Portland Timbers of MLS sign Tomas CONECHNY


One of Argentina’s brightest young talents has made the switch over from San Lorenzo to Portland.

The 20 year old is joining the MLS club on loan for the remainder of the season. Tomas joins fellow Argentine players Sebastian BLANCO and club legend Diego VALERI at the club. General manager Gavin WILKINSON spoke to the club’s official website and had this to say about the signing:

“We are pleased to announce the addition of Tomás Conechny to our group during this summer transfer window. He is a player we have been following closely, and we believe he has a bright future ahead of him as a player who can play any of the attacking positions. We have been looking to add a young, talented dynamic player and feel that, in Tomás, we have a player who can help contribute short-term, while also giving us a long-term solution in several positions. The opportunity to bring him to Portland was a unique one, and the fact he had already been watched live many times made this possible when we had to move quickly to acquire him.”

Portland Timbers head coach Giovanni SAVARESE said this

“We are excited to have the opportunity to include Tomás CONECHNY at this juncture in the season. Tomás provides our club with another quality, young player, and we look forward to working with him daily to maximize his development. He is a player who possesses very good attacking elements for his age, and we believe he has the tools to become a dangerous attacker in this league moving forward.”

For the Argentina team, the forward has represented his country at four different tournaments. The 2015 U17 Sudamericano, the 2015 U17 FIFA World Cup, the 2017 U20 Sudamericano and the 2017 U20 FIFA World Cup.


  1. This kid… until the sub-17 was promising. Then his transition between the sub-17 and sub-20 has been one of the worst i have ever seen. Especially on a physical matter. The kid just got fat & horribly slow, that coupled with excessive individualism, when 4y ago (sub-15) he was skinny.

  2. Icardi/aguro

    Centurin/pity Messi/dybla

    Paredes /mouricio celso/lame

    Ascicabar/guido rodri

    J.Corea /Acuna Mammna/ema.Insua

    A.Barboza/Qurta F.mori/ota


    How is this squad for 2019 copa. Plz commnt

  3. U said exactly right man. Give captncy to lo celso f.mori or ascicabar for copa 2019.Leave messi free tht role. He is not perfect in that role.. Out couple of selfish players from this sqd..&plz stop highlin tactics…

  4. In my opinion Tapia is better than his predecessors in that atleast he is trying to put things in place. He cannot help if senior players backstab the country by their selfishness. Sampaoli was a clown anyways he made things worse. But seniors need to go… the whole lot.
    Handover captaincy to Lo Celso.

  5. Brighest Young talent – Really – at the age of 19 Mbappe winning world cup, messi won Ballon dor and this brightest young talent doesn’t even a full time starter in mediocre argentine league at the age of 20, lets not fool ourselves….

  6. South American football just produce the players not the national team anymore. BrZ, Arg, Col and Uru cannot compete with European team now. And, please beware that Asia Africa is rising. S Korea can beat German but could we remember how many times Arg beat German except the 1986 final and friendly games

  7. Peckerman as Director and Almeyda as the NT Manager is what Argentine press is forseeing. Peckerman is a solid choice ( That Horrible substitution still hurts me) however his age could be a barrier. Almeyda for me needs another 3-4 years to develop as NT manager. Lets c what unfolds.

  8. unfortunately Argentina doesn’t have talented youngsters anymore, at the age of 20 messi won balloon d or, Aguero was top5 striker in the world and now youngsters going MLS despite big clubs so what’s the difference between parguye and peru with Argentina

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