Lionel SCALONI with Pablo AIMAR confirmed to coach Argentina


The AFA have confirmed that Lionel SCALONI will coach the Argentina National Team for their upcoming friendly matches against Guatemala and Colombia.

As we reported earlier this week, SCALONI along with former Argentina international Pablo AIMAR would manage the Argentina team. The AFA confirmed that SCALONI (presently in charge of the U20 team) will coach the senior team with Pablo AIMAR and Martin TOCALLI as his assistants.

There are also rumors that SCALONI would stay on board and coach the team the rest of the year which would also include a friendly match against Brazil.


  1. Well , can anyone here explain how did Argentina manage to lose against India in the under – 20s tournament ? 🙂
    I mean , i am extremely happy of my own country’s achievement, but also concerned about Argentina football team , since i have been a die hard Argentina supporter from my good is the upcoming generation of Argentina football after Messi/Dybala?

  2. One thing which may happen under Scaloni – Aimar combo is there r chances we see more young players even someone who is younger than 20 to make debut for the upcoming matches, Its a perfect time for that, We r now on the bottom. So lets see. And Who better than Aimar to bring a new creative play maker may be younger or even can mold Paredes and Lo Celso into one.

  3. Today in COTIF tournament Uruguay play with Russia after 1st place in B group. Russia Uruguay,Argentina as well) won all 3 games and scored most goals in tournament. The winner of the group will avoid Argentina in semifinal as Argentina seems to be already go there out of top group position (even if lost against India in last game) having 8 goals scored without any conceeded. With Russia seems strong, Uruguay, Argentina and possibly Venezuela (still finalsit of last U-20 WC) as the 4th team to qualifiy the semis are going to be quite interesting.

    • It’s a reprieve of sort for Rolon as he had a torrid time at Malaga. Looked totally out of place just like Cechini. Italian league is a friendly turf for Argentines so hopefully he thrives.
      Genoa have also signed defender Cristian Romero and striker Claudio Spinelli.
      Goal keeper Musso could be sent on loan to Watford from Udinese.

  4. Whoever becomes manager it doesn’t matter…..we don’t hv quality midfield or defence……and I pity those who thinks parades or lo celso will solve our problems they will become just like stupid banega …..Nd where we will find di maria replacement ….in defence I hv seen 18yr old Perez of atletico madrid he is really good….but it will take time for him to become world class

  5. Too early to talk about the new team.
    But i guess whoever comes, it will be difficult for them to keep some of the oldies out.

    I don’t know wheather messi will play friendlies any more. In my opinion he should join camp. Start against good teams, like Columbia in the coming schedule.

    And iny opinion Romero should continue.
    I don’t mind Otamendi & Aguero in team till Copa.
    They were decent in World Cup in My opinion
    But Calling di maria will be a verybpoor idea. Soul of the team must be altered.

    Lautaro,Icardi & Kun in forward.

    Messi, Perotti, Lamela, Lo Celso, Pavon, Paredes, Ascacibar, Battaglia, Pappu Gomez in mid.

    And have to make big changes in backline. Time to do experiments, because there’s nothing to be worse than what we got now. Tagliafico should seal the LB position. Rojo can be used as a back up for him. Rest, needs fresh faces like Mammana, Bustos n many more.

    If Romero gets transferred n some playing time, it would have been a great booster. Whatever limited time n talents he got, he has always been reliable for Argentina. I won’t mind even if he is 34 in 22. He’s the best bet we got, i guess. But he continuing in United is not a good thing.
    I hope they will call 2 youngsters, may be even Rulli to team, instead of wasting the spots on regular match watchers like Gustos.

  6. Since Tapia has already surrendered that Argentina Can’t win the Copa next year so it’s better to Let Scaloni and Aimar continue till Copa and then install a new coach who can start afresh with a whole transformed squad for the Qualifiers and Copa 2020( if that happens) keeping in Mind 2022 and 2026.
    My reason for saying so is that, Scaloni-Aimar will not be able to ignore the old guards fully and the lights of Kun, Banega,Otamendi, Dimaria, Romero, Rojo will all be there in Brazil for the Copa. Hopefully after that they will all hang up their national boots and pave the way to inject young talents and let the new full time manager(Cholo/Simione/Gallardo/Almiron) work in peace with Qatar still 3.5 years away which means enough time to set up a proper team with a fixed strategy. Meanwhile in the current state allow AFA to formulate and start executing the youth projects with Tocalli( or whoever else it may be) in charge and put someone sensible in charge of U-17 And U-20 immediately after the tournament in spain ends.
    Aside for Messi, I Still think he can contribute the national team for another 2-3 years. However they( Scaloni-Aimar and the Full time manager afterwards) must understand Qatar 2022 can’t be planned Around Messi and he can only play a character part if he remains fit and in form.

  7. That Chilean trash Vidal is about to become a new Barcelona addition…………I wonder how Messi will take IT after a VERY recent shit talking about him and ARGENTINA?

  8. Cox4: mate please think positive and stay patient.
    The reality is all Argentina fans want see albicelestes success.
    Us fans has been hard time such long time not lack of talent.
    But bed decisions from the afa they choose people like maradona or Batista .
    The good managers the afa appointed They made wrong choises when the picked thier squads for example pekerman he left behind players like zanatti and demichalis.Samuel and took julio cruz scaloni ,cufre . He made bad subs too like Germany game and many more.

    Maradona era
    To be honest during world cup games he played good attacking football .
    But I will never ever forget it what he done to all Argentina fans
    Still I can’t believe that he left zanatti and took Jones Guterres cambiasso over bollati
    Took six strikes and old veron that was robbing to me he only took one good midfielder that Javier maschareno
    Veron was old and injured than he ignored young gago who was good midfielder that time .

    Alex seballe. He was good manager but he made mistakes too
    He took to many holding midfielders and left behind players like javier pastore and ever banega.

    Sampoali I had hight hops I was convinced that he was going to do good job but.
    We all know what happened.
    This the point forget about tapia or anyone else

    I geneouly believe Argentina will become good again we all laughs again
    I have so many points why I believe albicelestes success but I can’t write down all
    Lack of time sorry guys

    Stay patient come on you albicelestes

    • @godin : Sabellas descion was right in not selecting pastore n banega. Pastore and banega were both out if form.

      Infact I will blame Pastore equally for our dismal international performance. He had talent but just made a wrong move at prime time. Had he persisted with Palermo he may have developed into nuce midfielder.
      Unfortunately the trend of youngsters moving to MLS and Mexican league shows our sorry state of affairs. Unless we develop our youngsters and don’t overate them, we won’t win any dime.

    • ok my friend.
      i will try be patient and positive as you advice me.

      just for me the biggest part of the problem is starting from AFA.
      after come all the other.
      and when we say AFA to speak with names we speak for Tapia first and Angelici second.

      • Cox4 thanks mate again those two you mention they just came last year and i believe they re trying now so hard to have good project. That is why they don’t rush to make appoint new manager .it is logic after mistakes that happened last 12 years .
        Now they ‘re starting from bottom which is very good

        I won’t surprise if Lionel scaloni and Pablo aimar stay till copa America . I know 100 percent tapia want pochattino.

        I think that won’t happen unless spurs have really bad season.
        Remember this I won’t surprise even too see Tara martino back .

        The reality check Argentina don’t have the players they used have like Juan riquuelme .rendando simeone ayala killy. Heinze zanatti. Sorin. And many more.

        We all hope to see Argentina produce good players again
        For example today the best Argentina midfielders and defenders ‘re very few that is fact .

        We can say maybe ontimendi banega .Los celso parades.
        To be honest they ‘re not world beaters either.

        I really hope to see lio parades and Giovanni Los celso go next level to become world class I want see lio parades moving from Russia to big European league because he has talent. Personally for me he very good his mix of pirlo and riquelme. You don’t see many midfielders has that.
        simply has to move to big European club

  9. If scaloni and Aimar have guts to drop old guards and call up players aged less than 27 then it will be the best coach selection by AFA and Aimar can give messi international title

  10. If scaloni and Aimar dropped all old guards and tactically performed and win with out messi than i hope both of them remain as a coach till 2022, without a doubt Scolani and Aimar is better than selecting a new high profile coach and called up old guards and hope messi to rescue.

  11. Argentina play Mauritania within a half an hour. Scaloni and Aimar to bench Colidio as he was the only weak our player as far.

  12. i want one ex football player be AFA president.

    Batistuta , Crespo , Zanetti ,Pasarella whoever.

    somebody that understand from football.


    Croatia have president Davor Suker. we know who he was and where Croatia arrived in his
    president days.
    This is just one example.

    if we keep having people in AFA that they don t have clue about modern football
    then we don t have to wait anything from the national team.

    The problem is not Messi or one coach.

    The problem is deeper and start from very top.

      • Pasarella was successful president in River but anyway my point is not him my friend.

        Don t keep one name only which i write just for example.
        My point is not him if you read carefully what i wrote.

        • “Pasarella was successful president in River ”

          You have to be f******** kidding me???????????????

          This guy led to the most humiliating event in the club’s history… Going to the second division in 2011. Something unimaginable… Without counting the amount of corruption during his tenure. If you call that successful, well i have a different interpretation of the word “successful”.

          • so as i see you insist to speak about him.
            ok no problem. You are speaking to one huge River plate fan anyway.

            just because i can write one book about what guide us to relegation on 2011 and sure it will make you tired to read and make tired myself to write so much i will give you few tips to have better picture.

            Passarella was our president from December 2009 till December 2013.

            In 2011, River Plate was facing both an institutional and sports crisis. José María Aguilar left the presidency of the club with a debt of over 75 million dollars, being replaced by Daniel Passarella.

            The team ended the 2008 Apertura tournament at the bottom of the table, and River’s poor form followed through the 2011 Clausura tournament.

            Jose maria Aguilar make the huge step to our bankrapcy 3 years before Passarella when he sign one agreement for 15 of our best young talented players with European managers WITH PRICE 10 MILLON EURO !!!! 10 MILLION EURO ONLY FOR ALL !!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT HE DID !!! OUR CLUB LOST ALL OUR TALENTS SOLD IN EUROPE WITHOUT WE TAKE IN OUR POCKET ALMOST ANYTHING !!!


            he became our president to save what could be saved and just because the bomb explode to his hands you accuse him?

            He didn t resign although all Argentina was against him and stayed till he bring us back to the sun. he didn t escape.

            after he bring us back to the correct road he left without go to elections for second time on 2013.
            in those elections then win Rodolfo D’Onofrio which he is our president till today.

  13. This news translated to me that Sabella and Pekerman refuse the job and just because
    Tapia don t know what else to do to trick people more

    he find that to buy time.

    Mr Tapia for me you are the number 1 problem and number 1 responsible for the mess
    in the national team.

    Do us a favor and follow the road together with Mr Sampaoli.

    RESIGN !!!!
    Give the president chair to somebody that know about football.

    because you are shit for me anymore.

    and PLEASE take with you Mr Angelici.


    • Tapia has already stately publicly that he had never ever spoken to neither Pekerman nor Sabella. Don’t know where on earth you are getting a news translation of these men rejecting an offer.

      • Or the newspaper Ole or Tapia saying lie.

        i choose to believe Ole because it was confirmed from more than one journalist that
        Tapia spoke with Sabella and Pekerman too.

        you can believe Tapia if you want. i will not argue with you my friend.

        if now we are speaking we don t have coach and we will not have till end of year what it means my friend ?

        i should read from somewhere that they refuse the job?
        it is just common logic.

        Somethings we can understand alone without read them somewhere.

  14. Scaloni has first hand experience with EU football and a product of youth system. He knows how top managers work and how our youth system worked under Pekerman. This is vital.

    I am no more excited about new managers and what they might bring. For us, new manager is the story of instability. I would be very happy if Scaloni proves to be a Guardiola 2.0. Let’s hope we do not need to go after Pochettino. I also very much hope that he does not become Batista 2.0 😛

    • LOOOL… So much hope.

      Just to give you an idea. Both Scaloni and Aimar had no idea they were in charge of the NT for the next friendlies when Tapia said that.

      They are just interim… chosen in the last second. Don’t over analyze that.

  15. Argentina needs simeone to win the tournament not chokers like photechino who can’t win trophy against even a barca u20 team. Either simeone or Gareca or Intern coach Scolani n Aimar depending their tactical results in u20 team and friendlies

  16. Tapia dreams of Pochettino.
    Rumors are there has already been some talk and tapia didn’t get a definite “NO” as answer.
    There is definitely something wrong at Tottenham.
    Meanwhile Scaloni and Aimar will direct the team as Interim, but they are rally the fall back option. As interim they will not be under pressure and will be tested so they can always say they were just interim coaches if they don’t impress.

    • Will see how it goes.

      I mean this is the perfect time to call up Ascasiber, and Battaglia to play a midfield 4 of Lo Celso Paredes Ascasiber Battaglia. Should be sweet! I mean, throw them in a pot and let it brew. How much worse it could be right?

      I really like the news of Hugo Tocalli as the youth coordinator. I’m more interested at what we do there than what happens in the national team right now. I think you are exactly on the point here about the interim situation and Poch. Tapia is holding his guns here.

      He will keep Scaloni for now and will try to bring Poch after Copa. If in the meantime Scaloni n Aimar shows that they are actually good, then Poch will not be necessary and you save money. Can’t say that I don’t like this plan. I like it. I like young inexperienced coaches, they takes risks and they are not dinosaurs. They have modern football ideas snd experiences that a lot of Argentine coaches lacks.

    • Tottenham is yet to buy any new player. They are more focused on their new stadium. Pochettino won’t be happy, certainly. However he has a contact upto 2023. Somewhere I have read, he will be able to be free in June 2019.

      • as some know im a Tottenham supporter and the problem is who exactly do Tottenham buy? Zaha at 60 million for very average player to say the least or cook (who I hear you say) for 30 million, grieshem for 40 million etc etc, who have barca and real.m signed?-a bunch of average players in melcolm and vidal, man utd? only Liverpool have paid massive money a goal keeper for some where up to 70 million g.b.p-the reality is the players are simply not available and those who are, any team has to pay insane pieces for average players. I want my club to sign new players but if they are not better then existing stock then why spend just for the sake on it and that is the problem Tottenham have.
        this window we will not see any club world wide make a so called “galatico” as to do that means 100 million is the bottom line starting point these days.

  17. By doing like this(as the rumours say, the experiment staying for an year) they are limiting the next “proper” manager’s time in hand by 3/4th, unless they bring some miracles in Copa America tournament.
    When was the last time Argentina went to a World Cup with a Manager who has been with the team for at least 4 full years ??

    With the Changes made by UEFA, it will be very difficult for Argentina to find good quality friendlies. That again limits the effective time a manager or project will get with the NT.

    Why can’t AFA just appoint them or him as the next “proper” manager! That would have given them a chance to start their project,good or bad from day 1. What is this thing with 2 friendlies. Are they going to judge the new project or these new guys with 2 marches !!
    I’m not getting this.

  18. First time Argentina has had 2 managers since 1929-1930. It’s ok news. If Scaloni stays on to coach the team for a year. The new manager will only have 4 games to prepare for a tournament so that worries me a little.

    Anyway good luck to Aimar and Scaloni, will support them either way. The next thing to wait for is the lineups for the next friendlies. So interesting to see who they call!

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