Jose PEKERMAN contacted for Argentina director of football job


Former Argentina National Team manager Jose PEKERMAN has reportedly been contacted to take over the director of football job for his country.

Following the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Jose PEKERMAN announced his resignation as coach of the Colombian National Team. No stranger to high profile jobs, PEKERMAN was reportedly contacted to become Argentina’s director of football, this per multiple reports. According to Leo PARADIZO of Radio Continental, AFA president Claudio TAPIA met with PEKERMAN`s representative, Pascual LEZCANO in Europe in order to attract his client.

PEKERMAN managed the Argentina youth teams where he helped form several of the world’s top players and won three U20 FIFA World Cup tournaments (1995, 1997 and 2001). He managed the senior team at the 2005 Confederations Cup where he finished runner up and also at the 2006 World Cup.


  1. These all r speculations as of now, I think by July 31 AFA will have a meeting to give us a better idea of who may be our next coach.

    I know most will disagree but i think Tapia and his Co are atleast trying to make AFA a better place, Corruption will be still there(It happens in every were every organizations) but AFA under Tapia at least is showing some light to us. Far better than the Grondona Era towards the end.

    And can someone somehow take Dybala out of Juventus, The last thing I want to see is Dybala giving assists to a particular S*** H*** Cr7, Especially thinking that Dybala- Messi havent even played together for at least 5 matches together. What the Hell. As of now it looks like Cr7 is again gonna win Ballon Dor. Messi may not be in top 3. What a Catastrophe, I would like to see anyone else but please not Cr7 (As if he had a great World Cup, Dammit)

  2. This is a pleasant surprise. I really hope this turns out as the things are being said. Argentina really need a manager of his calibre to bring in new youth players and gel them well with the experienced players that they already have. I wanted to see this happen in 2010, but nevertheless it might happen this time. Its pity to see a lot of Argentine players being top players in their respective leagues, but completely bereft of ideas when they don the famous blue and white. Argentina more than anything need an identity to their play now, Sabella was pragmatic, People before him were either way too naive or were too rigid in their style. After Sabella, it has been even more messier, so Pekermen would instill a serenity in the team along with some really needed beautiful football. I thought he did an error with Messi in 2006, but I read somewhere that after Abondenzzieri got injured and when the Germans were banging in the crosses, he wanted Julio Cruz to defend the setpieces and attack crosses at the other end, which seems logical to me. Analysing how close they were to eliminate Germany and that too despite having tinkered the formation, that nearly was a masterstroke. Argentina were convincing against a really top team then and haven’t seen them being so controlled in the possession, defence and attack all at the same time in a tournament thereafter. I really hope he takes up the job, guides albiceleste to the Copa triumph and ultimately to the Qatar 2022 and take a General Manager role thereafter. Finger Crossed

  3. I really cant forget what Pekarman did in 2006
    That man single handedly destroid the 2004 olimpic team .
    No Kily González!!! …. No D’Alessandro !!!….No Zanetti !!!! And for what ….
    For Scaloni & Leandro Cufré !!!
    It is not that substitution only
    I didn’t forget about that Confederations cup final against brazil
    So please mr Pekerman Stay in colombia as you want
    Where is Ricardo La Volpe ?

    • You have make salad things in your head completely.

      The 2004 olympic team was made from young players he create. he didn t destroy anything.
      at 2006 world cup he create the team with the Messi generation . he make new younger team.
      Not like Sampaoli.

      Killy Gonzalez and Zanetti at 2006 ? are you serious ?
      why you don t add then Batistuta and Simeone and Ortega ?
      all together to make the Argentina national ex football team !!!

      Cufre was not starter. he was Sorin s replacement and Scaloni was Burdisso s replacement. not starter too.

      in confederations cup final why exactly was his fault only that we lost ?

      Riquelme was better than D Alessandro that era.

      La Volpe ?

      That guy that Pekerman win in the game with Mexico at 2006 ?
      He is not better of course.

      • Dude
        If you think Zanetti is old for 2006
        Then we have nothing to discuss…
        For god sake we needed him in 2010 but the other maniac said no …

        • 2006 Zanetti was 32 years old and Pekerman
          wanted younger players.
          we didn t lose in world cup because we didn t have zanetti in squad for sure.

          as about to be in 2010 squad 36 years old then……
          you are right.

          we have nothing to discuss !!!

          • 36 years old Zanetti …..
            -UCL champion
            -Calcio champion
            -Coppa italia champion
            I know you love maradona from your profile picture
            My respect for him as a player
            And fuck him as a coach

          • my friend Mutwali i love Zanetti too because he had HUGE OFFER to the national team.
            those up true Javier accomplished.
            he was pure champion. no argue about that.

            our disagree was not about that.
            i disagree with you because i don t think it is Pekerman mistake that he didn t take him in the 2006 squad.
            we didn t lose because Javier was out.
            Pekerman didn t want him so i accept it.

            As about Diego yes you are right about my love to him.
            just even me that i love him so much
            i know that Diego was never coach.
            He just pretend the coach. He never was real coach and never he will be real one.
            it was one experiment in 2010 which turned in end against us.

            But anyway about 36 years old Zanetti i could never want him to the squad in that world cup.


  4. It can’t be just anyone.
    Pekerman’s Argentina put a smile on the worlds face.
    An error that cost us doesn’t mean he should not be given another chance.
    Tried and tested and proven to develop youth along with the right direction. It’s a no brainer he needs to be part of the set up.

  5. If sabella is healthy and fit then he is the only mane who build the team from scratch..and I want him as a coach till 2022..if Oscar tabarez coached Uruguay with his physical disabilities then sabella also do the same thing..tapia must talk to sabella to coach our national team..

  6. I am huge admirer of Sabella, but if we are looking for A GM, Pekerman is the man.

    As a coach, pekerman has one limitation. That is he uses strange formation/ 11 in important matches, mostly QF in a tournament. When we faced his team in 2015 copa in QF, I was never in doubt about our win. As usual, he went with a strange 4-1-3-2 with just one holding mf. He was forced to quicky add another cmf as they were getting beaten in midfield too easily. This year, he used 3 DM against England. 2006 does not need any mention.

    So this is Pekerman’s flaw. But he brings best out of youths, he finds young players who turn into one of the best players in the whole tournaments. Maxi, James, Mina are good examples. He can also build a functioning team very quickly. Most importantly, he is well respected all over latin America. This is what we need right now.

    Pekerman should not be the coach, but the General Manager. This is what Tapia wants.

    You can bash AFA all you want, Tapia is trying to do things and he has a better footballing head than the criminal mafioso, Julio Grondona. Like us, Tapia too was excited with Sampaoli’s appointment. But who could guess it would turn out like this? Now I think he is making what seems to be a good decision. Anyone who understands that Pekerman should be our GM but not coach has my respect.

    As the coach, Almeya is the talked one. Gareca is Angelici’s choice, but it was Angelici who insisted on Sampaoli. We know how it turned out, so this time Anglici’s voice might not get the top attention. Although, there is a common knowledge that Gareca and Pakerman has good relation, but ego can be a problem when working in the same ground. Gareca is 60, Pekerman is 68. A younger manager can be a option here.

    • Pekerman as Manager and head of youth project is for me a must.
      As coach – NO!
      But as Manger he should be the one who finds the coach.
      Almeyda I was not impressed at River and at Banfield, cant talk about Chivas.
      The coach should fit with the project and they all must share the same view point.
      I don’t know if Almeyda shares the same philosophy as Pekerman.
      Pekerman as manager must choose the coach.

      • Well Almeyda is just a name in the press I think. Almeyda did a good job is Mexico,won several cups but recently his team’s form got bad. He resigned.

        One of the jobs of the GM will be finding the coach for NT. Gareca’s football is close to Pekerman’s. Problem is that none of Pekerman’s student is ready for the job, Aimar, Cambiasso all are green. So one solution can be, he takes the role of coach, for lets say 4 years, then pass it to his assistant let’s say Cambiasso. But we may have to forget about winning Copa 2019 :p Although, winning a trophy is last thing in my mind. We need a project and stability. The most important thing is to remain competitive. We must not further destroy ourselves in pursuit of a trophy.

  7. our central defense situation should change.
    These are 4 of the defenders I like the most:
    German Pezzella
    Juan Foyth
    Emanuel Mammana
    Lucas Martinez Quarta

    Hope Foyth must find first team football
    Mammana must return healthy and unaffected.
    A possible problem is that Foyth/Pezzella and mammana are similar type of defenders and like to occupy the right side of the defense.

    I don’t like Rojo/Funes Mori and Otamendi.

    • Our bad luck is that we don t have this period many good quality CB.

      We have Otamendi and Garay with let say “acceptable” level and after exist huge hole.

      all our CB young guys need much hard work yet to develop. Their level right now is not good enough.

      I hope Pekerman comes. i trust him about this part very much.

    • I like the four CBs, Ghostdeini, too.

      We may consider also CBs of Benfica – Lema and Conti and comparable to Foyth with talent level, as well as the same age and partner from U-20 Sudamericano team, Cristian Romero (Genoa).

    • Well RCBs can easily play as LCBs. I just hop Mammana gets the hell out of Zenit. But the issue is, Zenit doesn’t sell their players easily.

      I sincere Hop Paredes and Mammana gets the hell outta Russia.

  8. Till now in media we have see what AFA and Tapia have in his brain for future.

    But till now nowhere i haven t see what Pekerman thinking about all this things.

    i am curious to learn that part of the story.

    • Wasn’t there a report on Tyc about how there was still discussion whether Pekerman would be a director or coach? I thought i read that afa wanted him as director but he wanted to coach still? But I might be remembering incorrectly.
      I wonder if they will compromise and let him coach as well for a year or two besides being director if he brings in his successor with him…

      In any case, they must push hard to get him as the manager. It will be the best thing for Argentine football development in years

      • till today all the information i have personally see is from AFA.

        Yes there is discussion true. just Pekerman haven t open his mouth yet in public to know what he have in his brain.
        for that part i am curious.

        Yes i agree with you. they should find way to convince him to accept the job.
        in the picture we have in the present Pekerman is the only long term plan that can be trusted from the majority of the people in Argentina and fans of national team everywhere.

  9. Soo…. he’d be in charge of pretty much everything except the senior team?

    It’s a good start for him to prepare the youth for the future, but I believe we MUST win the next Copa America!
    Our reputation is on the ground. Argentina is not respected! We NEED to win the Copa America to rebuild our reputation in World Football.

    If we don’t, we will be even lower in the eyes of all other national teams.
    Iceland, Nigeria, Croatia, France can look down on us like that? How dare they!!!!! We NEED to win the Copa America so we can teach France a lesson in football in the Confederations Cup, later going further to win the World Cup!

    I don’t really mind who gets appointed, either a coach with a big name or a nobody, whoever gets the job done I’ll be pleased with!

  10. AFA should do everything possible to appoint him as manager and head of the project.
    There is none better than him in this regard.
    He would surround himself with young people like Aimar, Riquelme, Placente, Cambiasso, Scaloni.
    His style of playing football is our football.
    He should not be the coach.
    Someone younger who embodies his style of play should be.

    Sabella heading a youth project is a miscast for me.
    In his tenure all his trust was on the experienced players.
    His motto “Experience experience experience”
    Argentina was the oldest team at the World cup 2014 and during the qualifiers we were even older with brana, guinaza and some other obscure players.
    He is just a name to calm the masses because this guy is not qualified for developing players.

    • in beginning Pekerman should be the coach of course.
      He should put the roots of his new building and in same time he will have beside him
      assistant the next coach that he will continue after building have strong stability.

      as about Sabella i don t understand from where come this rumors.
      The man is good in his health true and i am happy for him
      but he never said that he want to start work as coach generally.

      why media or who saying this nonsense they don t let the man in his peace.

      As about his work in 2014 he was de facto successful only because we go to final.

      i was huge fan of his work back then.

      i wish he have health and peace in his life.

      • Angelici said if Pekerman doesn’t accept then Sabella is a possibility.
        Tapia and Angelici are under pressure.
        Sabella would be used to calm the masses because he was the coach who was in the final.
        A man who doesn’t trust in youth would be entrusted to develop youth players.

          • “Pekerman is a man who has a career, I can also think of Sabella, people who have been and have demonstrated ability, I also like Tocalli, but it is not to throw names in. It is to sit quietly and see what we are wrong all these years, these last 10 years, ” said the head of Xeneize in radio statements.

            Google translate

  11. Most surprising news for today is that Alejandro Sabella is also in consideration for the job. After his health problem, he is ok now.

    • He could be still NT coach if not the heart problems. With such health issue NT coaching is not good job while director of football is not that stresfull engagement.

      • Actually it was money issue. Sabella was not happy with what he got. So he and his staffs decided to try their luck in Europe. But Sabella got sick, so it never happened. This was confirmed by his assistant.

  12. Pekarman as a coach no more good options, he developed youth team but that generation already retired and Argentina Golden generation time is also over, to start from new Argentina needs Young coach who guts to drop old guards and build a young team

  13. I fully support this move. I hope he is hired and that will the best scenario for , and Argentina. DT is the perfect position, if we can get stability it will be fantastic. We need his knowledge and dynamism. Argentina need, and quickly, to put this nightmarish of time behind. I will want him to coach until Copa in Brazil next year and then hand over to one of his assistants. In any case having such an experienced and proven person at the helm will be very good.

  14. As I mentioned earlier, I always think Pekerman should do this job so that he can supervise the youth development and appoint the right persons for forming the coaching staff team. After him, we don’t produce top player anymore. This gentleman may not be the best coach on the pitch anymore but he has long term vision and he knows well Argentine football. In this moment, we need someone like him to lead the whole institution.

    For the coach position, I think some former top players will be nominated. Maybe Cambiasso who used to work with Pekerman during this WC.

  15. Not that it matters. But I wholeheartedly support Pekerman’s position.
    He is the best bet for creating a system for us.
    Again we need patience. There cannot be quick results.

    • Nope.

      It’s like being the General Manger position in US sports. You take care of all the sporting decisions such as coach selection, scouting, who is responsible for what etc.

      At the end of the day, you are responsible for the team’s results and not the coach.

        • No it’s not. Tapia is in charge of the office business. A DT is in charge of all The athletics side. Youth teams, Youth Coaching personnel etc. He selects all the coaches. For instance, he will be in charge of selecting, and submitting to Tapia for hiring, the next Argentina coach. He can also select himself, which is my preference for now, and also pick someone who will replace him later. In this case they can work together so he could show him how he wants things to be done. It’s a very important, crucial, position. And Pekerman is a great football mind, if it is him things will change very quickly. If you can play, if you deserve to be on the pitch, like Dybala and Icardi, you play. Period. No politics, no BS.

  16. Jose Pekerman is suitable for this job because his experience in national youth development. He is not good as a coach. The coach should be Almeyda. We should trust a young coach in order to completely change our playing style. Almeyda could be as good as Simeone, given that we have two copas in next two years for him to grow up, hopefully one more confederation cup in 2021.

  17. Carlos Tevez: Jose Pekerman, who led Argentina to the quarterfinals at the 2006 World Cup, deserves another chance in charge.

    “I think that the closest we were of winning a World Cup was with Jose [Pekerman],” Tevez added. “When I felt closest to winning the World Cup was with Jose. If we had beaten Germany [in the 2006 quarterfinals], we knew we were going to be champions and we lost on penalties.

    “Jose’s era has taught me a lot from when I was a kid, I am very grateful to him, to Hugo Tocalli, to professor [Gerardo] Salorio to [Eduardo Julio] Ortasun… because today I am what I am because they put a grain of sand in what I was. I will always be grateful to them because they taught me a lot.

    “They taught me to be a professional at 14 years old and today I continue at 34. It is essential to start as a child. From my personal experience, I think Jose is the man who can do it [be Argentina manager] quietly because he knows what is being talked about “

  18. Including me no one can forgive him for that Messi omission against Germany. But he may got his own reasons. But he is a gentleman and disciplined. We all know we played the most attractive and total football under him. Tapia is showing reasonable concern and commitment. Please Pekerman accept the role of coach too. Last chance for you, Messi and come back as our coach..

    • There is no human in the world that he is working and never make mistakes.

      The point is to learn from your mistakes and don t repeat them.

      Pekerman did that huge mistake but i can t overpass the fact that he did very good job generally.

      the result of his work stayed in the national team till long after he gone.

      so i want him back.

  19. it is wonderful to wake up in morning and read this news 🙂 🙂 🙂

    i hope he will accept the job in end.

    i will be very happy person.

  20. Tapia: Hello Jose , this is Chiqui Tapia, the president of AFA. Will u like to be our Football Director and make us win a trophy which we seek for 25 years?
    *Ph disconnected*

    Tapia: hello…hello…Jose ru there? Hello??

  21. Given his track record with youngsters, I hope he will restructure the organisation, scouting and training of the youth teams.

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