Ignacio PIATTI scores for Montreal Impact against Tata’s Atlanta United


Ignacio PIATTI scored for Montreal Impact in their 2-1 loss to Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO’s Atlanta United.

In a game which was postponed due to rain and thunder, PIATTI netted his 11th goal of the season in 21 matches. The former San Lorenzo man received the ball inside the penalty area and a shot into the top corner of the near post pulled one back for Montreal. However, it wasn’t enough as Tata MARTINO’s men extended their lead at the top of the Eastern Conference with 47 points.

Here’s Tito VILLALBA with a lovely nutmeg.

With all the supposed changes coming to the AFA and the Argentina National Team, maybe players like Ignacio PIATTI, Ezequiel BARCO (also of Atlanta United) or even Hector VILLALBA (who did start the match) should get a look at in the team?


    • Never a fan of Benedetto. He just impressed me a lot and if will back to that form after long injury deserve a chance though Lautaro and Icardi first of all.

    • Jose Mauri rejected Italy call up 2 years ago. Since then his career has gone down. Wonder where he is now? He is a talent.
      Same goes with Colombatta, he is still being loaned around in Serie B and C. I’d love to see him in Serie A this season.
      And Escalante completes the trio of kids who haven’t kicked in. After a promising first season he’s not gone to the next level. Still at eibar.
      I believe all three have age on their side to mount a resurgence.

  1. Argentina won their first game 4-0 against Venezuela. We started poorly, but went ahead with a penalty from Collidio. They had a man sent off and after that the result was in no doubt. So, nothing to judge from this match.
    Lo celso, Giovanni’s younger brother scored the last goal. Apparently, PSG tried to sign the both of them, but Rosario Central made a complaint to FIFA and stopped the move.
    Belgrano have sold their most promising player CB Cristian Romero to Genoa. They have now signed 20 yr old Matias Nani on loan from AS Roma as a replacement. He was on loan at Temperley last season.
    Speaking of CBs, looks like Foyth won’t be making the Tottenham squad this season. Like Garre only a loan move could give them some playing time.
    Milton Velenzuela would be an interesting option to keep an eye on as we are so short of decent full backs. He has been playing well in the MLS this season.

  2. I still believe Tata was treated badly by AFA. He made us world no. 1, played the best attacking games in a tournament (copa 16) it was misfortune that prevented us winning it in 16, the way lavezzi was withdrawn and most importantly Agusto got injured played a part. I loved the way we played back then eventhough we lost 2 finals. It was a matter of time if he was allowed to continue I always felt.
    Why don’t they consider him having a second go, if they want Peckerman

    • Yeah Tata “the king of statistics” did a “fantastic” job. Integrated new talents into the team, made demichelis who wanted to play till his 100th birthday “retire”, won 2 copa americas against the mighty chileans who played unbeatable football and beat the golden generation of Brasil team on the way to the finals and thumped goat Brasil side at home 1-1 in the wcq.
      We should also bring Maradona and batista to help Tata. That would be perfect.

      • Not denying he is not perfect, though he did bring a few new faces. You won’t dismantle an engine in one go if it’s not working correctly. Fine tune parts or replace only faulty ones.
        I don’t think you believe in statistics, which is clearly in tatas favour.

    • Tata hasn’t got that extra mentality as a coach. I’m worried Gareca if appointed will be Tata 2:The Sequel. All Argentine coaches do well with smaller teams but when it comes to managing their own country, the pressure gets to them

  3. if young players or whoever else choose the money or their personal fame instead of
    the national team of their birth place for me is not wanted.

    if you don t feel shame to be Argentinian and play for other country national team
    then you don t have the quality as human first of all.
    i don t want this kind of people. they don t worth even to spit them in the face.

    they are free to go.

    who honors our flag our national anthem and our colors and feel proud for be Argentinian
    are those that i want them to wear the albiceleste jersey.

    the rest is ignored.

  4. Both Alejandro Gamarra and Hector Villalba both acquired Paraguayan citizenship last month after being approached by the Paraguayan FA.
    European coaches have been scouting the MLS for promising youngsters Bayern have signed 2 teenagers, 17 yr old Canadian n 18 yr old US international, Leverkusen have signed an 18 yr old American. 6 months back PSG signed 17 yr old US international Timothy Weah, who was voted best player of 2017 U17 world cup. Remember US teen Pulisic is already scorching it up with Borussia.
    This shows MLS is not a bad place for a young player to develop. But, Barco Argentina’s best teenager didn’t attract much attention. Wonder why?

    • To me Barco is best Argentina youngster only in MLS. Huge talent but I think we have players with more interesting features. It depends what category we are talking about but choosing among similar players I think Matias Vargas is easily over him ATM. Maxi Lovera maybe too. Martin Sarrafiore – soon we will se. He is preparing to debut for Internacional Porto Alegre. Must back to physical form after long been off the pitch for transfer issues from Huracan.

      And glad to see Bautista Merlini (San Lorenzo) being back after so loooong injury. When in form top 10 players in Argentina league IMO.

  5. Piatti is like 33y old… Let’s be serious 2s, people want to rebuild the team with young players but let’s call a 33y old guy…. For the record i like nacho Piatti, but this is too late. As for Villalba, he isn’t NT material and Barco, with the latest news coming out from him, shows he needs to mature. What’s in their head is as important (if not more) than their football skills.

  6. Former ARG U20 national team midfielder Alejandro Romero Gamarra leads the assists table with 10, the other playmaker from that team Tomas Martinez plays in the US too. Leonardo Suarez in Villarreal B, and the real thing Lo Celso didnt even play in that generation.

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