World Cup countdown: 50 days, Argentina moment number 37, Maxi RODRIGUEZ


As part of the 50 days, 50 Argentina World Cup moments, we will be counting down the top 50 Argentina moments at a World Cup using the daily number.

We are just 37 days until the start of the FIFA World Cup and in 37th place we have Maxi RODRIGUEZ playing in his 37th match for Argentina vs. South Korea at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

It was Argentina’s second match (and this also the second time Maxi RODRIGUEZ appears on this list) at the FIFA World Cup and with Diego MARADONA at the helm, the starting line-up was full of attacking players. Angel DI MARIA, Gonzalo HIGUAIN, Lionel MESSI, Carlos TEVEZ and Maxi RODRIGUEZ all started for the two time World Cup winners. However, it was a day for Gonzalo HIGUAIN.

The (then) Real Madrid man netted a hattrick in Argentina’s 4-1 win against South Korea and became the first Argentine player to score a hattrick at a FIFA World Cup since Gabriel BATISTUTA did it against Jamaica back in 1998 in France.

A very memorable day for HIGUAIN and one that confirmed Argentina’s spot in the Round of 16 of the tournament in South Africa.

Here was Argentina’s starting XI for the match:
22. Sergio ROMERO
6. Gabriel HEINZE
7. Angel DI MARIA
9. Gonzalo HIGUAIN
10. Lionel MESSI
11. Carlos TEVEZ
13. Walter SAMUEL

If you missed it, here are our 50 World Cup moments:
50: Sergio ROMERO gets 50th cap vs. Switzerland at 2014 FIFA World Cup.
49: Roberto AYALA scores in the 49th minute vs. Germany at 2006 FIFA World Cup.
48: Angel DI MARIA’s 48th cap for Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina at 2014 FIFA World Cup.
47: Mario KEMPES scores Argentina’s 47th goal all time at the 1978 FIFA World Cup vs. Peru.
46: Jorge VALDANO scores in the 46th minute at the 1986 FIFA World Cup.
45: Javier ZANETTI scores in the 45th minute vs. England at the 1998 FIFA World Cup.
44: Gabriel BATISTUTA scores goal number 44 in his Argentina career at the 1998 FIFA World Cup.
43: Gonzalo HIGUAIN receives cap number 43 for Argentina vs. Germany in the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
42: Pedro PASCULLI scores in the 42nd minute for Argentina vs. Uruguay at the 1986 FIFA World Cup.
41: Maxi RODRÍGUEZ scores in the 41st minute for Argentina vs. Serbia & Montenegro at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
40: Roberto AYALA plays in his 40th match for Argentina vs. Jamaica at the 1998 FIFA World Cup.
39: Pablo ZABALETA plays in his 39th match for Argentina vs. Nigeria at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
38: Javier SAVIOLA scores in the 38th minute for Argentina vs. Ivory Coast at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.


  1. I prefer to see 4-1-3-2 formation with messi aguero upfront.3 attacking midfielder with dimaria lanzini and lo celso.and 1 defensive midfielder behind whose work would be to protect the defense and make forward passes to the 3 attacking midfielders.i have doubt regarding Mercado and fazio but we don’t have options as bustos will be killed by a half decent team in counters.and for strange reason sampaoli not picking garay musachio or anyone decent CB so despite being slow fazio is only viable option available

  2. My preferred 11
    Romero /Armani
    Mercado /salvio otamendi fazio tagliafico
    Biglia/pizzaro/battaglia /kranevitter
    Lanzini lo celso dimaria
    Messi aguero

    • The likes of Lo Celso, Lanzini, Meza, Lautaro Martinez, Tagliafico, Pavon, Paredes, and Bustos are what Argentina needs. Young, talented, and energetic.

  3. The starting 11’s average age will be 29 years.
    older legs and 7 games in a months doesn’t fit.
    1st game against Bosnia:
    -Maxi—————–Messi————-Di maria—
    reverted after the half time to the fantastic four formation after we spent 1 month of preperation for that formation and so did we in the second game.

    2nd game: against Iran 2 changes higauin, Gago for maxi and Campagnaro
    —————————Di maria————————


    Fantastic four formation also did not impress and so didn’t the subs.

    3rd game: against Nigeria again fantastic four formation
    —————————–di maria—————-

    lavezzi for injured aguero

    Aguero started 3 games and got injured and after 5-3-2 failed it can be concluded fantastic four formation failed, and from our strikers only Messi scored, rojo scored and an own goal.

    $th game: against Switzerland
    After Aguero got injured we changed formation 4-4-2
    —–Lavezzi———————————-di maria——–


    Again subs couldn’t make a change, and we looked like a knocked out boxer in the end.

    fifth game: against Belgium, the usual players injured aguero , and during the game Di maria, a not so good gago and rojo suspended and a shaky fernandez out for an experienced demichelis, we were forced to make changes.
    ——lavezzi————————————di maria—————

    This was the best game, we were defensively like a rock, with fighters like mascherano, perez, Basanta, Biglia, and lavezzi and demichelis,etc.. this kind of players fit like a glove if you want to play such a formation. this is what I call having the right players for the formation you want to play, But it became clear that we fixed our defense but we made our offense was limited and isolated and it became clear that we Messi was isolated.
    again no goal from the bench, there is no one to make a change.

    sixth game game: against The Netherlands we went with the same players except that we didn’t reward Basanta for his effort and put Rojo in.


    again no goal, from the bench and aguero was itching to play again and messi hasn’t scored since the group phase. defensively we are great but offensively we lack.

    seventh game: against Germany same formation and no goal


    no goal, no bench goal.

    Group phase:
    3 games – 6 goals and 3 conceded
    Knock out stages:
    4 games – 2 goals and 1 conceded
    Total – 8 goals and 4 conceded

    Messi – 4 goals
    higiuan – 1
    di maria – 1
    Rojo 1
    1 own goal

    Aguero – 0
    Palacio – 0
    Lavezzi – 0
    gago- 0
    biglia – 0
    maxi – 0
    we are banking on most of the same players to score.

    O bench goals

    I hope we select the right bench players because as proven here no starting 11 from the first game finishes the last game. Cards, injuries, not performing well, ….
    and you need difference makers to come in and change the results what Sabella obviously didn’t have.

    You need a baance team offensively, defensively, and with a mixture of experience and youthful hunger. and you need 23 starters.

  4. As per some reports;
    Sampaoli confirmed 20 players
    GKs : Romero and Caballero;
    Defenders: Mercado, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Rojo, Mascherano, Fazio and Acuna
    Midfielders: Dimaria, Salvio, Lanzini, Lo celso, Biglia and Banega
    Forwards: Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Dybala and Pavon

    The fight for the three remaining positions: Franco Armani and Nahuel Guzmán, in the goal, Enzo Pérez, Matías Kranevitter and Guido Pizarro (flyers); Diego Perotti, Ricardo Centurión and Alejandro ‘Papu’ Gómez, dispute the third hole in the list;

  5. Mercado Paredes Mascherano Perroti should be axed from the squad.In place of them Ansaldi Battaglia Ascacibar Centurion should be chosen and then we have to develop the chemistry between players Mostly in midfield and Full backs players.Rest are familiar with each others.

    • May I ask why Perroti should be axed ? As per my knowledge Perroti’s crosses and passes are better and accurate than of Dimaria’s and he is already recovering quickly!!

          • with Distortion of the ankle likely to take him 2 weeks for recovery, ‘n ideally shoud be back this weekend. He had encountered additional calf and muscle injuries since March and 2 more since January 2018. his injury record in 2018 could probably cast a doubt on his selection other wise he is undisputable for his role.

  6. Hopefully they will play better than that. The football has changed and become more competitive. You cannot rely on Messi to dribble 3-4 guys like that again.

  7. Guys have you realized that Messi, Higuain, Aguerro, Di maria, Mascherano and Romero are going to play their 3rd world cup together. For me that means alot positively or negatively.

    • Hopefully we do not see comments like Argentina gambled on the old silver generation and lost again. There is a famous line that says: never change a winning team, but our coaches seem to think: never change a losing team. Sigh.

      We need new blood in the team. My hope is that Sampa picks the 23 fittest players out of the 35 that are announced Monday.

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