Video: Marcos ACUÑA with pain in his left foot, but good news for Argentina


Marcos ACUÑA felt some pain in his left foot but it wasn’t all bad for Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI.

The Argentina National Team, presently training at Huracan’s stadium in front of a full crowd, saw Nicolás OTAMENDI train separately from the rest of the group. However, there was more news. Marcos ACUÑA left with pain in his left foot after sending in a cross. No full news yet on whether it is just a minor knock or anything more than that.

Here is the video of the cross and ACUÑA limping.

In terms of good news, per the above tweet, Gabriel MERCADO, Sergio AGUERO and Lucas BIGLIA are all improving and getting better.


  1. Why do we take chances with players with fitness issue? I like the idea of versatility, but not at the cost of fitness…Biglia is just another luggage to the team..

  2. Some of the phrases I see on Mundo a lot are:

    Iceland is a tough team, Croatia is a strong team, Nigeria is very good at counter attacks.

    Why do we always forget that Argentina is a tougher team, stronger team, and very good at counter attacks?

    Argentina has everything to win a WC. I have a big faith in Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Lanzini, Otamendi, Lo Celso, Meza, Tagliafico, Armani, Caballero, Fazio, Salvio, Acuna, Ansaldi, and Mascherano (although his form declined a lot).

    Vamos Argentina!!!

      • World cup is not a cakewalk.many talented players struggled to cope with pressure associated with it.sampaoli need to work really hard in this team to make this an invincible team.if messi and aguero is marked out then do we have enough fire power to win matches?? Maybe only lanzini and sometimes dimaria can score.others can’t score.

    • Because many strong teams have fallen because of overconfidence in past.France knocked out in 2002 group stages Argentina also Italy knocked out in 2010 Spain knocked out in WC 1 bad match can we should be extra careful.once we get the rhythm we can beat anybody but 1st set of matches are always difficult.remember Iran match previous wc.we just scored a injury time winner.Nigeria match also was quite close.

      • Times are different, so are the teams. I am not saying Argentina is the strongest team in the WC. What I am saying is that Argentina can beat most of the teams with ease, but at the same time there are strong teams like France, Spain, Brazil, and Germany.

        Although it’s difficult te beat them but Argentina has the right players to make such a win possible.

    • You forgot to mention Higuaín, he’s going to be our #9 almost in all games. I hear people saying Aguero and Messi upront, but reality is Messi will partner with both Higuaín and Di Maria. Messi will drop back to collect the ball as in all Argenina’s matches, that’s his role, so that leaves Higuaín upfront as the sole striker. We all will love it !

    • Same wise for Pavon. About other teams of the group:

      – Iceland: this kind of team usually only perform well against European teams which play fast football. I don’t see how they can beat any of them.

      – Croatia: ex yougoslavia teams always have some breakdown during the initial stage without obvious reason. They have great players but not a great team. Their defense is average.

      – Nigeria: if Argentina win their first 2 games and Nigeria lost some points, then we should finish at the 1st place and can play relax against them. It’s a good team but even with subs, we should be able to do at least a draw. They are quite weak in corners.

      So overall I am very bullish for the 1st round.

      • In 1990 WC Arg lost against Cameroon and drew with Romania, in 2002 World Cup knocked out in group stages; See never overlook r nothing is guaranteed; Players and coach should concentrate on one game at a time; First they shall win the 1st match; Then things will get better; if they drew r lose the match by 0-1; then the panic starts

  3. Seeing the training I didn’t see anything special about Armani.messi was easily scoring against him.caballero looked more confident.Armani looked nervous and rusty .most probably Romero should not be removed.caballero going to start surely now.caballero looked fit.still in not so sure about caballero’s confidence in biggest of stages.we can’t afford another Spain like performance from our our defence is shaky we need immense performance from our goalkeeper.I wished if we have a oblak standard goalie.

    • Caballero has plenty of experience playing in high level champions league matches. He is experienced enough to be confident and mentally tough . Only problem is lack of playing time has affected his judgments and reflexes . If he is going to be our NO-1 its not going to be a step down from Romero.

  4. glad to learn that El Huevo ‘ve escaped injury. his loss w’d substantially reduce execution of sampas’ tactic. E.Perez being overlooked, I guess Salvio, Acuna, Pavon, Otamendi, Biglia and fully fit Rojo are immensly needed to implement the 2-3-3-2 formation.

  5. A bangladeshi newspaper prothomalo took an interview of andres iniesta.iniesta said that messi can’T win alone cause it’s a team game it’s not tennis to win alone.finally iniesta was asked that messi wants to win wc for first time.iniesta replied that messi have to keep in mind that we(spain) are going to russia for very high expectations(win wc)

    • The only team i am worried is germany, not spain nor brazil or france only germany. If we beat germany we are world champions.

    • @alsabahmohammed, Brother, Spain I don’t think they can win the WC. Don’t like aging Old Iniesta. I support Barcelona just because of Messi and Argentina players. I am the big fan of Argentina and Messi. I hope they will be kicked out in the same way as in Euro 2016.
      Let’s pray that I am sure this WC is Messi’s WC. God will make a way when there seems to be no way. Argentina wins the WC 2018.

      • Spain has a very good experienced mid-fielders in Isco-Silva-Busquets-Koke. We have to get our rhythm and team chemistry going before we meet Spain inorder to beat them. I think only two teams can stop us Spain and Germany and we are going to play them before the finals!!

        • I believe many teams can beat us.its world cup remember Spain lost 1st game against Switzerland.we are in a tough group 30-40% people predicting we are going out from group stages.Iceland is a tough team Croatia has superb midfield.Nigeria scored 4 against us recently.not gonna be easy.1st we have to ensure that we can top the group.

          • I have not seen you speaking anything positive. Any team can beat any team in World Cup everyone knows nothing new. Spain was beaten by Swiss and rest is positive

  6. AFA should build a decent training facilities for the national team. In other videos I saw while team was training vehicles were zooming past them. Too close to highway or something. AFA should take cue from Brazil and build something similar to Brazil’s new Terasapolis training facility.

    • Actually the AFA facility in Ezeiza is quite nice, comparable I would say to the Brazilian’s facility, although AFA is off the highway leading to the main international airport for Buenos Aires. The pitch of the Huracan stadium used for this recent open practice looks to be in poor condition.

  7. Good news:

    “According to the official account of the National Team, Huevo suffered a traumatism in his left knee but the complementary studies carried out did not show any type of injury”

    Source: Tycsports

  8. This shows how important Ansaldi has become in the team. Ansaldi got chance at the final moment only because of Mercado’s injury concern. He can play either side. So no big concern.
    If Acuna out ( I don’t think it is serious) don’t know what Sampaoli think, it can be a winger(because the last position in the team was filled by Acuna fighting against Perotti),or a CB(no depth), or a DM(no pure 5 ccurrently).

  9. if acuna out of wc who will take his place?? thankfully this injuries all happening before 4th june and sampaoli still not yet submitted the 23 man squad list to fifa so he can make changes.

    • Lamela had a very bad career threatening injury but he came back very strongly and had a very good season.However if Acuna can’t make it , most likely he will. He should be replaced by either Enzo or Pezzella. Enzo can come in for Lanzini or locelso to defend a lead also keep the attack flowing because Macherano and Biglia along with Banega will make our midfield non existent and if opponent score we won’t be able to score again.

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