Argentina pick up 4-0 win against Venezuela at U20 COTIF


Argentina’s U20 team managed a 4-0 win against Venezuela at the L’Alcudia COTIF tournament in Spain.

After a disastrous preparation behind the scenes due to a change of management, Lionel SCALONI took over the team and and an opening win can only do his side some good.

The opening goal game through Inter striker Facundo COLIDIO off a penalty kick and with the score at 1-0, the match only got better for SCALONI’s boys. Venezuelan Ignacio ANZOLA was sent off and from there Argentina made no mistakes.

ALVARO BARREAL of Velez made it 2-0 which was followed by Adolfo GAICH making it 3-0 for Argentina. The fourth goal came from Francesco LO CELSO (younger brother of PSG’s Giovani), a volley to the back post.

Up next for Argentina are Murcia on Tuesday.


  1. Good luck to them….. although I hope luck plays no part in their victories.

    TBH I am really worried about the recent future. Argentina were U-20 World Champions 5 times between 1995 to 2007. That is 5 times in 7 tournaments. Incredible. Those generations have either retired or in their swan song. Since then Argentina have failed to even make the semi finals… six times in a row. In 2017 they could not even get past the group stage.

    I hope this generation turns things around.

  2. So Higuain to Milan now and that too on a loan deal! In this modern crazy transfer market cant conceive these tranfers. First James, then Mbappe( a bit different) and now Higuain. It’s a whole new tranfer market there, Seria A and Bundesliga in particular.

  3. Something out of football.

    for the victory against New Zealand 2-0.

    we qualify to the quarter finals of world cup πŸ™‚


  4. it is nice to see the young team going well.
    give hope that the future will be bright.

    just of course with keep up the hard work and involve to arrive one day to the level
    it is needed.
    the results of games is not important in this stage.
    the improvement of our young kids is.


  5. It’s great our youngsters got such an impressive result. I hope this to be a new chapter for Argentina youth. Vamos Argentina!!!

    • “I think our senior team may lose to these kids!”


      It’s just beginnings. There’s a lot to prove and long way to go as Sudamericana, World Cup U-20 and Olimpic Games ahead.

  6. Anibal Moreno, Agustin Almendra… few players makes difference. Good assist from No.5 Andres Ayala.

    • That Adolfo Gaich guy must be a good player too. He assisted lo celso with a nice run and cross and scored a good goal. Apparently he is 190cm so must be quite good aerially.

      • The player who assisted to Lo Celso was actually Marinelli (by his cross from right wing) though agree that Gaich one of the who stand out.
        The player who made the run on second goal was Moreno.

        • Oh okay. Nice knowing multiple players getting involved in all the goals. Wonder how maroni,almendra and colidio played? hmm

          • Almendra with his physical domination always contributing a lot. Some people may not enjoy a lot in this kind of player (tasting in shorter driblers, passers and so on) but I believe our NT need such CM. He is versatile. May play No.5, in double pivot, box to box or winger. Almendra being among the younger players is captain of our team.

            Maroni could show more but huge potentiall undeniably is there. In first half he led few attacks of our team and had one good opportunity. He will play upcoming season in Talleres Cordoba. It’s good as in Boca had little chances for good minutes.

            As you’ve said it’s good more players involved in goals. I wonder about Moreno and Ayala. Need to see more.

          • I see. Thank you for the input Gonzalo. Appreciate that a lot. Hope to see them get more playing time in their respective clubs.

  7. After every dark night a bright morning waits for us. WE really needs a bright morning. For last few years Argentine supporters need few sunshine. Hopefully our dark days are over. Come on juniors.
    Vamos Argentina.

  8. What a nice result. Go you young albicelestes! Guess we all needed something bright and positive here and this was it. Feels so good to see those goals.

    Vamos Argentina! πŸ’™

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