Paulo DYBALA rumored to leave Juventus should Cristiano RONALDO arrive


Paulo DYBALA is rumored to be leaving Juventus with the potential arrival of Cristiano RONALDO to the club.

With the increasing reports that the Real Madrid man is going to join the reigning Serie A champions, the club would need funding to support the transfer. A possible option would be to sell the Argentina man.

Per a report by Tutto Mercato, Liverpool are rumored to be linked to Paulo. However, should Juventus start looking at buyers, there won’t be a shortage of clubs knocking on their doors looking to sign the jewel.


  1. Don’t think Dybala going anywhere. My guess is that they put Ronaldo on the left. Dybala on the right and Higuain down the middle.

    I doubt ronaldo moves if juventus are selling all their stars to get him. They are trying to win the champions league and ronaldo going to win with another team.

    I am not a ronaldo fan per se but can appreciate what he brings. I think this will be a great project for him and will elevate Dybala. Tough to say I don’t like it. Ronaldo for another year at Madrid is boring. And let’s be honest, Dybala was not ready to lead the team. He looked like Neymar at 2014 World Cup last year

  2. Uruguay are losers! theres a reason Argentines kicked them out. told ya… warm trash…. the power houses will prevail.

    i dont want to see Brazil champions but this shit is fixed for the Brazilians…

    the powers that be owe them a cup for the 7 to 1 loss against germany.

    the power houses hate argentina cause we truly are the best!

  3. Looks like Caballero isn’t alone by the way. De Gea , Muslera(Who both are considered best by many) Errors will happen i guess they r also humans.

    • muslera has always been dookie sauce. i hear hes argentine too. good thing he never played for us. that asshat

      • De Gea was considered best by many, Muslera u r right, actually he conceded less because of their solid Defence not because of Muslera.

        Is it just me, I think in this WC there are so many School Buy Errors from so many Goal Keepers. It was not like this i guess in the previous WC’s of course sometimes but this WC is too much. Who can forget Oliver Kahn(My all time favourite GK) error in the 2002 WC final, (He was fantastic till the Final during that entire WC)

  4. Paulo the jewel sits on the bench for the world cup… happens only for Argentina. even worse was Lo Celso the maestro kidnapped just before the first game and never released until the end. Manuel the flair injured on training. huh what a trash world cup campaign in total. so much for our 4 year wait.
    not a sign of grupo de amigos retiring exceptions being Masche and Biglia. Higuain the godzilla is just waiting for copa 2019, so does Banega, aguero, di maria etc. etc.
    Dont tell me Otamandi is our prime defender… what a dumber he is to kick heads… red card waiting.
    2019 copa will be another similar story.
    All amigos need to go including the disastrous Sampaoli… never seen such a horrible coach. (if higuains father comments on Sampaoli… then you know the quality of the coach straightaway)
    Ricardo Garcia another waiting to happen.
    Bring in Carlos Bianchi probably or Jose Pekerman along with Higo Tocalli to set up an youth base.
    As for Messi… pls retire. we had enough of your childish antics. Yes you are a great but its time to move on brother. (fanboys here dont argue with me… the whole world yes the whole world saw the child put mud all over his head right when it mattered the most)

    • @ Chalz. You’re such a miserable person. You don’t know what Messi had to handle. a mediocre selection, a country that depends on him. And he still got the balls to fight at the WC. please stfu and leave.

      • “You don’t know what Messi had to handle. a mediocre selection, a country that depends on him. And he still got the balls to fight at the WC. please stfu and leave”


        funniest post here. Typical Messi fanboy mentality: He is just victim of Argentina. Poor Messi.

        “a country that depends on him” – now it’s even country not just team.

        So go forward still in thins blind alley and build another team around Messi. You will not see any difference.

        • You are the funny guy here, calling people Messi fanboy all the time. It’s quite annoying. Who cares if some dude loves Messi, or not. Is it your job to make a remark all the time? You say that the Messi fanboys will stop supporting Argentina as soon as Messi calls it a day. Who knows. Perhaps you since you seem to be clairvoyant. But I find it amusing that you didn’t support Argentina during this world cup because the team consisted of, in your eyes, old players and not your favorite (young) guys. So what’s the difference between you and the Messi fanboys then? True Argentina supporter should support the team in all times, not only when your favorites are playing. Personally I wouldn’t mind if Kempes would play for us if he could still score and win the cup for us.

          • Some poeple here are talking just to much about Messi not to think they are first of all Messi fans which will retire together with Messi. They went so far to say Messi is lone and victim of this always full of pontentiall football nation and so far to say Argentine is not able to qualify without him as if Argentina had played for the first time in WC under Messi,

        • Again, accusing supporters of being Messi fanboys for telling the truth. We don’t support Messi ahead of supporting The NT. when Messi will be gone, We will still bleed for Argentina,like we did before him. But it seems that you are this site’s version of Liberman. Actually you might be him in disguise.
          Messi or any other player old or young , past or current, needs our support instead of just looking for more of the same talk. Messi has more influence on Barca team, he brought many players to the club ( I am an Atletico madrid fan since the days I lived in Madrid 35 years ago) yet they did not fail miserably like We did. The problem relies in the corrupt AFA who controls most of the media that always look for ways to bring the spirit of the NT down, you included.
          Sabella, Tata and Bauza all were smarter than sampa, because they tried to find tactics that suits the group, regardless of who is dictating player selection, Sampa did the opposite, if he accepted ‘friends club’, he should find a plan that suits the group, but instead tried to find players that would suit his plan, and when he did not, he imposed his plan on players that could not execute.

    • chalz: Everything you mentioned here is true, also it’s not just your point of view. Ask any sane football analyst and he would tell you exactly the same. This generation needs to go including Messi. We need a TEAM, not a STAR’s TEAM. Otamendi and Rojo gives a penalty to France in first 7 mins in a knock out stage match. I know errors happen, but they can’t survive before 7 min? Are they that weak defensively? Even if Egypt or Saudi Arabia played France, they wouldn’t gift them a penalty before 30 min mark.

      Messi was busy mentally calculating in his head who should Barca sign next season and who they should get rid off. After his WC failure by 2 days, he started communicating with Barca Board to recommend his favorites. He’s born to make alliance with players before sharing the field with them. Alliance and Winning trophies don’t go hand in hand, it’s one or the other. Friends Club will be in Copa 2019 for sure, and another disaster waiting, good luck taking the title from the organized Brazil.

      • Stop being emotional Boys. It does not matter if u are a Messi Fan Boy or a Messi Hater. Its not easy to play in the WC. Messi cannot win for us alone. But Messi is the best we got and we ll have in the coming years. WITHOUT MESSI Argentina is doomed even in future. We dont have anything in the midfield and we need him to create for Dybala, Icardi and Martinez. So before hating try to understand how football is played. No Sentiments. Remember Spain and Nigeria we played without Messi. Fools…

        • few words but agree with you, hating on Messi or any other player is disruptive. Messi still the best option We have currently. it’s the coach’s job to plan accordingly. We just have to stop looking for a sole savior to the NT.

      • “Messi was busy mentally calculating in his head who should Barca sign next season and who they should get rid off. After his WC failure by 2 days, he started communicating with Barca Board to recommend his favorites.”

        Most absurd comment on this site so far. How did you know that? did Messi inform you of that? or you have a friend setting at Barca board? or maybe you read that in a blog somewhere on the internet? maybe facebook or twitter? yeah right if it is on the internet it must be true.

  5. Hope it is true, he is not improving much under Allegri , and the coach does not seem has much confidence on him as leaves him out of starting 11 so often. Liverpool could be a great destination if the news are true, almost every player who plays under Kloop improves more or less

  6. Gerard Martino deserves his share of blame. Look how Bentancur flourishing. Just 21. Dybala was 21 @ cops 15. That can be forgiven. But cops 16. A meaningless tournament. But still Dybala ignored. 2-3 years of Messi Dybala partnership could have been shaped. Really really our coaches are pure suckers and ‘Amigo’ club should be real. If we really need to take a practical decision keeping our emotions aside, Messi should be dropped at least for time being. But can feel Maria Banega Rojo Otemandi Mercado Aguero all starting in the next copa. Still unable to recover from the pain. Worst this time. Not sure what’s the cost of World cup for Russia but for India it’s two lives..two guys took their lives because of Argentina. Our players failed this time more than the coach. AFA, corruption, Economic Recession, coaches, tactics.. endless list.. but these things never prevent Maria making a meaningful cross. Apart from his second round goals Can you guys remember any one of his meaningful cross. For almost five six years we miss them. Demichillis is slow but very good reader of the game. That’s why he got a reasonable and responsible career. How we can take guy like Mercado? Ansaldi is a good reader and calming presence but seems don’t have the pass for ‘Amigo’club. We deserve our downfall.. painful to say but we have to accept the reality..

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