please retire from National Team as soon as possible… we had enough of you both bossing around and destroying our little chances by playing your stupid friends.
    Sampaoli is a poor chap who had to agree to big brothers’ demands… but why?
    Messi, just wait and see how Cristiano will surprise you even at the world cup. (really sad to write this stuff but everyone is ready to grab what others miss… yes the portugese guy is ready to grab what the argentine just threw away because of his adamant nature)

  27. sampaoli considering centurion at cost of icerdi we will go with 4 forwards +messi+meza+lanzini+centurion .if centurion goes inplace of icardi i wont mind but it’s needed to fire biglia ,mascherano.

  28. Disaster after disaster, madness after madness, idiot after idiot. This is the situation that Argentina football is in right now. I will write BAHAHAHAHA to Sampa when flop-and-finished Higuain fails to score a sitter (he will surely fail to score every chance that comes in his way).

    A team that is run and managed by certain players will never win anything!

      • This time I have watched Racing. Lautaro had not his best game but it’s always shines through his at least few moments he should be on WC and even as starter taking into account Aguero’s fragility.

  29. In a few years Icardi’s omission will be discussed here as one of the big mistakes like omitting Redondo in 98, Zanetti and Cambiasso in 2010.

    Sampaoli’s decision is unwise. What if Aguero does not recover in time or pipita breaks something in the next 3 weeks?

  30. Guys please be supportive with what we have.Its not like sampa leaving messi out while going to world cup. Icardi is no doubt a great potential, But still not that level at very best.Serie A and Inter milan is no longer where it was at 90’s or early 2000. He should play and prove him in european(champions league) level with some elite clubs. I saw him not decisive in Europa league as well.So whats the issue for crying ..Its not that he will come and start score for fun.No perisic is there in Argentina Line up.Here the striker role will be to hold up the ball up to pitch so messi can come from behind like barca. need to do it for Just 7 games.he did it for almost 40 games this season.Just finger crossed , its not Icardi who will you the title, Inter not even in the top 5 in seria a.

    • The performance between higuain and icardi is clear…icardi is far better than higuain…and only icrdi’s goal Carried out inter Milan within top 5.. at present he is back bone of inter bt not higuain is the back bone of juve..u just see that coming season higuain is no where..he got enough chances to perform but he failed and failed.. so give the chance to new one may be he is icardi or someone else bt not higuain…

    • Sourav the problem is higuain chokes in the big games. He just disappears. Having a lethal finisher in box also takes pressure off Messi. The other way to look at it is if di Maria, Messi, lo celso together get 10 decent passes into box, icardi can convert 2-3 ( I rate aguero even higher on that) . Higuain just messes up in big games.
      My submission is higuain & icardi should be in final23 – but if it is at the cost of one, higuain should be dropped.

  31. Leaving a striker in form for one injured and another mentally weak player is disastrous. This is not a footballing decision. This is a decision taken off field and so called “Friends Club” (if it at all exists) is the mastermind behind it. I dont find any other reason to exclude Icardi.

    If Argentina does not go all the way the current group (Messi, Mascherano, Aguero, Dimaria. Higuin, Biglia, Banega, Romero)will retire after after 15th July(If not earlier than that), and sampa will have one year to build a solid team before Copa 19 and Copa 20. I want Sampa to continue. No more circus with the coach’s position please.

    • While I don’t believe in the ‘ friends club ‘ theory, whatever happens in Russia – agree with u that the generation of Messi should move out . All of them in last lap & won’t last till 2022. We have enough young talent who can take over & just need exposure

  32. Not sure why you guys are mad. We knew friends club will never give a pass for Icardi and even if there was no Max’s wife story at all, still he won’t get picked on the expense of fatty Higuain and Mr. Swollen knee.

    Second: let’s be honest and not kid ourselves, even if Icardi goes to Russia, he can’t fix the rubbish mediocre play of the team. We are not ready for the world cup and early round exit won’t be shocking. Like some mentioned here that we should be thankthful by just qualifying and be part of the world cup.

    Third, I don’t see Sampaoli stay longer after a disastrous world cup and a party with hig, aguero, di Maria, mascherano, biglia, rojo and others, he will go where the pay is more and pressure is less. We will see Icardi leading our attack next world cup along with all new generation and fresh faces after the mafia retires.

    Message to messi: with embarrasing champions league exit followed by a disastrous world cup, you know who will claim 6th ballon d’or and becomes the best player of his generation. Aguero and Higuain friendship won’t bring you prestige.

  33. If ICARDI is not invited to the national team sampaoli is very stupid and It is known that Messi did not invite him to be not invited to the national team

    • Is it possible maradona did that to Icardi? He is the biggest hater of Icardi and he uses Media and blind people like you to get his agenda just like a myth that he won world cup single handily.

  34. Icardi in the NT has been bang average. The good are he’s always in the right area, clinical, keeps the ball and makes good runs. He’s downfalls are he doesn’t track back and stays right at the top in the centre, you forget he’s in the game because he doesn’t make the TV screen. While he’s up there the ball is being passed right-to-left left-to-right and he doesn’t move, That’s what I feel Sampa means by “he doesn’t gel” if the rumours are true. Sampa has to take blame because he should’ve built a team around Icardi to fit Icardi in the game, they isn’t much time for that. What happened off the pitch plays a part too.

  35. Personally i could care less about who is being selected as ‘9 when you have Messi, Pavon, Perotti,and many more strong wing attacking forwards.

    I wish Sampa could get more guts to drop all of the useless forwards including unnfit Aguero, and Mascherano from mid field in order to invite value adding players also alleviating the weakest link of the team- Midfield and right full back positions.Ommiting any one of Ascacibar,Bataglia,Meza,Pizarro, e. Perez,Parades,Lo Celco,Banega,Di Maria,Lanzini, Perotti(mainly due to injury),or Ansaldi, would insult the team than ignoring any of the strikers.

  36. I’m try to put things in perspective:
    What Icardi did was rotten, there is no way around it, you don’t get invited into someone’s home and life as a friend and turn around and steal his wife!! of course that slut had a lot to do with it.
    Team chemistry is an absolute must, especially in a tournament like the WC when there is no higher magnitude……….having said that, one player sticking out like a sore thumb is a distraction to say the very least.
    I said the following 3 times in here and here goes the fourth, ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ Sam did NOT need to take this job that I’m sure pays him less money but comes with a seismic amount of stress and hassle. I for one applause the man for answering the call when his country came calling….begging was more like it and what did he say, not quoting his exact words but he said something like, ‘ I am leaving Seville not for more money or different club but BECAUSE MY COUNTRY NEEDS ME’ I gotta respect that and then some.
    Personally, I believe ARGENTINA should have gone after Pekerman as soon as his contract ran out and remember he went back home and didn’t want to renew until it was obvious ARG wasn’t going to call him. Colombia went from being dead in the 2014 WC qualifiers to an absolute contender almost immediately……remember Chile (F*** Them) was in almost the same situation, changing 2 managers before the 3rd Sam came to their pathetic country.

    It is what it is, calling this man names won’t change a damn thing and his footballing knowledge is probably more than all of us combined x10 and I’m not defending him because we are all in the same boat……frustrated and wanting only positive things to happen.

    • Steal his wife??? give me a break. Maxi cheated on Wanda, that alone means he had 0 respect for his marriage and ex wife. Icardi got together after he broke their trust and was separated.

  37. I am always said that sampaoli is not a good coach..he is below mediocre..remember that game Copa 15 we missed chances…and Chile was not good on that particular match..and I have a huge question about sampaoli’s footballing sense and philosophy…at least Southampton’s Argentine coach is far better than him..shame on sampaoli u r coward…

    • We r getting very emotional. To say sampaoli is not a good coach & Chile played badly in Copa 15 is factually wrong. It was his tactics of crowding midfield & stifling Messi that worked in Chile’s favour. Btw they also had good chances in the match.
      Even if we exit in first round I would want sampaoli to continue. The damage was done by AFA & previous coaches. Sampaoli is only resurrecting things in short notice.

  38. wow, can’t imagine Icardi’s feeling when he received such news. Ridiculous to give a never lasting chance to Higuain as he will repeat the same mistakes again, the team badly need a lethal striker; with kun still recover from his injury Sampaoli have to take a tough decisions to write off Higuain and brings the greater ones.Pavon and Icardi or even Correa will be a good option.

  39. To give some benefit of doubt to sampaoli what is the authenticity of this report. Could also be a rumour. Let’s wait for few more weeks
    If true a historic blunder worse than zanetti snub by maradona in 2010. Dybala & Messi not suitable in playing 11 is understandable… But icardi not suitable is so illogical . To bet on higuain who has regularly failed in pressure matches is only going to put unnatural pressure on Messi. I am jus hoping aguero gets to 100% match fitness & lasts the tournament

  40. Looking forward to the end of this era of players who have so much say and so little hardware to validate their “greatness”. This includes Messi, Mascherano and the rest of the hot pile of shit these guys are. And honestly before anybody gets on me for slamming Messi, this is the same guy who defended Higuain when he was off the team and said he should get another chance.
    In the end, if there was no friends club why the need to defend such a mentally weak player other than being friends?
    Welcome to the new Argentina, where friendship means more than titles.
    Maradona was right all along, Messi is no leader, and for those of you old enough like me to remember Maradona in his prime, Messi is no Maradona.

    • @San Isidro I am beginning to agree with you on this. Understand there may be translation or interpretation errors but how can it be due to a player’s inability to gel with the team? Shouldn’t it be the inability of the coach to find a way to make team play with him (and Messi and the rest)? And the other players that you are goong to pick can? And just based on those 3 games you have decided that he can’t gel? Can gel but keeps missing chances is better. Sigh…whatever. Just win the freaking cup.

  41. First thing the Icardi case is not a sporting issue at all,second even if it was a sporting,tactical or a gelling thing this story of him being left out has no sense.who has been clicking whith whom notably to single him out as a case ,acting like Aguero and Higuain have been scoring goals for fun it’s going to help anyone involved in this team.things seem so far from being figured out right now and yet excluding a striker of Icardi caliber is crazy, Very few forward in the world are better and sharper than him inside 16 yard box, and it would be nice to bring him in from the bench at least when the tough is gonna get going and based from what I seen lately it will.not saying he is gonna be the saviour of the team or have him as an automatic starter but it would help having him as an option. I just hope Sampaoli is gonna prove me wrong on this one

  42. If Sampaoli can’t get us the cup he shouldn’t stay as a coach… No matter how long his contract is… A coach whose decisions are influenced by a certain group of players isn’t good enough to be a manager of a team like Argentina. .

    How many of you remember how we lost control of the game when unfit Aguero lacking match fitness was sent in for Lavezzi…

    Every time we were knocked out of the world cup it always has something to do with our manager’s stupid calls… We are cursed… Unfit Aguero … Choker Higuain are going to lead our attack…. Rojo Funes mori our CBs.. Masch and Biglia our defensive mids!!! Its going to be a very shameful exit again!! Mentally prepare yourselves guys!! Poor Messi is going to be remembered as just a club player … Who never won a world cup!!

  43. According to Olé there is hoped for Icardi after talking with Sampaoli. News are coming from nowhere , I think we can only wait for the official 35 then 23 list of players before saying something with certitude.
    If Sampaoli wants, he can have a very balance team.

  44. According to La Nacion, the reason why ICARDI will not be called-up for the World Cup is due to his inability to gel properly with the rest of the team on the pitch.
    That is bs. Icardi is not the problem but the so called greats who are in the team and know only one way to play the game.

  45. This means Pavon is in!! Speed and power on the flanks. 👊🚾🇦🇷💯🙏🏿

  46. 👏👏👏 Thank you, now select the 23 players already and forget about the 35. You can put the other 12 on stand by. No to Icardi, Period!!! 😊😁

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