World Cup countdown: 50 days, Argentina moment number 35, Ezequiel LAVEZZI


As part of the 50 days, 50 Argentina World Cup moments, we will be counting down the top 50 Argentina moments at a World Cup using the daily number.

We are just 35 days until the start of the FIFA World Cup and in 35th place we have Ezequiel LAVEZZI playing his 35th match for Argentina vs. Netherlands at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

An unforgettable match for every Argentina fan. A World Cup semi-final for the Albiceleste. The first time the team had made the semi-finals since the Diego MARADONA days at the 1990 FIFA World Cup. While the match might not have been the most entertaining, it had the drama of penalty kicks.

Ezequiel LAVEZZI will never forget his 35th match for his country. It ended with him on the substitutes bench, praying, as his team mates were taking part in a penalty shootout. If Javier MASCHERANO was the hero during the 90 minutes (Well, 120 minutes), Sergio ROMERO was the star after that.

Ron VLAAR stepped up first and Sergio ROMERO went to his left and saved. Up first for Argentina was Lionel MESSI. He made no mistake scoring his chance. Arjen ROBBEN went second for the Netherlands and a great shot to ROMERO’s left side went in. Ezequiel GARAY stepped up with a thumping shot and made no mistake. Wesley SNEIJDER went high to Sergio ROMERO’s right but the Argentina number 1 became a national hero saving the shot. Sergio AGUERO’s right footed shot just squeezed in. Dirk KUYT shot which went in meant Maxi RODRIGUEZ had to score his and Argentina were in the final. And he did just that.

The team celebrated, hugs, kisses, tears, shirts waving, chants, everything. Argentina made the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Here was Argentina’s starting XI for the match:

1. Sergio ROMERO
2. Ezequiel GARAY
6. Lucas BIGLIA
8. Enzo PEREZ
9. Gonzalo HIGUAIN
10. Lionel MESSI
16. Marcos ROJO
22. Ezequiel LAVEZZI

Ezequiel Lavezzi: Argentina International Caps – Senior Level

# Opponent Competition Date Result
1 Chile Friendly April 18, 2007 Final 0-0 Draw
2 Norway Friendly April 22, 2007 Final 2-1 Norway
3 Scotland Friendly November 19, 2008 Final 1-0 Argentina
4 Russia Friendly August 12, 2009 Final 3-2 Argentina
5 Paraguay 2010 World Cup Qualifiers September 9, 2009 Final 1-0 Paraguay
6 Spain Friendly November 14, 2009 Final 2-1 Spain
Catalonia Unofficial Friendly December 22, 2009 Final 4-2 Catalonia
7 Republic of Ireland Friendly August 11, 2010 Final 1-0 Argentina
8 Japan Friendly October 8, 2010 Final 1-0 Japan
9 Brazil Friendly November 17, 2010 Final 1-0 Argentina
10 Portugal Friendly February 9, 2011 Final 2-1 Argentina
11 United States Friendly March 26, 2011 Final 1-1 Draw
12 Albania Friendly June 20, 2011 Final 4-0 Argentina
13 Bolivia 2011 Copa America July 1, 2011 Final 1-1 Draw
14 Colombia 2011 Copa America July 6, 2011 Final 0-0 Draw
15 Costa Rica 2011 Copa America July 11, 2011 Final 3-0 Argentina
16 Bolivia 2014 World Cup Qualifiers November 11, 2011 Final 1-1 Draw
17 Ecuador 2014 World Cup Qualifiers June 2, 2012 Final 4-0 Argentina
18 Brazil Friendly June 9, 2012 Final 4-3 Argentina
19 Paraguay 2014 World Cup Qualifiers September 7, 2012 Final 3-1 Argentina
20 Peru 2014 World Cup Qualifiers September 11, 2012 Final 1-1 Draw
21 Sweden Friendly February 6, 2013 Final 3-2 Argentina
22 Venezuela 2014 World Cup Qualifiers March 22, 2013 Final 3-0 Argentina
23 Colombia 2014 World Cup Qualifiers June 7, 2013 Final 0-0 Draw
24 Guatemala Friendly June 14, 2013 Final 4-0 Argentina
25 Italy Friendly August 14, 2013 Final 2-1 Argentina
26 Paraguay 2014 World Cup Qualifiers September 10, 2013 Final 5-2 Argentina
27 Peru 2014 World Cup Qualifiers October 11, 2013 Final 3-1 Argentina
28 Ecuador Friendly November 15, 2013 Final 0-0 Draw
29 Trinidad and Tobago Friendly June 4, 2014 Final 3-0 Argentina
30 Slovenia Friendly June 7, 2014 Final 2-0 Argentina
31 Iran 2014 FIFA World Cup June 21, 2014 Final 1-0 Argentina
32 Nigeria 2014 FIFA World Cup June 25, 2014 Final 3-2 Argentina
33 Switzerland 2014 FIFA World Cup July 1, 2014 Final 1-0 Argentina
34 Belgium 2014 FIFA World Cup July 5, 2014 Final 1-0 Argentina
35 Netherlands 2014 FIFA World Cup July 9, 2014 Final 0-0 (4-2 P) Argentina
36 Germany 2014 FIFA World Cup July 13, 2014 Final 1-0 Germany
37 El Salvador Friendly March 28, 2015 Final 2-0 Argentina
38 Ecuador Friendly March 31, 2015 Final 2-1 Argentina
39 Bolivia Friendly June 6, 2015 Final 5-0 Argentina
40 Colombia 2015 Copa America June 27, 2015 Final 0-0 (5-4 P) Argentina
41 Chile 2015 Copa America July 4, 2015 Final 0-0 (4-1 P) Chile
42 Bolivia Friendly September 4, 2015 Final 7-0 Argentina
43 Mexico Friendly September 8, 2015 Final 2-2 Draw
44 Ecuador 2018 World Cup Qualifiers October 8, 2015 Final 2-0 Ecuador
45 Paraguay 2018 World Cup Qualifiers October 13, 2015 Final 0-0 Draw
46 Brazil 2018 World Cup Qualifiers November 13, 2015 Final 1-1 Draw
47 Colombia 2018 World Cup Qualifiers November 17, 2015 Final 1-0 Argentina
48 Chile 2018 World Cup Qualifiers March 24, 2016 Final 2-1 Argentina
49 Bolivia 2016 Copa America June 14, 2016 Final 3-0 Argentina
50 United States 2016 Copa America June 21, 2016 Final 4-0 Argentina

Here’s the penalty shootouts with the second video showing the reactions of both managers during the penalty kicks.

If you missed it, here are our 50 World Cup moments:
50: Sergio ROMERO gets 50th cap vs. Switzerland at 2014 FIFA World Cup.
49: Roberto AYALA scores in the 49th minute vs. Germany at 2006 FIFA World Cup.
48: Angel DI MARIA’s 48th cap for Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina at 2014 FIFA World Cup.
47: Mario KEMPES scores Argentina’s 47th goal all time at the 1978 FIFA World Cup vs. Peru.
46: Jorge VALDANO scores in the 46th minute at the 1986 FIFA World Cup.
45: Javier ZANETTI scores in the 45th minute vs. England at the 1998 FIFA World Cup.
44: Gabriel BATISTUTA scores goal number 44 in his Argentina career at the 1998 FIFA World Cup.
43: Gonzalo HIGUAIN receives cap number 43 for Argentina vs. Germany in the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
42: Pedro PASCULLI scores in the 42nd minute for Argentina vs. Uruguay at the 1986 FIFA World Cup.
41: Maxi RODRÍGUEZ scores in the 41st minute for Argentina vs. Serbia & Montenegro at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
40: Roberto AYALA plays in his 40th match for Argentina vs. Jamaica at the 1998 FIFA World Cup.
39: Pablo ZABALETA plays in his 39th match for Argentina vs. Nigeria at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
38: Javier SAVIOLA scores in the 38th minute for Argentina vs. Ivory Coast at the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
37: Maxi RODRIGUEZ plays in his 37th match for Argentina vs. South Korea at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
36: Mauricio PINEDA scores in the 36th minute for Argentina vs. Croatia at the 1998 FIFA World Cup.


  1. Arg is on the cross roads. Sampaoli need to have a courage and take bold decision to bring a more energetic, fit and in form young players. Meza, Pavon, Centurion, Ascacibar are flowering. Be brave enough to Write off injured and unfit players, Biglia, Masche, Mori, Rojo and Higuain have given much now it is the youngster era to contribute. Please wake up Don Sampa. Bring the glory with the youth not the old guards that have passed their time.

  2. • icardi needs to be in the final 23 man squad aguero will be back 2 weeks before the world cup starts from injury.

    • enzo perez and Pablo perez needs to be the 2 central midfield players for Argentina, as biglia will also be fully recovered from injury 2 weeks before the world cup, those 2 guys has the back bone Argentina needs in that area with lanzini as attacking midfielder in a 433 formation.

    • what’s the issue with garay???

    • and ansaldi???

    • zabaleta looks good a much better RB than mercado.

  3. Though sampaoli select icardi ansaldi battaglia ascacibar however who is but sampaoli obviously select higuain or aguero biglia mascherano rojo funes mori banega Di Maria on his starting eleven ….sampaoli is nothing just a impression of bauza Martino..he has huge fear to setup a team with young guns like battaglia ascacibar meza lanzini icardi pezella with the experience of ansaldi Messi otamendi ….but we will see maximum unfit and injured player should start from Iceland match because sampaoli is coward and he never face the fear..

  4. battaglia and ansaldi likely to be picked among 35 man squad.i hope ansaldi impresses sampaoli and be our starting rb in wc.i heard also pezella can be picked.

  5. From what I understand Sampaoli is going to select the list of 35 on May the 14th and the list of 23 on May the 21st because he doesn’t want give false hope according to him.
    FIFA due date for final squads is as I understand June the 4th and the World cup starts on June the 14th.
    Which means we will have the final Squad almost a month before the World cup. What happens with the 12 reserve players? Are they sent home? As I understood yes. What happens if a injury occurs on June the 13th and we have to call one of these players as replacement? Those players mostly will be on vacation and surely not fit as they should on June the 13th.
    Has Sampaoli thought of this? I understand that he wants to be firm and not give false hope but why not use all these players in a camp and maybe those 2 weeks he sees players clicking with each other and give those player a chance to make the squad. Why not call all the 35 and cut them slowly. Why not use those 2 weeks. the players are professionals and should live with rejection.

  6. Battaglia or Papu
    Ansaldi or Bustos

      • I see all the players as usefull for us. I would take both Ansaldi and Bustos instead of Salvio which easily can be replaced by Meza and Pavon (of course not as “RB”) Papu over Perotti as for me. But it seems Centurion may have best chances among all these wingers.

    • If ansaldi selected then our fullbacks worry is solved.bustos is also good but defensively weak plus short.

  7. Sampoli will try—-

    ———-Romero ————



    Those guys can change—-
    2/Marcado /taglifico

  8. – 2002 France lost because ZIDANE got injured.

    – Argentina in 2002 lost because Bielsa took players that were injured and were out of form, and his favorites.
    Simeone 2001/02 was almost the whole year injured 13 games in all the competitions yet we waited for him and started. he was something like a assitant coach for Lazio the whole season.
    Caniggia took Saviola’s place.
    Ayala was injured and did not play.
    CRespo was better than Batistuta even Batistuta admitted it just look at the recent interview.
    Players like HUSAIN were selected as Bielsa’s fetish.
    While leaving Riquelme, Saviola, and Solari who played as starter in the champions league finals with the Galaticos.
    Veron was out of form and Aimar who was red hot coming to the world cup was benched.
    When I saw the squad I knew we where f….
    Things we did bad we do now still.
    Mascherano is Simeone.
    Biglia is Ayala.
    Higuain is Batistuta.
    Icardi is Crespo.

    – We qualified as first in 2002 and lost. we barely qualified in 2010 and lost. We lost both ways.
    – Can we win the world cup, of course but not because we qualified as first or last but because we have the best player in the world and some great players to support him. we can also lose because we are not going prepared as we should. we can do both.

    – 2014 in the group phase we scored more goals and conceded more goals, we also played lesser teams and we looked disorganized and not as team at all.
    Belgium up to the final we played like a team, and were a monster defensively but we lost creativity and offense.
    both were unbalanced, either defensively or offensively and our goal shall be to find a middle ground and balance.

    • Spot on ghost:
      The game v england when aimar came on as substitute the english commentator said this is the best argentinian player & the one erickson(england coach at the time) feared the most.benching your best player How crazy is that.
      I was chatting a friend of mine who is yellow team fan about saviola exclusion at that time & he said argentina starters never lose their spot untill they retire. Now when i look back what happened all these years it seems he was spot on.

    • “Can we win the world cup, of course but not because we qualified as first or last but because we have the best player in the world and some great players to support him. we can also lose because we are not going prepared as we should. we can do both”

      Absolutely not. We can’t win this WC. That’s only logical possibility, but in practice, with ‘team’ which non exist, people may only say “we can” to keep their full pleasure of this upcoming fest, of being on WC and having all the unknown road ahead of us. To expect of miracle is not the way World Cup Champion is preparing.

      • Most optimistic part of me allows somehow to imagine us in semis (with the miracle being realized) but that’s unlikely. The realistic part of me say: 1/8 or quarterfinal with possible group stage problems.

        • Our chances are lower than even teams like greece, portugal who defied the odds because those teams relied good defense and we don,t have that now but we are still hopeful that sampaoli will figure something out and if meant to be we will win it.

          • haha. we relied on defense in 2014 and did not win. So i dont get your logic. Trying same things and expecting different results is insanity.

          • Relying on defense almost paid off. We were better than germany and should have won that game. The only reason we didn’t win is due to luck simple as that.

      • Stranger things have happened. I know we are not doing our best, but we have players that can decide games. I would not be surprised if we won and if we lost. Knock out games are unpredictable. If Barca would play against Roma again they would beat them 9 out of 10 times. Knock out games doesn’t mean the best team wins. Best teams usually win leagues.

        • Kuddos my man. Kuddos!!!

          But having agreed to you, I want to add that some players are better suited to play knockout games. As individual brilliance comes handy in knockout games, impact players who can smell blood usually impacts in these situations. Dybala, or Pavon could be that.

          Prototypes of impact players –

          -Fast, dribbles and shoot. Or,
          -Tackles, runs and defend for their lives.

  9. Nothing that happen preworld cup will matter when the tournament finally kicks off. Qualifiers and friendly games won’t have any impact on the proceeding at the 2018 world cup. You just don’t know what’s going to happen. Nobody foresaw Costa Rica from lowly CONCACAF topping a group that consist of teams like Uruguay, Italy and England. Better yet, nobody before the 2014 world cup would predicted Costa Rica making the quarterfinal. Portugal and Spain out in group stage back in 2014 while both teams were hyped going into the tournament. At the 2014 world cup, Lowly Algeria took Germany to the brink all the way into overtime while the mighty Brazil got cold feet and handed Germany a world cup final spot on a silver platter. Uruguay had to qualify for the 2010 world cup via playoffs and was one of the semifinalist team at the 2010 world cup making it further than Brazil (who top the South American qualifiers during the 2010 campaign). We all know what happen to Argentina going into the 2002 world cup, dominated their qualification zone, was all hype by the media and fans only to crashed out in the group stage. Same for France heading into the 2002 world cup, defending world cup champs, the current 2000 European champions, all hyped only to get booted from the 2002 world cup during the group stage. This has been a constant trend at the world cup, it happen with Brazil also during the 2006 world cup; favorites to win in 2006 after winning the wc in 2002 and the Confed Cup in 2005 yet it never pend out that way.

    This whole pre tournament favoritism nonsense is misguided, the media is just trying to pick and choose who they think will be winners and losers. The media at the end of the day will not win Argentina a world cup, it will all come down to the roster and Sampaoli. I have my differences with Sampaoli on certain issues, but in noway I doubt his tournament credentials going into the 2018 world cup. Sampaoli with this current Argentina squad can take Argentina through the world cup rounds all the way to the finals brick by brick. Sampaoli is an experience coach managing a talented and experience Argentina national team roster. I have no doubt about Argentina making the 2018 finals, the team will just need mental strength to get over the finish line. This is all too familiar man, I have seen this movie before, now it’s with Messi and Argentina where majority (even some fans) are saying the team doesn’t have a chance at the 2018 world cup, not even a ounce of a chance!

    Someone once said to me that the 2018 world cup final will be between Argentina vs England, I kind of role my eyes when the person said England given their track record at tournaments, but I kind of come around this notion in the moment. This world cup is going to be a strange world cup and a good one for Argentina.

    These guys are going to have have a huge world cup.

    Otamendi, Rojo and Fazio
    Dybala (off the bench, he will be for Argentina what Del Piero and Totti was for Italy)
    Biglia ( yes, hate him all you want, even myself had some differences with Biglia, but he will have a great world cup, watch him prove all the naysayers wrong)
    Banega (as starter and bench player)
    Lo Celso
    Di Maria
    Aguero, Higuian and Pavon
    And lastly, our Humble Argentina captain Lionel MESSI..

    Guys like Lanzini, Tagliafico, Acuna, Mercado, Romero and Willy Cabellero will have their moments during the tournament.

      • Yes bro, I’m with you…Dietmar Hamann said something interesting about Argentina 2018 world cup chance;

        ”And then the way that Argentina qualified, because they needed to beat Ecuador in the last game of South American qualifiers to get in. They went 1-0 down after two minutes and Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick and won that game.

        “Sometimes, when you have a close shave and qualify like that, and with it also possibly being Messi’s last World Cup, I wouldn’t rule Argentina out either.”

    • To me, Acuna, Pavon, Lo Celso and Salvio will have very important role. Pavon will bring his insouciance and pace to the attack, along with experienced Messi and Di Maria or Dybala. Acuna and Salvio are both similar to Lavezzi: agile, energetic and high work-rate. They can both play as fullbacks. Having them on each side can guarantee providing more options when the team has the ball. Lo Celso will play the central role. He will link the defense to attack. My 11 will be:


      Mercado, Fazio, Otamendi, Acuna

      Salvio, Biglia or Enzo, Lo Celso

      Di Maria, Messi, Pavon

    • I like this kind of attitude even for the sake of dreaming. People like Gonalzo should go and support Germany and Brazil as according to him they are favorite and always criticize Argentina Football team.

  10. We need sabella badly..why he resign as coach of argentina.he made wonder team and that’s effect till Copa centenario..if sabella was our coach then we definitely won that two Copa…

  11. One of the few players who gives his all when playing for argentina.
    He isn’t good at scoring but is great as winger. He is older now but i would still take him over di maria.

  12. This time we will be eliminated in the group stage. How can we leave mauro Icardi at home. He should be our lethal weapon in this world cup. He has already proved his worth at inter. What more should he do to earn a spot for Argentina. I know that we have the best attacking lineup. But our best attacker is getting ignored for no valid reason. I don’t know whether friends club exist or not. But I would like to ask one question. Couple of days ago in an interview Messi told higuain is our best striker, Messi also told that players like higuain, biglia, banega, masche, romero, aguero get selected for their own merit. He has nothing got to do with selection process. But why he does not name any junior player who should be selected for the betterment of Argentina. Why he does not say that Icardi should be selected. Everyone knows that if Messi says something team management can’t ignore that.

    • Arindam Chandra: we will make it to the elimination rounds but after that “all bets are off” as they say BUT I agree why leave Icardi out as he is a goal machine and we need his kind grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  13. Prime example of why you should go for fitter player instead of unfit big name… 2014 wc final as soon as unfit aguero came off the bench for Lavezzi we lost our control of the game… And gago for enzo perez… These two mistakes cost us the WC… Sabella’s only two mistakes i suppose!!

    • All of our big chances came from the second half (only Kroos surprise in the first…yeahh with Lavezzi and Enzo we scored 3 goals, ohh wait…the reality Aguero, Gago and Di maria’s injuries were fatal, 6 goals in the group stage then with Lavezzi and Enzo not even clear chances, the creativity was gone with them

      • so true brother and it suked a lot, apparently the team at half time said we got to go for it as we wont make extra time-exhausted from the Dutch match and extra time before.

      • That’s an incorrect assessment of the game in my mind. If you watch the game and not count of stats only, you will see we lost control of the game in the second half. Lavezzi was killing it from the right. Germans were struggling to control that. We took the foot off the pedal. We should have continued till at least 60-65 mins.

        • It was fatigue. Argentina had one day less of rest and had gruelling extra time games prior to that final, while Germany walked in fresh. We where better until tired legs made us park the bus and we paid for it. But yes.. injuries killed us.

          • And again, if we reach the semi Argentina will play one day later with Germany?, maybe the hardest route ever, a strong group, than (Denmark/Peru or a nightmare France scenario), Spain, Germany and Brazil or France in the final with 1 day less rest, i start to think the 2. place in the group would be much better.

      • Csabalala

        “the reality Aguero, Gago and Di maria’s injuries were fatal, 6 goals in the group stage then with Lavezzi and Enzo not even clear chances, the creativity was gone with them”

        Did you even watched the World Cup? You really try to convict us that Aguero, Gago and Di Maria were behind the 6 goals we scored in early stages? Really? Where they were? Only Di Maria against Switzerland scored. But, that’s not exagerration, match against Switzerland was probably his worst in NT ever. He lost the ball 100 times… and just because he scored that winning goal We should think he was good? No, he was mere shit. I remember that game too well to be manipulated.

        Only Messi made difference in early stages.

        With Lavezzi and Enzo the team were playing far better. And started to look as team indeed. You should watch once again semi-final and final because your approach is dangerous mix of pure, clinical and abstract stats (without contact with real football) with dose of superstitions (when you said:”the reality Aguero, Gago and Di maria’s injuries were fatal”).

        Now I’ts not surprise for me you tend to be the closest of KidultHood in opinions.

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