Argentina Kerala Fans With A Song Dedicated To Argentina


Passionate and fanatical are those from State of Kerala in India. As it has been the case in every four years before the World Cup, the work and preparation that these fans put into are simply mind-boggling.

And to top it all off, they have even composed a song that specially dedicated to the national team. A song fuse with Indian musical and Argentina, how about that!

This is the sort of thing that I’m always amazed when it comes the passion that people from all over the world have Argentina. It great to hear about everyone is mobilizing from organizing parades in Dhaka and Kerala to match day gathering in Hong Kong.

Surely, one of the best reason why Mundo Albiceleste (or back then known as Vamos Argentina) was created during the 2006 World Cup.

We are one team, many nations!


  1. ഇപ്പരിപാടി കലാക്കിട്ടോ…
    Goosebumps… Goosebumps…
    My world cup memory starts at the tender age of 9 in WC98 where there was only one TV in my whole village(Like someone else’s experience here) and it happened to be in my home…It was a rainy day and we were watching it in doordarshan in an aerial receiver setup which was placed on the top of a big jackfruit tree.A little bit wind and channel is gone, So we (my elders) decided to schedule who to position it for every match like france fans for Argentina or Brazil match and those fans for the matched of France,Italy…Etc…So one guy will be on top of the tree everytime there is a match and it rains(😊☺☺)…Apart from Brazil, Argentina , France and Italy there were even fans for Colombia (Valderrama)…
    I don’t know why I choose Argentina ( I was a child with little to know football knowledge though we played daily in a river shore)…I think it was due to Batistuta or may be the jersey or may be it’s the destiny)…
    Dont want to bore you guys…
    Anyway, so happy to see Argentina and Kerala in a single sentence

  2. IN Dhaka Bangladesh and whole over the country is surrounded by argentina’s flags during fifa world cup time. as well as brazil flag also..but maximum are argentina’s flag..if u come Bangladesh u must be surprise its Bangladesh or Argentina!through cricket is popular game here but we love argentina messi dybala very much.

  3. Being a Argentina fan and a keralian is a proud moment for me by seeing this. Watching world cup matches with other fans is always an emergency situations here, you never know where the beat came when the opponent scores. In every home there will be an Argentine or Brazilian fan, France fans are too here. Watching with all these folks is a different story. I never had this much tense when I wrote my tenth grade….
    Hope this year will be ours, more than two decade of waiting….

  4. Well put John! I couldn’t have said it any better: “One team many nations!”
    I am from Greece but i want to congratulate Kerala ultras and say that i am proud of them for their support to our beloved team!

    Cox4 as long as there are football romantics Argentina is the team to support! Our team!


  5. as Argentinian i feel proud to see people from all around the world love my country so much. people thousands km far from Argentina. in the other side of world. i feel very emotional for you guys.

    Vamos Argentina. vamos a ganar!!!

  6. I think Mundo has as many Keralites as even Argentines. Lol!

    That’s the spirit we have. For many Football fans in Kerala esp North Kerala, Argentinian or Brazilian are their second nationality.

    Vamos Argentina! Vamos Kerala!

    One is the country of God (D10S) and the other is known as God’s Own Country.

  7. Give me Goosebumps When i saw the Article !! Indescribable !!

    I have a vague memory, I was 3 or 4 years old when i saw the Argentinian Jersey for the First Time. It was a really pleasing color. In 1990 there was only 1 TV in my whole village. Whole Village was in attendance to catch the match. I could still hear those loud cheers ÄRGENTINA ARGENTINA !! I still cherish those beautiful memories.

    My wish is to Visit Argentina once in my lifetime and Meet Messi Personally (I have a strong dream hope Universe will conspire). I would like to see Patagonia, Rosario, B Aires etc. It would be a great satisfaction.

  8. I belong to same place.
    I recall an experience of my college friend Muhammed.

    He met a guy from an Indian city Hyderabad in a train, he was kind of an extremist (not the nature of that city in general, just to clarify) & he told him,

    “We (muslims) Speak urdu, & Supports Pakistan”….
    (Again to clarify, though not necessary, he was speaking for himself, Indian Muslims are as patriotic towards India as anyone else)

    But what i loved was my friend’s reply, he replied to him,

    ” We People speaks Malayalam & Supports Argentina or Brazil ” 😂😂😂😂.

    In World Cup & Monsoon time, North Kerala is the place to visit & Both coincide always.

  9. It’s incredible the way fans in Kerala celebrate argentine world cup journey. This is all bcos of the legend called maradona & now his successor Messi. Truly proud to be part of this tribe

  10. Wow…thanks Roy…that’s my place…all albiceleste fans should visit Kerala. We call it ‘God’s own Country’ because it’s truly blessed by nature. You will find a politically conscious, football crazy and well educated people with social indicators at par with Western Europe or North America. Anyone visiting Kerala now would be surprised at the support we have here for football teams especially but not limited to Argentina and Brazil. Even small towns will be decked with posters and cut outs of favorite teams and players. Argentina fans Kerala’ is a very active FB page that follows Argentine football and its players throughout the year. Hope messi and argentina come to play in Kerala one day.

  11. Amazing supporters all around the world. I revere the spirit that they potray in kerala. In malaysia here, we have many argentina supporters too although admittedly dwarfed by the brazilian supporters.

  12. Thats it ONE TEAM MANY NATIONS !
    Kolkata , India was blessed to have the team play Venezuela in a friendly. Leo played here.
    Argentina is an emotion. I cannot tell you how many of us in my office alone are waiting tensed up for the WC. Argentina is our TEAM too . We stand with you Argentina.
    Vamos La Albiceleste !

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