Joaquin CORREA to join Serie A club Lazio from Sevilla


Joaquin CORREA is set to join Serie A club Lazio from Sevilla.

A €16 million move with an additional €3 million in add-ons will reportedly be enough to seal Joaquin CORREA’s switch to Italy. Per reports, the transfer is expected to happen with both clubs exchanging documents in order to make the transfer happen.

CORREA is no stranger to Italy having spent one season there playing for Sampdoria following his 2014 move from Estudiantes. In his last season at Sevilla, CORREA managed 7 goals in 39 matches for his club.


  1. Nico Gonzalez didn’t scored today (2:1 against Eibar) though was best in his team along with their goalkeeper.

  2. @Mik

    Some kind of local based team is needed. Base of local players that will work together in Argentina regularly or at least more often than the European clubs players have the opportunity when NT plays. Every good enterprise is builded from bottom

    • Yupp at least these guys don’t have to travel for long hours for training with the European based players too. I think AFA already planning to train the European based players in Mallorca i guess, Its like there may be 2 teams and then mix the players together too.. We cant always blame all the decisions of AFA, At least they r trying to rectify the past mistakes. Its always easy to throw stones. Its harder to please everybody while you are running an organization.

  3. How is Emmanuel Reynoso doing, I know he is not playing up to his standard in Boca. Will be interesting to see his development.

    • Better and better. Not to his standards yet but will develope having around so many experienced players. Will face strong rivalry after spot in eleven in middle.

  4. Looks like the meeting is postponed to August 2 in AFA, Well from the outside at least i think Tapia speaks good things, He is looking for a project first then only a coach. Sounds good better than done. by the way there is a possibility of a Local Argentina team , that sounds great. We will have 2 teams and greater set of players to choose from, One which is European based another which is Local based. usually the local based players gets limited minutes even in the friendlies.

    Pity,Pavon,Reynoso,Nacho,Bustos,Centurion etc etc will get more chances if it happens

    Thinking of which what happened to the Super Classicos with local based players between Argentina and Brazil. Sabella era had that. Even though most of the times we lost it was brilliant idea. I think its coming back is int it. I remember there was one guy CANTEROS but never seen light again.

    I m intrigued to see our next GK, No Romero by the way.(He is good for us always, But time to move on, What better time than now) Rulli is already 26 what are we waiting for He will gain experience from each match for us and will form a great understanding with the Defense, If Sabella comes back i m sure we will see Romero as the GK, Also we will see some of the old guards too till Copa 2019(Di maria, Higuain, Aguero still haven’t retired by the way..These guys are made of Metal i guess, No emotions).

    • Hector Canteros very talented player, a ball playing midfielder with good technical ability, he was excellent for Velez satisfied even ronaldiniho admired him but pathetic Argentine coaches didn’t called him to the national team.

      • I agree here. Wasted talent. Had good time also in Brazil league. Sabella called him up only for friendlies against Brazil.

        • Another wasted talent in the making, Lucas Romero, at least he plays in a big brazilian club, but mostly out of his natural place as RB.

          • Most of out talents going to Brazil wasted.
            Teammate of Lucas Romero from U-20 team Agustin Allione as well. Our best players on Sudamericano 2013. Now is going to be back to Primera.

            Carlos Luque another one. Our best player on 2011 U-20 WC.

    • Pity Martinez has the makings of good playmaker. Recently (last night in Copa Argentina as well) I see him in River dropping deeper to undertake playmaking initiative and has a lot to offer on this regard with extraordinary vision and technic. Similar to Lanzini but more creative. Though I think he is still dubious when it comes to mentall strenghts. It took time for him to find confidence and psychical balance in River and possibly this is the reason why he never called up as far. No doubt he will got call up sooner or later but perhaps need time to show what he can. Still one of biggest talents in league who may look at times very average as there’s something faltering with his mentality.

      • Pity is my favorite local player and like you Gonzalo I see alot of Lanzini in him. He used to have a huge problem with consistency but he seems to have gotten over that and now he’s a regular performer. I heard that westham and tottenham are interested in him and to be honest I would love to see him go to westham under pelligrini who was able to bring out the best in riquelme and would likely do the same for him and he’d fit in nicely now that Lanzini is out of action.

        • He is not only regular performer in River but also best player of the team with moments of something spectacular. Could easy do the Lanzini work in West Ham if only coach will able to comfort his morale.

  5. Argentina NT Wikipedia – Coaching Staff – Coach: Alejandro Sabella.

    Wikipedia did the same thing with Martino, Bauza and Sampaoli before they announced it to us. Could be true or fake…

    • He is the most eligible person for rebuilding the defense from scratch, which is critical to the NT. There is some work to rebuild the midfield but not the same effort for the defense. No GK, not even 1 CB(including Otamendi, 0 football IQ, 0 EQ and too old in 4 years), no fullback(sorry to all Tagliafico’s fans, I found him average) deserve to stay. I think he can totally rely on individual talents upfront but we definitely need wingers who can defend well.

      • Well going by ‘The Sabella Project’ it mentioned having a manager for roughly Copa 19 or longer then him and the AFA will look to find someone to replace him after that preferably younger. I wanted Sabella since Sampaoli was sacked. Chances were slim until a couple of days ago. I like that you want our defence having a clean sheet. But the goalkeeper. Who could possibly be replaced? I keep hearing Rulli’s name but truth is he’s mistake prone. Romero should be there (even as our 2nd) just for experience. We missed him this WC.

        The last 3 WC finals we’ve been in, our defence was extremely solid. Sabella is the best to lead our team, he’s proven and beats high ranked teams tactically.

      • German Pezzella is a very capable CB and so is Mammana (who can also play RB). We also need to keep our eyes on Mori in villareal and the lema/conti pair in Benfica, all of whom could potentially be NT material.
        As for fullbacks well Argentina was always weak in that regard but I think Tagliafico is very good and there is also Angeleri from Godoy who potentially be his backup or even his competitor while at RB position there is – as i mentioned – Mammana and hopefully Jose Gomez if he recovers well from his long term injury. Cheer up canadian, all is not lost.

        • 4 most interesting players on LB position:

          1. Tagliafico
          2. Fabrizio Angileri (Godoy)
          3. Gonzalo Escobar (Colon)
          4. Francisco Ortega (Velez)

          On RB:

          1. Bustos, Gonzalo Montiel (River)
          3. Jose Luis Gomez (Lanus), Mammana, Leonardo Jara (Boca)

    • @elpipita and @gonzalo, sorry I don’t know any of those players that you mentioned as I don’t have access to local championship unfortunately. I believe in your judgement. I know it’s not the only benchmark but the truth is in the major European championships(Ligue 1, EPL, Serie A, Liga), there is no Argentine defensive players of quality(except Otamendi). Otherwise, even a small club like Nantes would have taken the risk and invests on a young fullback from Argentina. Their business model is to buy cheap from South America, with their good infrastructures and good training methods for young players, they would develop the players potential in order to sell them more expensive. The worrying part is even those small clubs don’t believe in them. Mammana is probably a good example, promising player but not solid enough and sold by Lyon within 1 year.

      • “The worrying part is even those small clubs don’t believe in them”

        That is overwhelming attitude of the clubs. Europe is wasting most of our talents. Enough said there’s around 800 teenager Argentina players in European clubs and almost all them never will emerge (in last years only Messi and Icardi emerged that way, without participation in Argentina league). Reason? Because theEuropean clubs do not care a lot about Argentinos. Still best way to be promoted is through local league. That’s why we need work more on local base.

  6. It seems ezqueil barco attempted a Wanda icardi part2. Read that he has been dropped for 2 matches by Tata on disciplinary grounds media says he reportedly tried to get Romantic with a teammates girlfriend!!

  7. Get a load of this. Caballero comes on 2nd half and 3 minutes in let’s in a awful goal again against Inter. Why hasn’t he retired from NT!!!

  8. for me the game with Croatia was the one that decide everything.
    we lost the first place of group
    and we lost the opportunity for one better destiny.

    • Had Argentina won that game would be played in Final instead of Croatia and Argentina can beat France in final even in pre quarter final too with a proper plan, Sampaoli high line defense cost Argentina 2018 world cup dream

    • I doesn’t matter mate that is gone
      What is important is to have very
      Compatative Argentina team in the future
      I believe albicelestes will become great again God willing

  9. the fatal mistakes that destroy our world cup was 2 from all.

    i am speaking about the game against Croatia.
    that game was decide our bad fate.

    the mistake of Caballero in the first goal on beginning of second half
    and Sampaoli s choice to put 3 players in defense line.

    in first half our team tried to push in some occations and immidietely Croatians in counter attacks was lethal and from wings they was crashing our defense.

    the team with 3 back was from first minute look blocked without feeling of understanding how they should play in that system.

    during time they looked like more confident. till second half. we begin second half with team look more confident and
    we make our first good effort with Aguero.

    and right in the exact next Croatian attack came the disaster….. Caballero.

    the team after that goal collapsed completely in every level.

    That was the turning point of 2018 Argentina world cup effort.

    i watch again all the games we played in world cup from begin till the end to see with cold eyes
    the answers of my questions about everything.

    maybe we didn t have the best team in world cup but even that way
    we could have succeed much more things if some lethal mistakes from Sampaoli was avoided.


    • Banega could have stopped the pass that led to france second goal.
      How can we win if we have players like that with disgusting attitude in the team.

    • It was the tactical lesson from Sampaoli to all football coaches about what you shouldn’t do. I agree that this 3-men defense + 2 wingers + Enzo Perez-Maschereno in the middle have totally destroyed us. We were dominated because in these zones, Croatia had more players quantitatively, Dalic’s tactics cut our team into 2. And it’s even more smarter than this because they succeed to isolate Messi without any need to mark him with 1 player(unlike France who marked Messi with Kante).

      But even though if you go back in the past, with the 23 players that Sampaoli selected, not sure if you could have done better. No GK is good enough, there was no alternative than Rojo who is out of the form, Tagliafico, Fazio, Salvio and Meza do not and will not have the level, Pavon not yet, Enzo, Mascherano, Otamendi and Biglia are all out of form + too old. So bascially out of 23, there were 13 players in deficit. Even with the best tactics in the world, hard to fix that. Sampaoli really did his best to ensure the total failure: If I don’t screw up with my tactics, then I need to choose the players so that we may have the worst team possible. Unfortunately he made it. Only 1 team in this WC is worse than us in terms of tactical organization: Panama. How sad for a football nation like Argentina to compare itself with Panama(no offence to this country).

    • To me Gimenez is better than Caseres. Definitely more contribution in attack. More creative passes and driblings.

  10. Argentina needs a coach who select players on performance and current form not past reputation mache 2018 wc best example. If Aguero scored 30goals this season and not selected then considered as crime as zenetti in 2010. So Argentina have to select a team with a mixer of old and young guards but only based on performances, therefore higuain and Dimaria must not be selected as both are lost their best 2year ago

  11. Argentina needs a coach who select players on performance and current form not past reputation mache 2018 wc best example. If Aguero scored 30goals this season and selected then considered as crime as zenetti in 2010. So Argentina have to select a team with a mixer of old and young guards but only based on performances, therefore higuain and Dimaria must not be selected as both are lost their best 2year ago

  12. Copa 2019 is the easiest tournament ever Argentina participate except Brazil no team looks stronger or beat Argentina unless played like vs Croatia, even Brazil isn’t unbeatable, there midfield is poor with aging defense and headless chicken neymar upfront, Argentina has best chance to end trophy draught

  13. Uruguay torrera moved to Arsenal but Argentina pavon still on local league shows Argentina young generation are not up to the mark. Argentina have to win copa 2019 to end title draught since 25year otherwise Argentina have to wait another 25year to win trophy

  14. @gonzalo like brazil’s malcom arthur vincious junior neres all the teenage talent get europe’s biggest club but our teenage players are not getting chance to play in europe’s biggest club…but why and what is the problem? plz explain gonzalo

    • Argentina fan must finally realize that generally we are not players of big clubs. It’s really rare to see any Argentino going to Real or Barcelona and shining there. Most of our players failed there, even best talents. They started to do better when left the big clubs for smaller one. Garay, Gago, Riquelme, Saviola, Milito and more never fulfilled the expectations in these clubs. Argentina fan will be more happy if he will realize the clubs are rarely good soil for us and that most of out players found form and gave their best for NT only when go to smaller clubs. Batistuta may be goalscorer for Argentina being Fiorentina player, Veron was best in Parma and so on. Of course they made the clubs better but certainly it was not giants of European football. Stop with Brazil youngsters going to Real and Barca complex.

      • Answer is like grapes are sour, Every world cup winning team as well as runners Brazil (2002), Germany (2002), France (2006) Italy (2006), Spain Netherland, Argentina, Croatia this century have the players from big European club 1st eleven. May be Argentina was trophy less and can’t pass quarter final since 25year because your mentioned fake Argentina legends were played from small clubs.

      • All these players and many more excelled at big clubs.

        Manchester City: Aguero, Otamendi, Zabaleta, Demichelis, Tevez
        Real Madrid: Di Maria, Higuain
        Juventus: Dybala, Higuain, Tevez
        Manchester United: Rojo, Romero, Tevez
        Barca: Messi, Masche
        PSG: Di Maria, Lo Celso
        Inter: Zanetti, Icardi, Cambiasso, Milito

      • You said Copa 15 and 16 finals were not success, the same case is here even with only youngsters. Btw the easiest Copa since 2004 Colombia, Uruguay, Chile stars getting older and older, these teams are way way weaker than in 2015 or in 2016. A must win Copa, no excuses, only Brazil is stong.

        • Nah, Copa 2004 was not the strongest but the same Copa 2015/16 with the poorest team of Brazil ever in 2015 and full of absence in 2016(without Neymar and many other stars), with Mexico B team, Uruguay without Suarez, Chile without Valdivia, Costa Rica without Navas and more absences.

          Yes, Copa 2015/2016 were not success. Was there among Arg fans any other feeling than disappointment? No.

          It depends on context. If this team reach WC final one year before then Copa fianal cannot be success, the more these are experienced players (from big clubs) who were together for years unlike the rookies from 2004. The rookies from smaller clubs, mostly domestic, without any experience, playing together for the first time reach also final, so taking into account what is said above plus the fact they left much better impressions in final itself (than 2015/2016 team) that was success. Don’t ignore context.

        • Definitely Mexico A look at that squad, their strongest at that point, maybe in 2004, just as Columbia B, Chile B, Brazil C, Uruguay B, in Chile Valdivia lost his place, so simple. one missing star isn’t the same as farmer squads. Edwin Congos and friends.

          • Did you see the teams against which Argentina have played in Copa Centenario: Chile, Panama, Bolivia, Usa, Venezuela. Enough said. I’m not sure CHile was really that strong if in that time they have failed in qualifiers to WC. Brazil was thoughest opponent of last times for Argentina. Copa 1999 lost 1:2, Copa 2004 2:2 lost in penalties, Copa 2007 0:3. From this teams 2004 left best impressions. Even without best players Brazil was in that time World Champion.
            In 2016 with such a weak Brazil should really win that.

            Besides I don’t know what do you want depreciate? Team of 2004? But they proved the class winning Olimpic Games two months ago. It’s no accident.

          • Adriano said after the final in 2004, he was angry to see the argentine players celebrating before the final whistle, then he scored a wonder goal. LOL. Bielsa maybe the biggest looser coach ever, Tata Martino is close second. Silver after silver after silver. btw in 2005 Brazil A/B humiliated us.

          • I’m not talking about 2005 team .That was team with European stars of Argentina so no relevant.

            “Bielsa maybe the biggest looser coach ever”

            Because of what? you can’t judge a coach after one tournament. He did the same misake as Sampaoli. Took too many worned out oldies.

            Bielsa was good coach after WC. He made fantastic job in qualifiers (Argentina far best team, ahead of Brazil), in Copa America 2004 and Olimpic Games. He redeemed himself and proved we need long term coach.

    • There is no reason not to aim at winning Copa 19 as part of a long term plan, underestimating the importance of Copa 19 is wrong.
      Argentina has enough talent to win it. the likes of new generation NT Dybala, Martinez, simeone, lamela, pezzella, mammana, lanzini, kranevitter, Pavon, Correa, Lo Celso and many more.
      the coach can throw some old guard players who posses experience and create a potent mix of players. Most important , leave Leo out of it until the last moment if the coach decides to use him, or even better keep him at the bench as a fear factor and encourage the youngsters to show their skills
      I do not understand Why people think that Argentina can not rise again in a year.

      • “There is no reason not to aim at winning Copa 19 as part of a long term plan, underestimating the importance of Copa 19 is wrong”.

        Agree, But even if we wil not win we won’t be disappointed if there is some anlage to come, beginning of something that must pay dividends in future.

        • What I meant is that WE should work hard to win Copa 19 without losing focus on the bigger target of 2022 and beyond. Saying not to worry about Copa 19 is not a good way of moving forward, When people say not to worry about Copa 19 then it may imply that the rebuilding will start afterwards, it should start now.
          Not winning should not be a disappointment if WE look at the bigger picture, but at least we should try hard to win. We can lay down 2 targets in 4 years, it is doable.

          • “Not winning should not be a disappointment if WE look at the bigger picture, but at least we should try hard to win. We can lay down 2 targets in 4 years, it is doable”

            What I had in mind

  15. Basile is another coach who see the need to work in Argentina with locals regularly, even without players from Europe if they are not must:

    “Es el momento de poner todos los jugadores de acá y que no venga nadie de afuera. Que se queden en Europa. Si hay uno indiscutible, como por ejemplo puede llegar a ser Lautaro Martinez, lo agregás”,

    For Messi he also propose some break: “hay que dejarlo tranquilo y darle una pausa”

    • with all the respect to Alfio Basile i don t think our problem is about the players.

      we have very good soldiers. what we don t have and for long time we are missing is one general.

      the soldiers alone can t win one war. we have very good soldiers.
      but even if you have medium soldiers but you have great general you can win the war.

      examples many historically.

      • The soldiers are not good enough as well. Past their prime. Descending generations. If it was only WC… but the same was in qualifiers (under 3 coaches) and friendlies. No coincidence. Despite several generals the same poor results. Soldiers not good enough anymore.

        • actually i was speaking about talents that we have in Europe generally.
          but 3-4 experienced players needed as well.

          i don t mention names because my point is the phylosophy.

          even medium quality players can make successful team if the person
          that guide them is high quality.

          i agree with you that the wc players wasn t good enough but
          after i watch again the games with cold eye i saw that even
          with this medium players we could have succeed more things.

          The General Sampaoli was completely idiot.

        • Primera Division is not good enough anymore, Club World Cup finals show it clearly years by years kids vs men matches. Stop this bullshit! Why not with only amateur players? 😀

          • The reason is that just Real and Barcelona last 10 years reached level unavailable for other teams. That was domination 2 clubs with rare breaks. Also European clubs were much inferior.

            See the stupid conclusion of your argementation?

            What about the rest Spanish league clubs that are nowhere near Real, Barcelona and Atletico. Should we ignore the teams and their players (possible NT call ups) just because they are no competitive to Barcelona, Real? What about Italian clubs that are really inferior to Barcelona and Real currently? The league was always full of potentiall for our NT. SHould we ignore all them because their clubs are far behind Barcelona or Real? So we should call up only Barcelona and Real players? Which?

            So you want to depreciate Argentina league clubs because they are not competitive to Real or Barcelona but what about all the clubs from European league that are not competitive to them? Do you see conclusions of your argementation?

        • And the Club World Cups semifinals are neirly 50-50 battles against asian and african teams, joke. In 2000 and 2003 Boca won against Real and Milan, extra time against Bayern with 10 men in 2001, River played an 50-50 battle against Juventus in 96, Now? 2-3 goals differences with very little effort from european teams,w who absolutely take a shit. Yes build a team from these players. genial.

          • “Yes build a team from these players. genial”.

            Do you want just once again tell us we should go for Copa 2019 again with the oldies as you did few times before?! Come on! Do it! Say that you were saying for 2-3 years. Will they again guarantee of good result in 2019?

            What is aim of your argumentation except trolling. You don’t believe in your own oldies they are able to win anything but keep the trolling without alternative proposition.

            Oh yes, go for Copa with the oldies one more time. That is genial.

            “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results”

            Now you are mere troll who want to convince us Argentina has no future. But you will be embarassed soon seeing we don’t need Higuainas and Marias and Real to be competitive.

            the nation source of talent never dried. We have 10 times more population than Uruguay while still the Uruguay have enough talents
            be strong team.

  16. Before w.c sampoli tried many players including j.correa. I think he is far bettr than baldie’s lover meza. Correa is a special player bcz he can play diff.positions. He can ply both wings and play as a strkr and can defnd as well.
    I never say anybody . But something partiality happnd in selection. Only locelso pavon meza dybla .these r new young ones selctd in 2018.
    In these dybla picked bcz of his terrifc perfrmnc .but treated him badly.and locelso we all dnt know whtappnd. And meza included bcz of Sampolis interst i think. And finally pavon got coupl of chances bcz of messis ..
    So selecn of Nt going not in a proper manner. How can be young
    players motivated?

    • “And meza included bcz of Sampolis interst i think”

      Meza was included because his only start in NT before WC gainst Spain was much more impressive than J.Correa NT performances as far. No need for conspiracy theory. BTW Joaquin Correa is big talent. J. Correa, Matias Vargas, Nico Gonzalez because of this wingers and more no place for Di Maria anymore.

    • J.correa is very good player but last season he was frustratingly inconsistent. Sure he has pace and good dribbling but he needs to sharpen his end product.

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