Coppa Italia possible comeback for Lucas BIGLIA


Lucas BIGLIA is set to make a come back for AC Milan sooner rather than later.

BIGLIA, who fractured his vertebra not that long ago looks set to make a comeback for Milan. He could be available for the Coppa Italia Final against Juventus on Wednesday.

Sky Sport Italia had earlier tweeted that BIGLIA has returned to train with the Milan squad.

This will come aa good news for Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI who has BIGLIA among the players that are expected to be named in his preliminary squad for the World Cup. At one point, his World Cup spot was in jeopardy following the injury he suffered against Benevento on the 12th of April.

Stay tuned as we keep an eye on BIGLIA’s progress.


  1. Why is the foolish coach reaching out to Macherano,Biliga,Benega,Aguero, & Higuain.
    What was their contribution to the qualifying games and recent friendlies (ALL FAILURES) and will certainly
    fail again

  2. Lionel – what a game he had against Real Madrid… hope he plays all the games for Argentina the same way during the world cup… ofcourse the entire team needs to ‘play’ aswell.
    Let’s keep praying… miracle can happen for Argentina too.

  3. I cant imagine that our central forwards are Higuain and Aguero.
    If Higuain plays like shit again, an unfit Aguero will come in, he will continue to keep his world cup clean sheet goal record again, the fans will be saving his shots instead of the goalkeepers.

    Bring in Icardi and Lautaro please.

    • You should better not expect Icardi or Martinez being called for the wc. Icardi doesn’t fit in our team’s philosophy as per Sampaoli, which actually makes sense because Icardi is scoring in almost every game while our beloved Argentina barely scores for at least two years now.

    • If player does not fit why to choose him.Icardi and Dybla is on that category.Ricardo Centurion looks better for the role over Perroti or Dybla.Tall speed dribbling link up he can help the NT and should be given chances in friendlies

      • How a player who has already scored 28 goals in 32 games doesn’t fit in a team which struggles to score goals for two years now, having as cfs two very good strikers, no doubt, but both being inefficient lately as the one is constantly missing sitters and the second has zero goals in two wcs already? It is a bit of paradox don’t you think?
        Unless you have a good explanation on this based on sensible reasons, then i will take it.

        • Icardi and Fybla do not participates in anything other than scoring goals but there are many aspects of the game and moreover they are not like Cristiano who adjust himself before the goal and scores.Dybla has played 12 matches for NT without any goal against South American mediocre teams.Icardi missed sitters against Venezuela if there is no help from winger or midfielder Icardi is waste just like the match against Urugway.

  4. It is unfortunate that sampaoli headed towards the foot print of bauza martino.he must be learn from tite who made Brazil squad like beast.. within the little time tite made Brazil like giant..and sampaoli’s experimental process continues with old pray to God and it all depends on god and Messi..

  5. Most likely 🇦🇷🚾 23 man squad.

    GK ( Romero, Willy and Guzman)

    DF ( Otamendi, Mascherano, Fazio, Rojo, Mecardo and Tagliafico)

    MID ( Banega, Biglia, Di Maria, Lo Celso, Lanzini, Lamela, Perotti, Salvio and Acuna)

    ST ( Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Dybala and Pavon) 😜💯😊

    • Kid-80% in agreement with u.
      Only changes IMO –
      1) meza instead of lamela.
      2) 6 defenders is too risky for 7matches in 1month. So pezella instead of perotti. Atleast one CB back up required.
      3) if biglia is not 100%- battaglia
      4) masche is not at this level now. But surely sampoali is selecting him. So be it & let’s move on.

    • In the end Sampaoli’s team is not that different from Martino’s or Bauza’s team. I am curious to see how our hotheaded coach will do in Russia.

      • True! if below is the starting eleven then only two players below age 30

        Romero,Mercado,Otamendi,Fazio,Tagliafico,Di Maria,Biglia,Banega,Lanzini,Messi,Aguero.

        Fitness and injury concerns definitely in later stages.

  6. Sampaoli seems to be more interested in big names not in the form and fit players which match his playing style, a basic things that everyone knows that Masche have passed his peak time, Rojo is not playing regularly, Biglia and Kun injured, Higuain can’t score whenever most needed. Banega is ok but need to be covered by great subs. Otamendi and Fazio needs back up. Meanwhile the young gunners are ready to play. These are the naked truth and only Sampaoli can solve it.

  7. I don’t know why people are arguing over players relentlessly. Banega, Biglia, Rojo, Aguero, Mascherano, Mecardo, Di Maria, Higuain, Messi, Romero, Otamendi and Fazio are all going to the World Cup. Keep on with the pointless arguments, you don’t like these players don’t watch, it’s that simple. BTW, every player I list here is going to the World Cup, so scream all you want, bring up your favorite so call “young” players all you want, nothing changes the fact that these guys are going to the World Cup. I have said what I need to say, not trying to argue over football players.

    • We know very well the players are going to the WC. That will cost us a lot. Hence our screams. You will see.

  8. Bad news for Argentina, Biglia won’t be in good shape just because his injury is healed, football requires weeks and weeks of play to get back to the desired form (I’m speaking on local league level, not to mention world cup).

    Don’t get me wrong, I liked his play back in 2014, wasn’t top notch, but good with a fighting spirit, now we are in 2018, hell that is 4 years older. Players decline in 4 years, let alone having an injury. I used to run 20k 4 years ago, hell I can’t run 10k now (if I do, it would be with a struggle). You get the point, Biglia, Aguero can say their injuries are recovered, but I can challenge the world if they can perform in world cup on a highest level, they are not 20 years folks that can get back to shape in a matter of days, age plays a huge part in football.

    If you love Argentina, you better support the young generations, it’s proven that bringing young players who survive full tournament, can be a key to victory.

    Speaking of Banega: Do we still discuss his abilities? The guy is inconsistent, depends on his bar trip schedule and amount of alcohol he drinks the night before the match, simple as that. Outside this blog, no one would give a shit about Banega in the world of football, he’s an average midfielder, no less no more.

    I support young players but if I see their form is declining, I change my opinion, like what I said about Dybala’s current form as I don’t see him makes runs or chase the ball often in his last games, so even if he’s dropped, it won’t bother me. Messi is the best player, but a matter of fact, he has his biases in player selection on club and NT levels. I can’t deny that fact. We are all grown up, so the game of being fanboy is out of the question. I can admire certain players, but I have to be honest about their form, fitness level and contribution to the team.

    My two cents: Bringing Biglia to the team, his back passes will be disrupted by the opposition this time around since he’s not entirely fit.

  9. Perotti
    Sincerely I haven’t read you. And even if I had read that comment I never would had thought it was aimed at me. Next time call me by my name, don’t be afraid. Subliminal messages are for suckers.
    Like I said, If I am wrong you have the chance to run me out of here and then you can all agree with each other and fool yourself.
    I sleep well, don’t worry but even if I didn’t it would be an honor to care for the team I love dearly.
    When Paredes made the move, I criticized him because I keep it real.
    I don’t hate Messi’s generation, I just want Messi who deserves to play and lead the team because he is the best player in the world, but I don’t want Messi attached to him Biglia, etc…because they Messi deserves and Biglia doesn’t. it’s that simple. Lonzo with out Liangelo and Lavar. one deserves to be in the NBA and the other doesn’t. Simple is that.
    I was there in 2005 when people thought Sosa is our leader and Messi on the bench. when Sosa got injured before the world cup, and Messi played in the first game only as a sub. and when the ball hit Adler in the face. I wanted Messi to play from the beginning but short sighted people like you wanted him as a sub. I wanted him to play a bigger role in 2006 but short sighted people like you even belittled Messi and so did Pekerman(Who I admire).
    The same people who belittled Messi then belittle the youngsters now (you are one of them with your buddy kidulthood)
    Chances are 99% when Argentina was playing I was there, being night, day, morning int he cold or warm weather I was watching.
    When people like you and kidulthood were calling Higuain traitor because there were rumours of him playing for France, I was there and wanted him playing for us, he even was ignored for the Olympics because of that and people like you liked it and called him not good enough, traitor.
    Now people like you swear by his name, while I keep cool and think judge him on his current performances.
    People like you start a 4 year cycle like this:
    – after the world cup you want old player because we don’t have time to prepare for Copa America according to you.
    – After we fail at Copa America we want veterans because we don’t have time to prepare for Copa America whatever it is called, according to your kind.
    – After we fail at that Copa too you want Veterans to qualify for the world cup because we don’t have time to intergrate younger player, according to your kind only veterans qualify.
    – After we barely qualify you want veterans to be selected for the world cup because according to you we don’t have time to intergrate young players and veterans is the way to go.
    and after the world cup you repeat that cycle and all the time you ask yourself why are we cursed, why we don;t win, why why crying,.
    don’t blame nobody, just yourself for being part of a dumb cycle.
    I always want the best players to be in the squad.
    Being old, young, in europe, in Argentina, don’t care as long as they are earning it!
    I was there when Argentina played, I read and studied this team, because I f love this team. ALL HAIL Messi as a player, and all hail Maradona as a player, but both lack as human.

    • labelling/judging peoples seems your greatest quality, despite you have been constantly telling us that your profile is a teacher. I never ‘ve advocated for any of the older generations nor did i stand against proper inclusion of youth. since you are presumptious as always you would dare to put me in to one camp as long as it fits your conspiracy.

      I would like to see a deserving youth like ascacibar,Pavon,locelso acuna even Peryera. And more other ignored but underatted mature players like Perotti. The list go on. but their omition won’t make me made a blind judgment like yours and held messi accountable no matter how desparate i wanted any player to be in the team. For instance It has been frustrating for me too not to see the midfield changed as i made it pretty clear in the aftermath of 2014 WC about the aging of Biglia,Perez and Mascerano for 2018 WC. I guess that is a remark you would have from short sighted peoples as per your judgment.

      I deal with frustrations and continue to support the team than coming with divisive and way too personal arguements like yours. One of your ironic comments was about Lavezzi’s selection who by any standard is way deserving to be in the team. I ve been cursing Aguero for his substiuing role he portrayed on the wc final at the expense of Lavezzi. But you have even equated his role as J. Crus of 2006 in one of your earlier remarks cus he is from messi generation.

      Deal with ideas not peoples if you could.

      • Don’t remember to have ever said something like that about Lavezzi.
        But if I did so what he sucked playing Forward at the only time he played great was as a midfielder where he had to run.
        How many goals has Lavezzi scored for Argentina in a tournament?
        How many chances did he create?
        Of course he was selected because he had ties to Messi.
        Lavezzi toyed with Sabella , and slapped the doctor or whatever he is in the bus.
        But Aguero had no business coming in for Lavezzi.
        When people were going on about Calleri I said he is Figueroa type and seems I was generous.

        I am not judging you, I stated my opinion that I am against fitting players into categories, it doesnt matter how old, where they play, or what they did 3 years ago, it matters what they do now, and some of the players are not deserving. If people cant see Messi intefering when Messi himself stated that this world cup is his generation’s world cup, when Sampaoli said It’s Messi’s team and he will choose with whom he plays(posted quote earlier) just to name a few and let’s forget all the stories from journalists. Biglia and Messi called for Higuain to be called back when Sampaoli ignored him. I am sorry that you are and some others are in denial about this. I can’t help you stay in denial.

        Perotti has been ignored and will probably and sadly be ignored again. He is also quite old, but have you seen me not wanting him?
        I am one of his biggest supporters.

        I will never shut up, And I will never be biased, when I think something is wrong I will say it. When Germany beat Portugal 4-0 first game of the world cup , reading the press and the experts it sounded as Germany lost 4-0. Germans are never happy, they criticized until LOW gave in and put Lahm as a right back and not as an midfielder. But Germany are Champions and we are happy to have crawled to the final scoring 2 goals in 4 games. you can’t rely on luck all the time so we got beat in the end.
        I for one am not happy with 2nd place, I see Argentina as Numero uno.
        I want messi to lift the world cup.
        He deserves not 1 but at least 2, but we had to sabotage ourselves.
        Yes I am guilty wanting Argentina to be the best, not number 2.
        Cant stand us being number 2.
        if people are happy being number 2, thats fine but not me.

        • @Ghostdeini Lavezzi was chosen by Sabella because he had ties with Messi? and not due to his play huh? So why is he not selected now? Let me guess, Messi cut ties with him?? LMAO. Man you guys spew a lot of nonsense on this forum. This is getting ridiculous. Anyone who gets selected for the NT, that you don’t approve of, then Messi must be to blame? Makes sense.. smh

          • Let me guess next you ask why maxi rodriguez doesn‘t play. He was called up to his injury and is not called for the same reason as gago they are both finished, even gago was got his chance, calling them up is unjustifiable. They are finished! Sorry but just because a person is the best plsyer dorsnt mean he is the best person. I know its hard to accept that. Messi the greatest footballer no doubt about that he deserved at least 2 world cups but has 0 as much as lavezzi has goals at the world cup. I want messi that is why i want to be prepared and not go to the world cup unprepared just look st my post in the other thread where i broke down the world cup 2014 where we legt mesdi isolated and there was no bench player to make a difference like germany had gotze and schurle for example. But who sre germany right we are rught and we dont need to improve judt stand still, and bank on messi when we can be more.

  10. bil is ok if its just him but to take him and mach is the biggest problem as 1 at best should not be their and if both were not their is also would not a big problem.

  11. Fazio is good? ok answer me

    Do u think fazio can match with the pace of young and agile strikers..?
    Fazio is good in positional and aerial sense….
    Against Liverpool, Fazio showed how poor his pace is…Roma 7 goals in 2 lague of Ucl.
    Banega? He is a joke.. Banega runs like pregnant lady. Tackles like handicap.
    I have never seen any stand out performance by him for ARGENTINA in competitive matches.
    By the way, THANKS for the reply…

    • Fazio is incredible and were lucky to have him given our limited choices. He played poorly against liverpool and Spain because of the tactics, not personal skill. you cant play Fazio with high back line, he’s too slow. A formation with 4 ATB with Otamendi pushing up will be perfect.

  12. ****AM I THE ONLY member here getting personal messages from women( allegedly) wanting to get to know me and want to tell me something very important?? 2 received messages thus far.

    If this is news to the moderators >>>>>>please do something about it!

    SAMPAOLI wants to play attacking football with SLUGGISH, OLD,SLOW legends like MASCHERANO,BIGLIA,BANEGA,FAZIO..
    just because of messi fact ARGENTINA may reach knock out stage…otherwise this world cup will be nothing but REPEAT of The 2002 World cup…But my mind says Argentina will win world.. how funny?? BATTAGLIA MEZA PEZELLA are must not option… get them or regret ..

        • I have watched Fazio this year against all teams, Against liverpool also he played very good football in return leg, he can even bring the ball out of defense.Its a myth he cannot play against fast forwards, against liverpool sane and salah he played very well. Otamendi and Fazio are our best defenders at the moment

  14. If Icardi don’t go to the World Cup it would an injustice because I don’t understand what’s the problem the guy keeP scoring Goals in a average team this Argentina team won’t win anything if they continue ignoring players base on close friends in the team there is no way Icardi shouldn’t be going to Russia

  15. This is not a good new guys!! Biglia is only a shadow of 2014 . If we happen to trail in a knockout match then we are doomed. Biglia can not help in offense. He is only useful if we need to waste time and we are defending a lead.At best he can be just a substitute to close a game. But if the opposition attack us from all front then slow Biglia along with slow Banega and grandpa Masch they will sink our ship!!! God please show our coach and captain the right path.

  16. Paredes and Kranevitter are average players, they’re in Russia playing for a reason, because that’s where their level of talent is needed. When you play in Russia, the likelihood of moving to a bigger club is near ZERO percent. Paredes and Kranevitter are supposed to be Argentina next generation big players yet they’re playing in Siberia? How can you leave Roma for the Russian league? I guess Paredes was seen as disposable as far as Roma was concern yet on here he is some kind of wizard. Kranevitter and Paredes will either end up back in the Argentinean league, a mid-table club team across Europe top five leagues, or end up playing in China in their prime years, I doubt even China would want Kranevitter. Zenit is like 5th in a mediocre league after spending millions, if Parades and Kranevitter can’t even help Zenit to a UCL spot in the Russian league, then I see no reason why they should be anywhere near the national team, this goes for Rigoni too. Druissi made a bad move by going to Russia, no decent club is going to come knocking at the door anytime soon. Axel Witsel is in China, Hulk is in China, Garay in Spain/ Valencia, Rondon at West Brom and Javi Garcia is at Real Betis, all former Zenit players under coach Villa Boas..By the looks of it, these players career became worse off from their time playing in Russia.

    • Are you sure?
      Let’s make a bet!
      I put my account and IP Address to be banned forever on this site if Paredes moves to China or Argentina next.
      If he doesn’t move to them though you must be banned.
      Put up or shut up.
      Be for once a real man/woman and back up what you predict. The loser shall never come back, or he/she is a shame to this world.
      Cowards don’t back up what they predict.

    • KidultHood

      I remember very well your reaction for Garay transfer to Russia. It was something like: it’s good thing for us. He will be in best possible place as next WC is on Russian soil.

      • This guy only knows how to underestimate Argentina’s best young talented players. Not long ago he used to bash Lanzini, Pavon, and Tagliafico.

        Guys, just wait and you will see him praising Paredes when the WC starts (I have no doubts that Paredes will go to the WC). He is very inconsistent like his favourite player, Banega 😂

    • good one Kidulthood. And the next conspiracy theory will held Messi accountable for pararades or any other mundo hyped players move to China or elsewhere in MSl.

        • mr dictator no wonder why u are assuming messi is making the decission for others as u are trying to shut peoples up here.

        • you already have recognised in my last comment when i said “The person who was mocking Lavezzi even equating with J. Cruz senaryo of 2006 came up with this idiotic conspiracy against Leo”

          That person is you as i ve been reading all your non senses rooting for Parades and fortressing your camp against Leo generation. you have created an artficial war b/n generation of players and end up yourself sleepless to create conspiracies.

      • The context matters. Often when a player make a move from Rome to Russia it entails regression where as the viseversa could be a sign of improvement. good to take note that Rojo have left Russia in favour of Lisbon(portugal) then Man utd-sign of ascension. In a marked contrast, Garay almost ve paid the price by making a diametric opposite move to Russia from portugal so would parades and Krane w/c will be hard to redeem themselves again like Garay.

  17. The only way this guys wins anything will be by ass kissing Messi.
    He is a burden, and our assistant coach Sampaoli will realize this and will want try to convince our coach Messi to bench him, so the important thing will be who is going to replace him. Going by reports the selected defensive midfielders will be Mascherano (cheerleader), Banega (inconsistent and better further up), Kranevitter (static), and I see Lo Celso and Lanzini further up the pitch. Paredes will not be selected by our coach Messi, Paredes has a really good case to be selected, he plays in Russia, he can contribute in defense and offense, just like Lo Celso and Lanzini and Perez can do both. While Biglia, Mascherano, Kranevitter just sit there and don’t contribute anything in attack. We hate 2 dimensional players it seems. But our coach Messi has a plan for our midfielders, they don’t need to do anything in offense because we have the fantastic four Messi, Aguero, Higuain, and Di maria. Why share the ball with others? Why contribute in offense when their job is to sit back and protect the fantastic four while they attack. Why attack from the midfield? why attack from the flanks? why attack and defend as a unit? We have our famous and successful formation 6 defenders and 4 attackers. we attack with 4 people and defend with 6 people. It’s the best formation guys, it has been proven successful against Germany where we lost 4-0. If it does not work our plan B comes in effect where we put all defensive formation and isolate Messi there alone with just 1forward and hope to win on penalties. Why bother putting a balanced formations out there, where we attack and defend as a unit? it doesn’t make sense guys? Using so called modern formations and 2 dimensional players is not right. Why cover for Messi’s lack of running, the right thing to do is play slow players around him so we can play snail place and the ball runs guys not the players. Why having a shape putting role players in the team while we can have stars walking on the pitch. If Messi walks why not Aguero and the others we have 4 central defenders and 2 defensive midfielders who defend that’s enough, they should recover the ball and play to the stars while they watch.
    just read an article where Sampaoli had to negotiate with Messi to call up Armani. True or not I don’t know but man this kind of writings are crazy.
    What a mess.

    • If he had to negotiate with Messi to bring Armani then Sampaoli shouldn’t be in charge of the team. He should quit with his tails between his legs!!

      • journalist talk. Don’t know if it is true but many similar stories are being written that portray Messi that way. can be a smir campaign against Messi.
        But such stories are making look us like a joke.

    • Give it a rest. You are writing FAKE NEWS. Support Argentina here and go hate Messi somewhere else.

      • Really? I make you the same offer as kidulthood. If Armani doesn’t start sometime during the world cup, I offer you that my account and IP Address will be banned and I will never come back and you do the same with yours if he starts.

        I support the team and not a player or Barca. Messi is the best player of the world and all hopes lie on his shoulders because we can’t built a team. But he is a little prick.

        • haha. You are acting like Argentina were winning WC every four years. So much about team. Where was your team before Messi came? Knocked out of World cup in group stage. Yes, that is right. So shut up and be supportive than whining on every little things.

  18. Danm that was quick, do you guys think Biglia takes his time to recover properly. If not it could be fatal for us during the world cup.

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