Three Argentina players have minor knocks in training


The Argentina team trained on Saturday while three players are reportedly carrying knocks.

Lucas BIGLIA, Gabriel MERCADO and Nicolas OTAMENDI are all carrying knocks and are the only players who did not train normally, this via TyC Sports. In other increasing reports, it does appear as though Franco ARMANI will start for Argentina against Nigeria.


  1. Dear Argentina footballers, Money is not everything. You didn’t play for the respect of the country, it ok. but you should play well at least for your own respect.

  2. Dear argentina team
    U have nothing to loose its a do or die game dont piss in yor pants and cry like babies if something went wrong….
    Look at the germany game and just how the won in last sec.
    U guys know better than us how football works. Its a 90 minute game…
    Aguero and messi knows it more than us since they have experienced and fought till last sec to win titles……
    So if something went wrong dont panic please and play positievely……
    Even if we loose we shall lose with pride…….
    From an ultimate argentine fan

  3. All or nothing on this last game!
    Same 4-3-3 they’ve been playing together with for years, with just 2-3 new faces!

    Di Maria-Lo Celso-Banega

    Di Maria playing right under Messi so he doesn’t have to drop deep as often and will be forced to ACTUALLY do something when he’s given the ball.
    Last shot! All or nothing!
    Mercado and Otamendi will be fine! Just biglia I hope is not fit for the next game!
    Vamos argentina! All or nothing!!!!!

  4. Mercado didn’t have a good game!! Time for a rb !! Praying that Lecelso will start… No creativity in da midfield with acuna who should not start 😐☹️ Enzo perez missed an open goal.. Did nothing.. still they are starting with the old players who did nothing in the qualifying round

  5. Sampaoli’s mad experiments has failed miserably and taken the whole team into depression. It turned our own players against the team. Nomore newbies just start whatever Messi and Co wants. They have been playing together for last 12 years now have the team chemistry . Yes I too don’t want few players to start but it doesn’t matter what we want. Messi is celebrating his birthday tomorrow give him his birthday present. Let him play with his buddies. They have a point to prove against imbecile coach Sampaoli. Hopefully Otamendi Mercado are fit for next match. Croatia might not try to push for a win by playing their reserves as per news but if we play to our potential we can easily put 3 past Nigeria. We have to score first and early in first half. Let Messi play as a midfielder , let him do whatever he wants. Let them do whatever is necessary to win. Just beat Nigeria.

  6. If Biglia is injured, will Lo Celso finally get some minutes? Probably not, Sampaoli will probably just stick in Enzo Perez instead lol. Against Nigeria, I think we need to ditch the tiki-taka because it is clearly not working. Play on the counter with quick passing and hope that our forwards show up. Of course, we have to defend well first in order to counter……

  7. Another chapter in this chaotic mess. God knows what team will turn up against Nigeria now.
    A determined side to help Messi and take off his burden and salvage their reputation and his dream?
    Or a weak willed, devastated, clueless , conflcted and confused team who has already surrendered and desperately waiting to catch the next plane home?

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