Franco ARMANI set to start for Argentina versus Israel


Despite not being tested versus Haiti, it won’t be Willy CABALLERO who will start for Argentina against Israel but rather Franco ARMANI.

Per a report by TNT Sports, one of the changes to the Argentina team on Saturday versus Israel will be Franco ARMANI. If true, it would appear that coach SAMPAOLI will give a chance to his back-up goalkeeper (at the moment, most in the media are reporting that Willy CABALLERO will start at the World Cup) to play.

Should the River Plate goalkeeper get to play, it would be his first cap for his country. Paulo DYBALA and Cristian PAVON are also set to start the match.


  1. If argentina is losing supporters just because off this then so be it…i consider u as the most narrow minded people.we are supporting argentina for a very very long period even without a trophy…..thats the beleif we have in our team…vamos argentina….

  2. I was a die-hard Messi supporter for the last 1 decade,

    Now Messi and Argentina are silently acting against humanity…….

    Look at the attitude of cr7 about this issue, thats the quality of human being…… Respect cr7……….

  3. I am a muslim and i think football has nothing to do with Religion. So go Argentina… Lets play Israel and show them who is the boss.

  4. I am a fan of humanity hero Christiano Ronaldo. he is deserve to get 6th Ballon ‘d’ OR. he is very good personality than messi. God always with good humanity people never being with hard core people. that was the reason behind his team got 3 trophy in a row.
    Argentina crash out in QF. you just write it on paper. Portugal go through…..

  5. I am a fan of humanity hero Christiano Ronaldo. he is deserve to get 6th Ballon ‘d’ OR. he is very good personality than messi. God always with good humanity people never being with hard core people. that was the reason behind his team got 3 trophy in a row.

  6. Iam muslim Where is the Problem when Argentina faces Israel we should seperate poltics, Religion from Sports and also in Israel Team there are some muslim Players like munas dabbur so where is the Point

    • Exactly! It’s just a game for crying out loud! A friendly in fact, absolutely NOTHING being played for! Just a warm up before the WC that’s it! As long as Man is on earth, there will ALWAYS be conflict, and there’s not a damn thing anyone here can do about it, much less a soccer team who, at the moment, isn’t even being considered favorites! Just chill out, enjoy the friendly, and take conclusions from the performances of the players! If we would play Nicaragua, we wouldn’t get nothing out of paying a weaker nation. Better off we play israel who stood their ground against Spain and Italy. Finally present a decent challenge to make good conclusions of this team.

    • in all around the world exist wars conflicts that people die unfortunately. it is terrible. just what we should do ? stop play football and follow what every fanatic want in all around the world? Argentina and AFA specific can t solve and it is not their business to solve the Israel-Palestinian issue.

      • Yes , it is not Argentina’s duty to solve this conflict but a team like Argentina which has millions of fans worldwide should not be used as a tool of political gain. It is clear it not for the best interest of Argentina national team as coach is against playing there then why you think Argentina id going to Middle east five days prior to world cup when trounament is in Europe ?

          • Argentina went there before world cup 1990,1994,1998 too. Lets accept it is not for the interest of Argentina national team in any means or else why coach will not satisfied about going there ?

  7. If muslims don’t like israel , let them keep it among themselves. Argentina is Christian nation and they have their right to play in the Promised land of God in the Holy city of God which they believe in.

    • Argentina is not a christian nation numbnuts. Its a nation with many christians.. BIG difference.

      If “gods holy city” is an excuse for violence and apartheid… Ya no thanks..

    • I’m neither Muslim nor Jew and I believe religion has only harmed mankind than any other thing. Y are we even discussing Palestine vs Israel issue on football platform? I feel sad about people dying on both sides but brother, your last statement saddens me further. You are only supporting Palestine because they are Muslim. Seriously? In other words, you would not give a damn about them if they didn’t follow the same religion as you.

  8. Here is my prediction:

    A1=Uruguay, A2=Egypt
    B1=Spain, B2=Morocco
    C1=France, C2=Peru
    D1=Argentina, D2=Iceland
    E1=Brazil, E2=Costa Rica
    F1=Mexico, F2=Germany
    G1=England, G2=Belgium
    H1=Senegal, H2=Colombia

    Uruguay-Morocco => Morocco
    France-Iceland => France
    Spain-Egypt => Spain
    Argentina-Peru => Argentina
    Brazil-Germany => Brazil
    Mexico-Costa Rica => Mexico
    England-Colombia => England
    Belgium-Senegal => France

    quarter final:
    Uruguay-France => France
    Brazil-England => Brasil
    Argentina-Spain => Argentina, match nul

    semi: France vs Brazil, Argentina vs Belgium
    final: France vs Argentina

    • canadienroyal The top 2 group stages I in somewhat agree, I have this feeling Germany will be second but I do believe it’ll be a Argentina vs Germany final again. They’re playing that same green kit from 1986 final, just makes sense that Messi lost a final vs Germany and he wins a final vs Germany like Maradona did and both played a friendly game vs Israel right before. This Israel game is a blessing. It’ll freak me out if the score is Israel 2-7 Argentina haha again.

  9. I hope Israel will give some test to our Cover. & Backline unlike the haiti match. And i hope Sampoli will omit Di Maria from starting lineup & will try the same lineup he wants to play against Iceland.
    Giving a chance to Armani is fine. Dybala, Biglia, Ansaldi, Mercado all should get some minutes..
    Vamos Argentina!

    • Sampaoli will have different starting lineups against Israel and against Iceland in World Cup
      Tyc Sports is reporting that;
      Dybala, Pavon and Armani likely to start against Israel

  10. Argentina team is not only a football team but a football brand, for many fans like us football means Argentina, Argentina means football. But AFA is more eager to fulfill Israeli agenda than the betterment of their team let alone the sentiments of their millions of fans world wide. When even poor countries are taking their teams to Europe to adapt the condition AFA sending their team to middle east just four days prior to world cup, although coach complaining about it from months ago. Probably Argentina is the only team in the world cup which ignoring coach’s advice even in world cup months. All these because order came from Israel. This match was supposed to be held in Haifa , you don’t have to be an expert to get why it is now shifted to Jerusalem. After all these loss of lives and worldwide protest Israeli celebration for a Trump decision still going on and our beloved Argentina national team is going to join there soon. Ohhh… Argentina.

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