Four choices for two spots in Argentina’s World Cup squad


There are reportedly four players fighting for two spots in Argentina’s World Cup squad.

As May 14 (the day where Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI will announce his preliminary list of 35 players) draws nearer and nearer, there are reports that Rodrigo BATTAGLIA, Alejandro GOMEZ, Cristian ANSALDI and Fabricio BUSTOS are all fighting for two positions on the team.

According to TyC Sports, one of Rodrigo BATTAGLIA of Sporting Clube de Portugal and Alejandro GOMEZ of Atalanta are expected to make the preliminary list of 35 players. The other two is between Cristian ANSALDI of Torino and Fabricio BUSTOS of Independiente.

Rodrigo BATTAGLIA has never been called-up to the senior Argentina squad while Alejandro GOMEZ and Fabricio BUSTOS both played for their country under current coach Jorge SAMPAOLI. Cristian ANSALDI was recently called-up to the squad as an emergency replacement to the injury Marcos ACUĂ‘A, although the former Zenit St. Petersburg man didn’t play a single minute.


  1. Ansaldi is not as good as u guys are saying. He is just a technically gifted fullback with less than average decision making ability coupled with poor game reading sense.
    The truth is we dont have any world class fullback right now. We have average fullbacks on right or left and we have to deal with it. There is a reason Sampaoli wants to switch to back 3.

  2. None of those four you mentioned Roy will make it unless there are injuries … ansaldi, bustos, Battaglia or Gomez… for whom?! Whose spot will the take?! Ansaldi or bustos for Mercado or Rojo? Don’t see it happening! Gomez for Pavon or Lanzini? Don’t see it happening?! Battaglia for biglia? Only if he is hurt …

  3. Lets c the selection 1st..if sampaoli select biglia mascherano bustos higuain instead of battaglia ansaldi icardi meza then it is clear that he proves himself as a worst coach in history of football…

  4. This thread was reacting the same way 4 years ago when Sabella took Argentina to the finals. Shut up let the coach do his job and enjoy the show if any of you knew anything about football you wouldn’t be discussing it on a thread you would be coaching or on tv

  5. It is foolish of sampaoli to think that bustos is better than ansaldi.why is it a debate still?? Bustos should be discarded right after the march friendlies.he was good going forward but obviously shaky in defense both match even in Italy match he was struggling big time.he is short. by including him we are bringing 2 small fullbacks which may be bad for our aerial defending.just play ansaldi otamendi fazio tagliafico and we are good to go.

  6. I know he’s not mentioned or not the position he’s fighting for, but I’m a firm believer Maxi Meza needs to be at this World Cup, I keep reading articles and it doesnt mention him much, or it has him on the “reserve list”. It’s unfortunate.. the kid is phenomenal.. if anyone paid attention to how he played against the nightmare game with Spain, he’s the ONLY one that stood out. If he was able to perform like that againt a team like Spain not to mention his debut, just imagine what he can do against other teams. Personally I think he would like up well with Messi.

  7. It is going from bad to worst to ridiculous for our beloved Argentina. How in the world we are talking about P. Gomez for the NT? We have many players better than him. On the left we have Acuna and dimaria that are over him. On the right we have Pavon who is not gonna start. Why waiting a spot while we need a defender and a defensive midfielder? I wonder if Sampaoli is aware that he gonna play a world cup.

    • Just chill battaglia and ansaldi should be selected and if not that’s sampaoli’s problem not ours.we are just supporters whoever will be selected we will support them

  8. Bustos and ansaldi both should be chosen and omit Mercado..battaglia should be starter…midfield should be acuna battaglia salvio…ansaldi bustos pezella otamendi garay fazio tagliafico and another left back

    • Agree, both Ansaldi and Bustos could be there if Mercado out. Also both Battaglia and Papu. I prefer Papu over Perotti.

  9. For goalkeeper spot Romero Armani Caballero/ Guzman.
    Armani is like Atletico Madrid goalie Gabi.I do not how is Armani with his feet but he is good shot stopper and reflexes are good.

  10. Battaglia and Ansaldi should be chosen.Gomez is already over and Bustos has two problems one is when he goes forward with ball if he find himself surrounded by opposition players somehow he ends with loosing ball and second one is he is one second late to tackle opposition team strikers.He is raw,young not experienced so may be one or two year later he may come to squad but right now for Right Back position Ansaldi is needed.

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