Argentina’s Ramiro FUNES MORI thanks Everton fans as he joins Villarreal


Ramiro FUNES MORI has thanked the Everton fans for his spell at the club as he has joined Villarreal.

Lost in the middle of the World Cup frenzy was the move of Argentine international Ramiro FUNES MORI from Everton to La Liga club Villarreal. The defender spent three seasons at Goodison Park having joined from River Plate for a reported fee of £9.5 million.

FUNES MORI, only 27, will try to regain a spot in the Argentina squad after having suffered a serious injury as he missed making the World Cup squad for his country.


  1. I sincerely think that if we had won the France game we would win this Cup but we were very weak defensively that’s what cost us at the end Mpabbe cost us 3 goals in that game what a shame

  2. I thought Brazil was the best team but they are out now.So sad to hear.No south American team in semi final.Whereas European teams always get their place in Semis

    • It’s easier for them. South America had 5 teams, Europe had 14 qualify.

      So roughly SA should have just less than 1 team in the semis. Assuming only SA and Europe teams make it that far.

      If Brazil was cut up to have three teams Argentina 2, Chile, Colombia etc. SA could easily
      Have another 9 competitive teams.

      But C’mon, 14!!! To 5. Of course they appear to perform more consistently.

      I hope everyone doesn’t lost site of that, they send 3 times the teams as South America.

      • Your arguament doesn’t really make much sense, of course there are going to be more European teams at the world cup than South American teams because there are more European countries than there are countries in South America. Even if all South American countries were allowed to enter the world cup without having to qualify there would still be more European teams at the world cup.

  3. Rooting for a new champion.
    Will be spectacular if Sweden win it. But I’m guessing France can’t get pass Belgium and from the other bracket, it’s really tight between Croatia and Sweden. It could be Sweden looking at last performances.

    Belgium vs Sweden

  4. This world cup show how much it’s important to have a solid defense and good tactical organization. Another observation of this barca style football with the following features does not work anymore:
    – fullback playing as wingers: too much space left behind them
    – possession football: you destroy fast players with this style
    – false 9: definitely gone

    • Yes, true. Possession based football is a thing of the past. Strong defensive organization, coupled with fast counters is the name of the game today. Also, a world class goalkeeper is a ‘must’ to win tournaments! I hope our new coach (??) Can align with today’s reality.

  5. Yesterday, France played just like Argentina in 2014, it means mix of Italy and Uruguayan style, lot of aggressiveness, fast in transition, mental force and very disciplined. They may not play spectacular like vs Argentina but much more control, the free-kick for Varane’s goal was extremely well done. I see them winner of this WC.

    It’s great to play possession football if and only if you have the right material and enough complicity between players, which is not quite feasible in a national team.

    • Because AFA is broke. They can’t pay him 15mil+ and for Sampaoli it’s about his reputation and some how ego I guess. He dreamed his whole life about coaching the NT he wont surrender.on the other hand 3 of his staff are not in team anymore. He is kind of isolated. His behavior was more like a fan during the world cup. I know most of you disagree but I feel really sorry for him. Sampaoli will earn back his respect but he needs to give up his possession style of play and I’m not sure if he is willing to do that.

  6. As much i support Argentina, i feel sorry that there are no South American countries in Semifinal. Brazil pushed hard, no lady luck was not on their side..

    I think Casemiro absence was the key in today’s loss…

    • OOOKaaYY, so you would rather see brazil win the world cup while you support ARGENTINA??

      ..and you feel sorry for them because today wasn’t their day? YOU do realize that is an exclusively ARGENTINA site for THEIR fans and NO other country!

      • Dear Dfox,

        No offense. I do know this is argentina forum. Argentina is obviously my favorite but I prefer LATAM countries than any European winning a WC.

        Is there any thing wrong?

        • Ah YES, there is.
          I’m not the Site Gestapo checking everybody’s ID to see whether they are real fans or not, nor do I really care, but I’m stunned to see so many of you, some are OBVIOUS while others are discreet brazil fans.
          Regardless, No ARGENTINA fan would want Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia …etc and vice versa winning anything…..and don’t look at Maradona, best player in history but he’s a pathetic old man, whoring to the media every chance he gets, shameful.

          and YES, if somebody should win the WC other than ARG, then I would want them as far away from South America as possible, maybe MARS…get my point.

          • You think brazil fans felt bad for ARG after losing to Germany in 2014, they thanked their lucky stars and celebrated as if they had just won the wc. You think the Chileans were hoping ARG would go far in the WC since they didn’t go? LOL I don’t think so.

          • dfox1942: you sir are totally correct on those yellow fans who dislike us as much as we dislike them and w.c 14 and despite their 7-1 mauling/total humiliation (hahahahahha yes im still laughing at it) and guess what ??they were supporting ger in the final to beat us despite what ger did to them.

            its simple, Argentine fans despise the yellow team and England, after those 2 we do not want any of our “neighbors” to win it ever if we dont.

        • Hahaha I will never forget copa America final against Brazil we lost in penalties (2004?) I broke up with my gf at that time because I found out that night she was rooting for brazil xD most ppl would call that extreme but the point is everything I do I do with passion. I’m not proud of it but all ppl have some weaknesses call it my weakness I don’t actually care who wins now I just want england out and I will focused on the youth tournament in Spain.

          • I would like to know since Suarez and neymar are messi’s friends does messi root for them? Or he is just too depressed atm and cant touch even a single ball. What you guys think?

          • Zoroaster, Messi congratulated Suarez after they won their last game and wished him the best of luck. I truly believe these two are best of friends.
            I saw Griezmann shaking hands with every single Uruguayan in the tunnel right before the game and refused to celebrate when France scored because of his friends on the other sides.
            I’m not in his head, but I doubt Messi looks at DIVEmar as he looks at Suarez.

        • For us, Anyone but Brazil or England.
          but since you support Argentina, do you remember 2014 Final against Germany? do you know or don’t know that Brazilians were chanting for Germany? their wish was to deny Argentina winning the WC on Brazilian soil?
          It’s a natural feeling that every albiceleste fan has toward those 2 nations, no offense.

    • Yes it’s sad, there was part of bad luck but the Brazilians were so inefficient with so many opportunities. There was nothing much to regret for them because they gave their best and they could have won the match.

    • I still think that Russia will pull another surprise, you never know with all these results. They have the home and high morals factors. it would be their best result since 1966. When they were competing as the Soviet Union.

  7. Its going to be either Sweden or Croatia against France. Most likely Sweden. I also want Belgium to defeat France. We could have a new winner.

    • I can speak for myself, I would have lost my mind if Brazil and that idiot had won the WC after the way ARGENTINA existed and all the unjust trolling Messi got for everything. The world is finally seeing what we all have known since DIVEmar put on the Banana yellow uniform, a showoff, crybaby, selfish and a master diver.

    • I plead guilty on this one but I absolutely, positively, am rooting for no new winner. I don’t care what anybody says, until Argentina get to at least four, I want this to remain an exclusive club still. Yeah I want either France or even, and painfully, England to take the Cup. France is really the hope right now, to defend, protect, the integrity of the Cup. Usually it’s one of these four, Brazil, Germany, Argentina or Italy. Only one finals one of these big four was not playing was 2010. I’m a traditionalist. With Italy out this was the worst year ever. Usually it’s impossible to get rid of all four in one tournament, but again with Italy out it was hard. I guarantee this abnormality will not happen again for a very long time. Guaranteed. I’m ready for France to officially join the club. Go France 🇫🇷 🇫🇷🇫🇷

      • We should count Holland. They never won but they have been in several finals and couple of other semi finals. The five: Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, and Holland made all of the finals until this year. And Italy and Holland are out. That’s abnormal.
        I expect a new champion!

  8. @Kid
    Two posts from the same guy over 3 or 4 days….Kid, I don’t like calling people out but stop spewing nonsense. First you say we need black players because we aren’t fast then you say what’s speed got to do with it and then in another post you say someone is discriminating due to ageism.
    Get your act together man.

    July 3, 2018 at 4:12 pm
    Argentina will never ever win a world cup again unless they integrate fast athletic black players on their team. This is 2018 not 1930 or 1970. If Argentina need a real coach, they should hire Carlos Queiroz. All Argentina coaches going back to the 1990 world cup have fail to win a world cup yet people still think an Argentina coach is going to change the outcome today? As of today, Argentina football is at ROCK BOTTOM!! The brand is definitely at an all-time low coming out of the 2018 world cup.
    July 6, 2018 at 6:50 pm
    What did speed have to do with Argentina drawing with Iceland and Cabellero gifting Croatia a goal? Sampaoli team selection was poor against Iceland and after Cabellero blunder on Iceland equalizing goal he was still rewarded a spot in the starting XI against Croatia. Sampaoli tarnish Argentina reputation on the national stage losing by 4, 6, 3 and 4 goals in the span of four months. This was just horrible coaching it had nothing to do with a player age. How in the world are you going to concede 6 goals against a team like Spain who play at walking pace? Russia is on the verge of a world cup semifinal spot playing with a 38-year-old defender. Ageism is just an excuse. Sabella or Tata Martino would have taken this same Argentina team to at least the semifinal.

    • You underestimate Sweden. They have fairly equal record against England. With a little luck they will do it
      2012 | Sweden 4-2 England
      2012 | Sweden 2-3 England
      2011 | England 1-0 Sweden
      2006 | Sweden 2-2 England
      2004 | Sweden 1-0 England
      2002 | England 1-1 Sweden
      2001 | England 1-1 Sweden
      1999 | England 0-0 Sweden
      1998 | Sweden 2-1 England
      1995 | England 3-3 Sweden

  9. Now I become a fan of Belgium after beating Brazil. I know they wouldn’t reach the final, but I was worried they could sneak in the semi final and their campaign considered success, You how lucky they are, even in 2014 with a shittier team passed the QF test. luckily this time Belgium denied their access.

    • QUOTE: ” don’t think tite gonna learn from his mistakes. He will keep starting Paulhino like he did today. He will keep doing the same shit. He went 1 sabbatical year to study football tatics to put paolhino as a undroppable starter. Men I don’t need to go to a sabbatical year to study football to know that paulihno should have not start today and he is not even a deserve starter.”

      Lol, it sounds so similar. I am wondering what we are saying now if Sampaoli managed to keep the 2-1 score until the end of France match 😛

  10. When Sampaoli substituted on Meza against France I was convinced then he was TROLLING us. The team needed a goal against France and you put on Meza over either Higuaín or Dybala? Sampaoli was a hot mess who didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. Argentina world cup campaign was just a sad story both on and off the pitch that needed to end.

    • Higuain or Dybala?

      Higuain didn’t score in NT 2 years?!!

      Dybala – you are always contradicted yourself. See your comment about Dybala few days ago that he is not our future.

  11. If Messi has good players around him just like Neymar has in Brazil, Argentina would have win it all, and Argentina would win every other tournament. Unfortunately for Messi.

  12. To all brazilian trolls: WHERE IS YOUR “MIGHTY” BRAZIL NOW??
    You can all now go and fuck yourselves!!
    Happy and celebrated when this farce of so called “mighty” team kicked out!
    Some of you guys can talk about our mess all you want but finally the yellow team which many here were constantly calling “mighty” and hot favourites crushed when they faced a real team and all this hype was proved today! And the best part of it is that they didn’t even have an excuse as they have a good coach and they are not in the mess we are currently!
    All the so called favourites such as brazil, germany and spain are out and i am glad of this especially for brazil!

    As for our beloved team as long as this backstage circus ends, i believe that we will be fine! We just need to make a new start and never look back, the talent is there as always, we just need the right people in the right place.

  13. Yellow shits lost it in Quarter against the same team we defeated in 2014, only different, the Belgium players are 4 years older now.

  14. Honestly, Argentina needs SPEED.
    This Argentina was one of the slowest teams in the world cup.
    And one of the slowest in Argentina’s WC history.

    I have heard from relatives how fast Argentina was in 1978.
    And in 1986 Maradona’s skill and determination single handedly won us the world cup.
    In my opinion Maradona is the GOAT in football.
    But even 1986 team was much faster than this team.

    Countries like France, Belgium and Brazil are showing us how to play with speed.
    As Maradona points out: why so many back passes?

    After speed, the next thing we need is FINISHING.
    The only finishers I saw was Di Maria, Aguero, Messi and Rojo. The rest of the players were too afraid to go for goal. Look at any of the good teams – goal scoring is not just the responsibility of 1 or 2 forwards. Everyone can take turns and get forward and shoot and win headers. That is how you take off the pressure from your star forwards.

    Samapoli should have motivated the whole team.
    Instead Sampaoli said ” we need to ensure that Messi gets more touches”.
    This puts more pressure on Messi. Yes, Messi is currently the best player on the planet.
    But we have other outstanding players too. Why not motivate them?

    • We were just to old and slow,inly starter we had wuth pace was Messi and then Pavon when he cane in as sub. In Banega, Masch and Perezwe must have had the slowest midfield at the world cup

      • What we lacked was good tactics . And our substitutions weren’t clever.
        Age was a problem, but we could haved coped with it.
        Michae Johnson’s personal best 400m sprint came at age 32, and 200m at age 29. So age cannot be blamed for everything.

        Leaving out Icardi and Paredes was definitely bad.
        But our team selection wasn’t the worst.

        A lot of our players are good, but they are aging. So we needed clever substitutions.
        Lo Celso and Dybala should have got at least 30 minutes every game.
        Instead Dybala got 15 minutes, and Lo Celso 0 mins in the whole tournament.

        Having no proper striker in the France match was a big mistake.
        Aguero should have played from the start.
        Pavon has a lot of potential, but in the France match he was given way too much responsibility.

        I also completely agree with the guy who said that we need to strengthen our National League.
        I thought Acuna was good. Meza was decent.
        They may not be good as starters, but would have made good substitutions for aging players like Perez.

        Our coach’s strategy was “pass the ball to Messi”
        As Maradona can see – the coach is expecting superhuman feats from Messi which is very unrealistic.
        We do have some very good attacking players, and if we defended and co-ordinated with brains and guts, we could have displayed a much better performance.

      • What did speed have to do with Argentina drawing with Iceland and Cabellero gifting Croatia a goal? Sampaoli team selection was poor against Iceland and after Cabellero blunder on Iceland equalizing goal he was still rewarded a spot in the starting XI against Croatia. Sampaoli tarnish Argentina reputation on the national stage losing by 4, 6, 3 and 4 goals in the span of four months. This was just horrible coaching it had nothing to do with a player age. How in the world are you going to concede 6 goals against a team like Spain who play at walking pace? Russia is on the verge of a world cup semifinal spot playing with a 38-year-old defender. Ageism is just an excuse. Sabella or Tata Martino would have taken this same Argentina team to at least the semifinal.

        • Dude are you kidding me? You were the same guy saying we need black players because we aren’t fast.

          Do you even formulate your thoughts in a consistent manner before writing this nonsense?

  15. It is good to see some JUSTICE in the world.

    Wouldn’t be FUNNY if BRAZZUU fired their manager tomorrow while ARGENTINA IS still contemplating whether to fire the imbecile or keep him!?

    • Its the chicken-head’s turn now to be trolled and nobody is more deserving. That pathetic attempt to DIVE in the box in the dying minutes of the game was EPIC, VINTAGE DiveMAR LOL

  16. To be honest Brazil is a much better team than Belgium and was very unlucky today (woodwork of Silva, if that an early goal they would trash Belgium with the counters, own goal, than 0:2 quickly but they tried everything, made a lot of good chances too. France will beat easily this Belgium, at least we failed against the possible world champions. i hope Tite will be sacked and a weak coach is coming again.

    • ha ha to be honest brazil better than argentina but not better than belgium or france or even germany,had they faced germany in round of 16 they would’ve shit in their pants.hazard k.bruyin thousand times better than actor neymar shooter coutinho.

  17. Sampaoli was an ignorant narcissist who cost Argentina at least a world cup semifinal spot in 2018. I was never into players like Meza, Acuna, Tagliafico, Salvio etc. but the team had more than enough quality to top their group that consisted of Croatia, Nigeria and Iceland which would have put Argentina on the other side of the bracket with an easy path to the semifinal. Before the world cup started, I stated that Argentina could possible meet either Russia or Iran during the quarterfinal stage but instead we have Croatia vs Russia. It took Argentina 20 plus years to reach a world cup final and semifinal when the team did so back in 2014, at least show some consistency and make a run to another semifinal, people would be saying after the world cup that Argentina is a consistent semifinalist world cup team (even if they didn’t win the tournament) instead we’re reading on every sport website how Argentina was a MESS and DISASTROUS. Argentina elimination was avoidable, the players were fine for this version of the world cup imo, Argentina just needed to get themselves on the other side of the bracket with a competent manager who prioritize in the defense first approach. Sampaoli was in over his head with his 3-3-3-1, 2-2-2-2-2, 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 etc. nonsensical formations. This was the world cup not some board game or FIFA PS4 where you get to play around with formation without any consequences. On FIFA you can play with one defender and win a game easily! A strong defense with a decent mid and attack can get you further in a world cup tournament compare to a weak defense with a bunch of world class strikers.

    All Sampaoli needed to do was to let the players perform in their rightful position on the pitch as they do for their respective clubs. What was so complicated about this? If a certain player was a forward at his club all season long just let him play as a forward at the world cup and not as some makeshift defender. Both Higuaín and Dybala played all season long in Serie A against defensive (park the bus) teams which would have made them starting against Iceland an easy decision. The Iceland coach publicly stated he was coming for Messi because he believes the Argentina national team is nothing without him. So after hearing all this for an entire week before Argentina world cup opening game Sampaoli genius idea was to start with both Acuna and Salvio playing out of position against Iceland.

    Argentina was always going to have a lot of the ball against Iceland. Sampaoli knew Iceland was going to sit back, all he needed to do was to put a traditional back four in defense and play with two center forward (Higuaín and Aguero or Higuaín and Dybala) which would have complicated Iceland tactics against Messi. If Sampaoli had started two of Aguero, Higuain and Dybala against Iceland life on the pitch would have been much easier for Messi. Now some people might say didn’t ‘’Messi missed a pk against Iceland?’’ Yes, he did miss but in all honesty, Argentina didn’t do as nearly as enough to win the game especially in the attacking third. How many times have we seen Messi missing pk’s for Barcelona yet his team still go on to win the game comfortably? Nigeria and Croatia (with their bench players) comfortably defeated Iceland while Argentina could only manage a draw against the same team. Iceland parking the bus or not was no excuse for Argentina not to win their opening game resoundingly.

    Argentina went into the Croatia game in a complicated situation. Croatia was always fine with a draw while Argentina needed a win all because of the tied game against Iceland. Cabellero mistake then gave Croatia a gift they weren’t even expecting putting even more pressure on Argentina who had to go all out for the win which exposes the team in defense.

    Even with the win and little momentum Argentina got out of the game against Nigeria the team was still broken and lacking in confidence by the time they meet France. Again, this was on Sampaoli to fix the situation. Sampaoli using Messi as false nine and playing both Di Maria and Pavon wide with no one to cross the ball to is the definition of a team lacking in confidence and ideas. Pavon is no Pedro and this was not Pep Barcelona team, it was the Argentina national team. Instead of Sampaoli trying to recreate something Pep did years ago at Barcelona why not just play to the strength of your players?

    Argentina winning or losing at the world cup had nothing to do with a player being too young or too old, I solely put Argentina failure at this year world cup on Sampaoli. How in the world are you going to start with both Acuna and Salvio as experimental LWB and RWB in a world cup opening game? The two most important game at the world cup is the opening game and the final game. I could understand Sampaoli tactics if both Acuna and Salvio were playing in these same position for their respective clubs heading into the world cup.

    Against France Sampaoli once again showed his poor managerial skills. Messi as false 9? What a JOKE of a decision! Argentina got a 2-1 lead yet he still decided to press and have players like Fazio making deep runs into France attacking third of the pitch. After Argentina second goal all Sampaoli needed to do was to take out Pavon/Enzo Perez for Higuaín, with this substitution, change the formation and tactics to 4-5-1 or 4-4-2 and go into counter attacking mode against France. Just let France have most of the ball possession for around 10 -15 minutes and hope they commit too many of their players in attack which would leave their defense expose. Higuaín dropping into a five-man midfield would have allowed Messi to play as the lone striker, the one and only player you want to receive the ball on a counter attacking opportunity given that France would go searching for an equalizing goal.

    This would have been my lineup against France from the beginning of the game: GK – Armani; DF- Mecardo, Otamendi, Fazio, Ansaldi; MF – Lo Celso (AM), Rojo (CDM), Banega (CM); ATT – Messi, Higuaín and Di Maria. Possible subs, if Argentina needed to defend a lead late in the game against France there would have been three options to choose from between Mascherano, Biglia and Ansaldi. If the game was tied or Argentina was losing by a goal or two, then both Aguero and Dybala would be on the pitch in both scenarios. I used Rojo as a CDM because he is a team mate of Pogba at Manchester United and would know his every move on the pitch.

    Given that France is physical and quick as a team Rojo would have made more sense in the CDM position than either one of Masche or Biglia for this particular game. Moreover, Rojo is one of Argentina quicker players and have also shown to be pretty decent going forward in attack. This is just my opinion though; I believe it would have been a better starting lineup against the unconvincing France national team. My lineup couldn’t have done any worse against France when compare to some of Sampaoli crazy experiments. All Sampaoli needed to do was to start Higuaín against his birth country, the guy would have played with an extra motivation against France. Argentina biggest game at the world cup was against France yet the coached decided to leave Higuain, Aguero and Dybala out of the starting XI, three players with a total of 100 goals heading into the world. So if these guys couldn’t start against France then what was the point of taking them to the world up? Smh. SAMPAOLI IS BY FAR THE WORSE ARGENTINA COACH I have seen in a longtime. Sampaoli was nothing but an OVERRATED tattoo shop owner. A football manager he is not.

    During the 2014 World Cup Chile lost to Holland 2-0 playing with a 3-4-3 formation. The other two games in the group against Spain and Australia, Chile won by playing with the 4-3-3 formation, but Sampaoli being delusional as usual decided to play with a three-man back line with a high line against the quick counter attacking Dutch team. And if you look at Chile performance against Holland during the 2014 world cup group stage game it was identical to what we saw of Argentina under Sampaoli tenure. Chile was all over the place defensively against Holland same as Argentina was under Sampaoli when using the same formation. Sampaoli never learn from his past mistakes which is why the Argentina team never improves under his tenure because despite losing to Spain 6-1 and to Nigeria 4-2 he still persisted on using the same highline with slow players. The idea is to always play to strength of your players not to their weakness. Even in the friendly game against Italy, Argentina was just fortunate to win the game because Italy could have easily score 4-5 goals if not for poor finishing and Cabellero.

    Take a look for yourself:

    Russia was the worst ranked team going into this year world cup and they didn’t even win a pre wc friendly game yet look at them right now. Russia will likely make the semifinals over Croatia. Argentina is the only ‘’BIG” team on the planet who can make an overrated team like Croatia look like an elite team. Argentina made Spain, Nigeria and France looked better than they actual were! This just show us how bad Sampaoli was as manager. With all due respect Russia coach is no genius yet his team is on the brink of a world cup semifinal spot.

    When you look at how all the teams have performed at this year world cup, no over the top tactics and strategy was needed for Argentina to make a deep run in the tournament. I just don’t see anything special at this year world cup hence the reason why a team like England can possible make the wc final. Sampaoli never learn from his past mistakes which is why he couldn’t take advantage of Argentina 2-1 lead against France.

    • Great points. very detailed analysis of our situation under this clown Sambaldy. Now some smart guy will come and accuse you of supporting ‘the friends club’

    • Sampaoli is by far the most stupidest manager of world cup 2018.

      Honestly I felt so happy after 6-1 thrashing from Spain. I thought this defeat couldn’t come at a better timing. But imbecile baldy learned absolutely nothing from that defeat.

    • Well said. I remarked in an earlier post how even Russia and Sweden can defend solidly because their coach aren’t idiots who force square pegs in round wholes. Ignashevich is 39 so his coach isn’t going to ask him to play a high line like a genius named Sampaoli would. Even though Uruguay lost, Mbappe couldn’t do much because there was no space to run into. Argentina has far better attacking players than Uruguay. If we had played a solid defensive gameplan and a centre forward we would be in the semi’s right now. 2014 or 2016 Argentina would have won this tournament at a canter but this version had Sampaoli outsmarting himself and shooting himself and Argentina in the foot in what was a very winnable tournament.

  18. All European team in last four with all european players. What does that tell? We need to stop hyping players from local leagues rather use european players who could change a match. Also members like Gonalzo need to shut the F*** up as local players has done no shi t to help Arg. in this world cup.

    • Really? and what did the european based players do? Atleast Pavon was a supersub and Armani had one good game, 20 of the 23 players were european based players who did s*** all yet you’re gonna blame the 3 local players? Seriously?!
      Since the very majority of you don’t watch the local league I suggest you stop passing judgement and watch a primera match once in a while.
      And lest not forget Spain and Germany and Brazil were packed with European or European based players and they didn’t fair any better.

      • I myself tried to watch a few match in Superliga last year. To be very honest, I must say they are of the quality of the lower half team in Spain. Some good players, some good moments but overall: slow tempo, too static tactics, less team plays

      • Exactly pipita.

        The people don’t know what is the quality of local league and how to separate to wheat from the chaff. Their comments will judge against them if another local league players will join Europe and show his potentiall what never stopped.

    • arg2018

      Nope, I will not stop because I know the NT has future, good future if only ancient regime headed with Messi will step down. Generation ’97 is full of stars material.

      • Its not because European based players are strong and thatswhy European teams are winning…Wrong Observation. The Argentina Brazil teams are equipped with all European Based players but still lost. Look at Spain 2010 and Germany 2014. Its not about Europe or South American Based Team guys. Open your eyes. Its About majority of XI playing Together in Clubs. Barca for Spain 2010 And Bayern for Germany 2014.
        Welcome Guys.

  19. 4 European teams in the semi finals.
    African teams did not survive 1st round.
    Asia and Mexico out in 1/8 finals.
    South America out in 1/4 finals.
    Detailed analyses will follow in the coming months.
    Coaching and tactics will be the focus.
    Other continents have a lot to improve.

    • As for South America, this is what happens when we whore out our young players to Europe to sit on the bench. Until our leagues improve economically substantially, europeans will continue to pilfer our talent for 8-10million per player and whatever pans out pans out. They buy 10 players from us for 100million, 1 player pans out and they move them for 150mill and they still make money meanwhile 9 players with potential end up like Funes Mori. Not very good and jumping from one team to another. Had he stayed in Argentina he may have been much better than he is.

  20. Sampa is praying France blows out Belgium so that he can say he wasn’t that bad as coach ha ha. We should keep Sampa….he can do the laundry for the players after the matches.

    On a different note, hi we are France and Belgium. Half our team are of African descent because the players in our own country are not good enough. We need to win a World Cup before Germany catches up to us as they are doing the same thing. I am rooting for Sweden or Russia. I’d say Croatia but can’t root for a team that beat us.

  21. Great tactical move to play Fellaini as DM & push De Bruyne up the field… It got a little too close in the end. But I am super happy that the yellow team lost! Belgium was good in both defense & attack! I wish we could defend a lead like them!!!

  22. are you not entertained ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED, ISN’T THAT WHY YOU ARE????????

    Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.bye bye Brazil, OR SHOULD I SAY HOW THEY SAY IT OVER THERE BRAZZUU LOLOLOLOLOLOL



        Look at it this way, all the malicious preparation and coaching and player selection and winning the qualifiers by 10 20 points or whatever it was….a team sculptured By Leonardo Da Vinci himself and STILL GOT JACKED.

        No manager, no goalkeeper, no proper midfield, no proper formation, disgruntled super stars……etc and they didn’t fair much better than ARGENTINA


    • I was wrong when I said Brazil would eat Belgium alive. Belgium played a brave and smart game today. Nothing better than seeing the overconfident jokers get kicks in their ass.

  23. Went to ESPN soccernet and the website is showing the game is still going on at 72 minutes via FOXS1…”Brazil cut deficit vs Belgium.” What a Even when the game is over Alexi Lalas and his crew are still dreaming of Brazil in the

    • Now everyone on ESPN is giving Harry Kane the crown. American soccer announcers are a JOKE. Stick to something you know Alexi Lalas. MLS. This fu**ing loser Lalas is stealing a paycheck every day. Imbecile loser.

  24. Brazil had 28 shots and Belgium 8.
    You want to beat teams like Brazil, you beed goal keepers like Courtois.

    Brazil is still a good team. I would be happy if my team was like this and lost. Would be less worried. Speed of Brazil was super. They could have scored 4-5 goals.


    • Sorry DDr1123. Brazil is the most overhyped team at present. After 2002 They are flashy and sexy like whores but hollow inside. Always crumble at pressure. Since 2002 (WC) they have not been to WC Finals. They beat easy teams with style but their style is too weak for a formidable side. They win friendlies and look strong. They leak goals in high pressure matches. Who concede 7 goals in a WC Semi Final at home?? Argentina is the only South American team that reached a final in the last 15 years. Brazil is done. They live in the museum now. They are in a worse position than us to be honest. They cant live upto their hype.

  25. Belgium can change my mind about them. Let’s see in the next game.

    Least our rivals won’t win the WC. The countries I’d want to win the WC in exact order is:
    1. Sweden
    2. Russia
    3. Croatia
    4. Belgium

    I can’t have France or England winning the WC because they’ll join with us. Then again we’d be better on record, we’ve won more continental cups then them but I don’t want them to join on WCs.

    • i want England go out tomorrow and i don t care for anything else.

      who will win from the rest i don t care at all.

        • if France win in end i will say to myself that at least i lost from
          world champions.
          second i lost fair so i can t be angry with the French.
          they play to win. the fault was ours and Sampaoli mostly.

          they didn t stole us like Germans in past so i can t hate French.

          in end i prefer too others win but i don t hate France as much i hate England.

    • Haha. I thought I was the only one who didn’t want England and France to level with us in terms of number of Cup wins! Both to be out!


    HAHAHAHA !!!


    • Wait … Didnt they win 7 world cups?
      O i am sorry I thought everything was 7 for Brazil. It was the 7 goals in that semi …not cups. My bad…😂

  27. batigol_cowcho: Do you still more validation to add to your prediction that Belgium team will be eaten alive by Brazil?????

  28. Where are those who praised Tite…where are those who said 6th 🌟 on the way.
    Argentina is the best Latin team still.
    As I said earlier… WC final is already played …this time little earlier… Argentina lost 3-4 to France.

    • AAHH! finally something to cheer in this world cup. Finally I am happy a litte!!!

      But, did you even see the game? How is Argentina better than Brazil. I am the happier one today, but be honest and humble my friend.

  29. For example, today is the beginning of the World Cup 2022, and our coach is Jose Pekerman. Argentina is in group G with Australia, Cameroon, and Switzerland.

    You know what would happen? Argentina would win against Australia in the opening match 2-0 and looked pretty. We looked even prettier in the second game against Cameroon where we won 5-1. And finally we looked like the World Cup favorite when beating Switzerland 1-0.

    The in the second round we would meet USA. We were still superior and won 2-0. Everyone is high in confidence.

    Italy wait for us in the quarter final.

    Guess what happened? We lost 1-0 in the QF again from a counter attack.

    Are you familiar with this scenario?
    What am I trying to say? We want a coach that would make us play beautiful, right? Yeah right… In 2006, we were the sexiest team in the entire tournament. But today, we need to be ugly, win at all cost, cheat here and there to win.

    Jose Mourinho once said, I would take 0.5-0 victory (not even 1-0) happily. That mentality is what we need IF we want a trophy!

  30. Sampoli must learn from Martinez how to defend like beast and how to counter like leopard with the 3-4-3 formation…

  31. American announcers eating turd trying to defend Brazil and begging for penalty.
    Belgium is clearly the better team.
    Neymar saying if Kobe Bryant can win an Oscar for acting so can I.

    Where are all the phony Argentina fans on this site that are really Brazil fans trolling us now????

    • Tapia and Sampaoli will meet to speak on Tuesday.

      the problem is that Sampaoli don t want to resign and AFA can t pay 20 million to Sampaoli.

      till Tuesday don t expect any news.

  32. On Tagliafico and Bustos, just a general question and opinion. I know that people on Mundo think much of them, but I have to say how can you take both of them on your squad? I believe in talent over physical stature and height generally but to have your two backs being 5’7″ and 5’6″ is absolute madness. I know there are those that will point to Jordi Alba but that is the exception rather than the rule. I mean can’t we produce a back that is 6 feet tall? As I mentioned, I believe in talent but certain positions require height, and at the shorter heights you will lose all the headers and with shorter legs players will run right by you. I want great players but do all of our great players have to be midgets?

    • Maybe both of them in one game make our defence too short, agree. But ATM both they looks promising and I don’t mind to see Bustos and Tagliafico together starting in a friendly to figure out their how they use. Bustos is very attractive going forward and it’s good to have such player for some kind of opponents or tactis. And most important: I see both Tagliafico and are learning new things still.

      • Besides Taglifico should not be considered as player who makes our defence weaker in aerial duels because he always compensates his height by Ayala like jump.

        • And what? Otamendi and Rojo as well (with horrible mistakes) and they made WC team. The fullbacks should start once again because they just debuted and have time and talent to adapt and prove are better than against Spain.

          • It’s so simple. Let the youngsters start from now without expectation. Let them grow. There is no overnight fruits. Both Germany and Spain worked on their project for years before success. France is also doing the same, not succeeded yet up until the very moment but they are on the right track.
            Time for a new project from ground with the vision of 2026 and 2030 (on the home ground). Forget about Copa and WC 2022.

          • Perhaps. Germany played their U23+ teams in 2010 and win 2014 with most of their player at the prime age. We can use a couple of fine 93-97 players but the core team must be of the 98-2000 kids

    • Bustos has tons of question marks around him, he had an amazing first half of a season and then his form went down like a bag of hot potatoes. I’m still hoping that Jose Gomez comes back from injury with his skill and form intact.

  33. I’m watching football now since 1986
    I was a huge fan of Maradona as a player…
    But I have to admit that Messi individually is the best player I have ever seen in the game
    It’s really sad that he has only won a U20 WC and Olympia I really hope he is at a hight level at the Copa 2019 and I hope to see some young Argentinian Players

    Argentina forever vamooooos

    • My live affair with Argentina started with Diego too. Life after him is full of talents though, until Messi comes. I hope Messi and Argentina can win something, but accept in my heart if it’s not to be. The sad thing is current young crops not as much talents as before.

      • Argentina can be unbelievable with messi as midfielder with Dybala and icardi/simeone upfront. Argentina haven’t produce a quality midfielder who can pass forward ball, messi played as both creator and scorer but messi can’t able to do same after 2020 and i want messi to participate his last world cup again and hope God do justice if klose have to wait at 36 why not messi at35

  34. Against a France-caliber team only the superstars can create goals, Suarez was alone, without Cavegol sadly Uruguay had zero chance, the same with Columbia without James,Uru midfield is full of mediocrity, world class players make the difference, like Di Maria, Messi assists, Aguero, Meza, Pavon, Enzo never, so why did they play Mr. Sampaoli? And Lo Celso, Dybala not? Brazil and Spain have the best squad, 2 star player from european top clubs in neirly every postion, (Spain and Germany too, the ywon the last 2 WCs).

    • Brazil and France have the best squads, if ARG youngsters will not play in top european clubs in every position, until then WC-trophy only a dream.

      • That’s a load of nonsense, Argentina got to the final in 2014 because nobodies like enzo, rojo, biglia, Garay and a has been like Demichiles stepped up and it was Argentina’s superstars (messi, higuain) and stars (Palacio) who missed sitters.

        Looking at this world cup, Germany and spain had superstars in almost every position and they both did worse than argentina.

        Argentina has plenty of talent in most positions, what’s needed is good coaching.

    • Oh come on now, France team is unstoppable, let’s admit it now walking on S. American teams with ease. Even if Brazil get out of Belgium trap, they can’t conquer France obstacle. France is so strong this tournament as 5 of their players can score and make the difference.

      • No way France is unstoppable. They and Belgium are the same. Super star individuals, nothing more. Both of them are an easy target for Brasil. With the way Martinez’s likes his side to play, they have zero chance in getting anything against Brasil other than humiliation. Belgium will try to control the possession which’s what Brasil exactly wants.

    • Di Maria is creating chances? The guy did absolutely nothing in 3 games of this WC apart that nice goal having 15 m of space lefted by French defenders. But what you are talking about? What difference ie made against Iceland or Nigeria? Where he was. We may just count his countless losts, wrong driblings, poor crosses. Moreover in WC 2014 he was the same. One goal against Switzerland but what else?. You need to give him 10 games to see one good thing from him. Not really worth.

      Dybala?! Suddenly he is class player for you?

      • Again the Meza-Tagliafico fanboy, Di Maria scored a world class goal against a world-class opponent in a crucial moment, Uruguay without world class attackers (except Suarez) zero, the difference between Nandez, Meza etc and real quality. (the diference between 10 and 100 million euros worth)Cavani vs Stuani the same. The problem with you, you dont even see the difference between garbage and class players, maybe thats the reason you love your favourites…

        • Your problem is that you want to defend something that is no more defensible. You were supporter of this ancient regime in our NT since few years, they failed, and you can’t admit still they were too long with NT. I think everyone has the feeling of wasted years being addicted to the same players, players which long time been showing they are descending and that we need young muscles and minds.

          You can’t defend the generation without breaking your neck in contortions of devious and twisted argumentation. In this way now you want to convince people Di Maria was class player in the WC.

          What do you want to defend still? The oldies were there. They barely went out og group. Dou you want to say 1/8 is success for Argentina?

          • Frist of all they reach 1/4 not 1/8.

            Everyone who had watched the quarterfinals, have seen, the biggeste difference was luck. Both in 1998 and 2006. Especially the second.

            The last time Argentina won Copa America, there was no Messi nor Maradona.

            What generation failed in Olimpics Final?

          • 1/16 last 16, 1/8 quarter finals, 1/4 semi-final? I always used like this. Zanetti, Ayala, Crespo, Ortega, Gallardo, Lopez etc. generation

          • I was talking about 2006 team.

            In 1996 Argentina lost final of Olimpic Games but rather with referee aid. And it rather proves Argentina can go far without Messi and not against that.

          • @Gonzalo: Yes, oldies were there and they contributed even if minimally. Messi got goal with assist,, banega with assist, aguero two goals, maria with goal. What’s the newcomer contributed? nothing . Absolutely nothing. They were even miserable. If the oldies deserve criticism, the new comers deserves greater criticism. But you always criticize oldies only sparing the new comers. I don’t know why. It clearly shows your personal vengeance over some players.

            Only 9 of the 23 players had previous WC experience. What did the rest do? We saw against Spain what they could. Against France ,there only 5 (actually 4 without Otamendi) in starting lineup those had WC experience. Did the rest played well?

            You are a classical example of an Argentine Argentina-supporter. So knowledgeable, so much love and passion for national team. But very much ungrateful towards your own players. You don’t know how to respect your heroes. Your heroes never have any confidence and support from you, rather always under pressure with the fear of being criticized harshly. No thankfulness to a generation who have done best after Maradona era and that, even now, you can not replace with better options. When love becomes extremism ,it becomes a problem . Some of you (not specifically you) see Messi as a non-Argentine and don’t want him to be at same level or cross Maradona.

            I am not a bigger Argentina lover than you, but honestly, as a fan, Argentines are the worst in the world.

          • “If the oldies deserve criticism, the new comers deserves greater criticism”

            This is totall shit. Everytime I may only ask here how many games to adapt had the newcomers. All you prove by this sentence is that you don’t understand what is team chemistry building and psychological conditions os success.

            Yes, the newcomers may fail, because they are newcomers and youngsters. The so called class players cannot fail, having many tournaments behind, years playing together and being stars of Big European clubs.

      • How many times did ARG beat good european teams on WC’s since 90? One? 1990 Yugoslavia draw, Italy draw, Germany lose 94 Romania lose 98. Croatia 1:0 win, England draw Netherlands lose 2002 England lose Sweden lucky draw 2006 Netherlands draw Germany draw 2010 Germany lose and you say ARG would have won WC and will win WC without Messi and the oldies in the near future? AHAHAHA stop dreamin hater. Yes without him our youngsters would kill France then Brazil, HAHAHA, like in Rio vs Portugal or Honduras.

        • In 2006 they were enough good to win that WC. That tournament was full of big teams with big stars. Lost to Germany in penalty kicks, while Germany lost to World Champion Italy only in extra time. That Argentina team just needed a bit more luck. The same in 1998.

          Another Messi lover who want to convince us there’s nothing in this nation behind Messi to come. Just like they want to convince us we can’t qualify without Messi as if the World Cups under Messi were our first.

          What messi win with Argentina? Only Olimpic Games. You forgot Argentina did that also in 2004 – without Messi. The same players from 2004 had the abilities to win WC 2006 with just more luck.

          • So Italy was stronger than Germany, and France too, no there was minimal chance, maybe with Messi…and Zanetti, and Riquelme (coward coach)

          • the same players? How many were there in 2006? the overaged players plus 4-5? That was a brand new team under Pekerman, Riquelme was the key who didnt even play under looser Bielsa.

          • Riquelme has played under Bielsa in COpa America 1999. Also Ayala, Burdisso, Collocini, Mascherano, Tevez, Saviola, Heinze, Lucho, Sorin was also part of COpa America team 2004.

          • it might take another 100 years for Argentina to produce another player close to Messi’s Potential, let alone equal to his abilities. and that’s a fact! It’s not Messi’s fault that The NT coaches for the last 10 years were not smart enough tactically to incorporate Messi into The team instead of incorporating the team into Messi. Sabella succeeded in that somehow though. I don’t care if Messi scores or not, he wins golden boat or not, plays or not, All I care about is Argentina find ways to win and win. You keep denying that and calling supporters as Messi ‘fanboys’ and you know nothing about football or what it means to be albiceleste supporter. following your comments here and the youngsters names you keep throwing, We will have very slim chance for Copa 2019 or WC2022, by 2026 those players you mentioned will be in their 30’s and here goes the cycle again. AFA overhaul is a MUST.

          • And you still about Messi. Argentina don’t need new Messi. Just couple ofoutstanding players and great coach. Messi is obstacle to build team..

          • It’s not about Messi, It’s about the NT. but you twist and bend words/remarks to support your thoughts of ‘fanboys’ or ‘friends club’ phrases that you have been throwing around.
            If you do not agree that Messi is the best at the current moment, then you are covering the sun with a mesh. It’s not about Messi or any other player, it’s about finding a coach who is capable of incorporating special talent into the NT. Read my comment carefully without bias, Messi does not distort the team, he is just a player, and the best player, the NT is not Messi’s team. or any player’s team regardless of who he is, But keeping hitting on Messi tells me that you have a grudge against the guy, maybe you are a Real madrid fan or a liberman follower. The majority of the football pundits in the world agree that Messi is the best Argentine that played the game, Now if your ‘decent and good coaches’ could not incorporate him in the team instead of always trying to incorporate the team into him, and rely on him to make miracles, does not make him a bad influence, but it just makes them bad coaches. You can go on and on by accusing me of being Messi ‘fanboy’ But he is the best and WE should keep him as long as we can. Only Messi can refuse to play for the NT, at the current time no coach in this world, whoever it is, simeone or guardiola or mourinho or arsene wenger. you can name any one of the big coaches, -any one you might think of- will come to the NT and not pick Messi, none. now tell me are you smarter than them? obviously you think that you are.
            again go on and express your hatred toward the little man, it will not change any facts.

        • You don’t understand. Germany was not stronger than Italy or France but was not inferior I think. Maybe a bit. Mostly luck was the factor. Neither Argentina lost to Germany is regular time, nor Germany to Italy within 90 min. THe differences between Argentina and WC Italy were minimal.

        • @gonzalo-pity-martinez
          You said:
          “And you still about Messi. Argentina don’t need new Messi. Just couple ofoutstanding players and great coach. Messi is obstacle to build team..”

          Messi is an outstanding player, isn’t he?
          so imagine-just imagine- if we have another player like Messi, would that satisfy your comment about all we need is just a couple of outstanding players and a good coach?
          or we will just end with 2 obstacles instead of one? answer in a logical manner without going into circles about fanboys and so on, please

          • You are one of those who thinks making winniing team is just compilating big stars. One Messi + another Messi must be more than 2 just very good players. But football is not just simple mathematic adding. It’s more about like figure out the puzzles. You need right players not just the best or most famous. It’s looking for synegry. Synegry is something quite different to being best on paper as sum of idividuals. Messi presence is not aiming us with team building that’s fact. Players, especially the youngsters can’t grow having him around. They are just like his worshippers. Messi must go at least till next tournaments, and let others to show what they can without “mommy’.

          • “Couple of outstanding players” – Messi is not outstanding. He is level above and that’s why our team looks really unbalanced. This is paradox of his magnitude. Our players are in his shadow. Can’t bloom. Outstanding is Dybala for me. I suppose for several reasons Dybala would have better influence on team if he just takes Messi place because he do some things of right side as good as Messi with less interferrence on other areas of the field.. Of course he needs some time.

          • @gonzalo-pity-martinez
            Everything you have said means one thing. We need a coach with personality. Who can compose a team with chemistry. that is obvious all teams need chemistry to flow between their players. So don’t blame the players, blame the coaches who can not build such a team. Sampa could not do it, WE lost because of him not because of the players. The NT players were all over the place under Sampa, The NT lost it’s identity. and again it’s not the players fault. I have never seen ARG play that bad. with or without the star players. Even under Bauza they looked better.

    • I agree that big matches need big stars, no doubt. And I also agree that the sort of Meza or Tagliafico are far from being at star level. That’s a sad fact.
      However, our stars are overaged. Their best was the first half with Nigeria, may be the last roar!
      Now, for the next couple of years, we have to accept that Argentina will be in transition time. The new stars will hopefully emerging but do not put high hope. That will take times to have another Argentine among the 10 best of the world! We can put together a decent team, but that will not be World Champions team, unless we have extremely luck!

  35. France have had fortune on their side again. Uruguay were edging that although they were clearly missing Cavani. One free kick and the momentum changed and then Muslera does a Caballero and beats his own team. A shame. France are world class with diving about though. Tolisso shot in the head, Hernandez trying to set a WR for rolling currently held by Neymar and Mbappe pretending he had been attacked. Shameful.

    • I’d be happy if Argentina played ugly and won. When we were up 2-1, we should play the most ugly game we could to maintain the lead. None of the players were cold enough to tell the others to slow down. Argentina was master of that in the past. So sad!

    • Yet another next Messi. Sighs. I heard that Shaqiri of Suisse is called the Messi of the Alps. I remember once the Romanian Hagi was called the Maradona of the Carpathians. If there are any curse coupled with Messi, then it is that every kid wants to be like him so there are few talents left to be formed as a right back, midfielder etc.

  36. Its always great to have an Argentine as the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD. Messi has been there for 10 years now. Which brought all of us happiness. Remember before that there was always a Brazilian names Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronalinho, Kaka, add Zidane, Figo etc etc. Rarely did any Argentine players name mentioned among the BEST. Messi was the one who brought that to us after Maradona. Thank You for that, Hope he continues to be the best.

    But National Team hasn’t been a good memory for him or us .Messi one of the best player ever to play football has been the most controversial player for Argentina. How on earth did that happen. Its sad that no coach was able to utilize him properly for our NT. Stop fighting over his name guys its over now. No need to put more salt on our wounds. We will all have to see how we are gonna move forward, I for one would love to see our next generation player forming a team. It will take time. But first what about Sampaoli

    • @mik great post amigo!
      I remember those years. The great desire to have one great player from Argentina. I battled with friends trying to convince them Tevez is great, Saviola is the next one, Riquelme was great (no one cared about Villareal), Crespo is a top striker. Till MESSI happened. I did not have to say anything, anymore. Others spoke for me. I sat back as a proud man, as if they are praising me. Lionel Messi have given great joy to the whole world. Thank you!

      • All the names you mentioned, I like them as players. Especially Riquelme with his technique!
        Messi, no need to say anything for him. Hope more new Messi will be coming from Argentina!

        • Yupp it was so frustrating years before Messi ,even David Beckham was said as the Best, How ridiculous and frustrating it was we had Riquelme, Aimar, Veron, Crespo, Batistuta, Ortega(I like him a lot) etc etc all playing all r great players but none of them was described as the BEST. I would love to see a New Riquelme incarnated a new Argentine Enganche to make all the world notice him. Forget the Goals . And a New AYALA Mannnn what a beast.

        • I have the same feeling. Before Messi I used to see every year Brazilian lifting the Fifa award and all the media hypes were on them. As an ARG fan I used to cherish for the likes of Batistuta, Crespo, Ortega and a team good for Quarter Final ( I am talking about WC) . Messi gave us a lot but just the trophy. I really feel bad for him. I know with the average talents we have it will require lot of luck and smart tactics to reach the WC final again. I don’t know if it will happen in our life time. But , at least we can aim the copa america trophy which once Argentina used to win at will. A much needed trophy will give something to live on.

  37. I just hope the next coach won’t be one of these 2: Jorge Sampaoli or Marcelo Gallardo. Anyone but these 2 please. Gallardo is another disciple of Bielsa, although he doesn’t exactly play the same formation, but he IS the disciple of Bielsa. We do not have enough human resources to succeed playing ball possession game. I am sure even if Pep Guardiola were our coach, we still wouldn’t win the World Cup. I mean we just do NOT have the players needed to play such tactic.

    Look at Argentina and Spain in this World Cup. They are 2 of the teams that play ball possession tactic, and where are they now?

    Gaal is a shitty coach, but he knew his team limitation in the WC 2014. He almost brought his mediocre Netherlands to the final, but check out his tactic. He knew he wouldn’t go anywhere playing the usual “total football” of Netherlands. He elected to play defensive football. I am sure his Netherlands would have beaten Germany had they met in the final. His team was EXTREMELY HARD to score against.

    In 2022, UNLESS THERE ARE SOME LATE BLOOMERS (for example Mannana would suddenly become world class and be the key defender of Barca/Madrid, or Ascacibar would be the key player of City or Juventus within the next 3-4 years, and so on), our players are realistically not on par with other talents around the world (come on don’t be biased here). One Mbappe alone value is already more than maybe all the 23 of our youngsters value combined.

    So if we knew that we won’t have a strong team in 2022, it is best to play counter attack. For that reason, a counter attack/Bilardista coach is needed, not another high life defense Menotista believer like Sampaoli or Gallardo. So Sampaoli or Gallardo is the worst scenario for me.

    • Actually there is one coach that is more perfect than Sabella: Carlo Ancelotti/Zinedine Zidane (his disciple). Sabella copied his tactic. Ancelotti/Zidane’s Madrid is almost perfect in defense and super deadly in counter attack. That’s what we need.

      No guys we don’t need world class defenders when playing counter attack. Do you think Iran have world class defenders? Do you think Netherlands in 2014 had world class defenders? No. We just need to tell them to DEFEND.

      • Totally agree. Great post!
        I am saying the same thing. Accept the problems. Then only we can solve the problems. Fact is we are QF team. We can try to build a strong team by defending well. Not lose. If we defend well, we always have a chance.

        Accept we will have ordinary and above average players and plan accordingly.

    • Ascacibar and Mammana are plenty talented and don’t need to play for Barca and Madrid to be regarded as such.
      Celso, Paredes, Pezzella, A.Correa, Dybala, Icardi, Lanzini, Acuna, Tagliafico, maybe J.Correa, Pavon, Ocampos, Cervi, Lautaro and whoever else that might show up in the next 4 years are more than enough talent to build a winning team but if the coach is as retarded as the likes of maradona and sampa then no amount of talent will win argentina anything.

      • Yupp exactly. We dont need World beaters who playing in the Worlds best club, But we need a team, Talent will be there for Argentina always.

    • This Barca/Real fanboyism is going too far. Wheter Real is so good club for our players. Garay? Gago? Cambiasso? Riquelme was best for Argentina playing not in Barcelona but in relatively small club like Villarreal.

  38. As I am watching the Uruguay and France, 2 simple obeservations

    1. We cannot play one touch. Every time we make multiple touches. This slows down the game and allows opposition to organize defense
    2. We just don’t have the tempo and urgency.

    • Yup, it’s first impression I have watching Argentina of last years -they cannot play one touch football. After Sabella the team ability completely vanished.

      • Another observation: Uruguay is so organized at the back..Godin is really leading from the front. Mbaape doesn’t have any space to run today! I wish we were half as good as Uruguay 🙁

        • Godin is amazing. What a defender and what a leader. I watch Atleti games too. I don’t remember when was the last time he let the team down.

          Uruguay have just conceded 2 goals (France just scored :)) in whole tournament so far. We conceded 9. We do not have good players at all. Someone said earlier, and I agree. We just don’t have good players across the board.

  39. Paulo the jewel sits on the bench for the world cup… happens only for Argentina. even worse was Lo Celso the maestro kidnapped just before the first game and never released until the end. Manuel the flair injured on training. huh what a trash world cup campaign in total. so much for our 4 year wait.
    not a sign of grupo de amigos retiring exceptions being Masche and Biglia. Higuain the godzilla is just waiting for copa 2019, so does Banega, aguero, di maria etc. etc.
    Dont tell me Otamandi is our prime defender… what a dumber he is to kick heads… red card waiting.
    2019 copa will be another similar story.
    All amigos need to go including the disastrous Sampaoli… never seen such a horrible coach. (if higuains father comments on Sampaoli… then you know the quality of the coach straightaway)
    Ricardo Garcia another waiting to happen.
    Bring in Carlos Bianchi probably or Jose Pekerman along with Higo Tocalli to set up an youth base.
    As for Messi… pls retire. we had enough of your childish antics. Yes you are a great but its time to move on brother. (fanboys here dont argue with me… the whole world yes the whole world saw the child put mud all over his head right when it mattered the most)
    set the youth camp now… see the world cup in our hands in 12 years time.

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