Mauro ICARDI to be included in preliminary Argentina World Cup list


Mauro ICARDI will reportedly be included in Argentina’s preliminary list of 35 players for the World Cup.

Despite reports that the Inter hitman will not make the final roster 23 players which will go to the World Cup, ICARDI is still expected to make the list of 35 players which will be announced on Monday.

ICARDI played his first back for the Argentina National Team in four years after starting against Uruguay in a 0-0 draw. He then subsequently went on to play two more matches, a 1-1 draw against Venezuela and in the 3-1 win against Ecuador. He has played a total of four matches for his country, scoring zero goals.

Mauro Icardi: Argentina International Caps – Senior Level

# Opponent Competition Date Result
1 Uruguay 2014 World Cup Qualifiers October 15, 2013 Final 3-2 Uruguay
2 Uruguay 2018 World Cup Qualifier August 31, 2017 Final 0-0 Draw
3 Venezuela 2018 World Cup Qualifiers September 5, 2017 Final 1-1 Draw
4 Ecuador 2018 World Cup Qualifiers October 10, 2017 Final 3-1 Argentina


  1. when did Aguero do anything in a major tournament ? He is always injured every 2 or 3 months, now he had a knee surgery on April 17th so its impossible for him to be in good shape in two months, Sampaoli should man up and call Icardi and drop Aguero or Higuain , Icardi is the best Argentinian striker by far this season

  2. God has to intervene for the final 23 selection… we do not want Mascherano, Higuain, Aguero, Biglia, Banega. Then as Gonzalo said there will be place enough for the best.

    • Without aguero I don’t think Argentina can win world cup.pep guardiaola also said that if aguero has a good wc Argentina can win the can’t win wc with a single player in messi.messi would need a functional team and off course a genius strike partner like aguero

  3. Dybala is not a direct backup for Messi. It’s not simple as just putting him in Leo’s position. Leo will be playing free role, surrounded by a striker (Higuain or Aguero in Suarez’s role) and wingers (Pavon, Di Maria, etc.). When Messi need some rest, I think Sampa will convert to more traditional 4-4-2 and play Dybala as a second forward behind Higuain. He must of realized it after the demolishing job of the Spaniards. It’s a good thing that our coach is preparing for more cards in his hand. Otherwise it will be another Diego’s 2010 edition

  4. If the losers like Higuain and Aguero were both kicked out there would be place for all: Icardi, Dybala, Martinez.

    • Dybala place already secured Martinez not gonna be selected most probably icardi also not be included.aguero scored 36 goals for Argentina only behind Messi and batistuta how can he be a shit?? He consistently scoring 20+ goals for man city and the highest scorer ever for man city and scoring in a tough league like premier league.he was immense when he used to play for atletico Madrid and he was also superb for indepentiente.his only problem was that he was injured in wc before.but I am confident he will be fit and will score at least 4 goals in the tournament

        • But kun has surgery in because of that injury he will be will be like he is playing for man city in season starting.his sharpness will come after playing 2 friendlies.but frankly speaking for our strikers to perform good we need a functional midfield.we lacked that before with creating only 3-4 chances is a disgrace.even kdb created 102 chances in the ligue messi created 83 for Barcelona.Argentina need to create 8-10 chances per game

      • Aguero scored 36 goals for argentina. only 16 of them scored in official matches (copa or qualifiers only). he played in 2 world cups and did not score at all.
        what a great statistic for who is supposed to be one of the world best strikers.

    • Martinez is not ready yet, his passing is really bad, very slow thinking, get the ball and always try to dribble, dont see or dont want to see the clear passing options, rather lose it in an impossible situation, regularly, Dybala is Messi sub, or maybe an out and out centre forward like he was in Palermo, but too weak physically to fight with the defenders in the box, i don’t see his position, like Allegri in Juventus, Icardi a great poacher, without the ball sadly zero and in the bulid-ups too

  5. I am least concerned regarding icardi picked or not as I believe messi and aguero is our starting strikers and dybala can replace messi or even aguero if anybody is injured or has a card main concern is defense and defensive midfield I like to see ansaldi pezella and battaglia to be picked

  6. I think sampaoli will decide his final 23 after seeing all the 35 players for 7 days practicing in front of his eyes in the training camp

  7. Having said that below, I understand his tricky situation of getting selected. At this point I do not think it is so much about “Messi’s friends”, but really lack of space in the forwards department. The Spain match opened the door for Dybala. It was obvious that we need Messi back up. Earlier Dybala was out and Icardi was in. Now, its really a tough choice to leave either Aguero or Higuain to include Icardi. I don’t know how creative Samp can get in the midfield of create an empty space.

  8. Forget Higuain, even Argentina did not score much and even worse we did not even create much chances. He should get few more chances. I personally do not remember him missing any sure shot chance to goal. I can be wrong. I remember a run he made to get a ball from Messi. That is the only highlight I have.

    • Yeah. No team can win if they create 2 chances in a match.

      I have been watching football since the 90s and I sm yet to see a team winning championships by creating 2 or less chances per 90. Even if you think about those great defensive sides (recently) of Morinho or Lippi, you would notice that they create a lot of chances…actually all the good team does.

      • Fiorentina were able to win 1-0 against Arsenal in London years ago in a champions league match, where they only created 2 chances in the whole match, Batistuta scored the incredible goal to make the difference.
        Fiorentina did not deserve to win that match at all, but Batigol was just too spetacular for arsenal.

  9. He deserves more chances. We should not judge him on a few qualifiers. True, he did not score against Venezuela and Ecuador, but when was the last time Higuain scored…

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